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Subsection #6 [Back to main listing]

Boo as an NPC by Slappy (Submitted) N/A Read
Ever wanted to use Boo as a true standalone NPC, not just a pet in Minsc's pocket? Here's how to do it and use his mighty powers.
Bruce the Cockney Barfighter Varies Download (Ext.)

Bruce, the Cockney Barfighter was the subject of a One-Day NPC festival. Different authors, armed with nothing but the name of the character, worked to develop the ultimate man's man. Besides the original, these are available:

Bon's Bruce
A chaotic neutral, human barbarian with a new soundset of dubious entertainment value and comprehension. This is a bad mod, one that should not be played by anyone with taste or sanity, ever. The rest of you, do have fun. Any resemblence to anyone actually Cockney or Barfighter is purely coincidental.

Willie Bruce
This mod is inspired by jcompton's idea to have an International Bruce Day, which is the celebration of the cockney barfighter one-day NPC, Bruce. This NPC is rude, drunk, sexist, and racist. His views/comments/opinions do not reflect the beliefs of the coder/writers/voicer.

Cal-Culator 286kb Download (Ext.)
This is a silly mod that keeps track of what type of monsters/races you've slain throughout the game. You need to find the ring in order to summon Cal, your friendly neighbourhood imp. Once you find it, you can summon him, and through dialogue, figure out just how many elves, humans, illithids, etc, you've killed throughout the game.
Cassius, One-Day NPC N/A Download (Ext.)
Cassius is a human skald who can be found at Mithrest Inn in Waukeen's Promenade. He has a few interjects, epilogue and banters with NPCs. There is no ToB content but ToB is required for the mod to work.
Edwin 5.6MB Download (Ext.)
This mod offers the player the chance to get to know everybody's favourite Red Wizard better. The romance is available for females of all races, with Intelligence of 14 and above. It will carry on from SoA into ToB, and there is one new quest for Edwin in the SoA part, as well as new epilogues. For the male PC, there are some new interactions with Edwina.
Fonick Treacle, Four-Day NPC 653kb Download (Ext.)
Fonick Treacle was created as a entry for the Blackwyrm Lair modding contest. He was created in four days, and will banter with practically everybody in the party (except Yoshimo and Imoen) and he also has a few talks with the PC. Fonick is a lawful good bard (I think) who has his own (rather useless) kit and a (completely useless) wooden sword. His statistics are terrible, but he might amuse you for a minute or two.
Ghareth 1.5MB Download (Ext.)
Ghareth, a human fighter/mage, is the first One-Day NPC attempt. Ghareth requires Throne of Bhaal. Includes voicing and content for both SoA and ToB.
Goo, AKA Gozaloth, AKA Ghreyfain's Eyeball 862kb Download (Ext.)
With breath that could stun a yak, Goo comes jam packed with everything from an extensive repertoire of banters (well, just one) to a drove of new items (er, okay, just one again). He floats! He gurgles! He's Goo the Disembodied Floating Eyeball!
Hubelpot the Vegetable Merchant 3.8MB Download (Ext.)
Hubelpot started out as a joke, turned into a one day NPC, then a one week NPC, and is now an NPC project. Hubelpot was designed as a contrast to other custom NPCs who have elaborate pasts and abilites. He is a druid and vegetable merchant found next to a fruit stall in the Promenade.
Kelsey 16.6MB Download (Ext.)

Kelsey is a new NPC add-on for Baldur’s Gate 2. As a modestly noteworthy trader, Kelsey has traveled far and seen much, but has not found a real sense of purpose to guide his inner talent - sorcery. Features:

- Thousands of new lines
- Nearly 200 new voice clips
- Dozens of new NPC banters
- Hair-raising combat with all-new enemies
- Romance
- New magical items both powerful and bizarre
- Sorcery

