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Guestbook Archives (August 15, 2002 - February 7, 2003)

01:52:22 2/07/2003
I haven't had time to see all of it but I like what I see so far ........

Dragonrider from Maine, United States of America

15:08:56 2/03/2003
Here is my screenshots.
It's made without using any hakpacks
Sorry for my english :-))))

Telhar from Moscow, Russia

03:28:51 2/03/2003
Great portrait section just need and all drow selection

(i play all drow parties in iwd2)

C.A. from Yakima, U.S.

winged knight
20:53:21 2/02/2003
to the justice, to the honor

winged knight from modiin, israel

Ancalìmon The Wise
14:11:30 1/31/2003
This site is absolutely fantastic! you guys are doing a great job! If you guys could just find some custom character portraits for Icewind Dale 2 wich are as fantastic as the standard one's, this would be the ultimate fantasy and games site for me!

Ancalìmon The Wise from Where the Winds lead me..., Belgium

Dionisis Rizos a.k.a. "Agarwaen"
00:19:08 1/30/2003
A great place,a touch of grace to all of us heroic fantasy lovers.Thank you and congratulations!!

Dionisis Rizos a.k.a. "Agarwaen" from Athens, Greece

Helias Hondrogiannis
23:41:45 1/29/2003
An excellent and very helpful site. My deepest congratulations, ladies and gentlemen! You've earned them!

Helias Hondrogiannis from Athens, Greece

16:35:38 1/29/2003
Kick Ass Web site.

Gary from NC., U.S.

Paul Watters
18:55:13 1/25/2003
Great community page.

Paul Watters from Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada

08:49:37 1/25/2003
Nice place... can u write something about Neverwinter Nights? its the best game ever, after all...

Saruman from Neverwinter, Faerun

19:56:08 1/24/2003
I've have problems with getting the BGII Experience Cap Remover from working, E-Mail me and help me to get it to work. Other than that, great site. I've beat BGI & II and IcewindDale I and II too, but I really like the site too.

Paul from Kentucky, US

11:05:23 1/24/2003
First off congratulations on a job welldone. Sorcerer's Place took no tome at all for me to add to bookmarks. In time I'm sure that this will be everything and thensome that you envisioned. With the the support of all the Magik-Users and us Socerers you can do nothing but grow, after all, it's in our bllod. ;)
P.S. Go Chargers, uh Raiders, uh AFC Chumps.

GreyCrow from San Diego CA., United States

kelvin monroe
01:10:53 1/24/2003
good site

kelvin monroe

06:57:07 1/23/2003
I quite like the game & this site. But the game can be quite frustrating sometimes when there are certain impossibility occurs.

Clement from -, Malaysia

Lord Arafrem
04:18:23 1/22/2003
Great Site, keep up the good work!

Lord Arafrem from Norway

01:58:17 1/21/2003
This website is realy great keep up the good work

Dean from UK, England

22:21:06 1/17/2003
Thanks for the tips to "strategize" the game

Kara , USA

01:27:59 1/16/2003
I was really meassing and searching for site, where can I get all things for all my RPG games, and I finally discovered this site.
You are really the best for RPG!

Have a nice day,

Bremzi from Slovenia, Slovenia

22:28:58 1/15/2003
Cheers for helping me out with the sewer quest in chapter 2.

Paul from Bristol, England

Cleo Kiley
19:36:20 1/15/2003
Thanks for providing a solution to the insanity of the Fell woods...thought I was going to go mad!!

This is a great web site...one I will visit often!
Great stuff!

Cleo Kiley , South Africa

Dean steele
13:50:15 1/14/2003
this page was brillient and ejoyed going on it icewind dale is the best game ever created along with all the final fantasy games.

Dean steele from right there, England

21:58:35 1/12/2003
This site is awesome and i love the artwork.... it's fantastic!

Abby from Indiana, USA

Michael McAdams
20:17:21 1/12/2003
Looks Great best I've seen yet!

Michael McAdams from North Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Sonny Johnsen
07:57:05 1/10/2003
Ice wind dale 2 rulessssss

Sonny Johnsen

13:50:47 1/09/2003
I want to say: Congratulations for this web site ! It is fantastic, i found it a lot of powerful information about the game neverwinter nights.

