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Guestbook Archives (February 8, 2003 - October 7, 2003)

Tim from Virginia
14:26:58 10/07/2003
Good website thanks for the helpful stuff

Tim from Virginia

Harun Gunes
16:19:13 10/06/2003
Hey. This site is very good.
I like very much. Thanks to all Sorcerer webmasters...

Harun Gunes from Istanbul, Turkey

Ivan Irwin
14:02:24 10/06/2003
I am looking for Icewindale 2 walkthrough

Ivan Irwin

Arbie B.
10:58:13 10/06/2003
This web really rocks. i wish you would be featured in our local magazine K-zone. By the way i really like the nwn game and wish that in the coming expansion they would have more beautiful portrait selection, class selection that can be acessed even at the beginning of the game(not a prestige class), new graphics for new magics and everything. i really want to mett the maker and idealist of neverwinter nights! i want to thank him. Kumusta Philippines!

Arbie B. , Philippines

jason green
02:00:30 10/06/2003

jason green from shirley, usa

Pat H.
17:03:32 10/05/2003
I really hope you read these. I understand how you might not considering there are over 300+ of them...
Anyway, I love your website. It's really helpful, and I always come here for my BGII needs. However, I have considered downloading some mods, recently, and although there are good summaries of the mods, I think it would be great if there were also reviews, too. Maybe if visitors could give the mod a rating based on it's usefulness/fun that it adds to the game, or maybe on how well it works, or something of the sort. Anyway, I just request this because I am hesitant to download buggy/overpowered/overall-crappy mods that might ruin my game experience. Just a suggestion. Thanks!

Pat H. from Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.

15:24:02 10/05/2003
Terry Goodkind is the best writer that i have read,he keeps you coming back for more. Cant wait for the next book.

ben from warren ohio, usa

Heh Alberich
10:49:17 10/04/2003
'There's no end
To my life;
No beginning
To my death.

Death is life.'

Heh Alberich from Constanta, Romania

18:52:07 10/02/2003
Thanks for a great site!

Benjamin , Sweden

Edwind Wizard
20:10:56 9/27/2003
Freeting fellow magicans.
I have now learned the power of the great web and this source is of great importance to me!
May the magic be with you!

Edwind Wizard from Bloksberg, Middleearth

Tristan Hugh
19:08:10 9/26/2003
This is one kick arse page that i have used for ages and I personally think is a great hub to bring all the gamers and creators together.

Tristan Hugh from London, UK

15:41:08 9/26/2003
VEry Good Site! A Mazzy Romance would be cool!


16:58:14 9/24/2003
Thank you for a really marvelous site :)
It is well done, pretty easy to navigate and it even looks good!

Best wishes :)

Jane from Aarhus, Denmark

02:41:43 9/23/2003
awesome site

kj from sd, us

Cris Jones
08:40:41 9/19/2003
Love your site. It is the icing on the fantasy cake for me

Cris Jones , DK

21:53:03 9/18/2003
I realy enjoy this site, great place for fantasy fans. Long Live the Lance!

Dalcor from Prague, Czech Republic

20:41:05 9/12/2003
This is an amazing site, I would sacrafice my time on other websites but spend all of them here. Cheers!

Derrick from Chungli, Taiwan

14:19:39 9/10/2003
great site

chuck from michigan, u.s.

07:39:54 9/10/2003
what i meant to say is your site kicks arse

Dragos from cobar, australia

17:14:10 9/08/2003
your site is fantastic


Adelajde FrOm Arden
20:14:27 9/06/2003
It's me again. I love this site and people who likes RPG and fantasy.
Thanks for mail GreyCrow.

Adelajde FrOm Arden , Poland

09:46:52 9/02/2003
Your site is very good!Keep up the good work boys!!!

Ram!res from Europe, Bulgaria

Robin J Greeley Sr
14:38:09 8/28/2003
Looking for help in scripting.

Robin J Greeley Sr from Lewiston, Me., USA

Mud Guru
02:55:34 8/26/2003
very well site, found all i was looking for. w00t, keep up the well work

Mud Guru from House, Swaziland

ExTrEmE yakita
19:56:43 8/24/2003
Fnks to this site cool stuff here
( )
^ ^

ExTrEmE yakita

19:55:29 8/18/2003
Great site guys! Keep up the good work!


