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Chat log of a chat with Bioware held on December 13th 2000, 20:00:17 EST on Ultimate SpeedZone

MODERATOR: Welcome Michael! Adam here, I'm the moderator.

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: hello. :)

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: Greetings...

MODERATOR: Hello everyone! We will kick things off in about 10 minutes...

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: //thumbsup

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: well that took me long enough : )

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: lol.. no kidding

MODERATOR: Thanks for coming everyone! We will kick things off in just a couple of minutes...

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: sheesh... gimmee good old fashioned irc

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: brb going for a //cigar

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: Mike...nope...but if you hit everything you type will go to the public room...if you push the button, then it goes only to us on the admin room.

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: okay well the novelty of that has now worn off. :)

MODERATOR: Welcome! We are here tonight with the team from Baldur's Gate 2. Let's get right into the questions!

MODERATOR: Roland submitted this question: Yes, im having trouble getting the "Energy Drain" off of my characters, and they arent able to gain any levels, even after i rest, what do i do to relieve them of this effect?

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: It's the lesser restoration spell...

MODERATOR: Michael Boutwell submitted this question: Will Fallen Paladin's be in the next release of Baldur Gate?

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: You'll need to use Restoration, or else you can visit any of the Temples throughout the game and have them perform Restoration for a price.

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: Wasn't there fallen paladins in BG2?

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: Yes.. if you were a paladin but did evil acts you became Fallen

MODERATOR: Jason submitted this question: Are there any secrets/areas that are VERY unlikely for gamers to have come across, i.e, in the same vein as the shangalar/twisted rune section.

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: The end of Jaheira's romance? :)

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: lol

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: There are several areas that are more difficult to come across. Have you found Jarlaxle's area?

MODERATOR: NogginDoggin submitted this question: How can I can get a job with you?

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: You'd first have to send in a resume

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: Being really good at what you do, and you have to move to the cold cold north


BarbarianPJ: What is the point of having familiars? do they extra voice conversation dailog?

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: They are able to give you advice when in certain areas. They are also good scouts. You can cuddle them too.

dave: Do any of you guys like the Oilers?

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: As well as a few more hit points, and certain familiars have little tricks they can do like pick pockets

BarbarianPJ: lol, i could do with a cuddle in those dank dungeons

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: The Oilers used to be the best team in the league, now they're kind of pathetic.

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: naaaa not pathetic, just missunderstood. :)

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: I like them, you know, when we have time to like them.

MODERATOR: Buddy_Rich submitted this question: Magic in BG2 had a decidely different flavor than regular PnP, I am not entirely sure it was for the better, but it wasn't bad either. Given the spell/counterspell emphasis (breach of all spells was my mage's most cast) do you think it turned out the way you envisioned? Would you change it if you could do it again and how so?Buddy_Rich submitted this question: Magic in BG2 had a decidely different flavor than regular PnP, I am not entirely sure it was for the

MODERATOR: Forgive the doubling...:-)

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: hehe.. no prob

MODERATOR: Mauro Mauricio submitted this question: I've been playing with a Kensai fighter, and I think it's very good but i don't understand why it can't wear any armor at all. i mean, they've already received enough penalties not being able to wear helmets or missile weapons. I think that even leather only would be ok. and what about skin of the ghoul or human flesh? I'm certain they don't add any emcumbrance at all. I beg you to consider my point, because it's just impossible to do anything! if i come a

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: I think the magic question is more for James :)

MODERATOR: across a patrol af archers or medium fighters i'll be turned into a swiss cheese the best ac i can get with mine is -1 that's ridiculous! so please, see if you can please work out some patch allowing the kensai to wear at least leather(i'm not asking for plate mail!) yours faithfully the greatest bg2 fanatic

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: me too : )

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: That first one going unanswered? I thinkt he magic turned out rather well. We really wanted to have the magic be quite tactical, such that it wasn't just unload the heavy stuff immediatly and see who's left standing.

