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Guestbook Archives (February 23, 2002 - August 15, 2002)

bill dobson
14:24:47 8/15/2002
good page, but the editors do not work at all for the planescape game.

bill dobson

16:24:43 8/13/2002
Great page, though I am disappointed to see The Name of the Rose in your movies list. I thought it more of a historical fiction, there's really no fantasy to it, oh well. Still a great site keep it up!

Kael , USA

12:54:40 8/13/2002
Ace site, i found it by accident and have got all of my baldur's gate 1&2 and neverwinter night stuff from your downloads section...best site ever


09:55:43 8/13/2002
Great Page!
Once a pure coincidental hit, sorcerers place became a must visit in a matter of days. Your download archives a marvellous! Keep going!


Eylin the elf
13:01:08 8/12/2002
Hmm a nice page, good work

Eylin the elf from A City in Norway, Norway

18:21:41 8/09/2002
one of the best sites there is


16:33:32 8/09/2002
Thank you for this great website, and good luck.

Samwise , Norway

mr T
16:07:09 8/09/2002
I love rpg's, en ...

mr T from Lommel, Belgium

Justin Slater
07:40:42 8/09/2002
nice wedsite and very good layout

Justin Slater from Glasgow, Scotland

La Treen
05:41:12 8/08/2002
Awsome site, good one guys you rock all the people at bioware rule!!!!!

La Treen from Tasmania, Australia

22:11:27 8/07/2002
I've been coming here on and off for the better part of a year and only just noticed the guestbook now. What can I say? The site is great.

JohnnyRTFM from Montreal, Canada

Laurens Witter
13:37:13 8/07/2002
Great site. I'm checking it regular for some time now. I've found some great help for BG II and now for Neverwinter Nights.

Keep up the good work!

ps. Why is Raymond E. Feist not included in Fantasy Novels? His book 'Magician' is great!

Laurens Witter from Scherpenzeel, The Netherlands

Simon Emond
10:24:32 8/04/2002
Keep up the good work.

Simon Emond from Quebec,, Cananda

21:23:55 8/02/2002
I could kiss you! I've been looking everywhere for information on how to kill vampires (I'm a D&D novice, to say the least). Not only did you hand out some great advice, but I learned more about the creatures I'm dealing with than any other site I've visited. Thanks so much for all the work you have obviously poured into this great site!


Michael Eringsmark
18:47:38 8/02/2002
I must say that this is a damn cool site! Keep up the good work

Michael Eringsmark from Malmö, Sweden

Neal van Veen
01:57:25 8/02/2002
I've been a great fan of AD&D and the Baldur's Gate series and the Icewind Dale series, but haven't had the opportunity to buy it yet (I've been following all the news):-( As soon as I get home, I'll get it of course. AD&D has been the greatest invention since sliced bread!!!

Neal van Veen from Haarlem, Holland

vaein De' Brenre
21:01:52 7/31/2002
Great site, being a avid D&D gamer for a long time with multiple characters this site has helped me get books and adventures and all sorts of stuff, keep up the good work!

vaein De' Brenre from Ust Natha

10:47:10 7/31/2002
I seen many A&DD, but this is the best game I have seen yet. Good Job Guys.

Joe from Oregon , USA

02:03:13 7/30/2002
Thank you very much for making this website! Yesterday i got to the part about beholder and i was having trouble convincing him to give me the tooth until i read about your comment that the character has to have wisdom above 12. Now i'm Ch.5 and thanks again for writing that part. Also thanks for the spells i can use during my battle with the demon in the Planar SPhere. Its really helpful here.

Svetlana from Dallas, USA

Charles A.K.A mute
16:28:15 7/29/2002
this site kicks ass, i have come here for about 7 months or so and i have been playing the baldurs gate games for about a year and i have come here i have found so many charecter files cheats i have gotten so many different walk throughs and items and i have gotten all questions about the games answered except for one. and with all those cheats and all those walkthroughs i still havent beaten baldurs gate 1,2 or icewind dale, o well i'll just keep on trying, anyway great site great #### on the site and i dont know how you guys do it but keep it up. o yeah and those fantasy books ####ing kick ass!

~*~Astro Zombie~*~


Charles A.K.A mute from down south,, hell, in other words usa.

