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Guestbook Archives (April 2000 - September 2000)

David Dunne   25/Sep/2000:20:13:10
Lost in Icewind Dale, dont send help I'm perfectly happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black Knight   25/Sep/2000:19:45:52
I like your page, but I hate that beardy guy, someone kill him!!
Edrick The Sphere 24/Sep/2000:22:28:45
Excellent site. Love the Bulders Gate character downloads. Would love to see more. Great walkthroughs also.
MelocH   23/Sep/2000:11:52:14

I really like the information that you present on your page,
and I would like to add what info I can. First, in your
history of the Chosen, the reason that Mystra gave some of her
power to mortals was a decree from Ao. He stated that she must
do this, so that she might not become so much more powerful
than the other gods and try to take the pantheon for herself,
or so that another god may try and control her for her power.

This is also why she must seek out permission from her mortal
chosen to get this power back, so that there is even more of a
leash there. Also, about the history of the Drow, I was always
under the impression that the Drow did not begin the worship of
Lloth until after they were already in the Underdark, after the
"Descent". Well, that's my 2 cents anyway, but I really like your
site. I'm going to have to come back and look around more when
I have the time...later, MelocH

Rincewind   19/Sep/2000:15:54:06
very nice BG2 info! I've already seen several Bg2 sites, but none had such extensive info about Amn and Athkatla. Great!
Jason   17/Sep/2000:16:29:31
Just wanted to drop another tip for chapter 5. After you free the
slaves, go get the badge from Joril. After you trick him and gain that
experience, you can have a conversation where you tell him he must free the slaves must be set free. He will say that a true servant of the master would not ask such a thing and you gain experince points for "revelaing your true identity." This may only be that I have a Paladin leading and he gained pts for not lieing. but it gets you a few more exp.
Darren   17/Sep/2000:02:34:12
nice bg2 update and i cant wait to see all the npc info! love the info about amn and the starting city as well as the extra depth put into the npc stats and what they do and reflect for the game. I'll be back
monkey   17/Sep/2000:00:32:39
you really need to tune in those graphics of yours fast,
they hurt my eyes. a good idea, lay of the filters a little,
would you?

i have some problems with the width of this frame vs the guestbook to. as for the contents? yeah it looks good, but the graphics is 15 years old and reaks of bad 0.2$ fantasy.
i don't get the feel of BG2 in any way looking at this site.
Jesse Siegel Electrodungeon 16/Sep/2000:19:44:03
Really Good website
Your walktrough guides for baldur gate are really great...
I would like to now if you want to link to my webpage its new and its
hat getting started , its a game related website.
keep up the good work
Slabak Money from Inetrnet 16/Sep/2000:12:17:51
It's a GREAT site! The *.PDF files are the BEST! The Conversion Manual is is the GREATEST thing I ever seen. If you are a RPG fan you have to download it!
Eric   16/Sep/2000:01:04:21
Great site for supporting Planescape:Torment. Quick and Easy access.
Reliable Software. Keep up the good work.
Skipper Fantasy Dungeons 15/Sep/2000:20:33:14
Great site, nice new layout!!! = )
At first (old layout) that this site didn't really have any guides or
help for the games, it's great that it has a lot more original stuff
I'm glad that there are people this devoted to helpin out fellow
gamers, keep up the good work (oh, and visit my site *grin*)!

Skip - Kat - Archie
DL reader   15/Sep/2000:17:26:33
I did like these sites, but they are a bit messy so you could fix them a bit.
Slabak Slabak's Games 14/Sep/2000:19:49:59
Dokolkoto razbrah saita e bulgarski, taka che vi pisha na BG.
Dobur sait ste napravili! Edin ot malkoto sudurjashti tolkova mnogo
informaciq za rolevite igri na edno mqsto. Ako iskate obmqna na banner-i mi pishete na adres slabak@themail.com . Shte vi buda blagodaren ako mi pishete.
Jarekmace   14/Sep/2000:12:20:13
Sorcerer's Place rocks this universe, A better site I have not Found.

