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Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal Player's Guide
by Rik Henderson

The following is a basic walkthrough for the Throne Of Bhaal Expansion for Baldur’s Gate II. It is not however a walkthrough for the original game. It does not include the Watcher’s Keep quest that comes extra with Throne Of Bhaal as, although it is a valuable resource for fantastic weapons, it is not essential to completing the story – and if you are truly a hardy adventurer you will have completed it anyway from the Shadows Of Amn side of the epic quest (it is accessible from both once Throne Of Bhaal is installed). Also, as a basic walkthrough, there are many side quests and sub-plots that are omitted, instead this Player’s Guide concentrates on the basics of the game, and the most direct route to completing the main plotline. There are also tips on how to beat the major bad guys at the end of the chapters.

At the end of this guide are also three extra sections explaining some, but certainly not all, of the new Spells, Items and Characters that appear in this extension. I have made a conscious decision to include the ones that I personally find the most sexy, so my opinion may differ from your own.

A WORD OF WARNING: This document contains spoilers, so don’t read it if you don’t wish to ruin the ending of either the extension, the original Shadow Of Amn, or even the first Baldur’s Gate game.


TOB = Throne Of Bhaal

SOA = Shadows Of Amn

Level Guide

Throne Of Bhaal takes up where Shadows Of Amn left off, and should really be considered Chapters 8-10 (SOA finishing when you have defeated Jon Irenicus, and your characters escaping from Hell to live again).

You can play the expansion in one of two ways. Either import your generated character from SOA, in which case your EXP is raised to 2,500,000, and you are given a very well stocked Bag of Holding (to add to the items you were carrying at the end of the last chapter). Or you can create a new character, who will be raised to 2,500,000 EXP and a Bag of Holding (containing Magical Weapons and Equipment). Take some time to equip yourself thoroughly and then you’re ready to talk to the Gods that surround you and start the new adventure.

Chapter 8: The Siege Of Saradush

Objectives: Defeat Illasera, Restore Sarevok, Escape the Pocket Plane, Kill Yaga-Shura

THE SPIRIT GROVE: You start the Chapter in the Spirit Grove where you can talk to the heads that are around you. Once there are done with their mystic ramblings you are transported to another area of the Grove and are plunged into a battle almost immediately…

Illasera is a Minor Mageling and she will attack you after revealing that she is a Child of Bhaal much like yourself. Once taken out, you gain 10,000 EXP and her corpse gives up Boots of Speed, Dagger +2, 2 Extra Healing Potions, Ring of Protection +1 and Sylvan Chain +2. Now you will collapse ready to awaken in Hell.

THE POCKET PLANE: Whilst is here you should do a few things; Talk to the Solar who wakes you (who will reveal next to nothing apart from the fact that her servant was Alaundo, and that he might know more about the prophecy and your powers); Talk to Sarevok, who will only reveal more about your quest if you give him what he wants – a piece of your soul. Alternatively, if you have Imoen with you she can do this for him instead.

Once Sarevok is alive again he will give you some clues that you need, and even offer to join your party (see New Characters at the end of this guide). The most essential piece of this information, for now, is that you make your way to Saradush, where all things will begin.

Next, summon a party if you do not already have one together. There are statues of former Characters on each side of the Planar Exit, and once you have talked to the Spirit, you can summon which members you require (remember to balance the party well, and if you are taking Sarevok with you, remember that he’s still Chaotic Evil in Alignment).

Also on this level is Cespenar, your butler, who can forge weaponry much like Cromwell did in SOA (for a full list of what he can make, and where the items used can be found, see the New items/Weapons list at the end of this guide).

Before you can leave this plane though you will have to face a ‘challenge’ as fortold by Sarevok. This is set by Gavid, a BhaalSpawn who died before learning his heritage. As he ‘dies’ you are attacked by an ever increasingly difficult band of monsters. If you are of an Evil Alignment the monsters will be Good guys, and if you are Good, these guys will all be Evil (ending in Drow, so it can get really tough). After this battle (and another bit of rambling from a reappearing Gavid) the whole party receives 25,000 EXP, while your main Character gets 30,000 EXP and the Pocket Plane ability. Now it’s time to move on…

SARADUSH: As soon as you arrive here you will be treated as hostile by the authorities. They will attack your party and once defeated you get to talk to Mellisan. She will explain that the City is under attack by a BhaalSpawn called Yaga-Shura, and the City itself is under the rule of Gromnir, another BhaalSpawn, who is quite mad. You should agree to deal with Gromnir for her, and set about wandering the City looking for a way into the Castle Saradush.

There are three people with which you should talk to get into the castle. Firstly, there is a Harlot outside of Countess Santele’s house who also wishes Gromnir dead (he killed her parents), so talk to her and she’ll inform you that there’s a chance that you can get into the castle through an old underground prison. Then talk to Pygram Aleson in the Tavern, who will tell you to go to Sister Farielle in the Temple of Waukeen (after you have paid him some of your accumulated wealth). Finally, talk to Sister Farielle at the Temple and she’ll give you a Prison Key and tell you how to get inside (this won’t work if you’re of Evil Alignment).

Indeed, if you are of Evil Alignment, another way to get into the prison is to talk to Pletje in the Tavern. He will tell you a tale of Vampires that are hiding in the old Prison, and masquerading as ‘Courtesans’ to lure unsuspecting ‘food’ to them. The Courtesans appear in the bar at night, and you can accept the invitation to follow them. Unfortunately this will mean only yourself will enter a Prison where there are hoards of Vampires waiting for you. There is a simple way to beat them… run! Exit the door behind, find your party and now you’ll find that the door leading inside is unlocked. You’ll still have to face the Vampires, but with your entire party it should be okay.

Throughout the prison (no matter which way you got in) you will have to face a plethora of Vampires, and the apparition of an old man. If you follow him and accept all his clues, he will be laid to rest and eventually your reward will be the Bronze Ioun Stone, so it is actually worth it (although not essential to the plot). The last door in the prison you will come to contains Phlydian (the Vampire leader of this nest) and her kin. It will be a hard battle (these darn vampires always are) so make sure you’re prepared before walking in. Once defeated you will have entered the underneath levels of the castle.

Here you will encounter Asmay Jahag, another BhaalSpawn, and he warns you that the whole next area is booby trapped with many patrols around the cells further on – he’s not lying. It is worth taking some time out to release the prisoners (although you should be doubly careful of Invisible Thieves as part of the patrols), as each prisoner set free will net you a reputation point. Now all you have to worry about are the Elite Troops at the entrance to the castle basement. Once defeated you can enter the castle properly.

