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Guestbook Archives (October 2000 - May 2001)

Mo 18/May/2001:16:19:46
Great site, the best BG2 site I have come across. Keep it up!
Fineas Boggs 18/May/2001:15:27:08
This is a great site!!! Actually with all the content I would have to say it's probably the best Baldur's Gate site out there. Thanks for having it up!
Aldoron 16/May/2001:13:21:53
Great site!!! I'm going to use the tables of races and classes, and the one of the gods!!!

Yours truly, Henrik
Skillah 16/May/2001:09:00:44
Monkeyhead 16/May/2001:01:25:50
This site is really cool wish I knew how to make one for my fot clan
KOGA THE GREAT 15/May/2001:00:58:13
Graptor 13/May/2001:19:48:11
You're all bloods in my book. Keep up the good work. (Bloods in the Planescape way.)
Cyrill 13/May/2001:04:45:46
Job well done
Redneck_Samurai 13/May/2001:04:08:45
What a damn good page.
Hype Hype's Game Site 12/May/2001:14:56:21
I really think your site is great, especially for info and resources for editing game files and such. Maybe we can link sites.
see ya later, VENOM Hype
Janneth Truestar 12/May/2001:10:45:12
Hail and well met. I would like to say that your website is THE GREATEST. I have long been a fan of fantasy, whether it be books or games. It's good to see a site dedicated to it. Good job, friend. Walk in the light. Fare thee well.
Michael 08/May/2001:16:50:49
I just discovered this site and I am elated. As a big fan of RPG games (I think I have all of them). My favorites are all the Baldur's Gate titles, all the Icewind Dale titles and Planescape Torment.
I'm sure that this site will be on the top of my list from now on. Boy, this is going to be a ball!
Keep up the great work you have provided thus far.
Thanks a million +++++++
PUGMAN 07/May/2001:10:22:47
Yeah it's a good page and all that - Any ideas on when Throne of Bhaal
is to be released? (worldwide and in Australia)
Elminster 05/May/2001:15:42:31
Outstanding page I must say. Yet, I do not see enough of me! (J/K)
Incredibly done, keep it up Sorcerer.

From Myth Drannor-
Zondre Mythrillfist Dungeon of the Drow 03/May/2001:17:07:16
THIS... is a relly good page... on of the best pages about BG2...
hemanth hemanth 25/Apr/2001:11:10:14
cool site
Marie 22/Apr/2001:17:10:27
I really enjoy the reviews for this site. It helped me in deciding
which games I would enjoy.

I thank all the people who put their own time into designing this site.
Andreas 21/Apr/2001:20:52:22
I love this site. It's excellent! It is goddamn breathtaking (hehe).
Seriously good work on this - both the contents AND design. Gotta love it :)

=Gellboy= 19/Apr/2001:22:53:45
Nice... very nice... almost *too* nice...
Omen 19/Apr/2001:21:11:01
It is a great page. I love this page. I love this page.
AAbenrå 19/Apr/2001:21:08:21
Great page. I love it.
Lord Praetor Munir 19/Apr/2001:16:17:26
Great job.... I see you have some blanks here and there. I'll try and see if I can come up with some info for you... I'm currently at Brynnlaw, I'll try entering Spellhold through those pirates.
The Kramster 19/Apr/2001:13:17:07
Luv bg & bg2
HoundDog 19/Apr/2001:11:03:53
Just keep on going! Cool site!
boromer Gamerz Arena 19/Apr/2001:00:50:17
Kick ass site, keep up the good work
Mhalek 18/Apr/2001:07:11:51
Greetings and well met! It is refreshing to find a place with so many like minded gamers. Surely the internet gods look upon you with favor!
David 17/Apr/2001:17:59:34
I just wanted to thank you for a great web-site! Nice job!!! I've spent many hours exploring every corner of this site ( it's a life saver ).

Every RPG game should have a simialar site!