Adriano from São Paulo, Brazil

09:13:15 1/09/2003
o.k. this site has saved my ass a fair few times and all i know is that as long as this site is runnin' there will be no probs!THIS SITE ROCKS!!!

jonathan , england

03:57:12 1/08/2003
I Just wanted to THANK YOU what a great site it has been SOOOOO Helpfull with so many differnt things this site is the MOST USER friendly iv found and just wanted again to Thank You so much for it

Stashue from milford Delware , USA

16:15:15 1/06/2003
Great site, but I cant seem to get the cheat working! I need to get through the singelplayer! The ~ just doesnt work, and I know it's another key on a swedish keyboard! Some help would be great!

Jimmy , Sweden

Russell M. Roach
05:19:10 1/05/2003
Great site!

Russell M. Roach from New York City, USA

14:10:05 1/04/2003
Cool site helped me alot with the games.

Marius from Cape Town, South Africa

03:59:09 1/04/2003
This is the most useful, most useable, site i've ever seen. Boards O' Magick also rules.

The Cash originally known as Patrick


16:02:50 1/03/2003
Excelent site!

Alex , Sweden

09:43:21 1/02/2003
Frábær síða!!!!

Svavar , Iceland

19:54:25 12/31/2002
Damn good site. Because there is a damn goodmessage board.

WoeiloeN from The Earth, The Netherlands

01:35:35 12/29/2002
Excellent BG2 solution guide, the best I've seen yet. Complete and easy to navigate. KUDOS!

Ott , United States

The Anti-Gnome
15:43:04 12/28/2002
P.S. Did we mention that we are not on friendly terms with gnomes?

for possible friendly reactions mail us.

The Anti-Gnome

05:34:27 12/27/2002
Cool list on books, You should check Otu Ian Irvine's The View From The Mirror Series.

Michael from Ocoee Florida, United States

00:48:20 12/27/2002
SO GLAD I GOT THIS FOR XMAS.........thanks to me!lol

Stephanei from Toronto, Canada

Curtis Morin
17:05:45 12/25/2002
This is the best site for IWD2 info I have seen yet. Keep up the good work.

Curtis Morin from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Rob Brown
12:45:56 12/21/2002
First time to the site... Fantastic layout. Will be coming back quite often.

Rob Brown from Ca.

Robert Kent
12:20:06 12/19/2002
Hey there is there anyone who likes Terry Brooks signing this guestbook. He is a ver good fantasy author but not many people i have asked have heard of him...

Robert Kent from Great Britain, England

19:04:56 12/18/2002
This is a cool web site and it helped me through Ice wind dale II and if any1 reads David Gemmell books e-mail me

Frazer from Sussex, England

Zoltan Szokoly (HOZ) as Zoltran
10:11:17 12/18/2002
This is a very good webpage. Keep up this good work.

Zoltan Szokoly (HOZ) as Zoltran from Gyor, Hungary

19:35:40 12/15/2002
Really cool site!

CrazyDrumGuy from VA, USA

Robert Kent
16:49:13 12/15/2002
This is one hell of a site i have looked around and never have i seen the amount dedicated to Baldurs Gate. I am new to Baldurs Gate and frankly i find it very hard but i have always been intersted in fantasy games and i am very pleased with the way people dedicate sites to them.

I will try and support yo as much as i can

Robert Kent from Untited Kingdom, England

11:00:40 12/14/2002
Great site, rock on !

Mario , Italy

16:43:25 12/13/2002
i love this page! a big thanks for it!

greetings from germany

Bermecus , germany

Zach Shipman
22:57:37 12/11/2002

Zach Shipman , U.S.

01:33:14 12/11/2002
i have spent hours trying to find out about the beasties in bgii and was so very very delighted with your site, have a feeling i will be visiting often, ur brilliant

Terri from england, uk

19:29:21 12/10/2002
Icewind Dale rules the world, but is there coming a expansion pack ??


Da Smallfella
18:06:20 12/09/2002
IWD II rocks and this site ROCKS!!

Da Smallfella

kim lee
05:47:16 12/09/2002

ur great!!!!!!

kim lee from shanghai, china

16:24:19 12/08/2002
Nice site... you guys did a really good job... anyway i can tell you it' s not easy to find with search engines... maybe you should look your keywords...

