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Icewind Dale Troubleshooting FAQ

Version 1.06 - August 13, 2000


1. Installation Problems
2. Graphics Problems
3. Sound Problems
4. Program Problems
5. Gameplay Problems

This document describes some of the most frequently asked support questions. If you cannot find an answer to the question/problem you may be having, please post on our message boards with the following information:

1. System Information:

Requested Info

1) CPU and CPU Speed
2) Operating System
3) Amount of RAM
4) Video card
5) Sound card
6) Hard drive size and free space


AMD K6/2 450 MHz
Windows 98
64 MB
3dfx Voodoo 5 5500
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!
20GB, with 1.2GB free

2. Installation Type: Minimum, Recommended, or Full
3. What version are you running:
Retail or Patched


Q: ERROR CODE -117: During the installation of Icewind Dale, I receive an error message from the installer with an error code of -117, saying a file could not be copied. What can I do?

A: This error is an InstallShield error that indicates a file could not be decompressed or read from the CD-ROM. Check the bottom of the Install disc (disc 1) for scratches, dust, dirt, or fingerprints. Cleaning the bottom of the disc with a lint-free cloth may help. If you are still unable to install the game, please return your copy for another one.

Q: ILLEGAL OPERATION DURING INSTALL: During the installation of Icewind Dale, I receive an Illegal Operation crash in the installation. What can I do?

A: This error appears to be caused by bad disc media. Check the bottom of the disc for scratches, dust, dirt, or fingerprints. If any are found, try cleaning the bottom of the disc with a lint-free cloth. If the crash continues to occur even after cleaning the disc, return the game to your retailer for another copy. Some further information: This problem was sent to InstallShield, and their technical support also recommended several other things to try: Disable any antivirus programs that are currently running, delete the contents of your Temp directory (usually C:\Temp or C:\Windows\Temp), or try installing in Safe Mode.

Q: CAN'T CLICK INSTALL ON THE AUTORUN MENU: When I put an Icewind Dale disc into my CD-ROM drive, I am not able to click Install. How can I install the game?

A: Typically this happens if there was a problem with the installation or if the game directory was deleted without actually uninstalling the application through Windows. Simply open up 'My Computer' on your desktop, find your CD-ROM drive, right click, and select "Open". Then run the Setup.exe file, which will start the installation. When you are ready to uninstall Icewind Dale, you can do so via a shortcut in your Start Menu, or through the Windows Control Panel, in Add/Remove Programs.


Q: 3D MODE: I am having graphic glitches and problems with the 3D OpenGL mode. What can I do?

A: Icewind Dale does not officially support the use of the 3D feature, primarily due to insufficient Quality Assurance testing time. If you are experiencing problems, we highly recommend running GLSetup, which can be found on the Install disc (disc 1) on the US Version of Icewind Dale. GLSetup is also an unsupported program, but is very helpful for assuring that you have the latest and greatest OpenGL drivers for your system. If you are using a 3dfx Voodoo card, make sure you have selected "Miniport GL" in the Icewind Dale Config program. This program can be ran from your Start Menu: Programs->Black Isle->Icewind Dale->Icewind Dale Config.

Q: 3D MODE, MOVIES FLICKER: I am seeing flickering while playing movies in 3D mode. What can I do?

A: Icewind Dale does not officially support the 3D mode at this time. We are attempting to remedy this problem in a future patch, but currently there is not a workaround, other than making sure you have the latest OpenGL drivers for your video card.


Q: AWE64 CRASH AT START: I have a Soundblaster AWE64 sound card, and when I start the game, the game crashes. What's wrong?

A: There appears to be some driver issues with the AWE64 sound card. First, make sure you have the latest drivers from Creative Labs. You can find them at: Next, make sure DirectX 7 is installed by pressing the "Install DirectX" button on the Autorun menu when you put the CD-ROM in your disc drive, or by running it via the DirectX folder found on the Install disc (disc 1). If you are still having problems, some of our users have found that lowering or disabling the Hardware Sound Acceleration Level in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (typically found in C:\Program Files\DirectX\SETUP) will fix issues with the game.