David from Sweden
Duber 14/Apr/2001:13:13:03
Heh, Heh, Heh. Like the walkthrough. Please finish it SOON!!!!
I recommend this site to a lot of people as it's pretty complete, and has a nice look to it. Please get an Items list and Locations too! GOOD JOB!!!
kain 13/Apr/2001:09:26:04
Lookin gooooooooooooooooddddddddd! All hail Viconia the true mistress of darkness!!!!!!!! Keep up the good job guys!!!!!!!!
Ragusa 11/Apr/2001:19:08:23
I really like Sorcerer's place - nice people, nice topics and good quality information on almost every aspect of BG-1 and BG-2. And nicely made too ... :)
Lord Mnemnth 11/Apr/2001:08:12:58
I enjoyed the storytelling aspect of this site in it's walkthrough section. Keep up the good work and keep it creative.
SHADOWLOARD 10/Apr/2001:13:16:58
Love the web page very informative!! Best I have seen. I have one question though how do I get the exp cap remover to work. It has been non responsive for me is it out dated. Anyways keep up the good work the Page Rules!
Khuyen Neopets 09/Apr/2001:23:15:08
i luv this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is that enough exclamation marks?Nay.
Albert 09/Apr/2001:12:53:56
This is some of the best gaming info I've seen in a while and I've only been through half of it so far.
m jonker 08/Apr/2001:20:05:06
Damn this is one of the best game-related sites I've seen so far.
Keep it up!
Joseph Ferreria aka 08/Apr/2001:17:57:56
Cool page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Berit The Punnicher kwad 05/Apr/2001:13:46:38
Ure site ruules and patrik runesson sux realley hard
yyaaaa the greates warcry sens ever is

(where all doomed)
Woofles N/A 05/Apr/2001:10:46:45
This is the best site I have ever been on, the completion of it must have taken ages. Thanks for doing it though. But can you make a copy of that Baldurs Gate #1 encyclopedia downloadable because each time i tried to save the page, it chucked up lots of errors. Oh yeah, your 'Baldur's Gate Top Ten!' button doesn't work. (well it didn't for me.). Anyway, good work!
Keep it up.

FlintFireforge 05/Apr/2001:04:47:41
This compilation of D-&-D Info and games is one of the best I've ever seen and I have been surfing for years to find one. The only suggestion I would give is to provide more extra game data files like more char. files and portraits.

Alli 04/Apr/2001:21:11:49
This site looks great! keep up the good work!
yoogamooga www.bbc.com 04/Apr/2001:14:39:44
You are a dance queeeeeeen!!
Fat Booger 01/Apr/2001:00:29:44
You guys do a tremendous service to all of us rpg fanatics. Let me just say that if it werent for this site, I would have put down Baldur's Gate 2 a long time ago. But you make the replayability increase by like 500%. Thank you for your efforts!!
Ferris 29/Mar/2001:07:13:10
There is some very good stuff here. As well as a lot of help. Thanks much.
Shane 28/Mar/2001:16:16:22
Absolutely fantastic. Very informative, would be difficult NOT to find what you were looking for.
Vidar the wizard SoftWebWizard 27/Mar/2001:10:34:23
Nice place. Like your layout.
Tannhauser 25/Mar/2001:15:48:28
Absolutely brilliant site. I'd like to see maps of as much of the Forgotten Realms world as possible though. I've been told I can get it in some TSR software, but I can't be bothered. Would be interesting to see where everything is in relation to each other.
Keep up the excellent work!
Chris 25/Mar/2001:11:52:59
Nice job!!!!!!!! (Butt kissing for goodness, Right Boo?
Tim 24/Mar/2001:21:24:38
RPG's are awsome! This site rules too!
poodle 23/Mar/2001:21:35:39
Utterly outstanding.
Kitiara Gallery of Gifs 22/Mar/2001:05:17:11
Well i have left lots of posts on the message boards but i have never
signed your guest book so here i am!

Excellent site, great people :)
David Dunne 20/Mar/2001:01:09:23
This game is even better second time around! Cant wait to go for a third crack at it.
Cattie-brie 19/Mar/2001:02:12:30

I played IWD, BG1, TOTSC, and I'm playing BG2 right now. It's really cool!

