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Guestbook Archives (July 2001 - February 2002)

Webmaster   21/Feb/2002:21:42:01
Actually the BG Top Ten voting site is down, the link is ok. It must
have totally died this time, so I guess I'll have to remove the link...
Nannik   21/Feb/2002:13:50:27
This page is quite good. But the link to vote for you is broken.I think you'd better repare it, cause your site is amazing and we have to vote for it. ( PS: escuse my english, i'm french...)
Great Honcho   21/Feb/2002:11:00:25

I would just like to say thanks for getting the site back up!!¨
I was lost the couple of days when some of the stuff was down... and
the board. :(

Good to see everything back now :)
ziladel   19/Feb/2002:18:19:59
Great site, but unable to access the game links for walkthroughs etc.
any solutions?
Capitatus   11/Feb/2002:22:10:23
Great site, keep up the good work
Trismegistus   11/Feb/2002:10:11:40
Cool Site!
Keep the good job, guys!
I love this site because it provides a lot of information from D-&-D


kradsilverdule 09/Feb/2002:17:53:55
great great site. keep it up guys (and gals i suppose).
everything about this site is top notch.
-The Duke
Swahami   09/Feb/2002:12:56:35
Hiya! I stumbled upon this guestbook while looking for a walkthrough for Baldur's Gate, but uhm.. what's the URL of the actual site? Everybody seems to be very enthousiastic about it so I'd really like to check it out. Can anybody mail me the URL please? Thx a lot! Greets,
Jerwin de Graaf
Dark Archon   09/Feb/2002:11:54:45
The Best and Coolest site, man!!

Biggest Fantasy and RPG archive around!!

It answered all my qeustions.

Keep up the good work and keep us updated.
Jeremy Johnson   08/Feb/2002:22:56:33
This is a cool site
George Tenet   08/Feb/2002:11:37:42
nice site
john rasbury   07/Feb/2002:05:43:33
Great site. it has helped me in many ways in my CRPG adventures. keep up the good work and hopethe site never goes away.
Keelhaul Keelhaul's Dark
Sun Central
Great site, way to go! =)
Hunter S. The Rifts Highway 07/Feb/2002:01:14:30
Nice site. D20 Forever!
Gandorf Mightysword Gandorf's Tavern 06/Feb/2002:06:52:22
Great site with lots of good news. Keep it up. :)
Vash   05/Feb/2002:04:05:49
Okay, this page rocks, just wnated to let you guys know. Its just, for
lack of better decription, da bomb. Thanks for klike, making it
Ramon the Beastmaste   03/Feb/2002:22:34:15
This site is the greatest!
The voice-sets rocked and everything else too!I have never downloaded so many things at once before in my life!
I found something about Beastmasters too, I had thought they only
existed in BG2!

Continue like this!
Cha'Chorzia   03/Feb/2002:19:25:32
Hello, Sorcerer (and everybody else)! I see that you have red alot of
quality books, so i recomennd that you should read Robin Hobb's The Farseer: Assasin's apprentice, Royal Assasin and Assasin's Quest. Now i wish that all of you who read this note find these books and read them!
Derek Alexander Cran   03/Feb/2002:04:37:51
Lord of the Rings was my favorite movie!!!!!!!!!!!
B-Tone   29/Jan/2002:21:33:32
I recommend putting David Farland's SUM OF ALL MEN
fantasy series on your booklist. He is without a doubt
in the same class as Robert Jordan and George R.R. Martin.
Ganderian   29/Jan/2002:07:11:20
Hey, I like. One thing bothers me, though. In the Pool of Radiance
Screen Shots, The Inventory Screen is different from my game's.
Is this screenshot from the Beta, or did I just get a different version
of the game?
Darrell R. Shepard   26/Jan/2002:19:39:01
Thanks for making crpg better.
Kasper de Leeuw   26/Jan/2002:14:34:21
nice page guys, ive got 1 question...
Dejan Todorovic   24/Jan/2002:12:36:18
FRPlayer 4life.
Floid Chamesau Zfree 20/Jan/2002:02:21:06
heya peeps........
Lyssandriel   17/Jan/2002:12:18:47
Yours is by far the best walkthrough for SoA that I know of - I never bother to look anywhere else any more. Thanks and congratulations! :-)
WisherDead 17/Jan/2002:10:47:59
Excellent page fellows! It was nice stumbling across this stuff.
Any hints for Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor?
Vegeta GETIX HOMEPAGE 16/Jan/2002:22:34:04
Great and good work guys! I really love this site!!!