Kido 6.1MB Download (Ext.)
This is a WeiDu based mod which adds the chaotic evil jester, Kido, who receives visions from Cyric. He is somewhat a crossing between Xzar and Eldoth for the BG1 fans. He comes with his own unique soundset and items and is the first released part of a larger planned mod: The Mod for the Wicked.
Kindrek 9.4MB Download (Ext.)
Kindrek is a soulless blackguard. He is a tireless, merciless pursuer of magic. He possesses incredible strength and is extremely hardy, since he belongs to a race of magic-hating half-giants known as the Roc. He has a mini-quest, chat pack and banters. Kindrek will not join your party if the main character is a wizard, a multi-classed wizard, a sorcerer, or a bard.
Kivan and Deheriana Companions 9MB Download (Ext.)
This is a WeiDU mod which adds a joinable NPC from BG, Kivan, and under certain curcumstances, his elven wife Deheriana to the cast of BG2 actors. The mod assumes that Kivan was in the group at the end of BG. The Archer will be looking for you in the Promenade District of Athkatla, having tracked you down this far from Baldur's Gate after your abduction. Once in the party, Kivan will interact with both PC and NPCs.
The Longer Road 7.4MB Download (Ext.)
The Longer Road mod allows you to restore your main adversary from the SoA portion of the game back to life, and take him into the party to fight on your side. There are strings attached though... so be careful how you conduct your negotiations with him. The Longer Road mod works best if you start with either a savegame from SoA finale, with 'un-looted' 3rd (demonic) level of Watcher's Keep, or an entirely new ToB game.
Therrin 523kb Download (Ext.)
A fallen stalker NPC found in the Crooked Crane.
Nathaniel 19.4MB Download (Ext.)
Nathaniel is a romanceable and befriendable NPC mod created for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. He is a human kensai who will romance males of good or lawful neutral alignment.
Sir Neh'Taniel 4MB Download (Ext.)
Sir Neh'Taniel is a lawful neutral wraith that comes with a custom class and race. His starting level is adjustable to be closer to that of the PC's.
Solaufein 603kb Download (Ext.)
The Solaufein Romance Mod Pack adds the following to BGII:

  • Solaufein of Ust Natha becomes an NPC who can join your party

    - He's a Chaotic (Good/Neutral) Drow fighter/mage.
    - He has "plenty" of dialogue.
    - He has a number of interjections in common SoA encounters.
    - He will banter twice with each other party member.
    - He will attempt to romance the PC regardless of race, gender or other loved ones. If you don't like it, just tell him to go away.
    - He can still Dimension Door (don't abuse it!).
    - He can be abducted by Bodhi (watch out!).
    - Three Solaufein-specific challenges (one requires ToB).
    - Two Solaufein-specific rewards.
    - Auto-Buffing Spellcaster scripts.

  • Tsujatha Melalor 6.8MB Download (Ext.)
    Tsujatha is not native to Faerun; he comes from a world he calls Gilalion. He is an elven necromancer who knows nothing of Bhaalspawns and the prophecies surrounding them. He is neutral evil and has a romance with good-aligned female characters.
    Vanim 388kb Download (Ext.)
    Vanim is an evil assassin who has some banters and a small quest for him.
    Wikaede, One-Day NPC 1.3MB Download (Ext.)
    Wikaede is a male human Priest of Helm. He can be found in the Temple of Helm in Athkatla's Temple District. If he is kicked out, he will return there. He has one banter with every Bioware NPC, and interjections at the Tree of Life, Hell and Final Irenicus Battle.
    Xan by Kulyok 7.4MB Download (Ext.)
    Xan, a rather depressed elven enchanter, returns to BG2. He comes with many banters with the Bioware NPCs and an extensive friendship track with the player character. Xan comes with a romance and flirtpack, the player is also able to ask Xan his opinion on the situation.
    Xan by Talon 1.2MB Download (Ext.)
    Currently in BETA, Xan can be found in the gates district and has several banters and interjections. He is available to play in ToB though content for him is not complete.
    Yikari 430kb Download (Ext.)
    Yikari is a monk from Kara-Tur who has taken a vow of silence until he has the sword Celestial Fury. ToB is required for this mod but Yikari is unavailable in the expansion.

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