Yet- I'm dissapointed that I can't get Aerie's wings back. Can I???! Post it! I know there is a way!

(actually, MARIE)
Avaine Killinbound Great Site for Great D&D Downloads 19/Mar/2001:02:03:59
I really love the Interplay games. I always enjoyed playing RPGs- I started at the age of a young female- age 9, and now I'm 12. I may be young, but I could beat all of your candy coated asses in a snap.
My player really kicks! These are her statistics-
name: Avaine Killinbound
race: renegade drow elf
sex: female
alignment: chaotic good
level: 21
hp: 231
class: blade
main weapon: FleshRipper +4 (custom scimitar)
offhand: scimitar +2
armor: Mail of the Dead +2 (it's just cool)

You can tell I like Drizzt, eh?

About the site- I really enjoy looking at the reviews and doing the polls. I also like to get downloads. (No character or game editors- just pics, sounds, and XP cap removers). I don't knnow what I'd do without my favorite site!

All those other young players out there! (male, please) Send
me an email- let's get aquainted. I like boys. Hehe.
Enthasius 19/Mar/2001:00:56:42
Cool site, brilliant downloads and excellent everything else
Irene Keskinen 16/Mar/2001:21:31:22
Best rpg site ever made!
Ranwar Elvenbain 14/Mar/2001:19:05:25
Me and my sister Katara Deathsong love your website, keep up the good work... btw, could you by any chance put up some D-&-D info, like kits and rules, that would be helpful, I trust you guys to put up more accurate information that other websites :) Thank you
the GRINCH 14/Mar/2001:00:04:23
Mark Rivers 12/Mar/2001:20:08:49
Thanks for all your time in setting up and maintaining this great site. It is one of the better if not the best site of its type that I have found. Please keep up the good work as it is greatly appriciated by all who visit. Here is wishing a big red dragon as a familiar for the Sorcerer.
Jelenko 11/Mar/2001:14:22:28
Let's see, site looks great, has great information on my favourite games, bla bla bla, it has been in the favorites since 1999 I think, and is still great, I can't wait for Newer Winter Nights to come out :)
TheGreatAndAllKnowin 09/Mar/2001:02:52:28
Hey... This is one great webpage, I use it all of the time. Just thought I'd send out a good word and hope you keep it up.

The Great One (Dave C.)
Muddy 07/Mar/2001:06:31:57
You guys have a sic site here keep it up
Emdiux 06/Mar/2001:20:23:47
Wenas ha todos:
Soy un forofo de los juegos de la tierra media y quiero daros mi agradecimiento desde España, en concreto en Teruel, tamien quiero agradecer a todos q como yo son unos apasionados de los reinos olvidados y por supuesto a GANDALF! Por q a ver si lo poneis como jefe final en alguna aventura siendo caotico malvado o
algo asi!
Q os lo paseis bien majetes!!
Shane 06/Mar/2001:06:15:44
Greate Site! Solution/Walkthrough looks great and is very helpful.
Keep up the great work!!
Raw 05/Mar/2001:20:29:49

This site is realy great!
Keep up the good work!

nurp Nurps Homepage for CRPGs 02/Mar/2001:11:31:23
A very good site. Perfect!!!
cu at www.nurp.de :-)
Chris Lee 02/Mar/2001:04:09:54
HEY!! if you want to read a realy good book sereies, then read The Wheel Of Time Books!!! they are sweet! and the author is Robert Jordan...trust me...is you like the Tolkien books, you will love the Wheel of Time series!!
Tallinn ThornBlade 01/Mar/2001:18:55:44
I am in awe! The hints and cheats pages are a beautiful collection - almost exhaustive! It is a great site to visit and believe me, I've done quite a bit. Three cheers to the sorcerers behind Sorcerers.Net!
Corwin n/a 01/Mar/2001:18:04:31
Hey, great site, but do you know where I cam get the romance patch? Do you have it and I just didn't see it? What? sorry for any trouble

Prc. Corwin
Justin 01/Mar/2001:03:40:37
Hey, what a fantastic site, I've only had BG2 for 2 weeks but have used this site lots..
keep up the great work!! :)
Malferic 28/Feb/2001:19:56:16
I really like your site. Keep up the great work. I especially liked the Forgotten Realms information. Keep building on it.