Keep it rolling My freind!
Lord VonDunecht RDVC FC Official homepage 13/Sep/2000:18:27:55
Thanks, I've found a lot of useful stuff to help me out with Icewind
Dale. Also like your books section. Keep up the good work !!
Lyle Seeley   10/Sep/2000:01:42:14
Excellent web site!
But could not view the 3rd D-&-D manual after downloading from the Games menu.
When I downloaded it, it didn't even access my program Go!Zilla. It should have.
Unknown Terror Nothing yet but its gonna be about Planescape Torm 09/Sep/2000:13:55:32
very nice
Matthew   09/Sep/2000:00:27:45
this was a great site and helped me more than once!!!!!
nello   08/Sep/2000:21:50:41
very good site well done
ANT   08/Sep/2000:14:49:35
not bad, not bad at all
Macca   08/Sep/2000:11:14:39
This is the best site i've visited in ages!!!!!!!!
This site rules!!!!!
(p.s.thanks for all of those sick patches!)
Steve A. Reno   06/Sep/2000:21:43:13
My 2 sons, AJ -&- BJ, and I really appreciate your web site. We are avid Balder's Gate fans and it is really great to see this new Ice Wind. We are looking forward to Gate II as we have the orginal -&- expansion plus now Ice Wind. Looking to get Planescape for Christmas. Have 15 PC games(the good ones like Duke Nukem, Age Emp. I, II -&- now II expansion, Star Craft, War Craft, etc.) plus Nin 64 -&- Playstation. With 2 PC's in the house it is fun. Looking to get a 3rd one around Christmas and networking them. Again, Thanks for the tips.

The Reno Gang in Beautifull Walla Walla, WA
JOE R   05/Sep/2000:15:37:30
Thor Hammerholder   05/Sep/2000:15:18:52
Hi! Great site, but do anyone have a copy of "BiffStripper" (or
whatever) for Baldur's Gate. Also info on how to Hex Edit items in BG.
Thx for a great site...
Mikkel Fausing
Hype   02/Sep/2000:18:27:12
Hi Sweet page, I was wondering if it wouldnt be too much trouble too make an art/concept art page that would be sweet Later!
Youwish!LOL   01/Sep/2000:19:25:59
Wow man! what a great site! just wanted to compliment you! AMAZING!
juliott   29/Aug/2000:14:36:25
this is an amazing site, which i find myself returning to every single
time i start to play another role-playing game.... i check out other
sites, but it's just not worth it - this is the best! i've played BG,
planescape Torment, and now Icewind Dale, and they are amazing - i just can't wait for BG II to be released, and all credit to you for
providing such excellent information on this new release!
Thorongil   28/Aug/2000:11:39:00
Very cool site Sorcerer. No doubt the most helpful CRPG site that i
have come across!
Gavin Woods Sad ICQ Personal Homepage 28/Aug/2000:00:57:59
Think I may have sined this a few days ago ... can't remember.
Excellent site. I've been hooked on Onliune Games recently UO and
Everquest. Also waiting with baited breath for Neverwinter Nights.
I downloaded a short movie off the site a few nights ago .. took over
an hour and lasted about ten seconds but the graphics look great!! Tried a couple text RPG's too- some Middle-earth MUDS and one called Dragonrealms. Will keep an out on this site for lates news!!!

All the best

Michiel   27/Aug/2000:21:48:09
Very good info on BG2 and stuff, greetings from the Netherlands
JERRY   27/Aug/2000:18:37:43
Hi Everybody i have a problem in Ice Wind dale. I have killed the last
enemy and his two golems in chapter 6 and i cant come out from the
room. Is the game over ???? or will it be an ending ???? very
strange !!! Thank you for a quick answer


Ps Great Site !!!!!!!!!!
REAL_GangStarr   27/Aug/2000:16:13:38
VERY good site, helped me out a LOT! :)
BUT u made a mistake in the walkthroughs to find the 3rd piece of the BROKEN MACHINE u gotta go to level 7 not level6, its in a chest on the platform
PLESE CORRECT THIS IT TOOK ME 4 hpurs to figure out


G A N G to the STARR son!!!
Gavin Woods   26/Aug/2000:07:53:36
Excellent site. I just came on to look for news on Neverwinter
Nights. As well as that I found information on Pool of Radiance.
I remember the original on my Amiga!!! I've just applied for the "A Land Far and Away" game. I've only been on the net for a month
but spend most of my time playing Ultima Online which is amazingly
addictive and atmospheric and also Everquest. I long for Middle-earth Online to actually get somewhere as that's my first love. I used to run a couple of PBM games (one in Forgotten Realms and the other Middle Earth).

Anyway nice site and it's been added to my favourites. Will have
to visit regularly.

Lilian   23/Aug/2000:09:36:41
Cool site, keep up the good work.
Love the new layout.
Adam C   22/Aug/2000:19:41:11
The best C-rpg site ever !!! Best downloads etc etc etc...
No flaw at all...how can u manage this ???
Steven   22/Aug/2000:17:17:34
Does anyone know if someone created a playable version of Drizzt for Icewind Dale, like he was made for Baldur's Gate? If anyone has any info on that please get back to me. Thanks.