22:14:48 8/17/2003
keep up the good job
this site really helped me to find more books on the subject.

wowwwwwwwwwwww cheers

empiratron , ISRAEL

Johanne Kingsbury
11:10:07 8/14/2003
I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! your books!!!!
Keep up the good work

Johanne Kingsbury from Arnprior, Canada

Turelus Valentine
15:07:44 8/13/2003
Fantastic site with loads to offer and the help is usefull to all game fans

Turelus Valentine from Dorset, England

03:17:48 8/10/2003
You've annotated each soundset, it is very impressive, I usually don't see that level of care.


Joseph from mn, USA

20:00:35 8/08/2003
Hey i'd like to thx this website for being the only site that can give me the cool stuf for my RPG's, ;)

Daniel from ??, ??

19:28:39 8/07/2003
Totally an awesome site. I will be coming here often.

James from Fargo, USA

14:25:44 8/07/2003
You guys rock!!! Don't you have a chat rom?

Amberine from Colorado Springs CO., USA

01:31:44 8/05/2003
Great site, guys! One of the best out there. :)


02:05:31 7/31/2003


Skaffen Amtiskaw
14:25:52 7/30/2003
thanks for the D/L IWDII tips and tricks ,very convenient, very considerate.

Skaffen Amtiskaw

22:00:55 7/29/2003
Great site guys!


15:08:01 7/29/2003
This is a really good site, in terms of layout, content, and creativity. Keep doing whatever you're doing now, because it sure is working!

Frank , USA

06:21:52 7/28/2003
Amazin' site,keep-on the great-work !

GC from Montreal,Quebec, Canada

Colin Lewis
03:55:05 7/24/2003
awesome site, guys!

Colin Lewis , USA

22:02:00 7/23/2003

jake from on the computer, england

19:53:25 7/23/2003
Great resource! Tons of good info. Keep it going! I visit your site everytime I am about to play a new RPG.


Cece from Malmo, Sweden

11:49:28 7/17/2003
What a great ressource! I'll have look around.

The Game Master

Thomas from Denmark, Denmark

17:28:14 7/16/2003
This is on of the best sites for role-playing games on the net !
Keep on with this good stuff !

Sephiroth from Freilassing, Germany

Alexander the Great
11:48:14 7/14/2003
This is the best site about D&D CRPGs!

Alexander the Great from Thessaloniki, Greece

11:35:37 7/14/2003
Drow rule supreme! By the way, nice site.

DrowLord , Russia

10:43:40 7/14/2003
I think this is an excellent site , I love it!!!

Alan from WA, USA

16:05:24 7/13/2003
This site rocks! Live long and prosper SP...oh wait wrong film...:]
The message bords have been a great help, and I hope this site is around for along time, well done SP!

Chewbaka from a galaxy far far away..., England

12:00:47 7/12/2003
Nice site.

A quote for your quotes page, when Annah is getting jealous of the Succubus, Fall-from-Grace, she says something like "Why don't you ask your precious Stuckyupubus?!"

Also, there's one that's something like "There's only three things to do: Get the hells out of it. Get the piking hells out of it. Get the god-damned piking hells pike out of it"

I hope you can find the actual quotes as they made me laugh out loud every time.

Shadowblade from UK

Wayne Watson
19:19:46 7/09/2003
I've been reading/playing the Realms for more than 10 yrs, and this is one of the best sites I've encountered yet.

Wayne Watson from Norwalk, Ohio, USA

Col Bruce Hampton
00:33:55 7/03/2003
Hey what's up cool site. Jcomp said
this is the place to get & post celeb
soundfiles for Gate. I checked out
the Vader soundset, cool. I made 3
of my own and hope to upload here.
See y'all soon. -- The Col. Bruce
Hampton, Retired

Col Bruce Hampton from Arkansas

08:50:42 6/28/2003
Great site, and very informative! Hope you don't mind that I've put a link to it from my site.

Ken from Melbourne Vic, Australia

03:22:58 6/28/2003
Simply... you're the best...
Thank you for this walkthrough. I really enjoy playing RPG games. Play, not suffer. I don't care about spoilers... If I don't know where to go, I just read the damn spoiler.

Again... great job

jotaerre from Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

08:59:33 6/27/2003
Great site. I wish I would have found it before I finished the Baldur's Gate series.

jimbo from California, United States

The Wizard
23:20:20 6/21/2003
Lovely magical site, easy to use, browser friendly and full of information. Many thanks!
The Wizard

The Wizard from Germany

Aleksandar Bogdanoviæ
18:35:05 6/18/2003
A great website.I search, and search for one like this.And , than my friend told me about this one. I added it to my favorites.It is very useful web site especialy for those who want full experience with their games. And, offcourse for those who want to cheat.