Bax from Bo, Italy

15:46:24 12/07/2002
This is a marvellous site but I can't wait for the Chapter 5 walkthrough cos I'm stuck!

Rachel from London, England

Joe (again)
22:46:07 12/06/2002
Bionn se an cluiche riomhre go maith !
(thats our native language for:

Joe (again) , Ireland

22:43:51 12/06/2002
This is one of the best, easy to find what your looking for sites It's Damn good ! ! ! !

Joe , Ireland

22:26:17 12/05/2002
this site is the best site about icewind dale! i found everything i needed to know about this game! :)) Congratulations!! U made the best site in hole internet! zajebista strona!!! Polecam wszystkim!! :)))

jajko from Lublin, Poland

12:47:39 12/03/2002
Just when I thought I got stuck and that was the end of my gaming experience with Icewind Dale 2 I came across this site. Thanx for giving me more playing hours!!!


Christopher Peasley
16:00:22 11/30/2002
IWD2 very good I was very impressed with the detail and action very well done.

Christopher Peasley from albany ny, united states

04:05:21 11/29/2002
d&d ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

cody from dubuque,IA, USA

King Magnus
08:31:45 11/27/2002
Hey, great site. I was looking around for more info on modding NWN and your place hits the spot.

I'm also looking for modders interested in helping us do mods based on our design for our castle theme park, with towns, dungeon, fantasy realm, etc. So the mods we make will serve as 3d walkthrough and what people help us do in the mod they will get to see built for real.

King Magnus from Ohio, USA

scurvy dog
05:54:26 11/27/2002
Great site thanks!!

scurvy dog

Aragon Nigth
01:01:50 11/26/2002
I was just surfin around trying to find some good pages about Fantasy and moslt the world of Faerun...nice page...dont like alle the pop-up`s though...but ita all about finace..hehe..easy to find info here..thanks....

Aragon Nigth from Behind My Computer, NORWAY

17:51:40 11/25/2002
Very nice pages...The pictures are great!

Milliana from -, Finland

23:03:01 11/20/2002
Lot of good stuff for NWN here, thanks!

Vitaly from Novosibirsk, Russia

23:00:09 11/18/2002
I've been in many cheat and walktrought sites and this one is by far the most complete and profesional. The screenshots and the details are very helpfull. I know that its sounds cheezy, but I just had to give my apreciation to the writters and staff.

AMADEUS from Montreal, Canada

11:56:12 11/18/2002
I'm sorry for my chicken #### tactics, but I slayed both Firkraag and the dragon of the temple ruins in less than 20 minutes!
And motha####a, it feels good.

Blarrie from Bennekom, Holland

01:04:44 11/18/2002
One of the best site outthere for this kind of data...

C-Myster from I realy don't know myself, happy land!

08:34:40 11/17/2002
Sorcerers is one of the best sites I have ever been to!!!

{LDU}stealth from Meblourne, Australia

daniel mossman
21:24:04 11/14/2002
This site rocks!!!!

daniel mossman from Nova Scotia, Canada

Aegeon Halfbreed
08:02:22 11/13/2002
great site. very informative.
may i suggest a more in depth analysis of different fantasy worlds? also a more clearer explanation about the time of troubles. overall, its a pretty good site.

Aegeon Halfbreed from Amity Dwelling, Wildwood

18:31:16 11/12/2002
Good page :) with good stufs !
Bg rullzzz
Poland rulz :P
You rulzz

gore from Poland

Charly aka Piotyr Hughes
07:42:05 11/12/2002
This site rocks! All you need now is a mod that lets you get Drizzt in your party(Through gameplay not codes) with some quests and talk and you will be the best site ever!(Hell you are now but it would make you even better if you had that). Oh, and ash from evil dead in your party would also be cool. Hey a guy can dream can't he?

Charly aka Piotyr Hughes from Ca(All you need to know my friend), The place where the Red and white stripy thingies invaded our flag and kick the blue to the night with all the stars.

01:27:01 11/12/2002
thanks a lot, this is a very good place to find my solutions.

Saludos desde Mallorca

pau from palma de mallorca, spain

01:26:05 11/12/2002
i love this site it's great, i come here almost every day!

