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In short: Barbarians are savage warriors raised in the wilds far from "civilized" areas. Life in the harsh wilderness has taught them to be physically tough and resourceful. Many foolish attackers have died underestimating their battle prowess. Although they generally don't wear heavy armor, their training has granted several abilities which more than compensate for this deficiency. All barbarians have the ability to rage and move extremely quickly when necessary. Their rage temporarily increases their strength and constitution during battle, but this blood lust comes at the cost of a lower defense.
Further development grants the barbarian the ability to see attacks coming during combat so that it is more difficult to flank him. They are also eventually granted the ability to shrug off some damage taken during combat.
The barbarian uses the fighter avatar.


  • They move at 2 points faster than the usual character.
  • Barbarians are immune to backstab.
  • Can Rage once per day for every 4 levels (starts at 1st level with one use). Rage gives them +4 to constitution and strength for 5 rounds. Gives a -2 armor class penalty and +2 to saves vs. magic (for 5 rounds). Rage also gives immunity to all charm, hold, fear, maze, confusion and level-drain spells.
  • At 11th level, the barbarian gains 10% resistance to slashing, piercing, crushing and missile damage. He gains +5% to this every 4 levels thereafter.
  • The barbarian rolls d12 for hit points instead of a fighter's d10.
  • A barbarian cannot wear full plate or plate mail.
  • A barbarian cannot specialize past normal specialization.
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