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Priest of Talos

In short: Talos, the Destroyer, is the Chaotic Evil god of storms and destruction. In addition to bludgeoning weapons, these priests, known as Stormlords, may use javelins. At 1st level, they can cast Shocking Grasp once per day, while at 3rd level, they may Call Lightning once per day. At 7th level, they gain the ability to cast Lightning Bolt once per day plus one more time for each three levels of the priest (but only when not wearing armor). At 10th level, they may Control Weather once per day, making it worse.

Major spheres: All, Animal, Astral, Chaos, Combat, Elemental, Healing, Necromantic, Summoning, Sun, War, Weather.

Minor spheres: Creation, Divination, Protection, Time.

Only clerics of evil alignment can select Talos in Baldur's Gate II.

Requirements: Strength: 13, Wisdom: 14

Description: The garb of the Stormlords is black robes shot with jagged yellow streaks. The robes have jagged hems and rough, uneven sleeves. A black eyepatch is worn, even if both eyes are good. Self-mutilation is not a requirement, though. Stormlords can endure extremes of heat and cold in their surroundings without harm.

They can never die of exposure, even if naked and wet and can walk through fires of natural origins unharmed, though their clothing and equipment will be damaged. They suffer the normal damage dealt by all cold and fire-based magic and creature breath weapons. They are also immune to all forms of lightning and electrical damage.

Stormlords are able to cast Shocking Grasp (as the 1st level wizard spell) once per day.

At 3rd level, Stormlords can Call Lightning (as the third level priest spell) or Ride The Wind (as the 2nd level wizard spell) once a day.

At 5th level, Stormlords can Water Walk (as the third level priest spell) at will.

At 5th level, Stormlords are able to cast Control Winds (as the fifth level priest spell) once a day.

At 7th level, Stormlords may cast Lightning Bolt (as the third level wizard spell) once a day. They may not cast a lightning bolt, if they are wearing any metallic armour (including studded leather). They gain an additional lightning bolt for every three levels of experience (another one at 10th level, a third at 13th, etc.).

At 10th level, Stormlords may Control Weather (as the 7th level priest spell) once per day. Stormlords may move the conditions to any worse condition under the same prevailing heading. Stormlords can never use their abilities to improve the weather conditions.

At 15th level, Stormlords may cast Earthquake (as the 7th level priest spell) once every tenday.

Source: Faiths & Avatars
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