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Conan the Barbarian - Base Info


Thulsa Doom - James Earl Jones
Conan - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Valeria - Sandahl Bergman
Mongol General - Akio Mitamura
King Osric - Max von Sydow
Subotai - Gerry Lopez
Thorgrim - Sven Ole Thorsen
Priest - Jack Taylor
Conan's Father - William Smith
Young Conan - Jorge Sanz
Princess - Valerie Quinnessen
Turanian War Officer - Erick Holmey
Witch - Cassandra Gaviola
Sacrificial Snake Girl - Leslie Foldvary
Rexor - Ben Davidson
Pictish Scout - Franco Columbo
Red Hair - Luis Barboo
Osric's Guard - Gary Herman
Akiro the Wizard - Mako
Conan's Mother - Nadiuska
Sword Master - Kiyoshi Yamasaki


Director - John Milius
Screenplay - Oliver Stone, John Milius
Executive producer - Edward R Pressman
Producer - Raffaella De Laurentiis


Worldwide PR-17 Video release

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