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Dungeons & Dragons - Base Info


Profion - Jeremy Irons
Ridley Freeborn - Justin Whalin
Snails - Marlon Wayans
Marina Pretensa - Zoe McLellanMarina Pretensa
Empress Savina - Thora BirchEmpress Savina
Norda - Kristen WilsonNorda
Xilus - Richard O'Brien
Halvarth - Tom Baker
Elwood Gutworthy - Lee Arenberg
Vildan Vildir - Edward Jewesbury
Azmath - Robert Miano
Damodar - Bruce Payne
Three Eyes - David O'Kelly
Orc #1- Martin Astles
Orcs - Matthew O'Toole
Thief #1 - Kia Jam
Thief #2 - Nicolas Rochette
Thief #3 - David Mandis
Crimson Brigade - Robert Henny
Mage - Tomás Havrlik
Another Mage - Stanislav Ondricek
Council Mage - Roman Hemala
Elf #1 - Andrew Blau
Elf #2 - Marta Urbanová
Loyalist General - Jirí Machácek


Director - Courtney Solomon
Writers - Topper Lilien, Carroll Cartwright
Producers - Thomas M. Hammel, Kia Jam
Executive Producers - Joel Silver, Nelson Leong, Allan Zeman
Associate producers - Allen Crawford, Bob Dahlin, Nancy Koester, John
Raczka, Justin Whalin
Co-Producers - Ann Flagella, Mark Leahy, Steve Richards, Conrad Riggs,
Matthew Stillman, Sean T. Stratton
Film Editing - Caroline Ross
Music - Justin Caine Burnett
Cinematography - Douglas Milsome


Worldwide PG-13 Video and DVD release

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