Keep up the goodork!
Xorbitant   15/Jan/2002:16:34:15
This page really helps in putting and making the game much, much more fun to play... I felt realy licky that i found out about this site
from a friend...
David Berube   14/Jan/2002:23:03:15
First of all, I wanted to say that I have loved your site
since I had the good fortune of stumbling across it a few
years ago. The attractive presentation, the thoroughness
of the information and the ease of navigation are without
exception on the web.

The second thing I wanted to include here is a question
about your web hosting? In the near future, I may want
to create a web site that also offers downloads of large-
sized files, and I wanted to know where you hooked up
with and purchased the web hosting facility. Also, is
it easy to set up files which are downloadable by a person
visiting your site. Or is it something I'll need to do
some in-depth research on? (I'm comfortable with basic
HTML and web design, but downloads still elude me.)

I'd really appreciate your e-mailing me an answer if you
don't mind taking the time.

Volund The AssAssiN The Black Dragon
Rogue's Guild
Hello Sorcer,

I Think your site is one of the Best RPG/Fantasy sites out there, it is

HonorKnight The Knight of
Honor's Sanctuary
Very nicely done. It covers just about everything any hardcore RPGer needs to know. I particularly like the Planescape Torment quotes section, it's pretty hard to find a page with quotes from a game with such excellent dialogue.
Great work
Phoenix   09/Jan/2002:14:59:00
I am a dedicated player of Baldurs Gate 2: Shadows of Amn.
Although I have only played to chapter three(I have a level
13 mage).
In conclusion I would like to say that I wish the best for you
Baldurs Gate 2 players out there.

Trevor Morris   09/Jan/2002:07:19:29
I Think you should get more downloads from teambg...
Lori Snyder   09/Jan/2002:00:19:28
I love your site. One of the best I've seen. Keep it up. Thanks for the
great info.
Arabwel   08/Jan/2002:13:40:08
This site is really great... the boards are an anddiction to many, and
all problems related to games are solved here.

Love this place.

(The self/proclaimed Resident Evil of any boards)
Rhythm   02/Jan/2002:14:59:23
Weirdly, enough, I haven't signed the guestbook. Heh.

Uh, great site, best looking and most addictive message
boards ever, list of good stuff is just too long to write
geobio   02/Jan/2002:01:00:00
First Happy New Year to the Sorecerers and their Visitors !
I love BG and ADD so I could only be positive about you ...
Keep on doing your great job in helping thousands of lost souls wandering in these Lands of Fantasy....or are they the Only Real Ones, after all ?
So long ....
Myxale   28/Dec/2001:22:08:54
An Outstanding Page
....I'm crasy about BG and Co.
Love this Book section....keep your work dear Mr- Sorcerer.
Keep Spelling Magic.....
aramis   28/Dec/2001:15:54:35
good content and downloads..... time for a redesign tho
ed-vard   23/Dec/2001:20:21:54
Cool Lord Of The Rings page. nice site too!

Planescape Torment is still my faav all time game,
you have cool stuff on that here and baldur gate too!

All the best Mr.Sorcerer!
Joe   22/Dec/2001:21:05:31
This is a kool site and all but it is missing one thing the in game
duplicator for ne version of Icewind Dale; it is real simple send me an
e-mail and I will explain it unless u already know, u can duplicate ne
item if u want to ;) (even magical items that u would want all your
charectures to have)
bajs   22/Dec/2001:18:44:22
this is a wonderful page, but I must say; that I am
disapoiinted, you should have pirate-games here!
(especialy ToB)
I need i now!
Because I live in sweden far from a store, and the only way is
to get it from a site or download it !!!!
You must help me man, you must!
Cow   18/Dec/2001:06:24:22
Love the site. Fantasy is the greatest!
MasterKaster None 17/Dec/2001:00:32:48
Great Site

Keep up the good work
what ever i feel lik memoirs of a
girl (corny, i know)
hey! Great page, an about time that i wrote in it since i love this
place:) Awsome work you guys do.
Alex Morse msn 15/Dec/2001:18:53:09
Where have you been all my RPG gaming life!!!??????
This is the best site I've been to....Forget the rest this be none
other than the best!!!!!Respect!!!!!
Joshua Paul Essig   13/Dec/2001:10:02:36
I just had to tell you guys that I really appriciate all the help you
have given us here at NAVAL Air Station Jacksonville. Your site LOADED with every free download, and guide has kept our game going, and we all just wanted to thank you, all of you for all your hard work and dedication. I may be in the service, but first and formost I'm a gamer.