Galadriel from oregon, USA

07:21:30 11/11/2002
Hey all. Thanks for all the info on this site and all that. Man I love the Baldur's Gate saga - currently playing it through for the 5th time. Here's to the future....

Turambar from Melbourne, Australia

18:29:12 11/10/2002
This is a cool site w\ good downloads but you only need good character pictures we can al download


Chris from Corpus Christi, Texas

Cliff "wannabe game designer" Short
20:27:18 11/09/2002
Since Baldurs Gate, I've been hooked on PC gaming and sites to support them. Thank you "Sorcerer's Place" for continuing to be one of the top notch site. At 37 years young, I wonder if anything could be better. Game on.

Cliff "wannabe game designer" Short from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Good Ole' USA

Fatty Bolger
13:02:40 11/07/2002
This is a great page.
I really enjoyed it, and I love all the role playing games like BG and Icewind Dale. I'll return soon

Fatty Bolger from Middle Earth, The Shire

02:39:29 11/07/2002
Great Site. IWDII Rocks!!! Thanks for keeping this great site going!! Woo hoo!!

Montolio from California, USA

01:39:21 11/07/2002


22:06:54 11/05/2002
Your strategies and walkthroughs for BG2 and TDD are the best i have ever seen!!! Thank you!!

Feyzel from Alghero, Italy

Dal'xanda the Drow
02:16:40 11/05/2002
Nice Site!!! Thankyou my worthy friends!!

Dal'xanda the Drow

small pimpin
19:39:10 11/03/2002
I love icewind dale!!! its my favorite game(next to half-life) n e 1 know how to get past lvl 31? im stumped

small pimpin from Panamacity, USA

16:52:14 11/03/2002
this is one of the best sites on the
entire net. I am 13 years old and i am
From AMterdam i have played since i
was 5 and i love this sites is a
gamers site >SpikeZero<

Spikezero from Amsterdam, Netherlands

18:04:41 11/01/2002
One of the best site i have seen.


Adelaide from Arden
13:51:38 11/01/2002
Hello every one, my name is Adelaide and I came from a magick land called Arden. Every one who wants to discover my country in midleearth can send e-mail to me and I'm quit sure to answer.

Adelaide from Arden , Polen

22:50:03 10/29/2002

geno from fredericton, canada

Sorceress Samantha
17:18:35 10/29/2002
How nyc!

Sorceress Samantha

20:56:00 10/28/2002
Excellent site! I loved the BG2 section!

ua from Here!, United Kingdom

19:12:01 10/28/2002
intrested in downloading older "forgotten realm" games

james from usa, united states

Daniel Khedher
10:53:23 10/27/2002
Great site!! Love it!! Can't think of anything you should change.
Well maybe a forum for the fans of Forgotten Realms?
Keep up the good work!

Ameorn from Sweden

Daniel Khedher from Europe =P, Sweden

07:23:11 10/24/2002
Nice site, but misses some great downloads (like DaleKeeper2)

FraGGod , Russia

Darthe Bob
00:19:39 10/24/2002
Your site is awsome but could u get a few more downloads.
BE Wise.
Keepen' it real.
- Darthe Bob

Darthe Bob from New Braunfels, TX, US

07:55:44 10/23/2002
hmmm ... nice place you guys got here, where are the bathrooms again? no realy cool place, it's nice and out of the sun so my eyes get a rest from the sun, I wonder if I should put my PC indoors for a while :P

LoCo , NZ

22:05:27 10/22/2002
Best site on the web.
Thanks guys for providing it, and please keep it running since I go here daily to check for new things for my favorite games. To bad there aint no TeamBG tools for IWD II yet. And that the trainer for it dont work very well.
Well, thanks once again for this great site.

Reko , Sweden

16:10:06 10/22/2002
hi this page is cool thx for the peache

Neptun from cool, cool

23:29:34 10/21/2002
Suh-WEEEEEEEEET page, sorcerers!!

Cold_Fire , United States

Michael Sharp
06:13:31 10/21/2002
You Should Create And
Release A Game Builder /
Modifier That Enables You
To Add Many Additional
Character Portraits To
"Icewind Dale" And To
Be Able To Play As
Any "Forgotten Realms" /
"Dungeons&Dragons" Character.....
You Want To , Please???????