Another way to get into the castle is through the sewers, using a key that can be found in Gromnir’s barracks in the City. But they can be confusing, with truly difficult enemies at times. Also they have four exits, with only one leading to the castle, so I advise the prison route (if only for a better stash of magical items).

On the first floor of the castle you’ll encounter Il-Khan Soldiers and an Il-Khan Battle Mage. Take the Mage out first, if you can, and mop up the soldiers afterwards, as he will use the Spell Trigger and Time Stop, plus the archers in the soldiers’ ranks will use the ability ‘Called Shot’ for better aim.

At this point it is handy to note that you can use the Pocket Plane to rest, restock and recuperate spells, because you’ll need to as on the second floor of the castle you meet Gromnir face-to-face. He is flanked by a Battle Mage and Karun the Black (another BhaalSpawn), so make sure you are ready to use multiple ranged attacks (to distract any Spell casting). Berena Elkan and Eler Had will soon make mincemeat of your spellcasters if you let them anywhere near, so cover them adequately and summon as many allies as you can to soak up the attacks. Expect the spells Time Stop, Symbol Stun and Death Spell amongst others – it will be a tough battle.

After the battle Melissan will appear again and will ask you to kill Yaga-Shura the Fire Giant. Unfortunately he is invulnerable to attack, so you will have to find out the cause of his invicibility before you can take him on. The Forest of Mir and his own dedicated Temple in the Marching Mountains may have the answers. So travel back to the Pocket Plane to restock, etc. and you will find that now you can choose where to go when exiting again (also, check with Cespenar which items you can upgrade).

NORTH FOREST: The Pocket Plane transports you here, straight into a battle between Yaga-Shura’s soldiers and some merchants. Once you have defeated the soldiers, Karthis Al-Hezzar – one of the merchants - offers his thanks (along with a monetary and reputation point reward) and tells you all about the Forest Glade (which was once a Temple of Bhaal). You can decide to hunt for more enemies or treasure, or go straight to the Forest of Mir Temple (alternatively you can also visit the Watcher’s Keep level from here – if you didn’t already complete it whilst playing SOA with the expansion pack).

FOREST OF MIR – THE TEMPLE: The first person you’ll meet on the path to the temple is, surprise, surprise, your ‘father’ and mentor Gorion. Unfortunately he has not risen from the dead but is a deception cast by a Master Wraith who, combined with his allies, makes a very tough opponent indeed. Cast many a protection spell (such as Negative Plane Protection and Protection from Evil), and use Sunray as it is a superb Spell against the undead. Once defeated enter the Temple proper.

Inside, you will be mistaken for Bhaal himself by a Skeleton Cleric, but this will be rectified and a swarm of undead will attack you. Concentrate on the Cleric though, as he’s by far the most dangerous here, and when you have won progress upstairs.

Up here you encounter Nyalee, The Witch of the Glade, and she is willing to help you defeat Yaga-Shura as he has betrayed her. His invincibility lies in the secret that he removes his heart and bathes it in magical flames. He has also stolen her heart, so before you can defeat him you will have to return both hearts to her as she is the only one with the magical know-how to extinguish the magical flames. She sends you to the Temple in the Marching Mountains where she suspects they are both held.

MARCHING MOUNTAINS: As soon as you arrive in the Mountains, you should explore the entire map, killing off all the Fire Giants you encounter. They travel in pairs, so draw them to you and pick them off without the danger of coaxing more of them out of the wilderness. Also, in the northwest corner are a group of BhaalSpawn who are no match for your party (by now) and they will turn and flee. Try to catch them and kill them off if you can, but it’s not too important.

Yaga-Shura’s lair is mainly populated with Fire Giants, so make sure you are well prepared with Ice-based Spells and Fire Protections, then wade right in. You will have a large encounter with some Fire Giants immediately, and don’t move about the map too much as you’ll keep drawing more and more monsters into the melee, and eventually be overwhelmed. Also watch out for the Lava Pit in the centre of the floor. To exit the level you’ll have to proceed up to level three, as level two is barred by magical doors.

When you reach the third floor you will see a peculiar machine in the centre of the room. Inspect it and you will find out that it is the source of power for the magically sealed entrance to Yaga-Shura’s inner sanctum. On it are four symbols; a Hammer; a Skull, Blood and a Flame. Go up the steps to the left (after inspecting them for traps – in fact, most of the game involves this, so take it as read from now on, and the best way to do it is with an invisible Thief). Inside this room will be a container which, when opened, will release a swathe of Fire Trolls and Fire Salamanders, and once defeated you will be given a few goodies plus the essential Hammer Wardstone. Now you’ll have to open the container on the right-hand side. This one though is guarded by several Fire Giants and an Elite Fire Giant Leader. Then, after they’ve been beaten, you can open container number two, where you’ll be set upon by Magic, Clay and Adamantine Golems. The reward after this battle is a few goodies and the Skull Wardstone. Return to the first floor and click on the two gongs in the rooms either side of the main chamber. The magical doors on level two are now open.

On level two you will have further battles over containers in the rooms left and right, although this time the enemies are just getting much more difficult. Shrewd forward planning and strategy is called for, and you should get through each fight. When you have all of the Wardstones (as the last two containers have the Blood Wardstone and the Flame Wardstone) you must go back to the strange machine on level three and fit the Wardstones into it (each one will gain you 20,000 Quest EXP), and the door to Yaga-Shura’s inner sanctum is now open.

Inside the sanctum (you will have to defeat a mighty Fire Giant at the top of the stairs first) you will see little lava-filled tunnels which are the only way forward. So progress through them slowly (many confrontations will happen on the way) until you reach Berenn, Elite Fire Henchgiants, and many normal Fire Giants. This battle will be long-winded indeed, but the reward for winning is a mighty amount of EXP points and Yaga-Shura’s Heart, which is in the fire at the source of the lava streams.

The mighty doors at the back will have to be moved by sheer strength alone, so stock up on STR-based potions to shift them. The left room contains another fierce battle with Imix, the Prince of Fire, and a contingent of Burning Men. Whereas the left contains a slave girl who is chained to the wall. When she is released you will receive 15,000 Quest EXP and she will tell you all about the secret cache under Yaga-Shura’s bed, which contains Naylee’s Beating Heart (amongst other things).

Now leave and return to the Forest of Mir, and specifically Naylee. She will dispel the magic on Yaga-Shura’s Heart and replace her own. Unfortunately, this rekindles the love she has for the King of the Fire Giants, and she will attack you after summoning a load of Forest Spirits (including Shambling Mounds and Nymphs). When you’ve won this battle though Yaga-Shura will be invincible no more.