You guys are way better the BG Heaven, they think their site is great,
but we all know they only get more hits cause BG is in the title of
their webring.

Love you later
Big E

P.S. I got a motherload of portraits if you want them just tell me how
to send them.
Dan Stout   11/Dec/2001:20:57:49
Your web site is one of the best for RPG, I haved used it since baldurs
gate came out and still am. Thanks for everything, people really
appreaciate it.
Brian The Mage   11/Dec/2001:08:10:04
THE best site EVER!!!
Brightblade\Amis   04/Dec/2001:21:22:55
Wow! Great site. THE best CRPG site i have seen on the web.
Tony Arx Publishing 04/Dec/2001:21:08:17
Impressive site. Lots of interesting information. As the owner of a
fantasy micro-press, I particularly appreciated your book links.
Bandika   02/Dec/2001:00:50:59
Good page you got here.
Scott Mitchinson   01/Dec/2001:00:14:55
I am not entirely sure who created this sitebut, thanks! I have really
ebjoyed reading the itme and it has really helped me in icewind dale
tha game, again Thanks!
P.S. Is the heart of winter worth it?
Desu Setakari   28/Nov/2001:04:11:39
This is one of the best sites (if not the best) for acquiring new
information about any of the BG Games in particular. The Games section is truly wonderful and I would like to thank you for all your hard work and devotion. Keep it up !

Evan Belt   27/Nov/2001:21:03:30
Baldurs gate RULES!
Indigo   27/Nov/2001:20:08:10
This is one of the best pages of the sort on the web... If I can do a
thing for ya tell me ill be waitin...
Indigo author of Immortalis
leo the diablo2
sorceress resource
great site please email me if there is anything I can help with, andand this site totaly rocks as it has all the resources I would ever need for baldurs gate and hopefully a section on arcanum soon... best of luck
Dr.Boo (PHD)   25/Nov/2001:04:38:21
hey this is the only site i use, it rocks, great job!
Omega   23/Nov/2001:22:15:24
Cool Site!
Holly   23/Nov/2001:20:28:26
Hello. Great job to all of you guys out there! This site is the best for D-&-D. I love playing BG1, 2, and IWD. I play them over all the time, and the hacks make it more... interesting. The only thing I would *love* to be put out there would be some romance hacks for those female players...
Hessu rock 22/Nov/2001:18:58:19
Tasohan   22/Nov/2001:08:24:59
Nice site Taluntain 100 times better than any other.
Nice forums nice chatrooms let say that everything is perfect.
ELizabeth   19/Nov/2001:19:01:58
I realy like this site. It is nice to see something so simple.
Dawelyn Take a look :) 19/Nov/2001:08:53:49
Ahhhh I see that you could use my screenshot afterall.. Glad I could
help ! :)
Well.. gotta play some more BG2-ToB soon so maybe I'll make some
more.. :)

Xaelifer   17/Nov/2001:04:37:42
I was surfing the internet for a workable BG1 XP hack and I came across this site. I have been here for only ten minutes and I have downloaded nearly twenty things. I'm impressed. I used to use the ironworks at tgeweb.com but this site has improved upon that by hundreds. I also enjoy eating rice pudding, as it is quite a tasty treat.
Dawelyn My site ! :) 16/Nov/2001:14:22:50
Really nice site you got.. My favorite to get the latest info on CRPG's
keep up the good work.. :)
Nic Rowan   13/Nov/2001:10:45:11
Very Nice Site! :)

It's nice to see a site that has everything I'm looking for and not
millions of links to other link sites which have links to other links
sites which have... etc. etc.