Michael Sharp from N/A, U.S.A.

Josip "Vuk"
13:27:12 10/20/2002
This page is very good I finali found the walkthrough for Icewind Dale II !!!!!!!!!!!!! Good work!!!

Josip "Vuk" from Zagreb, Croatia

20:30:14 10/18/2002
Really nice.
I liked it.

Wolf , Russia

David Webb
06:32:45 10/17/2002
Got some nice stuff man, thx for letting download stuff I needed to make my gaming cooler !

David Webb

Damai Ndo GG
18:18:58 10/16/2002
Really Nice work. If this page is the best yet.

Damai Ndo GG from Earth Relm X2, Diablos

15:01:25 10/16/2002
Nice, really nice site. Good work :)

Zbyszek from Sopot, Poland

01:42:01 10/16/2002
hi der just chekin guys

Xr4m from philippines, philippines

Icewind Blower
12:49:01 10/15/2002
this is the best site i've ever visited lots of usefull information, so.... keep the ####ing page going.... thx

Icewind Blower from jep, finland

17:51:41 10/14/2002
This is a GREAT site! I was very happy to find it since the Ironworks site is no longer working! You have everything they did...hey...could you be the same people? Please notify me if you change your web address! By the way, what's up with the patch for Icewind Dale not working properly?
Again, YOU GUYS ARE #1 in my book!

Lonny from Tucson, Az, USA

17:42:10 10/14/2002
BG2 is a great game and it´s nice to see great mods for it!

iSurfer , Finland

RPG player
06:30:39 10/14/2002
This site rulez i love it but the update a bit slow

RPG player from South East Asia, Singapore

20:45:15 10/12/2002
Thanks for a nice site I will recommend it to all my friends.

Cedric , Sweden

15:50:14 10/12/2002
Wiked website. I luv THE LORD OF THE RINGS!

me! from choco land, yahoo

Ema-lee H.
15:44:32 10/12/2002
Im luvin your site! Just checked out ure Fantasy Books section - glad to see one of my fav books ther - the ultimate fantasy book - the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit ofcorse! Great Read i'd recomend them 2 anyone. If you not a book person then try the films - ther grate 2!
luv em

Ema-lee H. from Liverpool, England

16:29:37 10/09/2002
Tons of information for one of the very rare PC RPGs.
Keep up that service!


Endzeit from Vienna, Austria

Henrik due
20:10:21 10/08/2002
Fantastisk side. Den mest omfattende jeg hidtil har set... GENIALT arbejde


Henrik due

10:34:53 10/08/2002
This is the best Bladurs/Icewind/NWN site !!!!!!

Hoppe from Uppsala, Sweden

05:09:44 10/07/2002
sorry...did not read directions before commenting....Glad this site is available


Elthorian Faenreix/Lord Mad Balrog/Lortac
06:03:45 10/04/2002
EXCELLENCE INCARNATE!!! GO D&D!!!!!! BTW, please upload the Dragonlance Section of Books, there are some new trilogies that aren't there... Excellent sight, Sorcerer

Elthorian Faenreix/Lord Mad Balrog/Lortac from Dramoir, Demi-plane of Gehenna

03:00:24 10/02/2002
Nice Site


12:51:18 9/30/2002
Just to let you know ;)
Seems like the pics in IWD2_Portraits_3.zip works, the rest does not sigh.....
Great efforts for your website :)

LionMane from Singapore, Singapore

10:38:58 9/26/2002
Wow, where was this site those past 3 years? A MUST on your favorite list!!

-=Elven=- from Montreal, Canada

Feril Majere
03:31:41 9/25/2002
This is great page! Much information.

THANK YOU!!! My dear Sorcerer

Feril Majere

17:04:07 9/21/2002
great site!


el bastardo
15:43:10 9/19/2002
cool site

el bastardo from melbourne, australia

10:43:02 9/18/2002
Really great site, keep it going


12:38:16 9/16/2002
This is a great site for ppl interested in fantasy books and games. Please keep updating it.

Nixta , Finland

16:49:11 9/15/2002
Nice site

John from Azusa,CA, USA -Keep it proud!!!