SIEGE CAMP: Now that Naylee has broken the charms on Yaga-Shura, you find out the Saradush has been breached and devastated, so you will have to deal with any troops that flee in your direction. Once you cross the bridge and actually get to strike at Yaga-Shura (hoards of troops will stand in your way first) he realises that he has indeed been made vulnerable again and will hide behind his army. Very careful strategy will determine whether you win this battle or not as the Elite Guards are, in themselves, worthy opponents. Try to use your Thief to backstab the archers bombarding you with arrows as much as possible, and it should be noted that the longer this battle goes on, the more reinforcements will arrive. (One tip is to switch this battle to Autopause in the Options, as this will give you more time to think and plan in the midst of fighting). Eventually you will kill Yaga-Shura himself and his troops will flee. Upon which you will be transported back to the Pocket Plane.

Here you will find out much more about your history, which is taught to you by Solar. Specifically your Mother, Alianna, appears informing you that you were to be sacrificed on Bhaal’s altar when you were born, along with Sarevok. Gorion and several colleagues saved you but could only save one child, so Sarevok was left behind. He fled and was raised by Foster Parents in the Iron Throne. You will be asked if there is a debt between you and Sarevok, and a new area in the Pocket Plane will be opened.

You reappear at the Siege Camp after this interlude, and Melissan greets you (having just escaped the City herself). She will tell you about Yaga-Shura’s allies, and the fact that they are all BhaalSpawn too. You have encountered one of them, Ilasera, and now you must take on two others, Abazigal and Sendai, before they have a chance to consolidate their forces. Before this you will have to visit Balthazar, an ally of her own, who is the Chief of a Monasteric order in the Calim Desert. You are to meet in Amkethran, where you can base yourself while preparing for an assault on the BhaalSpawn enclaves. She marks all this on your map.

THE OASIS: Your second challenge in the Pocket Plane transports you to an alternative reality where Gorion saved Sarevok instead of you, hence you must take on an Evil you. His gang include Semaj, who blasts you with magical strikes, and Tamoko, who tries to backstab at every opportunity. Once defeated the room turns transforms. The pools within either heal you when you stand in them (Good alignment) or singe woundingly (Evil).

While travelling to Amkethran you have to travel through an Oasis, where you meet General Janis Tombelthen, representing the King and Queen of Tethyr. You have been marked as responsible for the destruction of Saradush (thanks to you being BhaalSpawn), and you are to be executed. This causes the Tethyrian army to attack you and you should draw smaller groups of them towards you for smaller battles, rather than explore around the map, drawing everybody upon you. The note on General Tombelthen informs of several bounty notices with a reward of 100,000GP, so you’ll have to step lightly from now on.

Chapter 9: Amkethran

Objectives: Kill Sendai, Kill Abazigal, Enter the Monastry

AMKETHRAN: As you approach the gates to the Monastary, a Monk calls to you and you are taken to a meeting with Balthazar. He explains that Melissan has now left, but has given instructions on where the two BhaalSpawn enclaves are (which he marks on your map). You are then dismissed, and you will find that you are marched off the premises and the gates are locked behind you (don’t worry, you will be returning here later).

You are free to wander the City as you see fit, selling and buying items, resting and stocking up for some fierce battles ahead. There are also some side-quests you can complete here for extra EXP and Reputation points (not to mention new items), but let us not concern ourselves with those for now. The only truly useful encounter in the City, in relation to the main storyline, is with Zakee Rafeha, the Barkeep at the Tavern, who will proffer some very useful information on Balthazar and Sendai (amongst others) if asked.

SENDAI’S ENCLAVE: Although the directions on your map are correct, all you immediately find at the marked point is a Woodcutter’s Cottage, and the Woodcutter himself. He’ll use the age-old farmer’s cry of ‘Get off my land’, but when Sendai’s name is mentioned he warms a little. He will tell you about some ‘funny looking Elves’ in a clearing to the west, and when you investigate this you will be ambushed by a group of Drow. The best way to clear them out is to summon monsters to tackle the Umber Hulks and Drow Warriors, whilst you can concentrate on the Hive Mother (she bombards you with many Spells, so getting rid of her is a priority). After the battle, while keeping a look out for other Drow encounters, return to the Woodcutter who will tell you that strange goings on have been happening recently, and maybe you should visit his wife’s grave.

Another Drow ambush awaits you in the graveyard, so be prepared, and after you examine the gravestones you will see that you’ve been duped all along. The Woodcutter is in fact a Drow Warrior, and after you have dispatched him (and his summoned followers) you will find the entrance to Sendai’s Enclave.

The tunnels before you reach the Enclave are filled with a plethora of troublesome beasties, mainly Myconids bolstered by Spore Colonies (always attack the Colonies first so you can stop them respawning all the time). At the end of the tunnels (past very toxic Spiders and Umber Hulks amongst others) you’ll face another battle before a bridge appears, but once you have won this you can open the door to the Drow Barracks.

Here you will need to battle through the many Drow in here (no surprise there), and beat Thelynn’ss so you can get the Drow Guard key from the folds in his uniform. As you leave the tunnels you will be treated to a cut-scene that gives you a few nuggets of information as to what to expect next. Sendai is arguing with Bennon, and after he leaves a Drow Captain informs Sendai of your arrival. Her orders are to fill the North Tunnels with slaves and the South Tunnels with Spiders, so it is up to you which type of enemy you fancy ploughing your way through next.

Now you will have reached Sendai’s inner chambers and there is only one place you can get to immediately - The Lair of the Lich, Odamaron (the other exit from this area is magically barred). As soon as you breach Odamaron’s Lair he will fire off Time Stop and Spell Trigger at you, so be wary. Also, the steps ahead of you are heavily trapped so send your Fighters around the side, whilst leaving you spellcasters firing off Breach Spells from the doorway, and your Ranged attackers shooting off arrows or bolts. Once you have searched for very valuable treasure and the Drow Wardstone (to open the magical barrier in the previous area), leave this room and you will be treated to another cut-scene involving Sendai. The Captain once again informs her of your progress, at which news she kills the messenger, and she sends her Priestess Daiytha to stop you.

Inside the inner chamber you are best advised to stay in the doorway to fight the two Greater Earth Elemental Guards, as once inside you will have to face Daiytha’s servant, Ogremoch, the Elemental Price of Earth. He’s very tough, but if you hit him hard with your fighters, whilst sending Breach Spells in from the back you should be able to manage the battle.