Keep it up - its very cool!
el Nico
kaptain kompost   12/Nov/2001:07:59:15
coolest site ever.
Fallen One   10/Nov/2001:09:44:51
If everyone can to give a little bit of his soul to such magnificent
world of fantasy...
patrick   09/Nov/2001:11:54:50
this is a very good site...ive been a d-&-d addict since grade school.
Ive collected almost all tsr books.
MarkuS   08/Nov/2001:22:09:23
Awesome site, one of the best ones yet...thanks keep it up guys,
you got the right stuff here
Carmer Karam   06/Nov/2001:23:06:34
Very Nice
Xander James   06/Nov/2001:21:13:38
I really like your site, and if you could put some cheats for Planescape: Torment I would be really grateful. Keep up the good worx!
Freddie Clark   06/Nov/2001:18:39:14
Good site, fast updates, I really liked that you included David Gemmel in your book list as for me he is the Master of the Ripping Yarn.

Archer of Hell   04/Nov/2001:05:50:50
Just Got Shadows of Amn. It's Awsome! Long live the Archers|) --
Lord of Wizards   02/Nov/2001:23:22:46
aaahhhhh now a real and good page has made... very very warm
thnx too you all hwo made this!!
TheShadowDawn   01/Nov/2001:12:54:58
This site rules. 'Nuff said. :)

'As in accordance with prophecy.'
John Simeone   31/Oct/2001:15:14:19
Great page. Has a lot of good attributes. definately will visit again.
Hugo prinsen   31/Oct/2001:13:26:06
The best site I've seen so far, More Usefull and fancifull stuff than
in dozens off others added up together
Brandon   28/Oct/2001:00:50:26
This page is an excellent RPG gaming information sorce.
(Like you menu bar 2 :))
karigan of the moon 27/Oct/2001:22:00:08
kind boring need help maybe a cuple more pic.s to add flavor and less wording i do like the adress and tital of the web site id like to say well done i can see lots of efort put forth on this page but it needs some help big time!!!! well cya
Carmer Karam   27/Oct/2001:14:26:21
Good Job
ronnie   27/Oct/2001:09:18:36
this site is realy cool and i wanna thanx evrybody that worked on it.
Big Borkhor   26/Oct/2001:01:48:56
Your site truly exceeds my expectations of nice, clean pages and so on.
Thou whilst recieve a most noble Ring of Lords for thou accomplishment.
Now if I could only remember where I put it. Damn...

NEVERWINTER NIGHTS RULES. So sayeth the wise Alaundo.
Sami Hyttinen   23/Oct/2001:05:57:35
Hello.I am from Finland.. I have a cable connection and I BEG of you...
Please make the sounds from BG1 and BG2 like, you know, separate. That you can download one instead of all. I wouldn´t need all, I need some. Please.
Jaster Mereel   22/Oct/2001:09:49:54
Cover you nose boo, this is a den of stinnking evil
Donavon Knight   21/Oct/2001:18:34:21
This is a great site....Keep up the good work....The best AD-&-D site on the ne...DK..
Gnaptos   19/Oct/2001:19:56:12
I'm new to this site but when i found it, it really kicked butt
Im especially thankfull for those two extra NPC Deidre and Jovul

This is really good
Michael Smith   19/Oct/2001:16:20:30
I've never actually written in a guestbook before.
I'm just writing to say this is one of the best sites for PlaneScape:
Torment I've ever seen, its got so much information and patches,
editors, maps and things like that.

Theres not really alot left to say except, we need more sites like this,
I personally am never going to forget this site and i shall frequent his
page many times.
Ben Kelley 17/Oct/2001:18:50:57
i'm just wondering, will there more baldurs gate adventures, but
not to do with child of bhaal, maybe something to do with the God Of
Life or something like that, and you must complete your mission to
become the greatest warrior or whatever we may choose and destroy the terror that wreaks havoc on baldurs gate again, also you can import you game and character so you can visit Amn again, maybe.
Bob 17/Oct/2001:17:22:47
I would first like to say that for LEGITIMATE players this EXP CAP
remove is a blessing. Me and my friend chris play BG every friday for
at least 5 hours straight. I have a 10th level character, while my
friend chris has a level 9 one. Since we both are poor we still only
have BG 1 and Tales of the sword coast. Yet there still really fun to
play. Hacking programs and item creating programs should be dealt with like the USA and the Tailban forces. Blown up to peices. THere is not point in hacking an Role PLaying game. It takes away the vaule of the game and ruins if for people playing legitly. ( For those stupid
crackers/hackers that play with CHEATED characters online ) Long live legit players!
MysterX   16/Oct/2001:01:50:22
WOW! This is one of the most comprehensive and impressive collections of information I've found online. I can tell you put a lot of work into the site, and believe me, it is appreciated.