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: I believe that's simply a rule in the core books and we chose to stick with it. Kensai's do a lot of damage, so not giving them armor helps to balance that.

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: Fear the quivering palm!

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: The Kensai is definately the death machine of choice around here.

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: James could tell you I play the Kensai pretty regularily and dont have many problems, there are times where you'll simply have to rely on other members of you're party

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: with your kensai... who needs armour. Duel weilding... why he's a one man army blender

BarbarianPJ: So baldurs gate 2 will continue in the same world as forgotten realms , in neverwinter nights or will there be big differences?

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: Neverwinter is part of the same realm as the areas of Baldur's gate, but it is a very different region. I think the two games will offer very unique experiences.

dnottingham: Here is my Question: I have a Kensai doing the Fighter Quest and I am at Lvl 12 - ready to switch to Mage - Will I stop getting the Keep Quests if I switch before they...

dnottingham: Are Done?

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: No, you should be fine.

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: No, you will continue getting the keep plot until it is done.

MageDragon: Question: Is there ever going to be a patch to fix the DX7 bug in multiplayer with BG1 ???

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: I believe there is a new patch for BG1 that should fix the Dx bug

Applebrown: How beneficial will it be to import your level 17+ char from BG2 into Neverwinter Nights?

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: well, it depends. The process is still in the works and won't be locked down for some time yet, but basically, if you want that BG character to be an official Vault charatcer, he'll be reduced down to 1st level.

tonybetrus:Do you anticipate a novelized version of Baldur's Gate/Baldur's Gate 2?

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: There are already novels out for BG and BG2 :)

Equis:Is there going to be an expansion for BG2? If so when? Where does it take off w/ Irenicus being banished in hell?

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: Due to the conversion from 2nd edition to 3rd edition he may go through a few changes as well, whether keeping his levels or not.

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: Any potential expansion cannot be discussed at length yet. Sorry.

MageDragon: Question: With the release of a Dungeons and Dragons movie, any plans to make a Baldur's Gate movie ?

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: I wish. :)

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: Give us 80 million and we'll be right on it.\

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: I still want BG Toys too...

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: That would be cool... would we get to write it I wonder?

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: only if I can star in it. :)

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: yes, no I mean no. Ya toys.

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: I want a bit part.

SPEAKER_Marc Audy_ToolsProg: karl - you can be the dwarf

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: lol

MODERATOR: Did any of you actually LIKE that movie?

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: haha

SPEAKER_Nathan Frederick_QA:haha

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: I was......fun

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: What, so we could go see it and chew it apart? What a bittersweet victory that would be...

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: hahaha

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: Out of courtesy to our publishing partners, we can't comment on any unannounced projects that may or may not be under development at BioWare.

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: but...but... I'm not afraid of horses

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: the movie was interesting

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: We pretty much went as a large group, which made it interesting to say the least

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: I laughed, I cried, I cried.

SPEAKER_Marc Audy_ToolsProg: it was all I could ever hope it would be, and it was better than I expected - but yet.....I wasn't expecting much

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: I laughed, I cried, I washed myself off with gasoline afterwards. :)

MODERATOR: I also laughed and cried...and left

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: Only Brad can quote the email Brad sent out earlier...

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: Let their blood....

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: I'm also a bit slow at typing...


SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: rain from the skiesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: We had fun either way... :)

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: I will not condone a course of action...

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: that will take my DESTINY

MODERATOR: All....people...are...now...EQUAL!

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: or sugar

MODERATOR: Or bored to tears

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: okok, back on track here //haha

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: Keep quoting those lines and they're going to have to pay you union scale...


SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: //beer

jackdaniel54: Question:I am planining on buying a voodoo 3dfx 2 3000 with 16 mg video card will this be a problem as far as Baldurs Gate 2

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: doh.. were's Derek when we need him...

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: I don't believe that there are any known problems with the Voodoo cards

MageDragon: Question: In a hypothetical expansion, will the Dragons be made actually tough this time ? :)


SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: ooooo I hear a challange

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: haha.. I got my butt kicked the first couple of times...