Beyond the next door is Daiytha herself so rest first and replenish whatever you can. Cast a Negative Plane Protection on the whole party as a Vampire awaits you (and those level-drains will render you incapable of winning this one). There’s also a Hive Mother and a Demon Knight to take care of, as well as Daiytha, but when you finish them all off you can climb the steps to the next encounter.

Captain Egeissag awaits you next, and he is surrounded by hidden archers. He wants to take you on one-on-one with a mysterious Spectator to be the referee. If you decline then you’ll have a big battle on your hands, and the archers can only be harmed with ranged attacks. However, if you agree you will have to take him mano-et-mano, with the loser not only losing their life but forsaken the lives of their respective followers. It is generally easier to fight him alone, but it really depends on your Character’s Class and Abilities. When you have won either way The Spectator reveals himself to be one of your acquaintances from SOA, and leaves to continue his search from a Beholder spouse. There is now another interlude showing Sendai ordering her Mind Flayer Mithykyl to deploy his forces against you.

Mithykyl’s lair is guarded by a Ultharid and other forces. Concentrate on the Ultharid first as it preys on your weakest Characters if left alive. There are also Vampiric Illithids in each of the small rooms you can explore so make sure you have Negative Plane Protections cast at all times. The fight with Mithykyl is especially tough as he uses Psionic attacks often and is flaked by Ultharid henchbeasts and an Umber Hulk. But, after what seems like an enternity, the winning of this battle allows you to come face-to-face with the BhaalSpawn Sendai.

Sendai has a surprise for you as you enter her inner sanctum. You find seven platforms inside with a statue of Sendai on each. The statues lurch into life one at a time and as you defeat each one, two Drow appear as rearguards for the next. The individual statues represent a different facet of Sendai’s personality (in this order; Priestess, Mage, Thief, Fighter, Mage, Archer and Thief) so expect their attacks to have the attributes of each Class. When they are all defeated, Sendai herself will appear, summoning four Invisible Stalkers to her defence. She will also teleport around the room, summoning Skeleton Warriors and Sword Spiders and healing herself each time she reappears. The only way to combat this is to spread out to cover as much ground as possible in order to get as many hits on her in each position as possible. When you finally win this epic battle, she cries out that the return of Bhaal is inevitable and you are transported once again to the Pocket Plane (you can return later to reclaim your hard-won spoils).

THE POCKET PLANE: Solar now reveals more, although this time it is the present that concerns the visions, not the past as before. The Prophecy fortells that the BhaalSpawn will destroy much of faerun, but your part in the affairs is to stop this happening, not aid it. The Prophecy isn’t a warning against you, rather a version of events that will happen if you fail in your tasks. It really doesn’t matter how you reply to Solar, and you are transported back to Sendai’s Enclave to collect your rewards.

Upon returning to the Pocket Plane you will have to face yet another challenge. This time you are unassailed by doubt and you drift aimlessly in the void, with the ever-present chance that you will overreach yourself and destroy everything you have, so far, worked towards. Thus, the challenge here is to reclaim your doubt and you will have to fight your inner turmoil in the shape of the Slayer (or if you are Evil it is to dispel any lingering innocence you may have, either way you’ll have to fight the same foe).

The Slayer will only target you, not your party, so prepare Spell Sequencers or Contingencies before entering the challenge room. Also protect yourself from Level Drain, or it’ll be a short fight with you on the wrong side of defeat. Don’t forget, you can also use your Slayer ability at any time, at the cost of –2 Reputation points.

ABAZIGAL’S LAIR: Once you have survived your third trial you will be faced with the entrance to Abazigal’s Lair, and the dragon’s sire, Draconis. He is out to prove his worth to his father, so you are in for a hell of a fight almost immediately. Firstly he will summon Invisible Stalkers, followed by a Contingency and a Spell Trigger, and you should do likewise. He’ll throw whatever magical powers he has at you in quick succession, so you should keep following his lead, whilst sending your Fighters in with their most powerful weapons (preferably weapons with Dragon beating capabilities). Keep the strongest Fighters trained on Draconis, whilst the others tackle the Invisible Stalkers, and don’t forget to make full use of any powerful Potions and abilities you have. Once you have won this encounter, take the Brown Dragon’s head as the ward to pass through the magical entrance.

In the Entry Halls you will be attacked by Lesser Earth Elementals and a Werewyvern called Ekim Cyre. His corpse will give up an Empty Breath Potion Flask, which you should save for later use, and you will find that only the eastern pool will allow you to progress through to the next chamber (both doors here are sealed for now).

In this next room (when the foes are defeated) is a font, which you should fill the Flask from. Please note that you do not need ever drink this Potion as just having it in your possession is enough for your entire party to benefit from its effects. Swim back through to the room from whence you came and you will find that another of the pools is now open for you to enter.

When you first reach the Kua-Toan Cave (via the pool) you will be attacked immediately by Kua-Toan archers and a Priest. Fight them without straying from the poolside as there are also two Greater Water Elementals in this area that you do not want to have to face at the same time. Another two of these Elementals are in the room to the north, guarding a Kua-Toa Captain, and when you have cleared this room, the rooms east and west are now available to you.

The western room is the source of the Watery foes, as it contains Olhydra, a Water Elemental Prince, who is one tough cookie. When he’s defeated you can enter the final room which turns out to be a cell containing a Monk who has been tortured in ghastly ways by the Kua-Toans. His words about navigating the Lair are fairly irrelevant, but he will give you a rope which is essential for accessing the remaining pools in the Entry Hall. He’ll also tell you that Abazigal’s inner chambers are guarded by Fll’yissetat, a Dragon held under a Geas, so even if you defeat the beholden one in combat, the magic sealing the gates wont dispel. Instead you will need a Scroll of Reversal to break the Geas, and it just so happens that this particular monk had one, but it was taken when he was captured. He then proceeds to die on you… So rifle through his belongings anyway to find treasure and go back to the Entry hall and take the middle pool (thanks to the rope).

Beyond this pool is Iycanth’s chambers. Iycanth, when you meet him, is revealed to be quite mad, but providing you do not act hostile towards him he will reveal that he has the Monk’s scroll. Unfortunately it will only be relinquished to you if you do him a favour and bring him the eyestalk of a Gauth. Fortunately you don’t have to do this yourself as, although you could pursue the Gauth yourself (Iycanth tells you that he saw the Gauth dive into a pool to the east), if you use the Stone to Flesh Scroll found in the same area as the Empty Breath font, three statues of Amateur Adventurers can be brought to life and sent instead. They prove more than capable of the task and even bring you a little bonus to boot.

