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Sorcerer's Way Through Baldur's Gate II (Part I)
by Taluntain (25/08/2000)

Damn, addicted again!

Sounds familiar? I guess it does, at least to any of you who have played either the original Baldur's Gate or any of the games later developed with the Infinity Engine. There just isn't any other way to describe it. Once you sit down, configure all the properties and resolution, sound, graphics etc., you just can't tear yourself away from the screen until someone comes in, dragging you away from the monitor.
And then you hear the sister shouting: "Oh man, Baldur's Gate again!".

That's right my fellow adventurers, it's BACK! And it's coming really soon too. Here I have the latest build (well a week or so old), and I must say I'm impressed. Although some features are still missing, it's mostly cosmetics and bug fixing from here on.
The game has been stable as can be for me, and that's a good sign. Probably the first improved feature I noticed was how fast the game saves now. I've been having these 2-3 minute quicksave sessions with the original Baldur's Gate near the end, but it only takes a couple of seconds for your game to save now.

And you're not just staring at the same image every time you're saving a game - there's a cool new feature to prevent that. In Baldur's Gate II every time you save a game a useful tip pops up on the screen while the game saves. Great for beginners. (And for introduction of some new features to us veterans).

I won't go into much detail today (that is yet to come), but suffice it to say that I started playing Baldur's Gate II with a Sorcerer (one of the three new 3rd Edition D&D classes), which has proven an excellent choice. How and why will be explained in the upcoming parts of this preview. I'll be adding new screenshots and info regularly, so check back often. In the meanwhile, feast your eyes on these 15 beauties.

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