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Guides & Tutorials

NWN Data File Formats N/A Read (Ext.)
Various documents explaining many of the different file formats for NWN such as the KEY, MDL, ITP, MOD, ERF, SAV, HAK, NWM, PLT, and NCS along with a page on file basics.
Custom Content Guide 1.7MB Download (Ext.)
Have you wanted to try your hand at making custom content for NWN? If so, this detailed guide/tutorial is for you - it has everything you need to get started. Tutorials: Tools To Use, Making Weapons, Making Portraits, and Making Voice Sets, Custom Armor, Items Without Models, Making Spells, and a host of links to the more common tutorials on placeables, sounds, tileset retexturing, etc.
Combining Hakpaks N/A Read (Ext.)
Hakpaks are much like conventional file archives, like those made with WinZip. They are a number of compressed files combined into a single file. NWN will allow only one hakpak per module, so this is why hakpak combining often is needed. We cannot add custom content in an acceptable way without hakpaks. You might know many things in this tutorial already, but the author has tried to make it understandable to even the newest newbie.
NWN Guide 91kb Download (Ext.)
This guide was written to help out and possibly inspire beginner DM's or starting builders. Hopefully the author can help you get a start in the ever expanding world of Neverwinter Nights.
Creating a Starting Movie for a Module N/A Read (Ext.)
This tutorial shows you how to easily create and add a custom movie to your own module.
An Introduction to the Plot Wizard N/A Read (Ext.)
As of the 1.27 update of Neverwinter Nights, the Toolset will include the amazing new Plot Wizard that allows you to quickly and easily add simple or complex plots to your modules without having to write a single script or conversation.
Plot Wizard Tutorial 77kb Read (Ext.)
5 tutorials will walk the user through the basics of the plot wizard. It will create 3 separate plots and tell the user to place them all in the same area. There is nothing preventing the plots to span several areas. Keeping them in one area is for simplicity's sake.
How to Make NWN Skyboxes N/A Read (Ext.)
An interesting tutorial detailing the creation of skyboxes for Neverwinter Nights.
Designing Modules That Hopefully Do Not Suck N/A Read (Ext.)
A crash course in coherent storytelling, project organization, and mod design philosophy in general. Written by the author of the Penultima series of modules.
Comprehensive Custom Door Tutorial Using New BioWare MAX Scripts 165kb Download (Ext.)
This tutorial covers every aspect of custom doors. From simply adding a generic door to making tile-specific custom doors to altering your tiles so they appear with their custom-set doors automatically in the tileset.. this gives it all to you. It's also fresh off the presses using the latest release from BioWare: the Neverwinter Export Scripts for 3DSMax. Includes detialed instructions on creating DWK files with the new scripts. Also includes .max files and all the mdl, dwk, and 2da files for you to check your work against. An online version is available here.
Adding Custom Music: BMU Files N/A Read (Ext.)
This tutorial will show you the steps needed to add custom music into your module that can then be selected in the toolset as Battle, Day, or Night Music.
Creating Custom Tiles 311kb Download (Ext.)
A step-by-step tutorial covering how to create a tile (including raised walk mesh) from scratch and get it into the game. 3DS MAX (v4.2x or higer) is required. An online version is also available.
The Monkey's Paw 14kb Download (Ext.)
This is a quick tutorial/example module highlighting journal quests and conversation trees. The single included quest has multiple paths, including the possibility of 'souring' the NPC and losing the quest.
Tileset Texturing For Dummies 355kb Download (Ext.)
This is a small tutorial for beginners, describing the author's experiences with adding new textures to existing tilesets and creating new ones in the process.
Creating Simple Placeables 75kb Download (Ext.)
Want to learn how to create placeables and add them to the game? Here's a detailed tutorial that steps you through the process. Also includes a hak pak with a new custom placeable.
Design of Area - Area lighting, sound and design tricks N/A Read (Ext.)
Author's notes: A while back I was asked by Maximus to share a few little tricks of lighting and design that were used in Tragedy in Tragidor area layout for those who were planning on building modules of their own to add a little bit of spice to BioWare tilesets. If there is one thing I would like to do, it's to give something to the module building community that other module builders can use to make full use of the tilesets and make really detailed areas. For the demonstration I chose to show the first area in the building of the sequel to Tragedy in Tragidor as an example of the detail I like to go into in a single area.
NWN Pieces Parts Modeling Tutorial 2.7MB Download (Ext.)
This Tutorial contains instructions on Pieces Parts Modeling, or creating new Creature Appearance Models based on individual parts of PC Models and Armor. This Tutorial will go step-by-step through the process of creating a PC Model with Armor in the Toolset, extracting the model and using the various pieces of the model to create a single .mdl file. This file can then be used as any other creature model, including being scaled, reskinned, or used as a polymorph object.
Adding Custom Sounds: Wave Files N/A Read (Ext.)
This tutorial will show you how to add a custom .wav sound file to your module using a hak pak.
Texture Tutorial: Re-Skinning Creatures N/A Read (Ext.)
This tutorial will show you how to take one of the creature textures from Neverwinter Nights, modify it, and use it to create a modified version of the creature.
Creating Your Own Creatures N/A Read (Ext.)
One of the great aspects of building your own adventures for a role-playing game is creating custom creatures for Players to encounter. This tutorial will describe how you can take an idea for a creature (perhaps inspired by a creature in a book or a movie) and use the Toolset to create that creature with its proper stats and abilities so that you can add it to your own module.
Pack Animal Tutorial 232kb Download (Ext.)
The Pack Animal Tutorial is an extensive tutorial that will show you step by step how to create your very own pack animal for use in Neverwinter Nights single-player and multi-player modules. Along the way it will explain everything that is being done and the reasons why they were done.

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