Now take the pool to the south of Iycath’s Lab and you’ll come up against Fll’yissetat the Dragon. If you have the Scroll of Reversal from Iycanth though, you will make a Geas-bound Dragon very happy indeed, and with her gratitude she hands you the wardstone you need to enter Abazigal’s Lair. Do rest before entering though, as this is going to be a heck of a fight.

There are several Frost Salamanders sharing the chamber with Abazigal, so dispatch them first before taking on the BhaalSpawn (who starts the battle in human form and eventually transforms into a Dragon). When in human form, although mightily strong, he will refrain from casting Spells, so keep healing your party all the while. But when he’s a Dragon expect a torrent of very high-level Spells to rain upon you. You should really have Magic Resistance and Death Ward cast over your party members as often as possible. Once this battle is over you should loot the body quickly before once again being drawn back to the Pocket Plane to face another challenge.

Another explanation from the Solar is in order as Yaga-Shura’s spirit is summoned to explain the Evil BhaalSpawn’s plans. The five of them were slaying as many BhaalSpawn as they could find so that their essence could gather in the Abyss and resurrect Bhaal himself. The reward for them would be the elevation to Demi-Gods, and the position of Bhaals Agents. But it seems that by killing so many BhaalSpawn yourself, you have utwittingly hastened Bhaal’s return anyway. Now you must take the fourth challenge.

This comes in the shape of Cyric, the God of Murder. He asks you many questions first to gauge your strength and the type of threat you will be, then summons three Favoured of Cyric for you to fight. You will have to take them on alone, as the rest of your party must remain outside. The biggest threat is that if you have low Magical Resistance a good hit from any of them can kill you immediately. However, a win sends Cyric away, and you are reunited with your increasingly worried party.

Elminster now appears, and explains that if you wish to get back into the Monstary to defeat Balthazar you should visit Saemon Havarian (your old ‘friend’ from SOA) in the Smuggler’s Cave in Amkethran. He will outline two plans to get into the Monastary, either of which you can follow to a successful conclusion.

Firstly, you can disguise yourself in some Monks’ clothes that he has in order to bluff your way in through the guards at the gate. Unfortunately he delivers you straight into their hands – he’s betrayed you yet again. This time though he hasn’t drugged you so you can fight the guards and finally make your way into Balthazar’s domain through the north door.

Alternatively, you can use plan B, and take a secret passageway through the Cave of the Dead. It is originally locked, but you can get a key from Faheed, whose house location will be revealed to you by the Barkeeper in the Tavern. Go and talk to Faheed and he will relinquish the key gladly, as he has no love for Balthazar. You need to take it to the Cave of the Dead, climb the ladder on the far right (after inspecting for traps) and enter the secret passage.

NOTE: Plan C is a full frontal assault, but you’ll have to take on all the might of the Monastic order. I don’t like plan C.

When you finally reach Balthazar himself in his inner sanctum he will tell you a tale. It turns out that Melissan has been telling you porkies. It is her not he that is leader of the five who are trying to resurrect Bhaal. He has indeed been trying to raise an army to take on Abazigal and Sendai rather than help them. And after killing the BhaalSpawn they were to commit ritual suicide to stop the return of the God of Murder, which all means that you are the next to be eliminated. Although this fight is tough, you have already faced far tougher, and when finished you once again return to the Pocket Plane to face your last challenge.

First the Solar summons Melissan, who freely admits the diabolical dupe. She is a High-Priestess of Bhaal who has been transferring the essence of dead BhaalSpawn to resurrect her God. And now, thanks to you, has enough essence to control the entire other realm. She then dares you to meet her in the Abyss, and you realise that you must to conclude this story.

Now you face the fifth and final challenge. You must beat The Ravager and his respawning Bone Blades. They are tough, and the Ravager has Blade Barrier so anybody hitting him takes damage. But again, he’s not the toughest of opponents you have faced. Now your work in the Pocket Plane is done, and it will disappear after you are given the choice to go straight to the Abyss or back to the Monstary. Take the Monastic route as you can return to Amekthran and restock and regroup for your final chapter (There is no chance to rest in the Abyss, so make sure you are totally ready).

Chapter 10: The Throne of Bhaal

Objectives: Defeat Melissan, Choose your Destiny

MELISSAN: As you travel to your final destination through the swirling vortex, you reflect on Melissan’s true nature. Before the time of Shadows Of Amn, the High Matriach of Bhaal’s Temple and his greatest Deathstalker Priestess was Amelyssan the Blackhearted. After the fall of her master she began to hunt down and slaughter the scattered BhaalSpawn, so their accreted essence in the Abyss would slowly coalesce into his chance of rebirth. As Amelyssan killed to feed the Dark God, her personal power grew, and she began to think in terms of her own ascension to the Pantheon of Evil. If she could harness the essence of the remaining BhaalSpawn, she could take the Throne of Bhaal for herself and become the new Goddess of Murder. To this end she posed as Melissan, drawing out the BhaalSpawn with promises of aid, and forming those too powerful to kill into the council of the Five. Her time has now come, and all that stands between her and the Throne is your plucky band.

You are the last of the BhaalSpawn, so once you are defeated she can seize the Throne. To these ends she fights with a gigantic Spear +5, and it inflicts mighty extra damage if you fail a Save vs Spell throw upon being hit. This instantly kills any low-levelled summoned allies. So save those Spells for Melissan’s consorts instead (don’t forget, you can’t rest in the Abyss and you’ll have to face Melissan thrice more, so really check your Spellcasting). When you have gained the upper hand in this contest she will flee to recharge herself in one of the pools of BhaalSpawn essence, so you’ll have to race to the southwest to destroy the pool before she becomes too powerful again.

This pool is guarded by Yan-C-Bin, the Elemental Prince of Air, and his Greater Air Elemental henchbeasts. Dispatch them as quickly as you can and destroy the pool by clicking on it. The faster you are the more weakened an opponent Melissan will be for round 2.

Again you will fight, and again she will summon up allies to help her. Stick with your original plan (after all it worked the first time) and make sure that your strongest Fighter is always attacking Melissan herself. And once again, when you have gained the upper hand, she flees to recharge from the pool.

This time charge southeast, where you will have to fight through Cryonax, the Elemental Prince of Ice, who is surrounded by Frost Salamanders and Blizzard Trolls. When you have won, destroy the second pool, and Melissan will have to fight you once more.

This time round your spell books are probably running very low, so bring out as many Wands and other magical items as you can, and throw them at her. Again though she refuses to fight to the Death and flees back to the Pool of Essence.