Poodle   15/Oct/2001:21:36:56
Wow what a great site. I have to say i am impressed Tal i have not
visited here in a long while. My fav page is directly to boards. It
looks greater than normal!
Murray The Twisted reccess's
of Murray's Head
Well I have only just started playing Baldurs Gate Shadow of Amn (for a couple of months anyway)But yeah I had a looked at your screen sho of the Double dragons and was blown away considering I'm a level 12 sorcerer just tryin to find my way into spellhold, but yeah it would be great if we could play a tcp game or somthing so I can just see how freaken powerful you really are ??!!
Kyle   14/Oct/2001:21:46:29
Cool Site, you must know alot about books and stuff to make it.
Dragonlance is the BEST!
Chad Powers Meldethar's
Awesome site. BG1 download section is incredible.
The ajantis character download gave me the idea
to archive the whole npc list exactly as you find them in the game.
I would like to give them to you so you can post them on the
site but i don't know how to send them to you. Please e-mail me @
dragonknight457@cs.com if u r even interested in having almost every npc to download for use as PCs.
Marsha Vaquero's Home
Hi! Just dropping in to pick up some tips on Ice Wind Dale. I Love your walkthrough! It seems very complete! It is very Easy to navigate! I will probably become a frequent visitor! LOL! Now, here's hoping it can help get me through Ice Wind Dale's! Thanks!
Fredrik from Norway   12/Oct/2001:15:32:13
Azirath Sorcerer's Place 11/Oct/2001:21:23:06
great site tal. ;)
Jasmine   09/Oct/2001:11:01:28
This is a cool site. But one thing people want are cheats. Sorry, but
they do!! So try getting more of those Create Item codes. They rock!
Marcel Antal   06/Oct/2001:12:07:13
The Hungarian Roleplayerz like Your Site!!!
Dalan Daneblade   04/Oct/2001:10:36:49
Damn fine site. I will visit often.
Glorfindel   03/Oct/2001:21:58:14
This site is just great!!
Keep it going!!!!

Lord Jubeii   03/Oct/2001:17:50:18
It has absolutely everything a D -&- D RPGer could possibly want.
Arabwel   03/Oct/2001:09:50:43
Love this site. It has given me the best thing in gaming:Power Play!

This is really great. Not the littlest bit 'Kewl'

(Odd, sniffly and dangerous)
The_slayer   30/Sep/2001:21:55:18
great site. quality all round!
Ardella Mzcyeski   30/Sep/2001:10:29:55
Very impressive. I could not help but laugh at the player who said his playing days are over at age 26. I am 76 and still enjoy gaming in the Realms. Ardella is a 60 yr old half-elf 8th level Mage-Fighter-Thief who just came back from the Castle Spulzeer, a very harrowing adventure.
Her experience has been with 1st -&- 2nd Edition rules. She hasn't yet decided about 3rd Edition although I bought the Campaign Setting book.
I enjoy reading the Forgotten Realms books and have read about 50 so far with about 15 piled up I haven't gotten into yet. I am interested in finding maps of Netheril before it was destroyed. If anyone has some authentic maps of those Forgotten Cities, would like to contact them.
Be ye well! Ardella
Lady Glass   28/Sep/2001:13:26:14
lars   27/Sep/2001:00:03:26
Your site is the best site i have found so far.

I started BG2 again and again because i want to solve really all quests.
The walkthrough is the most detailed i have seen, just what i was
searching for.

Great work!
50Cal   25/Sep/2001:23:02:54
Nice site!!! Very comprehensive...