Aleksandar Bogdanoviæ from Banatski Karlovac, Serbia

19:10:21 6/17/2003
Great web sight. Very helpful. I was wondering where I might be able to find maps of the Forgotten Realms. If anybody has any leads please email the URL to me.


Skeeneyman from GA, USA

A lupine ghost ranging in from the past
18:35:25 6/13/2003
Hi Darien. It's been a while, no? :D

A lupine ghost ranging in from the past

08:40:34 6/08/2003
This site is really good. It's all cool!!

Swede17 from Bedroom, Cottage

06:23:03 6/03/2003
Dear Sorcerer,

Thanks for the solution! I'm almost there!

Just a note on the Opening to Chapter 5: Dragon's Eye
First, if you touch the skull at the bottom of the slope, All the traps are disabled, MUCH easier than trying to do disable them one at a time under fire. Second, this is a great place for otherwise tricky, straight-line spells like Aganza's Scorcher and Lighteningbolt as the salamanders all come at you in a line.


Jimmy from Sydney, Australia

12:03:29 6/02/2003
Stored on my HD, but I don't have the time to convert the whole SP to it just yet. You can expect it in July if all goes according to plan.


05:36:47 6/02/2003
Where's the redesign you promised us?

Snapple from Brazil

Goldwin Blacknight
01:46:37 6/01/2003
Thanks for the info-we need all the help we can get!

Goldwin Blacknight from Wisconsin, USA

03:42:34 5/31/2003
This is one of the best websites ever!!!! Keep up the excellent work and thanks foe all your input

Andre from London, uk

child of baal
14:05:55 5/30/2003
good sites, eli makeet sivut

child of baal , Finland

23:08:19 5/23/2003
You have a very nice website.
The screenshots of NWN are the best that I ever saw.
Good job!!!



18:07:07 5/21/2003
(up) this site makes a good homepage

morgan from roseburg oregon, u.s.a

18:01:48 5/21/2003
easter egg morte and leprachaun annah are pretty sweet cheats!

morgan from roseburg OR, united states of america

Luka Rejc
19:35:47 5/20/2003
Nice page,especially the movie part.Keep it up.

Luka Rejc , Slovenia

SJ Pratt
09:02:48 5/20/2003
Thanks for the great work!
Sites like this are what keep guys like me from going totally postal over the problems and/or limitations that crop up in even the best-written games.

SJ Pratt from IL, USA

steven gurney
21:35:58 5/18/2003
just wanted to say you've got a good site on your hands, Im here reading up on the history of the forgotten realms in preparation for my new book.

steven gurney

Doktor Kaztrov
22:17:56 5/16/2003
cool site you got here. interesting downloads for Baldur's Gate 1 & 2. Keep it up.

Doktor Kaztrov , Belgium

Dave "Nobtis" Sitbon
09:24:25 5/16/2003
Great site! I enjoyed my visit here very much. You'll have to stop by my site for a visit...I'm sure you'll all LOVE it! Please keep up the good work, as I'll surely visit again. Thanks, and take care.

Dave "Nobtis" Sitbon from Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.

Bonnie Jacobson
22:48:55 5/13/2003
Wow! What a site! Love it!

Bonnie Jacobson from Portland, Oregon, United States

jessica robinson
00:14:42 5/13/2003
i love you so much your so ####in sexy
i wanna do you all night long baby.....

jessica robinson from cuyhoga falls, united states

16:49:21 5/12/2003
Apsoluteley great page. The only one i've been visiting for last couple of weeks.
Great work.
P.S. I'm sorry that I'm using it this way but I would be very grateful if anyone would e-mail me about some FR books. It is very hard to get those here in Croatia so if anyone is willing to trade some of them I would be very grateful. Only ones I've got are those of Salvatore and they are so great. Any other writers I couldn't find anywhere.

Tyr from Dubrovnik, Croatia

05:08:37 5/12/2003
this site is way bad! i love it.

james from Utah, america

13:05:38 5/11/2003
This sight is kool! I love your guides!

Dracon , Australia

20:26:37 5/10/2003
Interesting, realy! Arcane favors this place.


The Rusty Nail
04:10:22 5/09/2003
Great site! Keep up with the good work!


The Rusty Nail from At my computer, California

21:19:54 5/08/2003
Today Is a Good Day To Die!