Lord Malferic, the Dark Grayle.
R. Isherwood KT Racing 26/Feb/2001:23:40:57
Enjoyed visiting your site...
Taraiya Vo'Kalwyn 26/Feb/2001:21:14:47
I just got the original Baldur's Gate for my birthday, and as much as I enjoyed playing it, finding your site and learning more and ever more has topped that! Great going!
Nixie Moon 24/Feb/2001:03:32:41
This is a great site. Lots of great info, but not too much to ruin the fun. Keep up the good work.
Elliot Fleet BLK Co-OP SWAT 3 CLAN 23/Feb/2001:00:36:47
I think the graphics on the layout are awesome, As a semi professional web designer I think that you all deserve a pat on the back for the work u have done on it. The design truly has me in total awe.

Angel 22/Feb/2001:23:22:57
Great Site! Great Forgotten Realms!
Merlin 20/Feb/2001:16:41:24
A really good site!
Mike Schaffer Joan Of Arc 20/Feb/2001:01:07:45
Great site, keep up the good work! Icewind Dale rulz!!!

Brian Alexander 19/Feb/2001:22:27:13
The Guy That Looks A 18/Feb/2001:00:14:39
It's a very good web site with everything you need except... A game Page.
Mplayer really sucks.
Dave 17/Feb/2001:23:37:06
Great site! I especially liked the recommended books.

Very professional... I'll be back to visit again.
Neo 16/Feb/2001:16:23:04
This is a great site!! My compliments. I got a lot of usefull info from this site for Baldur's Gate 1, the game I am currently trying to complete. See ya at the forum!!
nurp CRPG 16/Feb/2001:15:46:28
cool site :-) my page is about phantasy and sci-fi too. www.nurp.de
Khoo Seow Kiang The Family of Khoo Seow Kiang 15/Feb/2001:18:09:22
Well done site!!!!!
Seductive 15/Feb/2001:12:25:36
Thanks for this superb site wouldn't cope without it ;)
asmodeus 13/Feb/2001:21:57:47
Superb site, loads of cool information keep it up

Bryn Thomas Shadowmoon 13/Feb/2001:21:01:31
Your site is well cool! Thanks for providing all the great stuff!
wechselbalg 13/Feb/2001:18:02:36
I'm stuck in this master dungeon in icewind dale and there's no way to return!!!!
Sir Draygon 12/Feb/2001:00:42:35
This is a pretty cool site.
Cody 11/Feb/2001:23:53:35
Your site is great. Do you like baldurs gate games yourself? I think they are the BEST!
Dannik Jerrico 11/Feb/2001:12:05:02
Destro 09/Feb/2001:01:19:03
I praise the makers of this site! The professionally written game walkthroughs are brilliant. Keep it up!
Duskai 08/Feb/2001:21:29:32
If it wasn't good, I wouldn't be here, now you'll never get rid of me... muhahaha!

your devoted slave...
CYDEATH 07/Feb/2001:05:35:38
I love what you did to this site it makes me feel like i'm home. I always lived in a fantasy world and hope some day I could go back into time and do what Iwant to do I want to become a combanation of everything such as: Barbarian, Thief, assassin, paladin, wizard, monk, warlock, and sorcerer and all others together then I could kick ass.
FATMAKA www.infovarna.com 05/Feb/2001:13:30:32
NONE :)))))))

Joking Tal this is good (but nearer to worse than very good :)) website
page and we really CARE for it. Keep the work up!
Rone 04/Feb/2001:22:07:08
What that guy talk about?!! This a great site have all cheats for all games I play!!!
Emiel Ament the Magic Book 04/Feb/2001:20:32:47
Hey, haven't got much to say.. but the greetings from a fantasy fan! :-)
Big_Lad 04/Feb/2001:20:04:40
Very Good site could be alot better if they had a cheat page for all the latest RPGs
Tom 03/Feb/2001:10:39:57
A very very good site

Easy to navigate with great content

I am very pleased with the ease you can navigate throughout the site

motorola 02/Feb/2001:18:30:35
Must say I was a game banshee slut but after comparing the two message forums I have to say I'm here to stay. Game banshee and the people there are so immature and spam too much. Nice to see a board with mature intelligent posts!
Massager 31/Jan/2001:17:52:11
Daxziz Baldurs Gate 2 - Shadows of Amn 29/Jan/2001:09:31:17
Realy nice page!!

