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Heart of Winter Features List

On September 25, 2000, Black Isle Studios announced an expansion pack for Icewind Dale called Heart of Winter. It was released in February 2001 and has the following features.


The expansion takes you to the northernmost fishing village of Lonelywood, one of the Ten Towns in the region. (Well known to anyone who has read the Icewind Dale trilogy of books).
Native barbarians have been organizing hordes of warriors to sweep across the region razing each of the Ten Towns in their wake.
A new leader has risen among the barbarian tribes, uniting them to sweep across the Ten Towns, leveling all they come across.
A mysterious traveler enlists the aid of your party to help stop what he believes is a grave mistake.

HoW is a self-contained "mini-campaign" that takes place in conjunction with the events in the core game. It is not part of the main storyline, but the story is a result of events that take place in the original game. It features the same style of game play as the original - fast, continuous action with an emphasis on quick leveling and finding lots of goodies. However, within that stated goal, Black Isle expands upon the existing characters, classes, spells, abilities and items.

The new areas are all part of the tangent storyline and fit together under that story. While the expansion story ties in with the original game, nothing needs to be "triggered" to make those areas available. Simply complete the game or go to a certain area of Kuldahar and you're on your way.
Your characters should be pretty high level - probably around 10th to 12th or higher. The new areas are appropriately tough for characters who have gone through the whole game, so - in the words of ex-Black Isle artist Chris Jones - "This 'aint no sippin' tea."

New Weapons for sale in Conlan's Shop (in Kuldahar)

* The Black Bow -- Longbow +3
* The Blade of Bael -- Broadsword +3
* Daisy -- Light Crossbow +2
* Evil Spider Crusher of Doom -- Club +2, +4 vs. Spiders
* Fayr's Halberd -- Halberd +3
* Hellpick -- Hammer +3
* The Lucky Scimitar -- Scimitar +2, Wielder always under the effects of Luck, can cast Luck 1/Day
* The Love of Black Bess -- Mace +3, 10% of all hits cause the loss of 4 points of Luck
* Pikeman's End -- Two-Handed Sword +3
* Reliance -- Dagger +4
* The Staff of Eron -- Quarterstaff +3
* The Sword of Myrloch Vale -- Longsword +3
* Trollslayer -- Bastard Sword +1, +4 vs. Trolls
* Tombsweeper -- Flail +3
* The Storm Bow -- Short Bow +2, Storm Shell 1/Day
* Pig's Eye -- Short Sword +2, +4 vs. Orcs, 50% of all hits Blind orcs

Class Improvements

A number of character classes have been improved in Heart of Winter, and many of them have gained new special abilities. The following special abilities were inspired by those found in the new Dungeons & Dragons rule system by Wizards of the Coast. These special abilities were interpreted and modified to fit within the Icewind Dale series of games, and are not officially documented within the 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules. A summary of these abilities is as follows:


* Sneak Attack: Sneak Attack is an optional ability that can replace a thief's Backstab ability; if you wish your thieves to use Sneak Attack instead of Backstab while playing the game, the option can be switched in the Config program. When Sneak Attack is in effect, any time a thief attacks an opponent from a flank or rear position, he or she can do additional damage once (and only once) on that opponent. The additional damage is plus +1d6 every 4 levels of experience (i.e., an 8th level thief could do +3d6 damage, and a 23rd level thief could do +6d6).
A Sneak Attack does not require the thief to be hidden or moving silently in order to work (although these skills can help a thief to get into position). Critical hits do not double Sneak Attack damage.

* Evasion: At 7th level, thieves gain the power to evade effects that would normally hurt other characters. Whenever a thief is hit by a spell that can be evaded (Fireball, Lightning Bolt, etc.), the thief is allowed a saving throw vs. breath to completely avoid the effects of the spell. If the saving throw is failed, then the spell works normally, including a save for half-damage if the spell allows for it.
Evasion improves as the thief goes up in level, giving him bonuses to the saving throw vs. breath (for Evasion purposes only). Keep in mind that thieves cannot evade their own effects, so mage/thieves should think twice before throwing a fireball at their feet.

* Crippling Strike: At 5th level, thieves gain a feel for how to hamstring
their enemies in unpleasant ways. This allows thieves to cripple an
opponent with a successful Sneak Attack, reducing their chances to hit
and damage. This crippling effect is in addition to the normal Sneak
Attack damage.
A Crippling Strike improves with the thief's level. At 5th level, a thief's Crippling Strike causes the victim to suffer a -1 to hit and damage rolls, at 9th level, -2 to hit and damage, at 13th level, -3 to hit and damage, and so on, with an additional -1 penalty to hit and damage for every four levels of the thief. A creature hit with a Crippling Strike will regain their normal to hit and damage rolls one turn after being crippled.


* New Experience Table: Druids have a new experience table that allows them to advance past 14th level.