John Puskar
18:47:58 9/14/2002
Great site. Been waiting for it for a while now and whats here currently is awesome.

John Puskar from Vermont, U.S.A.

Enos Layuk
08:52:05 9/14/2002
Cool site! Thank's for all the references about AD&D and the Forgotten Realm!!

Enos Layuk from Jakarta, Indonesia

09:03:11 9/13/2002
This is such a cool website

Jason from Australia, Australia

17:05:28 9/11/2002
Great site, loved it, thanks

Patrou from NYC kind of, US

16:22:03 9/11/2002
Love this page, can't wait until you get some more Icewind Dale Stuff....

Alexander from Florø, Norway

05:32:11 9/09/2002
this site rules ... ! if is someone who can answer my question ... say so ... send me an e-mail and I will send u may question ...


07:40:23 9/08/2002
this site is better than good it's awsome.

Ben from Australia, Australia

22:32:38 9/06/2002
hey all great page. found the icewind dale 2 walkthrough good but when is the rest of it going to be posted? keep up the good work

brice303 from newfoundland, canada

Yoga The Wise
20:25:13 9/06/2002

Hey I love your site.Ive already beeten the game twice,but your site was a ton of help.
Hey Im Wise

Yoga The Wise , U.S.

14:00:21 9/06/2002


03:17:23 9/06/2002
Thank you for this great website..It Rules!!!!!!

Jape from vaasa, finland

average joe
02:20:12 9/05/2002

average joe

Kevin Kirby
18:55:21 9/04/2002
I have sampled the game and
gained some experience with the
toolkit, although I do not yet own it.
This game has more potential than
any other online experience. I can't
wait to read more about games that
actually involve an active DM.

Kevin Kirby from San Francisco

15:04:13 9/04/2002
this is a gr8 site and it helped me with my rpg needs but i am looking for a prog or mod that can allow me to create new character classes for neverwinter nights. i am sick of playing with the limited selection and am getting bored of the game

Majin from right here

03:59:43 9/03/2002
How about featuring Morrowind??
It may not be D & D, but it is the largest and most open ended non-linear single player RPG ever made. For the single player game it wins all over neverwinter nights.
I don't see why you only cover D & D games.
Please email me and let me know why this is the case.


Jerry Z
18:07:44 9/01/2002
This is a great site with lots of effort put into it as anyone can tell. I highly recommend this site to anyone.

Jerry Z from IL, USA

18:09:11 8/31/2002
Now, i know this Site for quite a while...and its still awesome.

Keep Going...and never Stop.


Myxale from Germany - Former Abyss

12:19:37 8/31/2002
Great site!

Tom from Cardiff, Wales

Ed Nordfors
20:53:39 8/30/2002
Great site, a lot of work and it shows, thank you!

Ed Nordfors from Maine, USA

05:52:06 8/29/2002
Came for the Walkthrough section, but stayed also for the site.

Keep on going!

Rob from Gouda, Netherlands

Steven pounsette
20:46:49 8/28/2002
baldurs gate is good exept for the lack of gay men

Steven pounsette from gay land, gay country

07:38:05 8/27/2002
Great site a little more downloads instead of screenshots and it wud b perfect!!!


05:51:36 8/26/2002
Nice and very informative website. Thanks for the article on how to take screenshots.

Steve from Los Angeles, CA, USA

13:16:06 8/25/2002
Good site lots of info on the games I play most... Although I wish it carried info on "SoulBringer". Its the one the hooked me. Otherwise keep up the good work!

CaveRat from Independence, Missouri, USA

Deep Gnome
13:23:16 8/22/2002
This site is too cool!!

Deep Gnome

Lady Loulex
04:30:50 8/19/2002
Hello! Z-Layrex's sister here, i like your site.

Lady Loulex from UK, England

11:24:26 8/16/2002
I love this site, it's one of the best in RPGs and i especially love the walkthroughs section!! sorceres place kicks ass!

LA from New Jersey, USA

10:53:33 8/16/2002
Great site.
Although I'm looking for Drow complements to Neverwinter..Skins, models, gear. Email me if you know where to find this stuff.
The Drow rocks. =o)

Tom from Sweden, Sweden

22:31:09 8/15/2002
I'm new to FR. I hope to learn to play it well.


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