Gonna c more 2 this.
The Timberwolf 27/Jan/2001:02:07:50
Lovely page my friend, I'll be visiting quite often may I add. Great Job.
Ultima 27/Jan/2001:00:54:52
Well not a bad site, except for the crap layout
Drizzt 25/Jan/2001:23:58:57
Nice page. Well, back to killing goblins...
Nellissik 24/Jan/2001:17:40:15
Enjoyed the site, IceWind Dale side.
Boyle 24/Jan/2001:15:11:53
This site is superb, the layout to all the links and downloads is superb. The item lists are really useful. I'm waiting for Neverwinter Nights now.
Watch out for Boyle and the Black Skullz.
EL_Raven 24/Jan/2001:04:01:23
Hmm... looks like I'm not gonna be first at sayin' it - but, MAN, this is the coolest site I've ever visited... well... one of... ah, whatever, don't wanna annoy anyone with just-like-the-others messages so just wanna say this - keep up to good work, ppl! Very few can do... like this...

Hey ma! Look - It's me message bein' posted! :)
Goon... hired goon 23/Jan/2001:13:10:14
Definately a bloomin amay-zin page. But I still want to know how to get Aerie's wings back... I KNOW there is a way, so someone Email it to me!

Great site guys

Gandril Verz 20/Jan/2001:22:13:17
This site is Da BoMb!!
Everything I needed was here...

Best of luck on you conquest of World Domination!

The unpredictable Amoeba,
Talon DarkClaw 17/Jan/2001:23:33:27
I love reading other peoples thoughts on the RPGs that break the
molds, keep up the good work friends!!
Talon DarkClaw
Roadkill 12/Jan/2001:16:45:42
Just wanted to say this is a top site with the best BG2 walkthrough
around. Never would've got through Windspear Hills without it!
KnightRaider 12/Jan/2001:01:58:10
Damn this must be one of the best sites I've found on the net. It got
Thanks and much luck.
ESicotte 05/Jan/2001:11:59:28
I've been searching for any site with even a rudimentary sub-quest
guide for Baldur's II.

Seems to me a huge hole ready to be filled.

See you all in Nox multiplayer, where as Deceased the Conjuror I'll
kick your sorry butts!

ESicotte 05/Jan/2001:11:57:01
Oops! cat woke up and jumped on the keyboard, sending a half finished message.

Anyway, Jack Vance. Also, Leiber's Mouser novels & stories.

Classics in every sense of the word--created between the two of them
most of what now is tiresomely repeated over and over and over, more watered down with each iteration.

Read R.A. MacAvoy's The Book of Kells. Read John Brunner's The
Traveller In Black (if you can find it). Read The Worm Orborous (sp?
don't have it at hand to check). Read Gene Wolfe. Read...

oh, hell, forget it.

email me, any interested in some tasty reading lists.

The problem with the books listed on this site is they are nth
generation pale copies of glorious, quirky, ORIGINAL source materials.
Some of the copies are well written, most are not, but all are a
bit... flat.
alice 03/Jan/2001:15:52:01
Was looking for how to get NWN so that I can start playing it sounds
great and I want to play
Grim Mortallis 03/Jan/2001:06:30:11
Everytime I peruse your walkthroughs of my favorite games, I find a new secret. And that is after already searching on other sites,
extensively. I love your content.

However, have you ever seen any positive results from the "right click
= popup window"? As it's no horrendously difficult task to go to the
view menu and search the page's source for each picture. To be honest, not being able to easily "open in new window" with a right click has often put sites on my hate-list. It always seemed pointless. But, if you just LOOOOVE that popup window, just keep updating Baldur's Gate/Icewind pages, and I'll ignore my right mouse button...