Wolf from ******, ****

Cruithne Mesrith
07:32:03 5/07/2003
Wonderful website, definately a place to bookmark.

Cruithne Mesrith from London, England

14:00:56 5/01/2003
This site rocks! oh yeah..

All about CRPGs at one place!

Nurma from home(?), Finland

Tyler Bosquez
01:44:45 5/01/2003
I love tasha

Tyler Bosquez from Barbourville,KY, USA

Tethlis Kirvana
20:53:49 4/30/2003
For nearly 5 years i've played Baldur's gate, Baldur's gate 2, Throne of Bhaal and Icewind Dale. I can safely say this website is one of the best I have access for an all manner of different items, from the forum to the downloads.

I can see a lot of effot has gone into this website, and this shows from the amount of content on the website (i've already mentioned.. 7 pages of downloads!)

If i ever need any news about roleplay games i'll know where to turn to.

Tethlis Kirvana , England

11:23:19 4/30/2003
Great site. It is my favourite site for the Baldur's Gate series and Icewind Dale customs and fixes.

philbert_17 from Victoria, Australia

20:58:23 4/27/2003
Great site. Glad to get tips and cheats on different games.

Jack from Co Antrim, Ireland

15:39:46 4/25/2003
just got a pc and been dying to play rpg for ages.these games and this site is first class

mark.goodchild from tenby, south wales

Matthew Fink
06:43:26 4/25/2003
Great page, I have certainly used the #### out of it recently. Thanks for the help....

Matthew Fink from Missouri, United States of America

John Diebold
03:38:37 4/25/2003
Nice selection of sources.

John Diebold from Nevada, USA

19:09:41 4/24/2003
Nice website,good downloads.
One of the best for my favorite
D&D Games.


Arthur Armstrong
15:00:11 4/24/2003
Wow, what a great site for all baldur's gate fans. I have been myself a dedicated BG fan from the start of BG, and have played all the single player expansions and related RPGs. What I loved most about BG was the fact the storyline was so rich, diverse and continuous right to the throne of Baal. Although Icewind dale and its expansion lacked the story of BG, it was still a great RPG. I have found the 'new' / enhanced rulesets of D&D of Icewind dale II difficult to get use to. However, Icewind dale II has been thus far a great fun to play, and I am looking forward for finishin it. This is such a great site shame I did not discover it earlier!

Arthur Armstrong

12:29:32 4/24/2003
Wonderful splendid and excellent site.
This really is the best, and I've been on quite a few --- it goes above and beyond gaming!

Hugo from Hellevoetsluis, sw of the Netherlands

04:23:25 4/24/2003
Good Show!
This is a very informative web site.
I hope to frequent this page often.
Keep up the great work,


David from NH, USA

03:30:12 4/24/2003
Cool Site ^-^

Riex from South East Asia, Indonesia

Sir Martiuz Law
18:46:00 4/23/2003
As a paladin, I must congratulate you all for this amazing and helpful site, that serves the righteousness and brings justice to the Realms...:-)
Keep up the good work guys!

Sir Martiuz Law from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

22:26:11 4/18/2003
Baldur's gate was the best series of games ever if anyone wants a good rpg buy these although ToB is incredibly harder than the rest start with the first one Baldur's gate.

Miller from Stratford, England

05:04:10 4/18/2003
This is the best place to find downloads
for the Forgotten Realms games. ie. BGate series and IWD series.This place rocks.

Rachel from Fort Worth,Tx, USA

James Geddies
19:33:12 4/17/2003
How the hell did I take so long to find this place... you have some superb material on here. Thanks to whoever put it together, you did a great job. James.

James Geddies from Manchester, UK

16:03:48 4/16/2003
The best site 4 BG stuff,needs new stuff now and again though

Bradley from N.Ireland, N.Ireland

Bill Johnson
07:10:47 4/12/2003
Very good site , I would suggest it to anyone as the best place to go.

Bill Johnson from Indiana, The Great U.S.A.

maggie liana
01:28:44 4/11/2003
No site in the word is better than this one!!!

maggie liana from Utah, america

12:13:55 4/09/2003
This is what i call a great site.
Well done guys.
Keep up the good work!

Woops[BE] , Belgium

Picke Dieph
12:11:48 4/09/2003
This is what i call a good informative site.
Well done guys. Keep up the good work

Picke Dieph , Belgium

00:54:20 4/09/2003
ur the best guys!

