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Creatures & Models

Snow Ettin 171kb Download (Ext.)
As the name implies, this is a snow ettin model you can use in your own modules.
Rust Monster 300kb Download (Ext.)
Update on the fabulous work by Lordemil and September. Improved rust mechanic, sense metal, chance to destroy weapons when attacked, eats trash, corrected hide/skin.
Rat Pak 1.5MB Download (Ext.)
This Hak Pak will add three new creatures to your module: a rat, a diseased rat, and a dire rat. These creatures use new models, and come complete with the appropriate portraits and textures.
Owlbear 1MB Download (Ext.)
This is the updated final release of the Owlbear model. Also included is a .erf file for import that contains the 3e fully modified version of an Owlbear for drag and drop Owlbears after the .hak is installed.
Nightwalker 108kb Download (Ext.)
A Nightwalker is a 20-foot-tall humanoid giant composed of pure darkness (uses a scaled up and modified version of the Shadow Fiend model).
Marilith Pack 2.4MB Download (Ext.)
Mariliths are generals and tacticians, often rivaling balors in sheer brillance and cunning. Some also serve as cheif lieutenants for major demon royalty. The are the third most powerful breed of Tanar'ri. Included are two new textures, and the original texture, plus the stats for a standard marilith and a Marilith Blackguard.
Lolth - Demon Queen of Spiders 1.63MB Download (Ext.)
Lolth the demi-god has been spotted in Neverwinter Nights. The model is now available for use in your modules.
Living Statue 446kb Download (Ext.)
Hak pack to create a stone like statue that when the player approaches turns into a real monster. It includes a hak to add the custom placeable statue, and an ERF which imports the placeable, associated script, and monster.
Hobgoblin 92kb Download (Ext.)
This is a reskinning and scaling of the goblin chief. The scale is set to 1.7 and I have included an erf that you can import into a module that matches the 3rd Ed stats. There is a slight difference in the creature's CR. It is 1/3 and 3rd Ed has it at 1/2.
Goblin Worg Rider 285kb Download (Ext.)
This is a simple combination of Goblin and Worg to create a new creature. The download includes a hak pak with modified files to add the model, portraits, a sample module, an .erf file to easily import the creature into your own module, and a readme file for the details.
Gnoll 650kb Download (Ext.)
A gnoll.. That's pretty much all that is required to describe it. (Doesn't use missile weapons though.).
Gem Dragons 5.8MB Download (Ext.)
This hak contains 7 Jewel Dragons: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Amber, and Coal dragons.
Creature Collection - Giant Pack 17,8MB Download (Ext.)
This Pack contains over 70 Giants, made up of Hill Giants (4), Mountain Giants (9), Stone Giants (6), Fire Giants (27), and Frost Giants (27). Included are over 70 Creature Blueprints, 40 custom reskinned and resized models, 20 new Weapons and Items, 20 new Portraits in various sizes, and a script for Mountain Giant summoning. The Giants have been scaled to match their sizes in the Monster Manual, and each blueprint comes complete with accurate statistics, weapons and armor (Including rock throwing). There are versions for adepts, clerics and sorcerers where appropriate and for kings and jarls for the noble giants.
Balrog 678kb Download (Ext.)
An updated Balrog model, based on Tolkien's books. The author edited the Balor's model and texture files to make the Balrog. To add Balrogs to a module, unzip the .hak file into the hak folder and associate it with the module. The Balrog appearance and portrait will be avalible in the creature properties screen.
Dustman (Robe) 718kb Download (Ext.)
The dustman is just an alpha - has no combat animations and just replicates the noncombat anims from the supermodel. It's not really designed to be used as part of a game. It is more of an experiment in skinmesh to show that robes can be done. Textures etc. are unfinished.
Buskers 69kb Download (Ext.)
A pair of buskers that perform songs and magic tricks several times per day. Version 0.9.1 beta includes 2 NPCs, their scripts and conversations, and a couple of placeables.
New Children 122kb Download (Ext.)
This hak pack contains two new children models that you can use in your own modules. An improved version is also available, and another, and an orc child.
Dracolich 256kb Download (Ext.)
This high polygon count model of a Dracolich was made from an original dragon model, so it animates like a dragon. In its current version it uses the override directory and overwrites the Silver Dragon model in the game.
Beholder In-A-Box 956kb Download (Ext.)
Has everything you need to use the beholder in your module: Model, textures, portraits, scripts, .2da changes and a creature in an erf so that you only need to include the files and place the creature.
Beholder 956kb Download (Ext.)
This is a self-installing creature pack containing a beholder.. Simply execute the download, and the files should be placed in the right folder.
Chromatic Dragons Pack 4MB Download (Ext.)
This pack contains the 60 chromatic dragons, which is made up of the 5 colors x 12 ages. Colors are white, black, blue, green and red. Ages are Wyrmling, Very Young, Young, Juvenile, Young Adult, Adult, Mature Adult, Old, Very Old, Ancient, Wyrm and Great Wyrm. Each of the dragons have been scaled in size so that a wyrmling white dragon is smaller than a halfling, and a Great Wyrm Red dragon is close to 4 to 5 times the size of a human.
New Models Pack 5.3MB Download (Ext.)
This adds dragons in Great Wyrm and Baby size. (Except for the green Dragon because it was uneditable for some reason9. Also a normal sized cat is included and a small dog as well as a normal sized spider. Also the Broken cat with custom textures and bone extensions.
Kobold 1.6MB Download (Ext.)
A very nice creation of the classic kobold monster for use in your modules.
Shambling Mound 4kb Download (Ext.)
A retexture of an existing model to produce something resembling a Shambling Mound.
Jungle Spider 10kb Download (Ext.)
A retexture of the original spider to produce a spider that can be used in a jungle setting.
Twig Blight 312kb Download (Ext.)
A retexture & reshaping of an existing model to produce something resembling a Twig Blight.
Customizable Skeletons 130kb Download (Ext.)
The hakpack contains a new human male model as a skeleton which can be customized.
Fire and Ice 650kb Download (Ext.)
This hak adds two new (modified from the earth elemental elder) models and textures to the game. An Elder Magma Elemental and Elder Ice Elemental. The Magma Elemental is made primarily of dangly meshes and is fairly fluid, the ice elemental scaled to be quite thin.
Healing Butterflies 650kb Download (Ext.)
The butterfly is a very delicate and balanced creature. From the fragile amounts of dust on its wings, to the small antennae they sense objects with. These Healing Butterflies are a little different. While maintaining their balance, they have begun to evolve, taking in the spirit of all the land around them, and converting it to healing magic. It is said that reaching your hand into a flurry of them will result in healing and aid.
ShadeRaven's 3E Creatures 2.45MB Download (Ext.)
A package with all converted creatures from the Core Rules plus a few added from NWN that needed updating.

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