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Heart of Winter Troubleshooting FAQ

Version 1.40 - April 6, 2001


1. Installation Problems
2. Graphics Problems
3. Program Problems
4. Gameplay Problems

This document describes some of the most frequently asked support questions. If you cannot find an answer to the question/problem you may be having, please open a topic on our message boards with the following information:

1. System Information:

Requested Info

1) CPU and CPU Speed
2) Operating System
3) Amount of RAM
4) Video card
5) Sound card
6) Hard drive size and free space


Intel Pentium III 500 MHz
Windows 98 SE
64 MB
Nvidia TNT 2 Ultra
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!
20GB, with 1.2GB free

2. Installation Type:

Icewind Dale - Minimum, Recommended, or Full
Heart of Winter - Minimum, or Full

3. What version are you running: Retail or Patched?


Q: Do I need to install any of the Icewind Dale patches (v1.05, v1.06) if I am going to install Heart of Winter?
A: Once you install Heart of Winter, you are installing all of the fixes the previous patches made for Icewind Dale. Once Heart of Winter is installed though, do not install the Icewind Dale v1.05 or v1.06 patches, as they will corrupt your game and require you to reinstall.


Q: I have a 3dfx-based video card, and when I turn on OpenGL, I see a white screen or my game crashes frequently. Why is this?
A: Unfortunately, Heart of Winter does not officially support 3dfx cards in OpenGL mode. Please disable 3D acceleration to continue playing.

Q: Whenever I get to the Burial Isle, the framerate slows down?
A: The Burial Isle is one of the more intensive areas within Heart of Winter. If the framerate does not feel right, one way to potentially increase speed is to turn off the Ambient Sound Volume (Located in both the Options menu within the game, and the Config program.)

Q: During the final conflict in the Heart of Winter expansion, the final creature looks like a big graphics glitch. What's happening?
A: When playing the game in 24-bit color mode, this problem manifests itself. The v1.41 patch corrects this problem. A workaround is to change the color bit depth to 16 or 32-bit color in the Options menu or via the Config program.


Q: After I finish Heart of Winter, the game freezes and I don't see the end movie.
A: Depending on the circumstances in which the game was finished, it was possible for this problem to happen. This has been fixed in the Heart of Winter 1.41 patch.

Q: I finished Icewind Dale, and decided to import my IWD characters into HOW. When I imported them after installing Heart of Winter, some of my characters lost Hit Points. Why is that?
A: Icewind Dale continued to allow characters above 9th or 10th level to receive their Constitution bonuses when leveling up. According to the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules, this bonus was not supposed to be applied. This has been fixed in Heart of Winter, so when you import your characters from IWD they are automatically adjusted to where they should be according to the AD&D rules.

Q: "DEMAND FOR WED FILE" CRASH: Sometimes while playing Icewind Dale, I receive a dialog box that says, "An assertion failed in Infinity.cpp at line number 1763. Programmer says: Demand for WED file failed." What can I do to prevent this?
A: This error occurs when the game cannot properly read a data file when loading an area. If you did not install Icewind Dale or Heart of Winter using the "Full" install option, check the bottom of Icewind Dale's disc 2 and the Heart of Winter disc for any scratches, dirt, dust, or fingerprints. Cleaning dirt from the CD may cause the problem to go away. Please be careful when doing this however, and be sure to use a lint-free cloth. If this does not fix the problem, it may be necessary to reinstall the game unfortunately. Uninstall the game with either the shortcut in your Start Menu, or by removing it from Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel. When you uninstall, your save games are not removed.

Due to a manufacturing problem with some disc 2's of the UK version of Icewind Dale, you may experience this WED file error near Lower Dorn's Deep. We have made a patch available that will fix the problem and allow you to continue playing. You can download it here. This patch is safe to install, even if Heart of Winter has been installed.


Q: If I start a "Full Game" and beat the Expansion, will I be able to go back to any of the Expansion areas once I have returned to Kuldahar?
A: Once the final conflict in Heart of Winter is over, that is the end of the expansion. Once you are returned to Kuldahar after the end movie, you will not be allowed to go back to the Expansion areas.

Q: After the Barbarian Camp fight (Where there are two tribes fighting each other) I am stuck. Hjollder began to attack me so I had to kill him. What now?
A: During the Barbarian battle you will first notice that the "Wyrm Tribe" are hostile (Red circles), and the "Elk Tribe" are neutral (Blue Circles). Odds are, one of your characters accidentally attacked a member of the "Elk Tribe" turning them all hostile, including Hjollder. If this happens you will not be able to continue with the game since you have killed an important character. Be really careful with Area of Effect spells during this battle, sometimes they will accidentally hit a neutral character turning the whole tribe against you.

Q: Why is it that the "Robe of the Watcher" isn't giving me a 10% bonus to Magic Resistance?
A: This was a bug that has been fixed in the Heart of Winter 1.41 patch.

Q: I have the Lucky Scimitar equipped, but I am not receiving my Luck bonus?
A: This was a bug that has been fixed in the Heart of Winter 1.41 patch.

Q: My high level druid is always fatigued! Why is this?
A: This was a bug that has been fixed in the Heart of Winter 1.41 patch.

Q: When my characters reach level 20, it says -1 for the next level? Why is this?
A: This may be caused by a file that should not be in the Override directory of your game. If you have not installed any of the Heart of Winter patches, check for a file called "XPLevel.2DA" in the Override directory of your game, and delete it. If you have installed v1.41 or higher, this file is the proper file and should not be deleted.
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