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In short: Inquisitors may cast Dispel Magic once per day/four levels with a speed factor of 1 and at a power twice the paladin's level. They may also cast True Sight once per day/four levels and are immune to Hold and Charm. Unlike normal paladins, Inquisitors cannot Turn Undead, Cure Disease, or Lay on Hands, and do not gain the ability to learn spells.

Requirements: Intelligence: 11

Description: The Inquisitor has devoted his life to finding and destroying and eliminating practitioners of evil magic. A scholar as well as a warrior, he is unyielding in his efforts to thwart the clerics and wizards who have aligned themselves with evil.

To an Inquisitor, magic is a sacred force and he detests those who use it for evil. An evil spellcaster who refuses to renounce his corrupt ways invites the Inquisitor's wrath. The typical Inquisitor is intense and analytical, more interested in quiet reflection than small talk. Though private by nature, an Inquisitor establishes deep friendships in those he comes to trust, particularly good-aligned wizards and clerics.

Special Benefits:

Detect Evil Magic: An Inquisitor can detect magic radiating from any being, object, or location enchanted by an evil being. This ability functions at will, subject to the same limitations and restrictions as his ability to detect evil intent. He may also perceive the intensity of the magic (faint, moderate, strong, overwhelming.). A protective spell cast by an evil necromancer upon himself could be detected in this manner, as could a magical trap set up by an evil priest.

Dispel Evil Magic: At 3rd level, an Inquisitor acquires the ability to cast dispel magic. The spell requires no verbal or somatic components, but affects only evil spells and spell-like effects. The spell has a base chance of 100%, and is cast at the level of the Inquisitor. Aside from these qualifications, it operates exactly like the third level priest spell. The number of times he can cast this spell increases as he advances in level (see table).

Dispel Evil Magic (per day)
1 - 2
3 - 5
6 - 8
9 - 11
12 - 14
15 - 17

Immunity to Illusions: An Inquisitor has an 80% plus 1%/level immunity to illusion spells of all levels. This immunity has a limit of 95% (a 12th level Inquisitor has a 92% immunity, a 16th level Inquisitor has a 95% immunity).

Immunity to Possession and Mental control: Inquisitors of all level have a 90% immunity to all possession and mental control spells, including Charm, Domination, Hold Person, Hypnotism, Magic Jar and Suggestion.

Special Hindrances:

An inquisitor has fewer of the special abilities normally associated with paladins. He can't restore hit points by Laying on Hands. He can't ever learn or cast Priest spells. He can't turn undead. He can't cure diseases in others, though he himself is immune to all forms of disease.

Source: The Complete Paladin's Handbook
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