Race to the final platform to the northeast, and you will face a Fallen Solar, two Mariliths, an Alu-Fiend and a Succubus. And once you have vanquished them destroy the final pool to lead to the ultimate showdown with Melissan.

Now it’s time to throw everything and the kitchen sink at her, and she’ll do the same to you. You have probably run out of healing spells by now, so whenever one of your party is about to die, pause and switch anything useful in their inventory to another Character. Eventually you will have gained the upper hand, and the contest is decreed over. A Solar will appear and you will be determined the winner, and you are given a choice of what you want to do with the essences that are within her.

If you surrender the essence within you: Your rejected essence and those of Melissan are destroyed, and you are free to leave as a mortal.

If you accept the essences released from Melissan: The Throne of Bhaal is yours to command, and you achieve Godhood.

Er… That’s All Folks! Woohoo!

New Items/Weapons

In TOB, there are many new items and weapons that can be gleaned through cunning adventuring, although most are just continuing along similar lines as before, and barely need explanation. The most significant new equipment added is when you use Cespenar (found in the Pocket Planar Realm) to forge together a collection of other items you may have found on your quest to make extraordinarily powerful weaponry and items for use to further your quest and to make onlookers go wow with your obviously bigger, ahem, potential.

Here is a list of all the extra items and weapons he can make for you, along with their components, how much they cost, and more importantly where the components can originally be found – if applicable.

Aslyferund Elven Chain +5 – Chain Mail Armour

(Requires 5 STR. Can’t be used by Druid or Mage)

AC 0. Wearer is immune to all normal weapons

MADE FROM: Bladeslinger Chain Mail +4 (Suldanessellar, Black Dragon – SOA), Scroll of Protection from Normal Weapons

COST: 40,000GP

Axe of the Unyielding +5 - Axe

(Requires 10 STR. Can’t be used by Cleric, Druid, Mage or Thief)

1d8+5 Damage. AC +1 Bonus. CON +1 Bonus. User regenerates 3 HP per round. 10% chance on successful hit of decapitating opponent

MADE FROM: Axe of the Unyielding +3 (Watcher’s Keep, Lum’s Machine Level, Minotaur), Baalor’s Claw (Yaga Shura’s Lair, Berenn)

COST: 5,000GP

Bag of Plenty +2 - Quiver

Unlimited +2 Sling Bullets

MADE FROM: Bag of Plenty (Yaga Shura’s Lair, Stone Bed), King’s Tear Gem

COST: 10,000 GP

Blessed Bracers – Bracers/Gloves

(Can only be used by Paladin)

+10 to maximum HP total. Cast Cure Critical Wound and Resurrection once per day

MADE FROM: Paladin’s Bracers (Watcher’s Keep, Teleport Maze Level)

COST: 10,000GP

Blue Dragon Plate Mail – Plate Mail Armour

(Requires 15 STR. Can’t be used by Bard, Druid, Mage or Thief)

AC 1. 90% resistance to Lightning and Electrical attacks

MADE FROM: Blue Dragon Scales (Abazigal’s Lair, Abazigal)

COST: 5,000GP

Bow of Darkfire +5 – Short Bow

(Requires 3 STR. Can’t be used by Cleric, Druid or Mage)

THACO +5. Cast Improved Haste once per day. 5% Bonus to Fire and Cold resistance

MADE FROM: Bow of Darkfire +4 (Amkethran, Captain Erelon), Bowstring of Gond (Sendai’s Enclave, Captain Egaissag)

COST: 5,000GP

Carsomyr +6 – Two-Handed Sword

(Requires 14 STR. Can only be used by Paladin)

THACO +6 Bonus. 1d12+6 Damage. Extra +6 to Chaotic Evil opponents. 50% magic Resistance when equipped. Cast Dispel Magic three times a day. Dispels Magic whenever the sword hits an opponent

MADE FROM: Carsomyr +5 (Firkaag, Red Dragon – SOA), Eye of Tyr (Sendai’s Enclave, Omodoron the Lich)

COST: 5,000GP

Case of Plenty +2 – Quiver

Unlimited +2 Bolts

MADE FROM: Case of Plenty +1 (Watcher’s Keep, Level 1)

COST: 5,000GP

Circlet of Nethril (Upgraded) – Amulet

(Can only be used by Mage)

+10 to maximum HP. Memorise one extra 7th and 8th level spell

MADE FROM: Bronze Ioun Stone (Saradush Prison), Circlet of Nethril (Watcher’s Keep, Level 2, Chromatic Dragon)

COST: 5,000GP

Clay Golem Manual – (Book)

(Can only be used by Bard or Mage)

Summon a Clay Golem for 10 rounds per day

MADE FROM: Golem Manual (Watcher’s Keep, Level 1), Clay Golem Page (Watcher’s Keep, Level 4)

COST: 5,000GP

Club of Detonation +5 – Club

(Requires 5 STR. Can’t be used by Mage)

THACO +5 Bonus. 1d6+5 Damage. +5 Fire damage. 30% chance that target takes additional 15 points of fire damage. 5% chance of Fireball with each successful attack

MADE FROM: Club of Detonation +3 (Watcher’s Keep, Level 5, Aurumach Rilman), Ring of Fire Resistance (Saradush, Arcana Archives, Lazarus’ Shop)

COST: 5,000GP

Dagger of the Star +5 – Dagger

(Requires 3 STR. Can’t be used by Cleric)

THACO +5 Bonus. 1d4+5 Damage. After each successful hit 15% chance of making the user invisible for 60 seconds. 5% chance of Star Bolt (extra 1d8 Fire and 1d8 Electrical damage)

MADE FROM: Dagger of the Star +4 (Watcher’s Keep, Lum’s Machine Level, Demi-Lich), 5 Star Sapphires

COST: 5,000GP

Firetooth +5 – Crossbow

(Can’t be used by Cleric, Druid or Mage)

THACO +7 Bonus (+5 Crossbow, +2 Fire Arrows). 1d8+5 Damage. +3 Fire damage. Automatically fires magical +2 Fire Arrows

MADE FROM: Firetooth +4 (Watcher’s Keep, Sister Garlena’s Shop), Bowstring of Gond (Sendai’s Enclave, Captain Egaissag)

COST: 5,000GP

Flail of the Ages +5 – Flail

(Requires 13 STR. Can’t be used by Druid, Mage or Thief)

THACO +5. 1d6+6 Damage. +2 points each of Acid, Cold, Fire, Poison and Electrical damage. When equipped user has Permanent Free Action and +5% Magic resistance. On each hit there is a 33% chance that the target will be Slowed (no Save)