When is the Bridge District going up? I want to solve the "Skinner
Murder" Quest, but can't find the Silver Dragon to get the blood from


Archzanus TheHub 25/Sep/2001:15:20:18
Excellent content and excellent site. Well done!
me   24/Sep/2001:13:19:12
Mollusken   23/Sep/2001:18:23:48
Don't remember if I ever have written anything here, but it would be a shame if I haven't.
As we are closing in on 1 1/2 year of me visiting Sorcerer's Place every single day, this site just keeps improving. Taluntain is clearly the chief of internet AD-&-D CRPG sites.
Dartanian   23/Sep/2001:05:44:12
This site and teambg are the best custom sites out there for Infinity
Engine games and other DnD games. Keep up the great work!!!
Ambrozious   20/Sep/2001:12:13:12
a great site that proudly replaces the decesed BG-Dungeon..

p.s. - please excuse my typo's (if any), for english is not exactly my
strong point..
Tonúrics Tarant Daily 19/Sep/2001:00:53:02
Just passing thru...
Jonathan Kong   17/Sep/2001:10:32:31
Great website, e-mail me to see what can I
Larry B 13/Sep/2001:19:57:19
Like your site. If you need a new host or new email provider, check out our free web hosting and free email services @ http://signup.thefreenexus.com
Dovienya   09/Sep/2001:14:07:39
I WAS HERE .....Mwahahahaha...*cough* *cough*

Actually , I was here, and i believe that i will be here
in the future..

Keep up the good work. and Congratulate on a job well done
kalle mäkimaa 09/Sep/2001:14:07:10
great place but i would have wished for more hacks to planescape
noy hing more to all is good!!
Grandmaster Findouil   07/Sep/2001:09:10:54
This page gives me just about what i want, but are these all books?
(forgotten realms, BG) if it's not, please submit a list on all books
to me.
Vern Avaritt   05/Sep/2001:23:03:20
I love your website. It has everything you could use for BG and ID.
You guys put a lot of hard work into it and it shows. Incedentally I
cheat bigtime. I made a character (using Shadowkeeper) who is a 50th level fighter with 1500 HP and AC -12 (without armour) but he is too gross. I owe it all to you.

Ugly Old Troll
eveningdrive   03/Sep/2001:20:32:15
The site is truly great. I've been acquainted with Dungeons and Dragons since I was 10. I'm now 26. I remember I got started with that classic module "The Keep on the Borderlands". Since then I've been playing with my friends. Problem is, we all grew up. Although my gaming days were over, I would still buy AD-&-D products, rulebooks, modules and stuff, not just novels, for the sheer pleasure of reading them. I've gone on to other interests, but sword-swinging and spell slinging remained with me. I just recently got the inet at home (got sick of surfing at work during break time, even if it is free), and I know I'm lucky I stumbled on to your site. My campaigning has since been done on the PC (I always need to get more drivespace for all these Interplay RPG's), so reading all the contributions and comments from around the world haven't just been helpful, but also inspirational. Thank you for spending time, effort, and creativity in creating and maintaining the site. Godbless and more
soma   03/Sep/2001:17:24:47
This is without a doubt the best web based site dedicated to Dungeons -&- Dragons. Keep on rolling criticals.
Creslyn   01/Sep/2001:23:26:17
Well, I've been using all the resources on this site for
some time now, but for some reason never got round to
signing the guestbook. Well here goes. Great site, marvellous
work (both by designers and people who contributed), hope it
continues to provide such useful tips, hints, ideas, and
other stuff well into Neverwinter Nights and beyond.

Congratulations to all involved on a wonderful site.
Tony Bradbury   01/Sep/2001:23:01:37
Thanks for the help on BG2 the walkthroughs are invaluable.

Also a very well designed and informative site keep up the good work!!
Beth 01/Sep/2001:20:18:27
Just wanted to compliment the maker for these wonderful little trinkets and add how informative this site is. I'd like to know, however... if there are any plans for us female players... for perhaps a hack for some MALE romances in the game in the future... for BGII, ToB or Icewind Dale... would LOVE to be able to use my high charisma to my advantage when playing my favorite female half elven thief.

Save the ink.

