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In short: Stalkers are spies, informants, and interrogators that are comfortable in both wilderness and urban settings. They can track in urban settings as well as in the wilderness, and gain +10% to Hide in Shadows and Move Silently. The Stalker is restricted to weapons that can easily be concealed: blowgun, dagger, dart, knife, short sword, staff, and sling. They favour leather armor and almost never use a shield. Adept at interrogation, Stalkers can often glean additional information or gauge the alignment and honesty of NPCs.
At 10th level, the Stalker gains a limited photographic memory, useable once per day. Because no one likes snoops, Stalkers tend to be treated poorly. Stalkers in Baldur's Gate II will be able to backstab.

Requirements: Race: Human, Intelligence: 14

Description: At first glance, this soft-spoken, rather nondescript character seems hopelessly out of place in an adventuring party, looking instead like a town dweller who's wandered into the wilderness by mistake. But the drab demeanor is only a facade, concealing keen senses, a shrewd mind, and remarkable insight. Only his closest friends realize the extent of his expertise in intelligence-gathering. And that's just the way he likes it. They serve as spies, informants, and interrogators. They are comfortable in both urban and wilderness settings.

They tend to be reflective and introspective, valuing intellect over physical process. They avoid drawing attention to themselves, seldom speaking unless directly addressed, then responding succintly and without elaboration. They avoid small talk and socialization. The Stalker's natural stealthiness makes most people uneasy, as these traits are usually those of thieves. Stalkers value honor as much as any ranger and nobles rarely hesitate to hire one when the need arises.

Weapon Proficiencies: They can become proficient with any weapon they can easily conceal (dagger, dart, knife, short sword, staff, sling etc.).

Armor/Equipment: He can carry no more gear then he can comfortably strap to his back. He wears well made, but unpretentious clothing. Though he can wear any type of armor, he favors leather. They almost never carry shields, finding them too awkward and restrictive.

Special Benefits:

Tracking: He has the normal ranger tracking abilities, and in addition has full (not half) capability in urban areas.

Stealth Abilities: A Stalker has a +10% bonus to Hide in Shadows and Move Silently. He also has full chance of success when attempting to hide in shadows or moving silently in urban settings or in non-natural constructions. Stalkers can hide in shadows and move silently when wearing armor of AC 6 or less.

Interrogation: When interrogating an NPC for any reason, a Stalker can acquire special knowledge about the NPC in one of the following ways: By making a successful Intelligence check, the Stalker can determine the general alignment of the NPC. He learns the Good/Evil component of the NPC. The Stalker can ascertain the NPC's honesty, by making an intelligence check.

Photographic Memory: At 10th level, he acquires a limited photographic memory. He can recall a fragment of a conversation, the image of a place he's visited, or even the words on a printed page.

Special Hindrances:

Neither lawbreakers nor outlaws appreciate snoops. Typically, the harshest possible penalties are reserved for captured Stalkers. Should a band of orcs or goblins realize a Stalker is in their midst, they're likely to chase him down and beat him mercilessly. A Stalker caught on a personal residence will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. An otherwise friendly NPC may be less likely to be cooperative if they recognize the Stalker.

Source: The Complete Ranger's Handbook
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