-Grim Mortallis
Raven 02/Jan/2001:20:05:33
Great site, I like the polls.
Lewis Dunbar (Delive 02/Jan/2001:02:09:53
Good Site , I own Baldurs Gate 1 and 2, and Planescape Torment. I come here when I need an editor or a walkthrough, I come here about 5 times a day!
Ayden Aitken N/A 31/Dec/2000:23:30:24
I've only just got BG2 earlier today and as u can imagine I'm not very
far but your maps etc. have helped me out so I'd just like to say keep
up the good work! Well Done!
Tarna 31/Dec/2000:10:01:43
Great site although codes submitted are often incomplete.
Try these item codes:CreateItem("miscbc",1), ("potn52",1)
and for a REAL game-winner, try ("misc1b",1)
Michael Barman de 25/Dec/2000:16:07:54
I suck at the game but I just started
Reza BRUTAL Ahmadi 23/Dec/2000:21:14:23
Love this site, it has everything... one suggestion: get rid of that ugly bearded guy's picture and put a picture from IWD or BG2...
One question what is that skull icon that's available for the cleric and paladin in Icewind DALE? I keep clicking on it and nothing happens.
Old Scratch -- 20/Dec/2000:00:05:37
Great site, but I'd like to point something out...

I've encountered the "Shock the Monkey and Win" banner ad elsewhere.
It always has the same impact on my system, causing it to become choppy and lag badly... enough so that I have to close/leave whatever page it happens to be on.

My system and connection aren't exactly shabby, so I can only imagine what effect this ad has on slower systems. If it's annoying for me, it must be crippling for others.

-- Scratch
daviddunne 17/Dec/2000:10:09:53
Just leaving chapter three... It's the best game ever!!!!!!!!!
Ad's 15/Dec/2000:08:45:41
Keep up the good work, Sorcerer !
McCloud Lore of the Realms 14/Dec/2000:12:49:43
Just wanted to say I visit your site daily for the news and walkthroughs. Thanks for keeping me updated on the latest info and keep up the good work.
El capo D'Aardvark 08/Dec/2000:14:30:28
Wow. Top quality site people. (Snuffle)
Klan of white bear 07/Dec/2000:02:43:31
Thank you for your help in our quest to become immortal. To
be "Godlike" has given us new hope in our quest
Chris Wizzard Wizzard´s Downloads 06/Dec/2000:13:16:34

GREAT Design of your site! Should be awarded (just apply...)
Look for rare nice games stuff, Space music, Anime and more on my site www.wizz.de
Jakob 06/Dec/2000:09:39:30
Good site. But I and others would be happy if you could come up with a
map of Baldur's Gate. I will definetly vote for you.
Keebler 06/Dec/2000:07:13:54
Great page! I wish I would have found it sooner, as I have already finished half of IWD. In Dragon's Eye level 5, I got into a fight with the caravan surviviors. They have some good stuff, but are more useful as a rest place than for magic booty! Anyway, I just wanted to say how good your site was, and that I plan to use it a hell of alot for BG2. Thanks, Keebler (yes, like the elf... I'm only 5'6").
Caramon 03/Dec/2000:03:39:40
Outstanding page... truly. One thing... add more DragonLance stuff! but overall a truly great page. Keep at it sorcerer!
Yon Beastie 03/Dec/2000:03:32:24
Sweeeeet page... useful tools
Chrono/Cognito 02/Dec/2000:01:28:24
This page is the best Baldurs Gate site ever!
I must thank Sorcerers for making this page!
Dusty Animal Bones 01/Dec/2000:03:35:16
This page is the MACK!!! Keep up the great work and looking forward to other BG2 forums walkthroughs etc. Keep it real!!!

