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As if the goblinoid race couldn't get any worse, along come bugbears, the biggest and strongest of the goblinoid races... and a great deal more aggressive. They typically dwell in small tribes, but they have been known to bully smaller creatures, especially their weaker goblinoid cousins, into their service, making use of them as slaves or food. Bugbears are renowned for their great strength - while not as strong as ogres, the blow from a bugbear's mace can smash the strongest shield into scrap metal.

By themselves, goblins are not much of a threat except in large numbers, but when goblin cavalry takes the field on their huge worgs, a squad of these terrifying monsters can break the lines of even the staunchest warriors. Worgs, wolves nearly seven feet long, are often bred by goblins to serve as mounts, and the worgs use their cunning and evil natures to aid their goblin masters in hunting down their enemies and tearing them apart. Goblin riders and are typically armed with long spears they may use to stab at any victims trying to fend off the worg's great teeth and claws.


Among the many hideous monsters that crawl in the caverns of the Underdark, few are more horrific than the dreaded hook horror. Standing nearly nine feet tall, this humanoid beast looks like some twisted cross-breed of vulture and a man... except where the hands should be, there are only huge hooks, nearly a foot long and wickedly sharp. They do not speak, but communicate in a series of clicks and clacks, signaling to each other that prey is nearby.

Neo-orogs are great orcs, standing six to six and a half feet tall. They are brighter, stronger, tougher, and more disciplined than their weaker brethren, orcs, and this holds true for their shamans as well. Neo-orog shamans can frequently be found in the midst of strong orog bands, counseling the chiefs and leaders, and letting loose their spells of mass destruction to level enemies before they can get within striking distance.

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