02:47:13 7/28/2002
the page is very good and one of the best sites i have been to in a year or two. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shane from ky, usa

14:16:33 7/25/2002
I love the new charater modifications to Morte and Annah. Will there be more in the future? I was thinig you make Dar'kon look like an elf and replace the sword with a giant Candy Cane. Nameless would look great as a indian aspart of a Thanksgiving Day theme and Ingus could have a 4th Of July theme going while holing sparklers or something. Just some ideas


Levi Morrison
10:12:41 7/25/2002
I love this place

Levi Morrison from Franklin, ID, USA

15:46:52 7/24/2002
Like the Site! Lots of good info for
gamers, dm's and the all around fantasy
adventure lover!
Keep up the good work!

Patrick from Calgary, Canada

01:45:12 7/23/2002
this site is awesome and i love reading these books and looking at them.. all i know is that neverwinter nights is a sweet game.. breathtaking graphics

charlie from mississippi, america

01:41:35 7/23/2002
this website is awesome, i love all the books!Keep up the good work!

Jessica from Nj, NJ

Mr. Cozmolitixaplismajekgree III phd.
18:54:02 7/21/2002
Love the game.....Love the site....Hate the crabs....

Mr. Cozmolitixaplismajekgree III phd. from Here, There

Dark Arrow
11:23:58 7/20/2002
Greetings Friends

I am from a guild of secrecy and have come across this site, which i might add is very good indeed.
In the Guild i am in know as Assassins Swords we do work for people who do not wish to get their hands dirty.
for more infomation please go to

Many Thanks
Dark Arrow

Dark Arrow

Dr. llama
14:23:51 7/19/2002
yeh neverwinter nights is cool but u see da fing wiv me is dat i don't know how to use my other team mates let alone get into their inventory (on single layer)

Dr. llama from warwicshire, england

Courian Greencloak
08:32:39 7/19/2002
This is a great site!

Courian Greencloak from The shadow behind you, Sweden

11:24:36 7/18/2002


15:04:56 7/17/2002


14:42:16 7/17/2002
Just wanted to say that you've managed to put together an amazing site!

I found the answer to every question imaginable.

Jesper from Viborg, Denmark

Jesper from Viborg, Denmark

08:52:40 7/17/2002
The site is awsome.ID2 will kick ass.Keep up the good work.



02:20:53 7/17/2002
This site rocks!! Im an avid player of rpg's and this site REALLY helps out w/ all the extra's dld's ect. More power to you!!

Will from TX, USA

The DM
12:01:50 7/14/2002
Great site!
Great downloads!
Great forums!
Great work!

The DM

jeremy naber
20:32:05 7/11/2002
i will be back maybe join community

jeremy naber from olathe kansas, united states

11:36:52 7/11/2002
Thanks for taking the time to make this site! Some good info here.

Widfara from Las Vegas, USA

10:22:52 7/11/2002
Your site is great. It has been blessed by my hand so feel proud, young ones.

GOD from The throne of the world, Heaven

Panos Barbalias
04:49:06 7/08/2002
Great site.
Thank you so much for the models that you have available for download and all the other stuff.

Keep up the good work.

Panos Barbalias from Athens, Greece

23:42:18 7/03/2002
This is, in my opinion ^^, The best DnD site ever. I love sorcerers place! Ive been coming here ever since you guys started. It was quite a job to get this started, I bet. Keep up the good work, I hope this message helps keep staff motivated :)

Big joksters,

Mason from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

03:16:50 7/03/2002
Yo... ! Great great site :) !!!

Cluas from The Freakin Planet, Denmark

05:02:01 7/02/2002
Great page, keep up the good work RPG:s.


troy igncio
22:59:46 7/01/2002
im a newbie at RPG, i hope u can email me some of other old skul RPG.I think RPG rocks

troy igncio , pilipinas

Mobius Trip
15:26:23 6/28/2002
Great site, you've helped to breath new life into my Black Isle games.

Mobius Trip , USA

Robert Hunter
07:38:17 6/28/2002
Baldur's Gate rocks!!!!

Robert Hunter from Los Angeles, California, USA

16:31:54 6/27/2002
this site is pretty good i liked the forums and the downlaods that i got off of it . . .


12:57:07 6/27/2002

me from toronto, canada

14:00:09 6/26/2002
Great site. I'll be sure to keep coming back here to find any Neverwinter nights updates, tips, etc. The iso will be mine in 5,4,3...