Andrew Garnett 30/Nov/2000:04:52:00
I'm about to start a web page dedicated to Baldur's Gate, can you please give me some hints on how you got your site so well set


(any help would be appreciated, email me.)
Andreas Forfang Baldur's Gate 28/Nov/2000:16:22:44
This is a really good page, you have a good reason to be proud. Come visit my page.
Steven Milligan 24/Nov/2000:00:52:51
I very rarely take the time to sign these annoying guest books but I
just wanted to say what a fucking excellent site you have here
Raistlin Majere 23/Nov/2000:14:04:19
Very good homepages!!!!
Battlenet Barbarian 15/Nov/2000:14:23:50
Great! The whole f*cking BG 2 walkthrough. I will return for sure.
Dave 14/Nov/2000:02:43:22
While playing BGII I neglected to do Nalia's Quest so before I left for
the Underdark I gave all of my drow weaponry to Nalia before leaving the Underdark and she left immediately when I got to the surface. I met up with her again at De'Arnise hold she still had all of my drow weaponry and it was intact (Armor, swords, flails, cloaks, etc.) as you know these weapons are very powerful and useful and i thought that you would like to know this
ben 13/Nov/2000:20:21:46
Well, the only thing I'm missing at this site is an atlas of the Forgotten Realms.
Overall a good site , cary on the good work!!!
Dalfgan 12/Nov/2000:23:56:30
Great site! I haven't got Baldur's II yet but I think I'll buy it tomorow instead of going to school (i'm french and we haven't an once of luck here: it will be in shops tomorow). You have made a real great
job and I want to congratulate you for this site of light in this dark
world. Vive kispah
Ghostfalcon 11/Nov/2000:23:08:26
I just found your place. I was going through some old posts in the IWD forum of BG Tavern and found a link here. Very nice place. You have done a lot of work here. Thank you!
I have been going through your forum, yes I'm a lurker. *Grin*
This new CRPG you are talking about interests me. I'll be following that closely. Thanks again for your hard work!
lyphid lan and online gaming 09/Nov/2000:00:33:13
Lotsa resources and great guides
Hawkmoon 08/Nov/2000:01:18:33
Excellent site!! Very polished looks and chock full D&D gaming goodness, this site very quickly made it's way to the top of my favourites list.
Keep up the great work peeps! :-)
Hans Kranendonk 07/Nov/2000:15:24:22
Where did you find the time to make this BEAUTIFUL walkthrough for BG2!? You did an excellent job!
Jape 07/Nov/2000:15:07:09
This is Great site !!

+ Item list

+ Walkthrough guides

++ Well made Site for all !!

This is quite well made site sorcerer !!
H. Juergen Waldow 07/Nov/2000:12:37:01
Great site.

One comment so far:
Windspear hills - level 2 - Shadow Crypt HAS an item, a special key can be found under the board left of room's center.
Raistlon 05/Nov/2000:19:12:17
First time to yer site, so far it looks good. I'm curious about the BALDUR'S GATE 2 "LIMITED EDITION" info, or should I say "downloads" ........ enough about that ......gonna check more of the site........ E-MAIL me ..............
Alex 05/Nov/2000:11:31:55
May I just say how useful and stylish this site is? I guess that you must have put an exceptional amount of work into your walkthroughs - and I find the BG2 work in progress especially useful. Anyway, thought you'd like to know how appreciated all your hard work is.

Good luck

TGOE_Caller 05/Nov/2000:06:33:18
This whole site is really awesome!!!
It really fits the theme of Baldur's Gate 2, with great graphics as well!
I really congratulate you on making this site!!
Graylord 03/Nov/2000:14:06:35
Really good site, I have learned much about dungeons and dragons. And you have helped me a great deal when it comes to RPGs. Thank you!
LordOmario 01/Nov/2000:21:52:41
Just callin in to say hi dudes
Sandro 01/Nov/2000:13:33:59
Thanks for help, Ya saved my life in Icewind Dale
Markyboy Asene Homepage 31/Oct/2000:13:15:30
This is the most beautiful site I've seen sofar. Full of usefull stuff
and links. I love it. Thank you very much!
Dungeon Master3E The 9th Plane of Hell 28/Oct/2000:03:49:02
I really enjoy looking at the site and hope to add this link to the several I have on my homepage. Feel free to check it out and enjoy the free links.
Earl Grey bonus CD's 26/Oct/2000:18:13:05
Your walkthrough for BG2 is most excellent sofar!
I drop in every day hoping to find some more because it's such a pleasure to read.