* Druidic Shape Change: This power is now available at 5th level, and
the druid now gains a new form they can shape change into every other level thereafter, to 15th level. In addition, druids will heal some of their wounds when they shift to their animal form.

* Elemental Form: Once druids reach 11th level, they gain the ability to transform themselves into a fire elemental, with all the advantages, resistances, and immunities that a fire elemental possesses. The druid gains the ability to transform into new elemental forms at higher levels: an earth elemental at 13th level and a water elemental 15th level.

* Immunity to Poison: At 9th level druids become immune to poison, both mundane and magical. It doesn't make them insanely tough, but it is rather cool. They can get hit by traps, stand in Cloudkills, and suck up drow crossbow bolts with nothing more than a hearty laugh.

* Timeless Body: At 15th level, druids no longer accrue fatigue through magical or mundane means. They need sleep only to refresh their spells; otherwise, they can stay active for weeks on end with no penalties. Note this immunity to fatigue also applies to spells that normally cause fatigue (such as Haste or Righteous Wrath of the Faithful).

* New Druid Spells:

Beast Claw (Alteration)

Level: 2
Sphere: Combat
Range: Caster
Duration: 1 turn
Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: Caster
Saving Throw: None

This spell transforms the caster's arms into the claws of a mighty beast, giving the caster 18/72 strength and the ability to rake an opponent for 2d4 (+3 strength bonus) points of slashing damage. The caster can attack twice per round with the beast claws, at a +2 bonus to hit.

Mold Touch (Alteration)

Level: 3
Sphere: Plant
Range: Touch
Duration: 3 or 4 rounds
Casting Time: 6
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Saving Throw: Special

This spell infects one creature the caster touches with a rapidly spreading brown mold. The infected creature receives a saving throw vs. spell. If the saving throw is failed, the infection is severe and the creature takes damage as follows:

1st round: 4d6 damage
2nd round: 3d6 damage
3rd round: 2d6 damage
4th round: 1d6 damage

If the saving throw is successful, the damage is reduced:

1st round: 2d6 damage
2nd round: 1d6 damage
3rd round: 1d6 damage

Each round after the first, the nearest creature within ten feet of the victim must make a saving throw vs. spell or be infected by the mold at full strength. This process continues until there are no more victims or until the mold fails to infect a suitable host in time. Creatures already under the effects of the mold cannot contract it again. The brown mold quickly dies once the spell expires.

Moonblade (Invocation)

Level: 3
Sphere: Combat, Sun
Range: Caster
Duration: 2 turns
Casting Time: 6
Area of Effect: Caster
Saving Throw: None

This spell summons forth a silent, weightless sword-like construct made of moonlight that extends 4 feet from the caster's hand. The moonblade is considered a +4 weapon for determining what creatures it can damage, though the bonus does not apply to THAC0. In addition, due to the insubstantial nature of the moonblade, melee bonuses from strength do not apply.

The strike of a moonblade drains a target’s vitality, inflicting 1d12+4 points of damage, and an additional 1d12 points to undead, who are particularly susceptible. A successful strike also temporarily scrambles magic, causing any spells the target casts in the next round to fail.

Smashing Wave (Invocation)

Level: 4
Sphere: Elemental (Water)
Range: 40 feet
Duration: Instantaneous
Casting Time: 1 round
Area of Effect: 5-foot wide wave
Saving Throw: 1/2

This spell summons a wave of water that moves in the direction willed by the caster, striking all in its path with massive force. The wave deals 4d10 points of crushing damage, and in addition, there is a 25% chance a creature struck is stunned for 2 rounds, and a 5% chance the creature is knocked unconscious. If the creature struck makes a successful saving throw vs. breath, the damage is reduced by half and the creature avoids being stunned or knocked unconscious.

Star Metal Cudgel (Conjuration)

Level: 4
Sphere: Combat
Range: Caster
Duration: 3 turns
Casting Time: 7
Area of Effect: Caster
Saving Throw: None

This spell creates a meteoric iron magical club that is +2 to hit and damage, and treated as a +4 weapon for purposes of what it can hit. Proficiency, strength, and specialization bonuses and penalties apply. It does an additional 2d6 points of crushing damage against unnatural creatures (undead, golems, outer planar creatures, etc).

Thorn Spray (Alteration)

Level: 4
Sphere: Plant
Range: Special
Duration: Instantaneous
Casting Time: 3
Area of Effect: 30-foot long, 25-foot wide cone
Saving Throw: 1/2

By means of this spell, the caster can cause a spray of barbs, spikes, thorns, and spines to spring forth from his hand. The thorn spray covers a 30-foot long, 60-foot wide cone, inflicting 2d10 points of piercing damage to all creatures within the area of effect, or 1d10 points of damage if a saving throw vs. death is successful.

