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Undead Slayer

In short: The Undead Slayer is obsessed with destroying evil undead. They are 95% immune to paralysis caused by undead. They can cast Remove Paralysis (twice per day plus one time/every four levels) and, starting at 5th level, Detect Evil (once per day/every five levels above 5th). They Turn Undead as a cleric (instead of two levels below their actual level as other paladins). Undead Slayers cannot Lay on Hands, cast priest spells, Cure Disease but do not have immunity to disease.

Requirements: Race: Elf

Description: As elves loathe the undead, it is logical that they develop methods to combat the undead menace. Whether they stay behind to protect elf homes from ravening undead hordes or actively seek out the unliving to destroy them in their foul nests, the Undead Slayers learn all they can about their wretched foes. The Undead Slayers are schooled in the ways of the undead, seeking to destroy undead monsters wherever they can find them.

Most Undead Slayers have a grim, determined look - the result of the grisly nature of their work. These elves have lost the typical elven enjoyment of life, for they have become obsessed with death and the undead.

Equipment: Every Undead Slayer carries the common items necessary for this trade. Most of them carry backpacks, containing at least a mirror, two vials of holy water, several sharpened stakes, holy symbols, tinder for torches, and so forth. For weapons, if their class allows, they carry at least two silver weapons, one each of piercing and bludgeoning type, as well as ordinary weapons.

Undead Slayers must purchase at least two vials of holy water and a silver mirror before buying any other equipment. For weapons, they usually carry an edged weapon as well as a bludgeoning weapon. After they have satisfied this minimum requirement, they may spend their money as they wish.

Special Benefits:

Undead Slayers have chosen a particular form of undead to combat and have researched it thoroughly. They know every nuance and variation between the various members of that species. For this reason, Undead Slayers, if properly prepared, gain a +2 to hit and to damage against their chosen undead foes. Undead Slayers hunt the undead more easily than most. They know the signs of undead infestations and can trace them back to their sources.

Their keen elven senses are honed to detect the unnatural rhythms of undead, and they can therefore find their lairs. This does not mean they can find a distant vampire's secret lair, though. Instead, by listening to rumours and observing the local phenomena, they can find the general area where the lair might be. Then they may search for the creature more personally.

Special Hindrances:

Although they can fight other foes, the Slayers will never turn down a chance to eliminate an undead enemy. While this does not mean charging blindly into battle, they will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives if it means the undead will perish. They will never back away from the opportunity to rid the world of these blasphemous creations, regardless of the cost of themselves.

Mindless undead are rather low on their list of priorities for destruction. Skeletons and zombies do not arouse the hatred and loathing of the Undead Slayer as much as sentient undead do. Anything with a mind raises the hackles and the anger of an Undead Slayer. Such is the Undead Slayers' devotion to their cause that they will plan ways to destroy even those undead who have proved themselves friendly. Dealing with a good or neutral lich, for example, is impossible for an Undead Slayer. Simply knowing of the existence of such an abomination is enough for this character to seek ways to annihilate it.

Source: The Complete Book of Elves
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