Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate Gallery (11/01/2008)

Mysteries of Westgate, the upcoming NWN2 adventure pack from Ossian Studios, is not quite here yet. However, this gives us a nice opportunity to show off some more of it, this time in the shape of a small gallery of exclusive screenshots and concept art, accompanied by a few words (and some poetry to boot) from Alex Hugon, the writer on Mysteries of Westgate. Enjoy!

The Market Triangle is host to all manner of people and beasts looking to buy and sell goods. All are welcome to take part in the city’s enriching exchange of wares, regardless of race or religious affiliation. In Westgate, neither the shape of your ears nor the size of your tusks matter - it’s the size and shape of your coin purse that the locals care about!

The quelzarn is a seafarer’s worst nightmare: a towering, ill-tempered sea monster that dwells beneath the waves of Westgate’s Harbor Loop waters. Innumerable sailors, good and evil alike, have fallen prey to the merciless quelzarn attacks over the years. Westgate’s waterborne terrors do not seem to distinguish between the meat of an honest merchant versus that of a black-hearted pirate.

“Imagine a worm. Now imagine it twenty - nay, a hundred times bigger! Add a few rows o’ razor-sharp teeth the size o’ scimitars, a hide o’ scaly, armor-like plates, and a never-ending thirst fer the blood o’ innocent - well, mostly innocent - sailors like meself, and ye’ve got the quelzarn. They say there’s more o’ them in the sewers ’neath the city but the ones in the harbor are more’n enough fer me!”

- Captain Merrig, pirate hunter and captain of the Gut Cutter

Rats here, rats there,
Rats all over, everywhere;
Rats in my food, rats in my hair,
Rats in the sewers, rats with a lair.
Where rats?
There rats!

- A poem by Salty Jack, a Harbor Loop vagrant

Undergate is Westgate’s worst-kept secret, an underground hangout for the city’s most colorful inhabitants. In this dark, semi-private haven, those who frequent Undergate - its denizens, one could call them - conduct their shadowy business away from the prying eyes of the surface.
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