Q: TRIDWNW CRASH WHEN RUNNING GAME: I recieve a crash or blue screen in Windows in module TRIDNWN when I run the game. What's wrong?

A: The TRIDWNW module is part of the DirectSound drivers for the Trident 4DWave sound chip and the drivers you are running may be too old to run Icewind Dale. Please visit the manufacturer's website of the sound card you have to update your drivers, and you should then be able to play Icewind Dale. For more information, please visit Trident Micro's website.


Q: CHDIMM.CPP, LINE 582 CRASH: When I run Icewind Dale, I receive a message that says, "An assertion failed in ChDimm.cpp, line 582. Programmer says: unable to open BIF: data\guiMOS.bif". What can be done about this?

A: Generally this happens when an installation of the game did not complete properly, or the game is being run from the root of disc 1. Please make sure the game is properly installed. If you received any errors during installation, make sure there are no fingerprints, dirt, dust, or scratches on the CD's. If there are, and attempts to clean the discs do not improve the situation, please return the game for another copy.

Q: CHVIDEO.CPP, LINE 7279 CRASH: Sometimes when playing Icewind Dale, I will receive a dialog box that says, "An assertion failed in ChVideo.cpp, line 7279." What can be done about this?

A: This particular error appears to happen most frequently on computers with an AMD processor when saving or loading a game, but has been reported on other machines. It may happen when switching to your inventory as well. We have fixed some potential causes with this in the patch, which can be downloaded here.

Q: CRASH WHEN IMPORTING BALDUR'S GATE CHARACTERS: When I try to import Baldur's Gate, or Tales of the Sword Coast characters, I receive "An assertion failed in ObjCreature.cpp" message. Why?

A: Unfortunately, Icewind Dale does not support Baldur's Gate 1 characters, nor will it support those from Baldur's Gate 2. Both games have different file formats for the characters, and they are incompatible.

Q: "DEMAND FOR WED FILE" CRASH: Sometimes while playing Icewind Dale, I receive a dialog box that says, "An assertion failed in Infinity.cpp at line number 1763. Programmer says: Demand for WED file failed." What can I do to prevent this?

A: We are currently looking in to this problem. One workaround is to increase your cache size from 100MB to 150MB or more if you have the space to spare. This can be done in the Icewind Dale Config program, which can found in your Start Menu: Programs->Black Isle->Icewind Dale. We also suggest deleting your "cache", "temp", and "tempsave" folders in your game directory after this error occurs. If the problem still does not go away, you may need to reinstall the game unfortunately. We are working hard to determine the source of this problem. Addendum: This appears to happen on files that were corrupted either during installation or at a later time. One suggestion is to reinstall the game. When you uninstall, your save games are not removed.

Q: FROST GIANTS CRASH: Sometimes while fighting Frost Giants, the game crashes. What can I do about this?

A: Please download the latest patch.

Q: PARTY REORDERING: When I create a party, and then change the order of the party, when I change areas, the former arrangement comes back. What gives?

A: This has been fixed and will be available in the official patch coming in the second week of July.

Q: PROLOGUE CRASH: When I start the game, create my characters and then see the "Prologue" screen, if I press 'Done' or wait until the end of the text scrolling, the game will crash or my system will hard lock. What can I do?

A: By default, the DirectX installation will turn on hardware acceleration on your sound card, usually to it's maximum setting. Some machines have problems with that. Some of our users have found that lowering or disabling the Hardware Sound Acceleration Level in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (typically found in C:\Program Files\DirectX\SETUP) will fix issues with the game like this one.

Q: SPELL MEMORIZATION: When I "unmemorize" spells from my spell book that were assigned to Quick Spell slots, on the bar along the bottom of the main game play window, the Quick Spell slot says I have 65535 (or another high number) of that spell remaining. Does this have any effect on my game?

A: No, this has been fixed and is available in the official patch coming in the second week of July. The incorrect button has no effect on gameplay, and will correct itself after entering other menus.