Can't tell You how much I'm looking forward to Your updates! ;-)
Inferno66 25/Oct/2000:17:09:58
This is an excellent site. I first discovered it when I picked up a copy of Icewind Dale while waiting for Baldurs Gate II. I got stuck in chapter 3 and your site proved to be much more than that. I check it nearly daily, and it has helped me lear alot about Dungeons and Dragons, and helped me with the games I love. Thanks!
Ios none 23/Oct/2000:17:20:19
Very good site although you must update it more often!
It's overall a very good site!!!
Keep it up Guys
Chris WTF Clan Homepage 22/Oct/2000:21:21:52
Damn good site full of useful information, keep up the good work, this
place is gonna go far!
he stani malo pa i to 21/Oct/2000:20:01:22
Mi slovenci radi pijemo, alpsko mleko tece, ko ga eksamo, mi ..... ful
grejt sajt, ali imam tu drugi tak dobr sajt, k bi lah bil kej slabs al
pa enak, ce ne bi bil bolje biti pijan... ali pa star,
helloooooooooooo.......... kako kej sajtaš, a pol dobi love (keš, ne
loving), a kej earnaš?????

Ok resno, ful si naredu dobr sajt, svaka ti cast na znanje anglescine
in domišlijo, pokaz to anglarci, pa ti bo dala sam še petke!!!!!!!!
genoside 21/Oct/2000:17:58:38
I think it's a very good site u build
Nothing 20/Oct/2000:14:39:36
Real fukkin' good site. Keep it up and I will be back.
ashley brown 19/Oct/2000:11:41:28
Another great d&d game
stian and bjørnar 19/Oct/2000:09:33:37
A very good site u have there. Goodie editors
Jesper Petersen 14/Oct/2000:21:00:18
I really like your site. Very good walkthrough. Keep it up. I'll visit u again soon enough.
[WTF]Arkite WTF Clan Homepage 13/Oct/2000:10:39:19
Thanks for putting this site up, very useful and very easy to navigate.
John Garrott 13/Oct/2000:04:24:41
Having played D&D off and on since 1979, working my way from PnP to the gold box games to this, it's just so cool to see how well things have developed for us fanatics.
Kim Rasmussen 12/Oct/2000:10:34:06
This is a very cool homepage.
Zarriff 11/Oct/2000:09:22:54
I can't find any place to write to the founder of this page and let them know that I have the level 50 patch for BGII. If you want it write me at Zarriffe@hotmail.com
guy dude 11/Oct/2000:05:49:59
Hey I was wondering if anybody that comes here knows of any sites where I can get a demo of Icewind Dale so if u know one then if u could find the URL then please send it to me... The reason that I am asking for a demo is because I'm not sure if I want to buy it or not well anyway peace out
Braveheart [ce] 10/Oct/2000:11:42:15
This has some pretty cool stuff but you should get some stuff
on Diablo 2 because that also rules!

Anyone who has Baldur's Gate can send me an e-mail but only if
you want to multiplayer!!!
HI HI 09/Oct/2000:23:35:06
Nice site and bg2 is the best game out there along with bg1 and all
the diablo games
Basilik BGstuff 08/Oct/2000:23:35:55
Kool site, how did u make those buttons that when you move your mouse to them and they change?? Any way I like your site and good
Marcus Drake The Goo 05/Oct/2000:04:28:05
Perhaps some day I will relate my adventuring campain to you. Anyway very nice site. Good Work and keep it up.
Matt 04/Oct/2000:13:49:00
Nice site and tnx for downloads!
Olaf the Drunk 01/Oct/2000:13:12:01
Hi, my name is Olaf and Eric may protects you all!
Cool site you have here, I was just wondering if you can send me some books. Olaf would be grateful. Aye, aye!!!
Jack34 29/Sep/2000:21:56:32
Cool BG II walkthru you have there! Keep up the good work!!

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