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Friendly Arm Inn Chatroom FAQ

How do I find the Friendly Arm Inn chatroom?

You can always see the chatroom on this dedicated chat page, but it might also be visible on other forum pages, e.g. the forum listing.

Help! I can only read what the others are saying but can't participate in chat?

Currently, you need to be logged in on the forums and be an SPS account holder or have at least 5 forum posts on record before you can use the chatroom. You can achieve this in no time by posting in the SS introduction thread and in any of the Whatnots, Sensorium, Colosseum or game forums, for example.

Forum veterans with accounts older than 10 years are exempt from the minimum post count requirement.

What goes on in the FAI?

We chat about various things related and unrelated to Sorcerer's Place. This includes the games covered on the site, books, movies, TV shows, sports, current events, things happening on the forums and so on.

The discussion is live, direct and worldwide. At any given moment there may be members online from just about anywhere on the planet, though most of them will be either from North America or Europe.

What about spoilers in the chatroom?

The general rule is, "If it relates to the games covered on SP, it's okay to discuss in the chatroom." This means that spoilers are okay. This does not mean, however, that we are inconsiderate to those who do not wish to be spoiled. We always try to steer around major plot spoilers and/or spoilers in general when anyone in the room is actually "in danger" of being spoiled.

A rule that you should keep in mind is "RD+6 months". This means that publicly discussing in great detail any of the games covered on SP is only appropriate if at least 6 months have passed since the release day of the game. This is to ensure that the game has been released in all parts of the world and that everyone has had the chance to buy and play it at least a little by then.

If 6 months have not passed yet, you should not post spoilers about it without the use of SPOILER tags, but rather ask if someone has gotten as far as you have in the game and can help you in private chat.

Spoilers for all the other games not covered on SP (or previously released titles) can be posted freely.

What if I just don't want to be spoiled?

Most of the conversation in chat is relatively spoiler free, since the majority of issues get discussed on our forums. If someone wants to discuss spoilers for a particular game, speak up and let us know that you haven't played that game yet and would rather not have it spoiled for you. Chat participants can use the SPOILER tags in such cases.

What if I need help while I'm in the chatroom?

The FAI is a very friendly place and help is usually available. Just about any of the regular chat users would be happy to answer questions. If you still need additional help, you can always post on our forums.

Who (or what) is Mystra?

Mystra is the helpful chatroom bot. She's got quite a few tricks up her sleeve, but we won't spoil them when you can discover them by yourself. ;)

Are there any rules I should follow while in the chatroom?

Yes. Be nice. Don't disrupt the room. If you are doing something to disrupt the chatroom, it won't take long for a mod to notice and sanction it.

Another user in the chatroom is bothering me; is there anything I can do about it?

If none of the mods are around to handle the offender and someone is giving you a hard time for whatever reason, you have several options for dealing with the problem. The fastest solution is the Ignore feature, which you can select from the "Actions" dropdown on the icon on the right side of the offender's user name in the list of users.

You can also alert the chatroom mods to any inappropriate posts by clicking on the yellow exclamation mark "Report..." icon when you hover over the post time with your mouse.

Why can't I use the /giphy command or set a chat /status like all the cool guys?

Those commands are reserved for the site staff and site supporters with active SPS accounts. Yes, we're evil like that.

What other perks are there for site supporters?

SPS account holders also have the ability to change the Display Mode of the chatroom, which enables them to freely choose where they want to move the chatroom on the forum pages, including having the option to see it on every forum page if they like.

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