MADE FROM: Flail of the Ages +3 (DeArnise Keep – SOA: TOB starting equipment), Flail Head – Poison (Watcher’s Keep, Level 2, Slime Lab), Flail Head – Electric (Abazigal’s Lair, Abazigal)

COST: 5,000GP per head

Foebane +5 – Bastard Sword

(Requires 11 STR. Can’t be used by Cleric, Druid, Mage or Thief)

THACO +5 Bonus. 2d4+5 Damage. +6 vs. Undead, Shapeshifters and extra-Planar creatures. +1 Bonus to user’s Saving Throws. Each hit casts Larloch Minor Drain on target (no Save)

MADE FROM: Foebane +3 (Watcher’s Keep, Level 1), Fflar’s Scabbard (Saradush, Castle Basement)

COST: 5,000GP

Gram: The Sword of Grief +5 – Two-Handed Sword

(Requires 14 STR. Can’t be used by Cleric, Druid, Mage or Thief)

THACO +5 Bonus. 1d10+5 Damage. 10% chance on each hit of doing extra 1d12 Poison damage

MADE FROM: Gram: The Sword of Grief +4 (Abazigal’s Lair, Abazigal), Heart of the Damned (Sendai’s Enclave, Omodoron the Lich)

COST: 5,000GP

Heartwood Ring – Ring

(Can only be used by Druids)

Memorise one additional 6th and 7th level spell

MADE FROM: Oaken Ring (Amkethran, Priest of Waukeen), Nymph’s Tear (Forest of Mir)

COST: 5,000GP

Helm of the Rock (Upgraded) – Helmet

(Can only be used by Fighter)

25% Resistance to Fire, Cold, Acid, Poison and Electricity. Cast Aura of Command 3 times per day (Save vs Spell with –2 penalty)

MADE FROM: Helm of the Rock (Watcher’s Keep, Level 2), 2 Horns (Watcher’s Keep, Level 2)

COST: 5,000GP

Hindo’s Doom +4 – Katana

(Requires 6 STR. Can’t be used by Cleric, Druid or Mage)

THACO +4 Bonus. 1d10+4 Damage. Cast Lesser Restoration once per day. 10% Magic Resistance. Immunity to all forms of Death Magic

MADE FROM: Hindo’s Doom +3 (Watcher’s Keep, Level 5, Green Dragon), Hindo’s Hand (Abazigal’s Lair, Kua-Toa Chambers, Monk)

COST: 5,000GP

Improved Cloak of Protection +2 – Cloak

AC +2 Bonus. +2 Bonus on Saving Throws. Cast Improved Haste and Improved Invisibility once per day

MADE FROM: Cloak of Protection +2 (TOB start equipment), Scroll of Improved Haste (Arcana Archives, Saradush/Amkethran), Scroll of Invisibility (Arcana Archives, Saradush/Amkethran)

COST: 20,000GP

Ixil’s Spike +6 – Spear

(Requires 5 STR. Can’t be used by Cleric, Mage or Thief)

THACO +6 Bonus. 1d6+6 Damage. Permanent Free Action when equipped. With each successful hit target must Save or be pinned for 3 rounds, taking additional 1d6+5 damage each round

MADE FROM: Ixil’s Nail +4 (Watcher’s Keep, Level 4), Ixil’s Spike (Watcher’s Keep, Elemental Level, Chromatic Dragon)

COST: 5,000GP

Juggernaut Golem Manual – Book

(Can only be used by Bard or Mage)

Summon a Juggernaut Golem for 10 rounds once per day

MADE FROM: Golem Manual (Watcher’s Keep, Level 1), Juggernaut Golem Page (Abazigal’s lair, Lycanth the Mad’s Lab)

COST: 15,000GP

Montolio’s Cloak (Upgraded) – Cloak

(Can only be used by Ranger)

THACO +2 with off hand. AC +1 Bonus. +1 Bonus to all Saving Throws

MADE FROM: Montolio’s Clasp (Watcher’s Keep, Level 4), Montolio’s Claok (Amkethran, Omar Haraad)

COST: 5,000GP

Purifier +5 – Bastard Sword

(Requires 11 STR. Can only be used by Paladin)

THACO +5 Bonus. 2d4+5 Damage. +5 extra Damage vs. Chaotic Evil opponents. 30% Magic Resistance. Cast Dispel Magic twice per day. Cast Mass Cure once per day

MADE FROM: Purifier +4 (Watcher’s Keep, Teleport Maze Level), Eye of Tyr (Sendai’s Enclave, Omodoron the Lich)

COST: 5,000GP

Quiver of Plenty +2 – Quiver

Unlimited +2 Arrows

MADE FROM: Quiver of Plenty (Watcher’s Keep, Level 1), Rogue Stone

COST: 10,000GP

Ravager +6 – Halberd

(Requires 13 STR. Can’t be used by Cleric, Druid, Mage, Monk or Thief)

THACO +6 Bonus. 1d10+6 Damage. +3d6 Poison damage (unless target Saves vs Poison). 10% chance each hit of decapitating opponent (no Save). Cast Cloak of Fear three times a day

MADE FROM: Ravager +4 (Marching Mountains, Imix the Prince of Fire), Serpent Shaft (Watcher’s Keep, Level 5, Azamantes the Lich)

COST: 5,000GP

Runehammer +5 – War Hammer

(Requires 16 STR. Can’t be used by Druid, Mage or Thief)

THACO +5 Bonus. 2d4+5 Damage. 2-16+10 damage vs Undead. Undead must Save vs Death (-4 penalty) or be destroyed. Negative Place Protection when equipped. Immunity to Fear. Cast Fire Giant Strength and Mass Cure once per day

MADE FROM: Runehammer +4 (Siege Camp, Yaga-Shura), Rune of Clangeddin (Sendai’s Enclave, Woodcutter’s House)

COST: 5,000GP

Spectral Brand +5 – Ninja-To

(Requires 8 STR. Can’t be used by Cleric or Mage)

THACO +5 Bonus. 1d8+5 Damage. +1d6 Cold damage. Summon Spectral Blade. Negative Plane Protection when equipped. Armour Piercing Strike

MADE FROM: Spectral Brand +4 (Watcher’s Keep, Lum’s Machine Level, Gambling Cambion), Skull of the Lich (Sendai’s Enclave, Omodoron the Lich)

COST: 5,000GP

Staff of the Ram +6 – Staff

(Requires 5 STR)

THACO +6 Bonus. 1d6+12 Damage (Crushing). +1d4 (Piercing). 15 % chanc on each hit that opponent is knocked back and stunned