Tim from Toronto , Canada

Michael Zachara
21:24:20 4/08/2003
Yeah... very good page.........:)))

Michael Zachara from Kraków, Poland

22:18:09 4/03/2003
this site is wiked , !!!
ne one play ut2k3 come join me
[Fate]SilKE .,,

Mel from Birmingham, England

05:29:14 4/03/2003
Best site on the net for Infinity Engine resources. I should know, I've been around if you know what i mean! ;)
(I'm sorry for that one *shakes head*)

the(V)ethod from Crackton, Ont, Canada

22:19:28 4/01/2003
Perhaps the best site in the net. at least i think so. everything is just great. ja mitä ne vitun hurrit (vai mitä somaleja on) siinä molkottaa.. hankkikaa elämä!

Khazid , Finland

Ciastha the sorceress
20:47:39 3/31/2003
this site rocks!
den er bare drit kul æssæ! he,he...=)
angelica æ kjenner dæ ikke sant?

Ciastha the sorceress

20:39:29 3/31/2003
hey! this is the best site on the net!
dette er bare en kuuuuuuuuuul side æssæ!
også veldig bra! (øøøøøøøh....kødda! har vært her i to minutter......)
you don`t unerstad that, ha!

Angelica , norway

22:15:45 3/30/2003
This is the best site on the net.
Just keep a good work ppl.

Tweety)SerbiA( from SCG, Serbia

Adi Black Side
16:20:24 3/30/2003

Adi Black Side from sarajevo, bosnia

23:08:41 3/28/2003
Hi all, i forgot my own website I made, oh well, email me if ya want.

steven_61 from UK, England

hary sack
20:41:27 3/27/2003
props, great site, speechless - you ma se hare is rooi groen en geel!

hary sack from home, south africa

05:56:08 3/27/2003
Bloody good website, glad I found it, keep up the good work!

Scottie from Ballarat, Australia

19:39:18 3/26/2003
need more kits!!!!!!!!1

Belzebub from liverpool , uk

00:31:26 3/26/2003
Sup people looking for some bg chars. peace all.

Devin from Califonia, Usa

Somber Fox
07:15:31 3/22/2003
Excellent work!

Sorcerer's Place is simply the best source of I've seen for Infinity Engine game info.

Somber Fox

akshay goenka
17:21:57 3/21/2003
mazing site.best coverage of rpgs.thumbs up to modjahed for his lovely walkthru.i'd like to see more games included(eg-morrowind,etc)

akshay goenka from new delhi, India

Fydel the fox
07:41:57 3/21/2003
Glad to see a site that has everything for the gamer of D&D.

Fydel the fox from Essex, ontario, Canada

Za Goof
03:41:09 3/21/2003
Kickass site. Pretty laid out. Fantasitc!

Za Goof from Melbourne, Australia

23:24:02 3/18/2003
I havent got a chnace to realy look at this website that much,what I have seen,is realy cool.Thanx for donating something to those of us who are obbsesed with wizards and stuff like that.bye

Jessi from my room, Canada

07:30:37 3/18/2003
You rock. Its that simple..this site added whole new levels to the replay value of Icewind Dale 2...keep it up!


Jo Morgan
12:10:48 3/15/2003
Wow, what a terrific website. I had been searching the web for days trying to find info about Baldur's Gate and finally came across yours. It is absolutely the BEST!!!!!

Jo Morgan from Southern Illinois, USA

21:09:30 3/14/2003
Very great and awesome site! Long live Sorcerer's Place!

WoeiloeN from Earth, The Netherlands

03:30:12 3/11/2003

Covers everything about all the D&D games!

Leigh from Australia

elijah the igbo man
21:15:03 3/06/2003
please my brothers i day here so keep off oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

elijah the igbo man from atakpami, aniho

19:33:25 3/06/2003
THANK YOU! This site was very helpful. I've been searching for weeks trying to find Walkthroughs and/or Mods for IWD... The FIRST one. THANK YOU again. It was a relief to finally find one.

Trilocke from So. Cal, USA

08:07:12 3/06/2003
Nice site.

Jade456 from Vegas, USA

01:32:37 3/05/2003
It's really one of the best AD&D sites I've browsed by now , I loved it . It's obviously made by people like me , people who love the Forgotten Realms and everythin related to them . Way to go , guys !