Disc from Perth, Australia

23:52:10 6/25/2002
Hi everyone,

I'm posting here on behalf of http://ausgamers.com/ searching for planned Australian Neverwinter Nights players.

We have a forum up at http://ausnwn.ausforums.com/ and an IRC channel setup at irc.enterthegame.com / #ausnwn.

Anyone from Australian/NZ/Oceania is welcome to join, and we're looking for opinions on how you think a persistent world server should be setup and run. I have organised a solid team, and we are ready to go but are waiting for an indication as to how the community is going to foster the game over on our side of the world. Join up and let us know your thoughts, the more support there is the more chance there is of it getting off the ground.



DeePer from Brisbanez, Australia

21:08:14 6/25/2002
Well, its a great site. But i cant find the thing I specifically came here for. I wanted to find the thing for BG2:SoA so that it would give me the 2 xtra stores instead of buying the collectors edition, ya know? please tell me where I can get it, ya?


22:57:51 6/24/2002
I really like the game Torment,this site isn`t the best ive seen but it is alright,bye!

Chrissy from Tracy, California

20:29:35 6/24/2002
Great stuff guys!!!

dean from gainesville,fl, USA

12:47:53 6/24/2002
great site

Kyle from Illinois, U.S.A.

06:06:06 6/23/2002
Great site!Specially the fantasy books.

soron_9 , Greece

Andrew Whewell
19:25:27 6/22/2002
I just wanted to thank you for all the downloads and other useful stuff on Baldur's gate TOSC.

Andrew Whewell from Claysville, PA, USA

12:45:50 6/21/2002
We're not forgetting it; the thing is - lesbian/homosexual romances are not an option in the game...


18:36:07 6/20/2002
HEY! ... your poll asks about opposite gender romance ... but don't forget same gender romance too! Sorry ... if I was attracted to guys I'd consider it ... but ... I'm as attracted to a guy, as a het guy is. It's just not happening.

lanna_lesbian from Seattle, US

Guy Sav
11:14:49 6/20/2002
One brilliant site! I love it, especialy all the fantasy stories !!!

Guy Sav

Brad Harris
23:52:42 6/19/2002
I had to sighn your guest book. I've played DnD role playing games for a long time and downloading files & hacks.
Sorcerer's has the selection on the web!!!

Brad Harris from Natchez, Mississippi, USA

Ben Libner
14:04:00 6/17/2002
this place is just what i have been looking for!

Ben Libner from Ashland, USA

Kim Wilcox
12:47:19 6/16/2002
I tried to download that file that let's you get Irenicus in your party, but I can't read the text. Help me!!! This is a great site anyway, I use it non-stop.

Kim Wilcox from WRJ, USA

10:16:41 6/15/2002
I hope for NwN section..

Valaraukar from Home

07:12:26 6/09/2002
I realy love this site because I can get any information about the games I like the most with no effort.

Gregor , Slovenia

15:26:36 6/03/2002
I really needed the information within this website. A great resource! keep the good work!

edu from my home, Brazil

Bill Sinclair
21:17:32 6/02/2002
Great website. I was disappointed that the link to the add on package for the Original BG no longer works anymore.

Bill Sinclair from Virginia, United States

13:07:49 6/02/2002
This site has a good source of info on role playing games....Keep up the good work..

LEGION=11B= from PA, USA

Sander v. d. Leij
13:15:28 6/01/2002
I've just found this site recently and I have come to love it. EVERYTHING else on the web for a game is also located here! Thanks.
Keep up the good work!

Sander v. d. Leij , Netherlands

Zac Darrow
19:52:32 5/30/2002
This is a heck of a website.... i can get anything i need for BG2 without even having to lift a finger and surf around the web to get it.

Zac Darrow from NY, USA

Johanna Jost
11:13:03 5/29/2002
Hallo, Iam glad to have found this informating page and I would like to say thank you by this way. Stay like you are. Bye,bye from Germany Jojo

Johanna Jost , Germany

01:39:45 5/29/2002
Hahahahaa.... This page is cool.... Lovely looking page.... Keep it alive......

Kain from Germany, Nosgoth

01:37:36 5/29/2002
This page rocks! The mods and custom files of this page are legendary!