MADE FROM: Staff of the Ram +4 (Watcher’s Keep, Lum’s Machine Level, Dragon), Roranach’s Horn (Saradush, Gromnir Il-khan)

COST: 5,000GP

Stone Golem Manual – Book

(Can only be used by Bard or Mage)

Summon a Stone Golem for 10 rounds once a day

MADE FROM: Golem Manual (Watcher’s Keep, Level 1), Stone Golem Page (Marching Mountains, Yaga-Shura’s Chambers)

COST 10,000GP

Storm Star +5 – Mace

(Requires 10 STR. Can’t be used by Druid, Mage or Thief)

THACO +5 Bonus. 1d6+6 Damage. +1d6 Electrical damage

MADE FROM: Storm Star +3 (Watcher’s Keep, Lum’s Machine Level, The Machine), Starfall Ore (Saradush, Kiser’s Basement)

COST: 5,000GP

Sword of Angurvadal +5 – Long Sword

(Requires 6 STR. Can’t be used by Cleric, Druid or Mage)

THACO +5 Bonus. 1d8+5 Damage. +1 Fire damage. Can set STR to 22 for 60 seconds once a day. User is immune to Level Drain

MADE FROM: Sword of Angurvadal +4 (Watcher’s Keep, Lum’s Machine Level), Liquid Mercury (Sendai’s Enclave, Illithid Chamber)

COST: 10,000GP

Sword of the Mask +5 – Short Sword

(Requires 5 STR. Can’t be used by Cleric, Druid or Mage)

THACO +5 Bonus. 1d6+5 Damage. 15% chance for each hit that target is Entangled for 24 seconds (no Save). 15% chance each hit that target is drained 1 level

MADE FROM: Sword of the mask +4 (Watcher’s Keep Entrance, Sister Gerlana’s Shop), Heart of the Damned (Sendai’s Enclave, Omodoron the Lich)

COST: 5,000GP

Taralash +5 – Long Bow

(Requires 6 STR. Can’t be used by Cleric, Druid, Mage or Thief)

THACO +5. Increase movement rate by 2

MADE FROM: Taralash +4 (Watcher’s Keep, Level 5, The Huntress), Bowstring of Gond (Sendai’s Enclave, Captain Egaissag)

Thieves’ Hood (Upgraded) – Hood

(Can only be used by Thief)

Immunity to Backstab and Poison. Cast True Sight three times a day

MADE FROM: Thieves’ Hood (Watcher’s Keep, Level 3), Ring of Invisibility, Antidote Potion

COST: 5,000GP

White Dragon Scale – Scale Mail Armour

(Requires 8 STR. Can’t be used by Mage)

AC –2. +50% Resistance to Cold. Cast Cone of Cold three times a day

MADE FROM: White Dragon Scales (Watcher’s Keep, Level 3, Demon Wraith Room)

COST: 5,000GP

Wonderous Gloves – Bracers/Gloves

(Can only be used by Bard)

THACO +1 Bonus. AC +1 Bonus. Extra 2nd, 3rd and 4th Level Spells

MADE FROM: Bards Gloves (Watcher’s Keep, Level 3), Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Rogue Stone

COST 5,000GP

PLEASE NOTE: Certain items and weapons use the same element to upgrade or enhance it, and certain items, such as the Bowstring of Gond is a one off deal. So be careful in your choice of upgrade and take into account the members of your party before you make any rash decisions.

New Spells

The major new spell you get in TOB is the Wish spell. It’s much like the previous game’s Limited Wish but a hell of a lot more powerful. It’s also extremely tricky to cast, as the Djinn that you summon is a grumpy so-and-so who’s out to get you and as such you will need a very good WISDOM to be able to handle him okay. A WIS of 18 is nigh-on essential to get the most out of this spell, and anything under 9 WIS is catastrophic.

A low WISDOM will give you a choice of wishes that really, really suck, whereas a high WISDOM could give you at least a few good ones… Either way, the list is generated randomly, so it’s kind-of a lucky bag really.

Here’s the list of Wishes that can be granted from the truly awful to the very good…

  • Improved Haste on all enemies in the area
  • Level Drain all party members by 2 levels
  • Bring a Meteor Storm down upon the caster
  • Temporarily remove half of the caster’s HP
  • Caster loses all memorized spells
  • Party loses 10,000GP
  • Temporarily reduce the Strength of all party members to 3
  • Temporarily reduce the Dexterity of all party members to 3
  • Temporarily reduce the Constitution of all party members to 3
  • Temporarily reduce the Wisdom of all party members to 3
  • Temporarily reduce the Intelligence of all party members to 3
  • Temporarily reduce the Charisma of all party members to 3
  • Heal all enemies in the area
  • Temporarily remove 15% of all party members' HPs
  • Summon an extra hostile monster into the area
  • Everyone in the area, both party members and enemies, become intoxicated
  • Breach on everyone in the area, including the party
  • Blow all people, including party members, away from the caster
  • Heal everyone, party members and enemies included
  • Temporarily set Strength to 18 for everyone in the area, including enemies
  • Miscast Magic on everyone in the area, including party members
  • Magic Resistance on everyone in the area, including enemies
  • Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting on everyone in the area, including the party
  • Incur bad luck on everyone in the area, including party members
  • Silence on everyone in the area, including party members
  • Haste everyone in the area, including enemies
  • Improved Haste on all party members
  • Breach on all enemies in the area
  • Restoration on all party members
  • Raise all party members' characteristics to 25 for 4 rounds
  • Resurrection on all dead party members
  • All party members gain the temporary ability Greater Deathblow
  • All party members gain the temporary ability Hardiness
  • Create a random wand in caster's inventory
  • Create a random potion in the caster's inventory
  • Make it as if the entire party has just rested a full night and re-memorized all their spells
  • Cast a double-length Time Stop and Improved Alacrity on the caster

New Characters

There’s only one new NPC in the TOB extension that you can recruit into your party, and it comes as one of the greatest shocks ever (especially if you have played the first Baldur’s Gate to its conclusion). It is none other than Sarevok, your character’s evil brother who was the major villain you had to kill way back in the prequel. You can recruit him at the beginning of the Pocket Plane, or if you don’t wish to take him with you at the time, leave him there and grab him when you need a heavy duty fighter later in the game.

His stats are:

STR 18/00

DEX 17

CON 18

INT 17

WIS 10

CHA 15

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Class: Fighter

Location: Pocket Plane

Equipment: Two Handed Sword +3, Full Plate Mail +1

Weapon Proficiencies: Two-handed Sword *****, Halberd *, Crossbow *, Two-handed weapon style *
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