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: That's it 200000 HP

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: Which time....

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: see a dragon... see a dragon kick my butt

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: see a dragon step on him after kicking his butt (for good measure)

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: I'm pretty sure it Raised me just to kill me again

dave: hey jackdaniels, why not save your $12, and buy a magazine instead of the Voodoo2 3000

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: Out of courtesy to our publishing partners, we can't comment on any unannounced projects that may or may not be under development at BioWare

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: We've actually heard from both camps on this one. Some people think they are too hard, some not hard enough.

Aquilae:Who were the creepy looking fellas in cloaks sitting around the table in the end movie of BG2?

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: I think as we learn how to use our AI, we will be able to make the creatures more difficult without making them impossible.

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: I was one.

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: Yeah, its an issue of balance, I don't think we'd want to make them impossible, you should enjoy fighting them, not get frustrated. :)

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: whatdya mean creepy looking? thats how we all look at our 9am morning meetings

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: That's a question that will perhaps be answered in a future product.

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: Gorion's ward has become too powerful. (me)

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: Not the voice, just the mouth.

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: oh wait... did they take that picture before we had our coffee??

Equis:What were your personal favorite classes in BG2? I played a beastmaster but found little use for his beastmaster skills.

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: Dual class fighter thief

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: Archers all the way

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: Sorcerer is my favorite class

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: Spelling and Math....no wait...Thief!

SPEAKER_Nathan Frederick_QA:Rangers rule

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: Backstab you all...!

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: Kensai/Mage and Sorcerer

Flick:Why the decision not to include a non-specialist mage NPC?

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: Archer was pretty cool too

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: I play bards a lot, though I enjoy kicking it up as a plain ol' fighter too.

SPEAKER_Marc Audy_ToolsProg: I liked the classic ranger - I tried the beastmaster but didn't like not being able to use metallic weapons

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: but nothing, and I mean nothing tops the good 'ol monk

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: James.. got the one about the NPCs?

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: I'm sorry.. I believe our designers have died...

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: We didn't have enough NPC slots left. That was weak wasn't it?

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: yup

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: ya

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: sorry Nathan, I got hungry

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: lol

Buck Satan:Is there some sort of hidden meaning to the Unholy Reaver? Why would you place a weapon in the game that is usable by a class that doesn't exist?

Equis:Dead Dev. Team, guess that answers the expansion questions. ;)

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: To torment people? :)

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: It's the name of a demon knight's sword

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: torment is good. :)

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: was it?

Buddy_Rich:Question: What was the deal with the Twisted Rune Gang, and the Slaver's Compound in the Temple District. Those two things never were related to any quest I got.

SPEAKER_Nathan Plewes_LnProd: hehe... well I do appologize but I must run. Good night all and thanks for comming out : )

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: They were quests that were there as special encounters for high level parties.

MODERATOR: Goodnight Nathan. Thanks!

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: Slaver Compound will be given as a quest by someone in the Copper Coronet I believe

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: The twisted rune were and egg more than anything, a tougher encounter off the beaten path. More an insight into one of the lesser know power groups within the Amn region.

jackdaniel54: My Baldurs Gate 5 cd broke (in half) before i finished the game...can i still import my characters to BG2?

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: Yes

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: You wanted Derek French, you Got Derek French...now what was that Hardware question again??? :-)

SPEAKER_Derek French: Yeah, hit me, I can take it....

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: The person wanted to know if there were any issues between BG2 and the voodoo3

MODERATOR: Does BG2work on VooDoo2 3000?

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: You can import your character from any point in bg1. If they are below the XP cap from BG1, they will be raised up to it so they are not at a disadvantage in BG2

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: opps off by 1 number :)

SPEAKER_Derek French: Yes, BG2 does work with all 3dfx video cards, but the Voodoo 1, 2, 3 look a little washed out because of the default high gamma of most 3dfx drivers.

Applebrown: Was that a cruel joke to have the only romantic interest with possibilities for a female being Anomen?