Chris   31/Aug/2001:21:54:27
Bloody Fantastic ! I loved hearing of Grub's adventures and I loved how he had a unique personality. This has inspired me to start BG2 fresh over on single player this time !
Trias The Betrayor   31/Aug/2001:17:44:14
My webpage on Planescape Torment Specifiacally will be launced soon so vivisit it when it isd finished for even more tips and cheats, hacks walkthroughs and trainers as well as all the spell locations and weapons.This sit doesnt have enough on plsanescape, just covers icewind dale, which i have and think is crap.
Good Site Trias The betrayor asks you all one question, reply to my e mail with your answerand i will answer any question you want to know on Planescape, a spel location, cheat or trainer, i know everytghing, my uncle worked on the items list. heheeh
Crispijn   30/Aug/2001:19:44:53
This site is great. It is the best site about Baldurs Gate. The only
thing I wonder is what is your e-mail adres because I want to send a
batle tip for the Admantine Golem in the Windspear Hills.
Danamin   30/Aug/2001:13:33:48
Best game site ever!!
I almost tought I was dreaming
Evan Page   27/Aug/2001:13:34:10
Hey. The site is very good. Excellent amount of downloads,
but I reckon you should put in a ANIMATED GIF section.
You know, have cool GIF's of the characters, monsters and
spells. That would be really great.
nighthawk   24/Aug/2001:15:39:46
i luv ur webpage ut i need hacking cheats on the website neopets, pls e-mail me by today 24th august!2001 thanx
Peter Zeleznik   23/Aug/2001:13:31:48
Man, just what I was looking for! You did exellent job.
whatever   20/Aug/2001:18:34:03
a really great site
kevlar 19/Aug/2001:04:21:24
luv this site, gotta sign the guestbook for once :)
keep up the good work.

kevlar, SP addict

Phreak: they died, get over it
Nanashi   19/Aug/2001:02:40:30
thanks for the patch of the two merchants. i've been searching it on the web for days. I hope it would work fine. and more power to ur site it is the coolest site for rpg gamers.
Alan Movie Posters 17/Aug/2001:23:56:41
Just poped in to say how much I liked your site. Good luck.
PHREAK   17/Aug/2001:11:44:12
Calcatan Dreambringe   16/Aug/2001:19:06:40
Very good stuff on this site although I'd like to see more stuff up on
other worlds besides Forgotten Realms.
Zodd   16/Aug/2001:07:53:14
Great site.Is there someplace I can get info on playing online?
I'm new at this and don't know how or where to go to get on.
Blaga Tudor   15/Aug/2001:22:56:43
Nice game this Bg2.I am from Romania Cluj.I want to say hy to all the romanian BG2 fans,psl write me and help me cause i am beginer.
Tasnaf Murkul 14/Aug/2001:11:43:16
Greetings mighty warriors and wizards!
This site is the best Newerwinter Nights site i ever been to
I have never played the game but im planing to buy it but
i have some questions:
1. is it only multiplayer??
2. does it cost to play??
3. is it lagy??

Im a real Baldursgate faan and i have played BG 1 (swordcoast)
and BG2 but Im stuck in BG2 cuz im in the underdark and
my party sems to be to weak for Beholders i have killed like
3 of them but then i cant :( if anybody knows the weakness or
something please email me (jwedin@hotmail.com) and plz no
unserius mails! My characters are (sorcerec lvl 15) minsc
lvl 14 jahera lvl 13 amonen lvl 15 walygar lvl 13 aire lvl 13
im sorry if this wasent the right place to write this
but im desperat to go further in the game

Dear Greetings! -tasnaf Murkul hero of trademeet- ;)
devadata   14/Aug/2001:03:40:23
i fell in love with AD-&-D when i play baldur's gate, and now i married
with AD-&-D when i visit this site.
and it seems so great to share with old-timer player of AD-&-D.
Boulcan the Scarface   11/Aug/2001:19:29:07
Very nice site!!!! ;) . As i saw you are much informed about
neverwinter nights and i am glad for this because i am new and i like
the company with old and more experiance people in this.

Boulcan The scarface
BladeSpark   10/Aug/2001:16:14:34
cool site thanks for all of the info and tips i found via your site.

good job. hope this is a pat on your back that you may not get very

i will be designing games here in the future and will look you guys up
for help if i need it.