Kain from West, Amn

22:45:39 5/24/2002
my brother tried to got me to read dagonlance books since i was 7,and now 10 years later i read my first one.Needless to say i'm now hooked.the first one i read was "The Soulforge" and now every time i go into a bookstore i can't leave without at least $150 in dragonlance books.Theis site is every DL book lovers sanctuary.

rene from texas, USA

AS3 Essig Joshua Paul
22:40:57 5/24/2002
Hi it's me again and this is still the best BG2, PS sight on the web!
Anybody who has a romance guide for the new NPC mods, "all, or any of them." please e-me. Thanks

AS3 Essig Joshua Paul from USS Enterprise (CVN-65), USA

13:59:33 5/21/2002
One prob with the site. NO MAPS!!

Dawn from Nebraska, USA

15:15:04 5/19/2002
On my 2nd year here i thought i'd finally sign the guestbook! Here's to Tal for creating and running this fantastic site, and keeping the Community together. You've saved my life!
/me cheers Tal

Gopher from Reading (& Malmö), England (and Sweden)

Lord Frank
10:11:18 5/19/2002
This site is pretty cool!
I have been here numerous times before but i always forgot to sign the guestbook so well, here it is ;D

Lord Frank from Zutphen, the Netherlands

10:34:01 5/18/2002

zeev from eilat, israel

19:54:09 5/17/2002
keep up
some of my ever favorite games!
BG2 is my EVER FAVORITE game, the
absolute No1 of all times,
even though I used to be an adventure
games fan the golden age of Sierra adventures like Hero's Quest and King's Quest. Regretably todays adventures are just impressive looking but dissapointingly meaningless...

TSAGGADOURAS NIKOLAOS from Kozani city Macedonia, Greece

13:50:48 5/16/2002
Nice site however i'd just like to ask are there any plans for planescape torment 2? I thought it was by the far the best of the bunch and bioware would do well to make another.

Matt from England, Unknown

01:03:57 5/16/2002
Very impressive and nicely done site.

Kris from Hawaii, USA

Donald Hawker
12:25:58 5/14/2002
Very nice site.

Donald Hawker from Virginia, USA

R. J. Harris
11:40:00 5/14/2002
Sorcerer's Place is THE place to go when you need ANYTHING for any Infinity Engine Game.

R. J. Harris from Athens, GA, USA

05:26:59 5/14/2002
Cool nothing better than this place i have just found what i want.

Darko from Volos, Greece

08:05:14 5/13/2002
Great site guys!!!
Keep it up!!!

Keswick from PEI, Canada

17:55:05 5/10/2002
More websites dedicated to computer role playing games the BETTER ! keep up the great works gang ;)

llama_of_chaos , scotland

Je Karma
16:40:03 5/09/2002
Love you site - always have.
The best place to find stuff for BG, Planescape, Icewind etc. Just wish there was a site like this dedicated to Arcanum - the most underrated rpg ever.

Je Karma from WA, Australia

09:41:40 5/09/2002
Cool site.

swampdogz from Michigan, US

Zoxnu The shaman
16:09:22 5/08/2002
This site is a good site this is my first time here but all my questions were answered! Thanks for creating this site! (sidenote EVERQUEST RULES)
Zoxnu the lvl 14 shaman
P.S. if u play everquest on the Solusek Ro server send me a tell!!!!

Zoxnu The shaman

Sodin Evergreen
11:25:17 5/08/2002
This is my first time here and i was amazed by the view and it is a very helpful site and it answered my questions well i need to return to Everquest Cya L8ter

Sodin Evergreen from Spokane, Wa., USA

14:10:38 5/07/2002
This page rules !

Painkiller , Slovenia

Joshua Essig
15:22:30 5/05/2002
I've got some more portraits to add to my adults only, and mostly magna downloads, but I lost your address

Joshua Essig from USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

02:27:31 5/04/2002
don't think my website works anymore but it sucked anyway.
apart from my sex life finding this site is the best thing that has happened to me after baldur's gate

Sunny from Port M..., Australia

21:00:39 4/30/2002
Brilliant page! Found it on Google when looking for hints on Balgurs Gate 2. The hints/walkthroughs are excellent, keep up the good work!

Bhavik from Cape Town, Sotuh Africa

21:09:31 4/29/2002

imp from 458ivey drive, usa

03:03:27 4/28/2002
i stumbled on this sight while tryinng to find some quick insights into baldurs gate: tob, and was surprised (in a good way) to see that the forum has a good mix of pc and pen-and-paper gamers. dont know how you did it, but good job.

lordvan from ft. campbell, ky 42223, usa

17:18:16 4/25/2002
great page

BoHnSaCkEr from MI, U.S.A.

