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Monk Staff 13kb Download (Ext.)
Monk staff as a spear head, model requested by GamerMage. Created using gmax and Wayland's import/export plugin. A similar item is available here.
True Hand-and-a-half Weapons 343kb Download (Ext.)
Allows the creation of katanas and bastard swords which can be used either as one or two-handed weapons. The method of wielding can be changed on the fly, in-game.
Erebus84's Item Pack 8kb Download (Ext.)
This a magical item pack containing some items created by the author and some modified from items released in Dragon magazine. Contains: Hellshield; Bone Rattle; Crone's Cane; Head of the Loveless; Greater Head of the Loveless; Unholy Grief; Speed Bowl.
Conan's Sword 213kb Download (Ext.)
This is a reproduction of the Conan's sword, and a pretty good one at that. Great stuff for fighter types.
Compendium of Equipment - Instrument Pack 190kb Download (Ext.)
This combination PreFab/HakPak contains over 300 instruments (120+ Normal Instruments, 120+ Masterwork Instruments, 50 Magical Instruments). Masterwork/Magical Instruments increase Bard Perform skill +2 when played. Instruments are divided up into String, Wind, Horn, and Percussion. The Compendium is easy to extend with custom instruments. The Compendium includes a dozen scripts to create instruments of all varieties and to create instruments as part of the treasure system of Neverwinter Nights. Finally, the HakPak contains 20+ custom Miscellaneous images to use for instrument icons in the palette.
Bodangly's Weapon Hak 698kb Download (Ext.)
This contains three different colored Viking Shields (large round shields), a short spear, and a great hammer. Only the shields are completely original, the others are modifications based on Bioware's original spear and warhammer models.
Armor Addon 9.6MB Download (Ext.)
Armor Addon adds 39 additional choices to armor, and classifies all armor based on its appearance. Chain is classified as Chainshirts and Chain mail (AC 3 and AC 5). This brings the total number of chest pieces to choose from to 90.
New Shields 227kb Download (Ext.)
Two new Tower Shields. The author added a new skin to Dracop's Cormyrean Shield (Sun), and a new skin to Rajon's Helm Shield (Fire).
New Forgotten Realms Shields 440kb Download (Ext.)
A set of shields with the Tempus symbol, Tyr symbol, and Cormyr Purple Dragon.
Knightly Shields 188kb Download (Ext.)
Here is a set of Knightly Shields following the Egyptian Shields released previously. Contains 5 new shields designed for knights.
Egyptian Shields 184kb Download (Ext.)
An Egyptian shield set with 5 new Egyptian-style shields to add some depth to your game.
Lupin III's Armor Pack 1 18kb Download (Ext.)
A pack of 82 new basic armor types (leathers, chainmails, plates) with +0 thru +4 enchantments. 7 new types of light armor, five versions of each type (+0 thru +4) 6 new types of medium armor, 5 versions of most types, 3 versions of the others (+0 thru +4 and +0 thru +2) 5 new types of heavy armor, 5 versions of some, 3 versions of the others (+0 thru +4 and +0 thru +2). These armors are not simple 'add one AC for the +1 version', some armors are vulnerable to some attacks, resistant to others. Quality increases resistance, lowers vulnerability, as well as decrease weight and higher AC.
LOKPak 3.9MB Download (Ext.)
Version 3 of the LOKPak. This is an all-inclusive release of new content and all old content. Because certain defaults were not correct the export process left most models with dimmer textures than they should have been. V3 also includes a Wizard's (or anyones really) Tower, a Slaver Wagon (or Big Game Hunter wagon if you prefer), and many carpet placeables.
Rifles 15kb Download (Ext.)
This hak adds an extra appearance option to the heavy crossbow. The new appearance slot renders the crossbow top invisible.
Helm's Tower Shield 99kb Download (Ext.)
Contains a screenshot jpg, the .dds file, and an nfo file with a link to instructions on both using this file and creating your own skins. Another version is available here.
Claws and Exotic Weapons 1MB Download (Ext.)
Version 2.0 of the Claw/Exotics HAK. Added new models for Katar, Firewheels, and Fangs of Baelin. All models have 3 color schemes except Fangs which has 2 at the moment.
Energy Blades 291kb Download (Ext.)
This simple hak adds two types of energy blades. Both are available as blade pieces for longswords (ie. Under the appearance tab of the item properties editor). There are three colors of pure energy blades (lightsaber like) and three color of crackling energy blades (similar to the pure blades, but with arcing electricity comming from the core of the blade).
IceTitan's Items 110kb Download (Ext.)
A slew of over 100 items of every concievable type.
All Arrow Types 7kb Download (Ext.)
This is around 80 of all the different types of arrows that should have come with the game. Included so far are all of the elemental and physical types of arrows, in all of the different damage types.
Armor of Trades 26kb Download (Ext.)
Platemail, chainmail, and helms are all in this pack! Basic types enclude mithral, adamantine, gold, silver, iron, steel, and bronze. Also encluded are many types of leather that will complete any module.
Kashi Weapon Pack 94kb Download (Ext.)
Eight new weapon models: Buster Sword (Greatsword) Masamune (Katana) New Katana model (Katana) The Master Sword (Long Sword) Sai (Kama) Butterfly Sword (Kama) Katar/Punching Dagger (Dagger) Ninja-to (Short Sword).
Dice Bag 39kb Download (Ext.)
These dice bags, hand-stiched by trained monkeys in the far-off jungles of Chult, contain 10 of each of the classic dice varieties: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d100. In addition, they provide a secure, uncheatable system that allows you to broadcast your rolls privately, locally, or even across the entire server. To order, dial the number on your screen now!

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