Shadow Assassin   07/Aug/2001:20:23:01
I've come to this site about a billion times and this is the first time
I've ever noticed this guestbook, that must be really sad on my part.
lord_drakon   06/Aug/2001:05:08:48
hi,well i have been playing role playing games all my life and i have
one question,where can i find an cheat editor for menzoberranzan,its a forgotten realms game that i have had and beat,now i want to play
around with the game,by the way great site
Kevin Nicholson BlackStripe-
Video production/ SilverTree Movie
Hi. I'm looking for some objective reviews about a movie I am shooting.
You seem to be very well educated in the land of fantasy. So I figured I would drop a link and see what you think. You can find the script for " The SilverTree " at the URL above. It's a story about elves and tolerance. I hope you can give it a look and let me know what you think.
daniel   01/Aug/2001:20:32:30

hey i think this is one of the coolest sites... no kidding its awesome. its nice to see a site that caters to people who like and enjoy reading and playing about fantasy lands and rpg's.

I was looking at your fantasy book part of your site and i just wanted to say that you had lots of really good books on there but you dont have some of the best books i have ever read on there . the myst series, there are three in it even though they may not deal with dragons and what not they are still really good adventure and fantasy books. they are very well writtin and i believe they should have a place on your site (if you dont believe me pick up one and read it, i tell you they are awesome) well thank you for having such an awesome sight and that wasnt a mean comment i just feel that those books should have a spot on your site.

Killapenguin   01/Aug/2001:13:52:23
This BG2 content on this site is brilliant, the guide for ToB could do
with a bit more detail but overall this site is amazing.
drakkon - 01/Aug/2001:04:02:28
wow this site is amazing! anything i need is here from bg2 guides
to book links. truly amazing.
Corwin n/a 31/Jul/2001:21:28:29
Great site! It has everything I need! Heck, it has
everything I want! I have come here so many time in the
past it is unbelievable.

Whose complements are rare in in between, and who's word
is worth his weight in gold.
Nick   31/Jul/2001:15:11:11
Excellent site with everything I need to know about RPG games. Very
Paladin 31/Jul/2001:15:01:01
Very good site with very good games and especially BALDUR'S GATE. Keep up the good work boys.
Arthur 31/Jul/2001:14:55:45
I now that is 3 years now that this incredible game was released but
after looking for it for 6 months, I have finally bought it. It is a
remarkable HUGE game with a good plot. I am a fan of AD-&-D and D-&-D and I suggest to every RPG player to buy it. (WITH THE BLESSINGS OF HEIRONEOUS).
Belinda Force   30/Jul/2001:03:07:41
really great website, better than reading a good fantasy book
Allakazamm   29/Jul/2001:21:55:28
Cool site :). NEED MORE NWN GOODIES* :x
Cale Phillips   28/Jul/2001:21:56:53
This site is awesome! I just got into Baldurs Gate, and I can't wait
for Never Winter Nights!
Frohike   27/Jul/2001:20:03:39
Keep up the good work, man! You must be spending a lot of time working on this site.. Finally got in the Wheel of Time in books section as well.. nice ;)

Looking forward to NWN ;

-the allmighty Froh
Justin McElroy 27/Jul/2001:11:00:36
This Site is frickin amazin'@!!!!!! Its the only site I've been able
to find thats got everything and ANYTHING you'll ever need for BG2,
Icewindale, and so forth!!! Keep in mind people that just cause we
like D-&-D dont mean we're DORKS ..... We're just very articulate...haha
anyway amsolutly love the site. Keep it up pepes!!
Disco Stu   26/Jul/2001:07:05:39
Great Site for NWN info. The screenshots were great!! :)
David Murray   25/Jul/2001:19:34:32
I love all RPGs especially Baldurs gate1,2 and Icewind Dale,HOW, and Tormentcontact me for some cool saves and info
Luke Nicholas OxyMoron 24/Jul/2001:17:51:42
Nice site but there needs to be more and better content- some fan-
fiction/fanzines or artwork and poetry wouldn't go amiss.
Keep up the good work
Zeljko   24/Jul/2001:12:45:06
Hello from zagreb
Tom Heard 24/Jul/2001:02:06:30
You have a great site, and i cannot think how you could make
it better, but to think of all the hours looking for the
newest version of gatekeeper and all else,I never found you
trying typing the name of the game into a URL which me led me
to you through www.baldursgate.com . maybe you should include
Hack in your desciption.
Sentry   24/Jul/2001:01:04:56
This is a great site indeed. Finally something, where u can find
everything u need in one place...

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