Izual from Home :), Republic of Moldova

18:42:20 3/04/2003
I think the rpg Baldur's gate & Baldur's gate ii series is supperb


10:34:05 3/01/2003
A great site with info about the greatest games in the world! But wouldn´t it be good if some info about BG2: Underdark, Ust´Natha and their quests could be read here? I myself am in Underdark in quite some trouble. But anyway: way to go guys! :)

Sami , Finland

18:10:51 2/28/2003
Yowza! lovely site!
It's got everything i wanted on the 3 games i found hard to beat!
u should advertise more!

Nishanth from Hyderabad, India

16:50:17 2/28/2003
It's great site but tell me about multiplayer cheat.

Nameless from Texas, USA

12:04:49 2/28/2003
Hi. What a page. I found out that if you ever need anything just log on to Sorcerers and, what you seek you will find. Im gratefull that anybody have the time to make such a site!!! Thank you!!!

Anders , Denmark

22:37:38 2/26/2003
Hey nice page man, i like your modules! Very helpful site will be in and out alot! :-)

Keith from mass, U.S.A

DeCeaux d'or Wathy
00:02:22 2/26/2003
Great site guys!

Found everything I would ever need for BG and more!!


DeCeaux d'or Wathy from godforsaken mississippi, usa

Joseph C. Allgood
04:05:44 2/24/2003
As one of the DMs of olde, it is good to see that AD&D live on in many forms.

Joseph C. Allgood from Rockport, Texas, U.S.A.

21:28:54 2/23/2003
Great page guys, I just want to ad that right before the trapped bridge leading into dragons eye there is a skull on a pole to the right. Klick it and away goes the traps. Keep up the good work, Lb

Lb from home, europe

Swordmaster Klimenzzos
20:46:02 2/23/2003
This is the GREATEST page ever!!!
I find everythink what I need to have a nice time plaing PC-games and to know about F-realms books.
Great jobb, guys!!! Ceep that way!!!

Swordmaster Klimenzzos , Sweden

13:29:48 2/23/2003
This page is the best. I like the forgotten Realms and all books and games about it. Super page!!!

Taaryn , Austria

04:18:17 2/21/2003
I Like the Page, and i would like someone to just E-mail me about stuff.
And some advice on NWN

LordCory from NYC, U.S

Andrea-Josee Blaney
03:39:10 2/20/2003
I have enjoyed visiting you, and i will do it again. Thanks for the books lists.

Andrea-Josee Blaney from Quebec city, Canada

03:37:43 2/18/2003
This is a great site i come here for any info i need on upcoming games and to download stuff. I made the dragon ball z characters for baldur's gate 2 e-mail me if there are any problems or tell me what you think slipknot2000@comcast.net

josh from cottage grove mn, us

Metos, the white raven
15:46:32 2/15/2003
there is nothing to tell, but..... perfect.

Metos, the white raven

Ian, Wizard of Thay
23:32:16 2/14/2003
You guys have a great site going! I always come here for help if things get to tough. MCL

Ian, Wizard of Thay from An inn in Beregost

00:15:32 2/14/2003
I haven't actually looked over this site yet, but it sounds like everyone else is liking it soo...im gonna check it out =)

Ghost , Sweden

Weary Wanderer
23:40:02 2/12/2003
I searched high and low for "quality" information/guides for this wonderful game. I'm pleased to say that I stopped with your site. Yours is an absolute wealth of information and knowledge! Thank you so much for your support. You are all truly appreciated!

Weary Wanderer from Eastern Europe, Bosnia

21:48:38 2/12/2003
this sight helped me so much. thanks! ur great!. :-)

sarah from uk

Kovalis Darkfire
19:24:58 2/12/2003
Really cool site. email me!!

Kovalis Darkfire from CA, US.

Sir Bishop Dragoneye
06:02:05 2/12/2003
Sorcerer's Place saved me hours of agonizing futility during IWD2. It gave just enough help to keep the game exciting. During times of great turmoil its nice to have a little fantasy.

Sir Bishop Dragoneye from New York City, USA

19:14:48 2/09/2003
Just started Baldur's Gate II again (and hopefully finish this time), and thanks God i bookmarked this site 2 years ago.

The walkthrough is a great help, clear, lots of hints and statistics, substantial.

My first payppal donation! :)

Lars , Germany

Matt Dingman
18:02:28 2/08/2003
i really love playing as drizzt in baldurs gate good job!!!!!!!!!

Matt Dingman from Indiana, U.S.A.

07:34:50 2/08/2003
This site absolutley rocks.Major Kudos to all who contributed.Ill definitley tell my buddies about it.

Nate from colorado springs,co, United States

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