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Wizard Slayer

In short: A fighter who specializes in fighting magic-users is known as a Wizard Slayer. He gains 2% magic resistance per level, and the ability to interrupt spells. Opponents suffer a cumulative 25% spell failure for each of the Wizard Slayer's successful attacks. He cannot use any magical items (potions, rings, amulets etc.) except magical melee weapons and must be of good alignment.

Description: Wizard Slayers are obsessed with destroying practitioners of evil magic. They come from cultures where the practice of magic is reserved for an elite group of elders. They elders examine every baby born to the tribe, looking for omens. An unusual birthmark, a head of white hair, or a complete set of teeth may be interpreted as a sign that the gods have selected the baby to become a Wizard Slayer. The child is taken from its parents and raised to bring out the abilities of the Wizard Slayer. This upbringing provides him with special powers to detect evildoers and resist their magic.

The Wizard Slayer has few interests aside from destroying evil magic. He cooperates with his companions as circumstances dictate, but he is always seeking evil practitioners of magic. His single mindedness discourages friendship. He keeps his companions at arm's length and prefers solitude. Grim and brooding, he may go for days without saying a word, brightening only at the prospect of encountering one of his hated foes.

Wary of all forms of outworld magic, he avoids associating with the magic-wielding members of his party unless forced by circumstance.

Weapon Proficiencies: Required: Bow.

Armor/Equipment: Begins with hide armor, a small shield, and a quiver of arrows.

Special Benefits:

Protection from Evil: As a result of the treatment from his elders, the Wizard Slayer radiates a protection from evil aura to a distance of one foot. The aura is constant and permanent; it otherwise acts exactly as the 1st level priest spell.

Know Alignment: A Wizard Slayer can use this ability at will by touching the targeted creature, character, or object. The creature is allowed a save to resist this ability.

Detect Illusion: A Wizard Slayer has a 5% chance per level of determining that a phenomenon with illusory, visual, auditory, or other sensory components is actually an illusion. This chance can't exceed 75%. He may use this ability twice per day, but only once per phenomenon.

Detect Magic: A Wizard Slayer has a 25% chance at 1st level and a 5% bonus per level thereafter, up to a maximum of 90% to detect magic.

Attack Magical Creatures: A Wizard Slayer can strike at magical creatures normally immune to nonmagical weapons. At 4th level he can strike as a +1 weapon, he gains an additional +1 for every even number level after that, up to a max of +5 at 12th level.

The Wizard Slayer gains a magic resistance of 2% per level. Whenever a Wizard Slayer hits an opponent a 25% spell failure is applied to the target. This percentage is cumulative.

Special Hindrances:

No Magic Items: Unable to use any magical items except melee weapons.

Combat Compulsion: A Wizard Slayer must, in combat situations, seek out a mage or spell caster over any other opponents.

This kit already has a few of BioWare's modifications implemented (i.e. allowed use of magical swords, a higher magic resistance per level, and a more powerful ability to interrupt spells).

Source: The Complete Barbarian's Handbook
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