Wall of Moonlight (Invocation)

Level: 4
Sphere: Protection, Sun
Range: Sight of Caster
Duration: 1 turn
Casting Time: 7
Area of Effect: 20-foot long, 5-foot wide wall
Saving Throw: None

This spell invokes a shimmering tapestry of blue-white force. This wall is intangible, requiring no physical anchor, and can easily be passed through. Evil creatures passing through the wall take 2d10 damage, evil undead creatures take 5d10. A creature that has passed through the wall can only take damage from it once. Only one Wall of Moonlight may be in effect at any time.

Other new spells druids will get:

- Cause Light Wounds (1st)
- Sunscorch (1st)
- Alicorn Lance (2nd)
- Cause Moderate Wounds (2nd)
- Spike Growth (3rd)
- Cloudburst (3rd)
- Storm Shell (3rd)
- Animal Rage (5th)
- Whirlwind (6th)
- Earthquake (7th)
- Mist of Eldath (7th)
- Stalker


The restrictions for using bard songs are the same in the expansion as they were in the original game. However, you now have six to choose from instead of just one.

* The Ballad of Three Heroes: Bards start the game with the ability to play this ballad. When the Ballad of Three Heroes is played, all the bards allies gain +1 to hit, +1 damage, and +1 saving throws. It lasts as long as they continue playing. If they attempt to do something else (like move, attack, etc.) they stop playing.

* The Tale of Curran Strongheart: Bards gain this song at 3rd level. When the Tale of Curran Strongheart is being played, any fear effect on the bards' allies are removed and they gain an immunity to fear effects for as long as the song lasts.

* Tymora's Melody: Bards gain this song at 5th level. When played, Tymora's Melody gives the bards' allies +1 luck, +3 saving throws, and +10% to their lore skill and thief skills.

* The Song of Kaudies: Bards gain this song at 7th level. When the Song of Kaudies is played, the bards' allies gain a 50% chance to shrug off the effects of spells such as Silence, Shout, Great Shout, Command, or any other sound-based attacks.

* The Siren's Yearning: Bards gain the Siren’s Yearning at 9th level. When played, the bards’ enemies must save vs. spell or be enthralled, unable to take action unless 1 turn passes or they take damage.

* War Chant of Sith: The War Chant of Sith becomes available to bards when they reach 11th level. When played, the bards' allies gain -2 bonus to AC, +10% resistance to slashing, piercing, crushing, and missile attacks, and they regenerate 2 hit points every round.


* Earlier Spell Access: Rangers now have access to spells at an earlier

* Tracking: Rangers have a new special ability, tracking, which can be selected from the special abilities bar (accessed through the star button on the bottom right of the main screen). When used, the ranger can attempt to look for tracks and gain information on what type of creatures, if any, have passed through the area. Potential information that can be gained from tracking includes the number of creatures, the direction they were traveling in, and how long ago the tracks were made.

This ability works on any map in Icewind Dale and Heart of Winter, and it can provide important clues to what creatures lurk in the area. The skill's success is based on the ranger's level (+5% for every three levels) and his wisdom (+5% per point of wisdom), and it can only be used once per day.


* Smite Evil: Paladins now have the ability to call down a column of holy light once per day. This column of holy light does 1d6 +1d6 points of damage for every 3 levels of the paladin. The paladin can select this power from his special abilities bar (accessed through the star button on the bottom right of the main screen).

* Divine Courage: At 3rd level, paladins gain an immunity to fear.

* Immunity to Disease: Paladins are now completely immune to all forms of disease, magical or mundane.

* Earlier Spell Access: Paladins now have access to spells at an earlier


New spells:

1st Level: Cause Light Wounds
2nd Level: Cause Moderate Wounds
3rd Level: Cause Disease
3rd Level: Circle of Bones
3rd Level: Exaltation
3rd Level: Holy Smite
3rd Level: Unholy Blight
4th Level: Blood Rage
4th Level: Cause Serious Wounds
4th Level: Cloud of Pestilence
4th Level: Poison
4th Level: Unfailing Endurance
5th Level: Cause Critical Wounds
5th Level: Greater Command
5th Level: Magic Resistance
5th Level: Shield of Lathander
5th Level: Slay Living
5th Level: Undead Ward
6th Level: Blade Barrier
6th Level: Harm
6th Level: Spiritual Wrath
7th Level: Destruction
7th Level: Greater Shield of Lathander
7th Level: Holy Word
7th Level: Unholy Word


New spells:

2nd Level: Cat’s Grace
3rd Level: Lance of Disruption
4th Level: Mordenkainen’s Force Missiles
4th Level: Shout
4th Level: Vitriolic Sphere
5th Level: Contact Other Plane
5th Level: Lower Resistance
5th Level: Sunfire
6th Level: Darts of Bone
6th Level: Soul Eater
6th Level: Trollish Fortitude
7th Level: Seven Eyes
7th Level: Suffocate
8th Level: Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting
8th Level: Great Shout
8th Level: Iron Body
8th Level: Power Word: Blind
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