Grel Mathias
23:23:08 4/24/2002
This site is a great source of info. I visit this place everyday. Sweet as!

Grel Mathias , Malaysia

14:13:59 4/23/2002
Great site,
I find lots of information here!

Charlotte , Belgium

Andrew Geisler
23:14:47 4/22/2002
Hey this site needs more direction to walkthroughs/cheats ect. but otherwise good....im supposed to say that right?

Andrew Geisler from california, usa

The magi77
20:16:42 4/22/2002
Wonderful Page thou should say.

The magi77 from Mystic Realms

Curtis Morin
17:20:34 4/19/2002
This site is great so far. I'll let you know of any problems. Thank you.

Curtis Morin from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

11:23:19 4/17/2002
hehe cool site hehe cool

Thorn from england, england!!

11:19:06 4/16/2002
This is GREAT!!! that's all I got to say, GREAT!

Be'lakor from Neverwinter, Norway

07:18:02 4/15/2002
Unbelievable...this is truely the best site devoted to D&D! Any true fans wana play any Forgotten Realms game with me, it will be one hell of a good time.

Theo from FL, USA

13:27:37 4/11/2002
I liked the interview about Icewind dale 2. Im going to explore the site a bit more

Res from CA, USA

20:00:08 4/10/2002
This is the coolest fantasy site so far

Dolphin from GA , Moscow, USA , Russia

19:48:39 4/10/2002
Huge, Huge help this page has been. My thanks to the creators and contributers!

James from Pittsburg CA, USA

15:43:23 4/09/2002
thanks to the people who made this site even through i just found it like2 days ago it has helped me alot, the only think i wish it had was maps of all the dungeons for the baldurs gate and ice wind dale games thats the only thing i think that the site needs well bye

~welcome to america jackass~

charles from california, usa

22:08:51 4/08/2002
this site kicks ass

charles from california, usa

Sorcerer Anaroth
15:09:21 4/07/2002
This page rocks

Sorcerer Anaroth from Waterdeep, Fauren

Richard Anderson
11:48:11 4/07/2002
this is by far the best Forgotten Realms Site onthe web if you had a map of Toril it would be even better

Richard Anderson from Alabama, United States

Jan Pauwels
05:16:24 4/07/2002
This site is very handy, I used it several times and it helped me through the difficulties of the games. It's a shame there's no bg 3, i would love this.
bioware is the greatest!

Jan Pauwels from antwerp, belgium

08:46:58 4/06/2002
Thanks for your hard work and for being there through the last few years of BIS/Bioware games, to hold my hand when I was ready to gnash my teeth in frustration, and celebrate the stunning victories in IWD, PS:T, BG1 & 2 and all the endless expansions thereof. This has hands down been my number one resource for all things crpg related. That was for the webmaster, so thanks also to all the peers who posted on the forum, often offering an insight or two that had escaped me..A hearty Cheer for you..Lets rock with NWN and IWD2!

Sylvan from The Great Southwest, USA

00:41:52 4/06/2002
I Dungeon Master the AD&D 3e Realm of Kyrathaba campaign setting.

Kyrathaba from Jamestown, KY, USA

Alexander Winberg
02:46:14 4/03/2002
Great side!!!

Alexander Winberg , Finland

18:29:51 4/02/2002
I like cheese and the forgotten realms.

John from Oregon, USA

16:32:23 4/02/2002
I love the look of the site, and the info on the books.

Rydyck from Denver, USA

04:03:17 3/29/2002
Love the games


Roy from Perth, Australia

Kurt von Arnold
03:23:24 3/29/2002
Thanks for a great site,with all the information & no buggering about.

Kurt von Arnold from Sydney, Australia

20:20:51 3/28/2002
I just love baldur's gate and every thing to do with the forgotten realms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raven from Forgotten Realms , Sword Coast

14:02:09 3/28/2002
Brilliant and excellent work, I visit the site at least once a week.


21:11:00 3/26/2002
No offense because i play the games too, but do you have a life?


Donald Elliott
17:23:30 3/18/2002
Good site, but I could'nt find the map of the Forgotten Realms

Donald Elliott from Honolulu Hawaii, U. S. A.