SPEAKER_Derek French: And you have to disable 32 bit textures for those 3 cards.

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: Anomen wasn't very heroic was he?

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: In future RPG's we promise to make more attractive male romances

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: I think Anomen was James.

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: You bastard!!!

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: I think it was more a matter of time.. we're always wanting to add things and at some point have to make a stand where we're going to stop or the game will never ship.

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA:

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: You mean it's not???

Buck Satan:Who writes the dialogue for the dream sequences? Is he under any sort of controlled substances while doing so? =)

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: lol

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: yes

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: yes

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: yuppers

SPEAKER_Derek French: Sudafed, I believe

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: Who wrote the dreams?

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: sudafed too mild

SPEAKER_Derek French: Not when mixed with 151 proof Rum

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: ahhh good point

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: Varies people write different dreams I'm sure, so its hard to say

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: ERr.. various

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: thats it I'm coming over to concepting parties at your house more often

MODERATOR: Isildor submitted this question: How can such a little team make such a big and fantastic game?

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: I would be the main culprit for the dreams in BG1 and 2. Not taking many controlled substances, but I don't sleep much at night :)

MODERATOR: Large things come in very small packages...

SPEAKER_Marc Audy_ToolsProg: many many hours of work

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: because we love what we do

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: Whips, large whips

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: and cause they pay us with pizza

SPEAKER_Derek French: Ankle chains at the desks really helped us stay focused.

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: Tons of hard work and having a love for games

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: The team is actually quite large. We here are just the tip of the iceberg. Check the credits :)

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: Pizza helps too

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: ...That's how we entice new employees...ankle chains...very decorative...

MODERATOR: Arch_Angel submitted this question: How did you design the romance dialogue for the three females in the game? was it done by guys or did u have help from other women??

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: we don't work, they say.. "no pizza" .. so we work

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: james is like a girl...

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: I think only the writers will ever know. :)

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: And our HR guy is liking these new employee incentives...hmmm...

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: I dunno... with lines like "make me a woman..a real woman..." :)

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: Mark D typed that

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: They were writen by guys, but not sure where they may have taken ideas from or gotten advice from

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: I think the writer just put what they wanted to hear.

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: I think Dave wrote a few, but he's sick unfortunately at the moment

Some: A question regarding sprites in the game. I really liked the personalized sprites of yourself and your groupmates in Torment. I'm wondering why such a system wasn't used in BG2 with your character and the join-able NPCs?

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: They needed to be customizable.

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: We tried hard to make all of the characters to seem plausably real. Hopefully we succeeded. I know I like the way Jaheira turned out. Nobody else seems to share that opinion though :)

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: The sheer number of animations needed would be incredible if we created even more unique animations

snowden1974: Is the alignment change that results from making evil choices in Hell permanent? In otherwords, will my character be evil when imported into BG3?

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: I wanted floppy hats.

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: In Torment you did not have the same breadth of options for appearance as you did in BG2. Doing unique animations for all the possible variations would have been quite a chore.

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: hmmm. I believe the QA found that it is not permanent by importing back into BG2.

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: BGIII...Out of courtesy to our publishing partners, we can't comment on any unannounced projects that may or may not be under development at BioWare

MODERATOR: Fahrenheight submitted this question: I think everyone would agree that BG2 has an epic story. How does one go about writing the actual plot for a game of this magnitude? How does the process begin, and where does it go from there?

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: Hell is good...

SPEAKER_Derek French: Tequila, then onto harder liquids....

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: Evil is good...

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: ...No..wait, that's someone elses game...

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: u

MODERATOR: ATTN Chatters: We are going to wrap this up in about 5 minutes to let the gang get back to their pizza...and beer. Send in your last questions now!

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: The story evolved over a vast period of time. The concepts of it were originally pitched before BG1 was even released. It went through many revisions over time, and felt the influence of the majority of the team.

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: beer?!?!?!?!?!

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: In the beer fridge...