Q: SAVING / QUICKSAVE CRASH: Sometimes when I save or quicksave a game, the game will hardlock or crash with an "assertion" message. What can I do?

A: If you have OpenGL (3D) turned on, please turn it off through the Config program. Also download the latest Icewind Dale patch here.


Q: CHEATS: How come I can't bring up the cheat Console window?

A: Version 1.0 of Icewind Dale does not contain a method for cheating using the Console window. This feature is available in v1.06.

Q: CLERIC XP TABLE: I am able to become a level 10 Cleric with 250,000 xp, although I shouldn't be able to get that high until I have 450,000. What's wrong?

A: This issue has been fixed in the official patch coming in July 2000.

Q: CONJURERS WITH DIVINATION SPELLS: How come my Conjurer can memorize and write divination spells, when it divination is supposed to be a school of opposition?

A: All magic users can use and write divination based spells up to the 4th level. The Conjurer opposition school is called "Greater Divination", which is only spells 5th level and above.

Q: END GAME MOVIE DOESN'T PLAY: I am victorious in the last battle, but the game sits there and never plays an endgame movie, and I may be able to pick up an invisible item. What's the scoop?

A: Under a specific condition, the game would not recognize that the final conflict had been won. Please save your game, and download the v1.06 patch (or later) and apply it. Reload your game, and you should be able to see what was intended.

Q: FATIGUE PROBLEMS: I can rest and rest and rest, but one or more of my characters always seems to be fatigued. What's the deal?

A: There was an issue in the rest portion of the code that has been fixed and will be in the v1.05 patch available in the July 2000.

Q: FATIGUED AFTER HASTE: In Icewind, when I cast Haste on my characters, when the effect wears off, I'm fatigued! This didn't happen in Baldur's Gate, what happened?

A: In normal AD&D 2nd Edition rules, after Haste wears off your character will have aged one year. In Icewind Dale, to balance this spell a bit, we made a change to the way the spell behaved by causing the characters to become fatigued due to the accelerated metabolic processes.

Q: LYSAN LOCKUP: I defeat Lysan, and the game appears to be in "conversation mode", and I cannot do anything. How do I continue?

A: This issue has been fixed in the official patch coming in the second week of July 2000. As a workaround, load a previous save game, and move a character near the shadow that spawns after you kill her. The problem is that the shadow was not able to path to a party member to begin dialog, and was stuck.

Q: ORRICK / BOOK OF MYTHAL THEORY QUEST: When I bring the Book of Mythal Theory back to Orrick in Kuldahar, I receive an error saying, "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS" and the game says I have lost an item what can I do?

A: We have fixed this problem, and the fix will be out in the official patch, coming in the second week of July 2000. The item you receive is non critical to gameplay however.

Q: Why can't I equip two weapons with my ranger?

A: Icewind Dale doesn't support dual wielding for rangers. As a side benefit, the game provides rangers an extra attack when equipped with a one-handed weapon with no shield. Baldur's Gate 2 will support dual wielding rangers.

Q: SCRIPT COMPILER: In the manual, it says there is a Script Compiler on disc 1. Where is it?

A: The Script Compiler can be downloaded here.

Q: THAC0: How come my THAC0 is not being modified by Strength bonuses, proficiency bonuses, or other bonuses?

A: The THAC0 displayed on the Character Record screen is the character's Base THAC0, based off the level and race of the character. In the beta patch, and the official patch, an additional number is listed in parenthesis, which details your actual THAC0.

Q: UNDEAD LIEUTENANT: When I speak to the Undead Lieutenant in the southeast corner of Dragon's Eye, the game seems to switch from cutscene mode and back, or I experience other strange problems. What can I do?

A: This has been addressed in the official patch coming in the second week of July 2000.

Q: **SPOILER** YXUNOMEI DISAPPEARS! When I talk with the little girl in Dragon's Eye, when she changes into the demon form and I leave the area to rest, when I come back, she's gone and I cannot proceed! How can I continue?

A: In the release version, the demon moves toward the northwest corner of the area. You will find her there, awaiting your return...
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