22:13:51 3/16/2002
Your FR and 3E D&D info is very very good. I plan on linking your page and reading the history of the FR again and again. I am also going to make my DMs read all the info you put here about the FR.

Thanks for your hard work,

Dazeal, Creator and Lead DM of Legends of Faerun


14:45:46 3/14/2002
This is a KICK ASS Site that has helped me through the ups & downs of Icewind Dale Keep up the good work!

G MAN from Home, United Kingdom

07:17:00 3/12/2002
Very good site. I like the maps and the cap removers alot.

Kyle from Wayland, MI, USA

02:03:51 3/10/2002
Cool site. I liked the Torment section a lot... Best resource on the game anywhere. Thanks!


11:35:25 3/08/2002
I can tell you right now that all files on SP are virus-free. And you should have mailed me about it, not posted here scaring people. No files on SP were ever infected in any way.


07:22:08 3/08/2002
this site is great, but i think i caught a virus downloading the level 50 exp cap remover for BG 2. my computer was working fine untill i downloaded it.i never got it from another site b/c i don't have the internet at home. i downloaded it at school. the diskete was new also. check it out, so i can be sure about it. post it up somewhere.

blank from nova scotia, canada

12:29:46 3/07/2002
This website is a life-saver!
I have become the envy of my friends correcting them on games and getting cool screenshots that rival even the school picture master!
I have now won three picture wars with my friends and beaten them online at BG


Michael Sexton
05:43:54 3/07/2002
You have a great site, I check it every day for the latest news on D&D computer gaming. I am especially grateful for your great work on getting information on Neverwinter Nights and Icewind Dale II!

Michael Sexton from Lexington, VA, United States

R. Kaia
00:10:32 3/04/2002
Hi folks, g'day
I like this site, it is great to go to.
Lookin' forward to NWN.
Hope the game will be all it promises. We need some fun down under.
Keep up the good work.

R. Kaia from Melbourne, Australia

Mircea Dan Ungureanu
18:45:26 3/02/2002
Great site!
Keep it up.

Mircea Dan Ungureanu from Indooroopilly, Brisbane

16:29:06 3/02/2002
Nice work on the site Tal keep it up.


Master of Nuhn
11:40:05 3/02/2002
When I'm old and wise I'll tell my grandchildren about my adventures at the Friendly Arm Inn.
'SP' will be carved on my coffin.

Master of Nuhn from Rotterdam, Netherlands

06:14:56 3/02/2002
I really love this site, no 1 place to get everything you want.

TriLleX from Denmark, Denmark

Marius Smit
00:47:34 3/02/2002
This is my favorite site on the web. A truly dedicated site for dedicated gamers.

Marius Smit from Gauteng, South Africa

23:24:31 3/01/2002
The BEST D&D site I've ever seen!
I can't say anything but "let you continue this way!".
A very good site dealing with my favourite computer games!
Just a problem! Why you aren't Italian? :) :p

Philonkenoby from Rome, Italy

19:06:31 3/01/2002
A truly excellent site. Do keep up the great work.

hermit09 , Mexico

Serena Lynx
16:53:14 3/01/2002
Best site, best games... What more could you want? A better server perhaps? :D

Serena Lynx , USA

Baldak Oakfist
16:20:22 3/01/2002
Roleplayers of the world unite, and keep posting.

Baldak Oakfist from Massachusetts, USA

13:10:43 2/24/2002
Great site,full of useful stuff & info about my favorite games.Go on folks!

Nicolas from Rome, Italy

05:09:25 2/24/2002

zaknefein from hell, finland

12:07:31 2/23/2002
Best page on the net! SP rules supreme! If you would find a decent host. Not the doublecrossing bastards that you have had to put with lately =)


12:05:29 2/23/2002
Love the boards, love the Friendly Arm Inn and I love that handsome Norwegian news poster ;-).

Mollusken from Larvik, Norway

10:59:56 2/23/2002
I got here first!! I think. You know we all couldn't live without SP, Tal. Actually, I admire anyone with the courage to maintain it. :D SP rules!!


10:59:31 2/23/2002
Well, hi there =)

Valhingen , Germany

Black Rose
10:58:50 2/23/2002
Great site you got here Taluntain! Here's to SP!

Black Rose from East Coast, USA

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