Buck Satan: Why did you decide to keep people from killing Drizzt and keeping his equipment this time through? The way Drizzt runs his mouth, shouldn't we be free to drop him and loot away?

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: ...behind you're chair...

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: hey wait... that means the beer has been in my office the whole time?!?!?!

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: DOH!

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: You could kill him. :)

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: You can kill Drizzt. The only problem is that Malchor Harpell will come and take Drizzt's items back.

SPEAKER_Marc Audy_ToolsProg: well you could try

dannytime:i'm not a big gamer, but am really interested in getting involved in game designing-- must the 2 go hand-in-hand do you think?

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: He's an epic character of the realms, despite how he, ah, runs on :) It's a fine line. People want such characters to be bigger than life, and yet on par with them so they can be fought. We've taken heat on both sides :)

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: You must know a bit about what makes a game fun.

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: But, I don't think you need to be hardcore.

Applebrown: What aspect of BG2 are you most proud of?

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: Jaheira almost working perfectly.

SPEAKER_Marc Audy_ToolsProg: my name in the credits ;oP

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: Game experience helps you understand your audience, and you're market place...

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: The character interactions and romances

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: No, the mage spells and scripts

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: Take marc's name out of the credits.

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: The sheer size of the game in a working order. :)

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: That it's done. //haha

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: I second that one.

dannytime:how did you guys get into this-- like, was it an interest in gaming or an interest in design that set you off initially?

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: and the next

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: I found these 7 guy in a basement....

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: I think that's different for everyone.. but most people here, if not all are pretty hardcore gamers at heart

Aquilae:why is Elminster not in BG2?

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: it's this way, everyone loves video games. The opportunity to make them... it's pretty indescribable

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: He's not!

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: He is

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: Oh ya

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: He's an old fart, that's why

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: He is if you look hard enough. :)

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: E L M I N S T E R

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: One thing we're very proud of is the reaction of the fans to our games...our audience has been very supportive of our efforts and our design teams really do appreciate the feedback we've received.

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: Elminster is indeed there, just not as overtly as before. Crochety bugger.

MODERATOR: Alrighty...one last question...

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: I think it had to do with that Jaheira Romance Easter Egg....

dave: Have any of you played D&D, 3rd edition? If so, whadda you think of it?

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: You just have to finish the impossible Jaheira romance

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: To see Elminster that is

MODERATOR: Nice one ;-)

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: Elminster shows up and gives Jaheira a Harper pin

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: Jaheira is a complex woman is all.. its not impossible. :)

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: James is slow

SPEAKER_Marc Audy_ToolsProg: it's ok - it takes a bit of work to get used to it if you're used to 2nd edition, but it's a pretty decent system I find

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: I like 3rd edition a lot better.

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: But he's such a nice guy...

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: I................am.................so.......................slow....................

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: Many people have played 3rd Edition, there's a campaign going on at work right now

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: This minute?

SPEAKER_LukasKristjanson_WD: 2 campaigns, actually.

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: I really like what i've seen so far

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: I started DM'ing a new campaign 2 months ago

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA: though I've always been a hardcore Rolemaster player. And allthough it's different, 3rd edition has a lot of similarities that I really like

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: Aidan Scanlan has had one running for some time

MODERATOR: Thanks gang, you guys were a blast!! Good luck on whatever future projects you may or "may not" ;-) be working on!!

SPEAKER_PatrickChan_ToolProg: bye

SPEAKER_Karl Schreiner_QA:

SPEAKER_James Ohlen_DirWD: I had a character in Aidan's campaign, but then realized that I was too much of a power monger to settle for being a mere player

SPEAKER_Marc Audy_ToolsProg: James is a taskmaster of a DM ;oP

SPEAKER_Brad Grier_CommMan: Thanks for the opportunity! I've had fun!

MODERATOR: Goodnight everyone! Please move into the lobby if you would like to continue chatting.

SPEAKER_Derek French: G'night all

SPEAKER_MichaelGeist_DsgScpt: Night Everyone

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