Sebastian --------------------------------- 22/Aug/2000:01:43:29
This is the best site for the best role-playing games.

keep it going!!!!!!!!!
Jay   21/Aug/2000:06:11:12
your iwd solution was a game saver for me and thanks to your
gifted crew who runs sorcerers place i got the help i needed.
really looking forward to the bg2 solution and after checking some other iwd sites out for tips and solutions, sylvus moonbows takes the cake by far. keep up the great work!!!!
BOB   20/Aug/2000:12:55:20
The record in continuous gameplay is 65 hours.Since I play AD-&-D games I'm sure I could play much longer. I spend 40 hours in front of BG in a role. I stopped only because I had to take care of my little sister.
(what a pitty)B
Milo   19/Aug/2000:17:53:23
These games and your website has inspired me to continue playing D-&-D.
Lilian   19/Aug/2000:01:16:06
Love the new layout. Keep up the good work!:-)
Dr Hyde   18/Aug/2000:04:04:08
What a great site guys keep up the good work.
Phil   16/Aug/2000:23:45:18
Great site guys! It was really helpful to have all this information in one place.
Aaron Kremin Clan CRACK - TFC 16/Aug/2000:17:19:10
Thank you very much for the IceWind Dale walk thru. I truly appreciate the work you have put into the site.

preacher   14/Aug/2000:01:37:48
Love the site. Keep up the good work.
Tamlin   12/Aug/2000:02:52:13
I discovered you page recently, and have set a book mark on it. I am an old D-&-D player who had hung up my sword until the release of Baldurs GGate. I applaud your passion and care for the game, thank you for providing such an excellent resource.
Josh   11/Aug/2000:03:43:30
Your page is cool eaxcept that you don't have the chapter 6 walkthrough for Icewind Dale, and (for the same game) your itemlist doesn't tell you where the items are!
John Powers   11/Aug/2000:00:38:51
When I returned to Kuldahar from killing the snake god the village went crazy! It seemed that everyone was attacking me, the orogs and vilagers. If anyone knows why please let me know. Another question is what happened to the priestess Egenia? She never told me anything to say to the temple in Kuldahar. Solutions?
mox   10/Aug/2000:12:34:00
very useful site! thanks for making this one, sure helps a lot!

hello frm the Philippines! hehe
Outback   09/Aug/2000:13:25:43
Good site Sorcerer... Hello from Italy!
Greg   09/Aug/2000:03:45:13
Great site !!!! Keep up the excellent work.
Keary Salls   08/Aug/2000:02:03:30
Perfect help for those of us who need it. Thanks sooo much!
Joel Nilsson   08/Aug/2000:00:14:21
Great page, I love fantasy. It would be even better if you would have more worlds than Forgotten Realms, but I guess you will add more.
Str8 Rida   07/Aug/2000:13:59:51
George Odin's Hamme   07/Aug/2000:13:16:23
Damn good site man,damn good site! keep up the good work!
Greetings from Greece!!!
Helle Pedersen   06/Aug/2000:22:11:38

I just like your homepage and enjoy all the good stuff.
Keep up the good work!

Jesse Reeves   06/Aug/2000:15:04:28
First i would like to thank you for your walkthough's there cool but
there is one nich i cant find out in the game and it is that door in
kuldahr that i cant get in to but other than that it's cool game.
Cabal   06/Aug/2000:05:52:52
Love your site! You've got a great resource for all of Bioware's games.
I was wondering though if you knew what happened to Team BG's web site?
I haven't been able to access it for almost a week now. Thanks for the help and keep the site up!!!
gladius hehehhe 06/Aug/2000:03:02:57
Yo, Love the site layout, I can't wait tell on the sections are completed. Keep up the good work.

Meiji   05/Aug/2000:13:19:04
Your site rocks, as it is the first one i have seen with the icewind
dale walkthrough
Joel   05/Aug/2000:01:26:47
i am looking for diablo hacks not diablo2
Annoyed Guest   04/Aug/2000:20:41:29
You are a jerk for not letting me copy the text of your walkthrough
into word! This is the first site that i havew seen with the full
walkthrough to icewind dale!
Garicann   02/Aug/2000:09:03:13
HEy there
Mircea   01/Aug/2000:03:02:40
Thanks for providing this page, the patches and tools I downloaded off this site added a new twist to an old game.
The Nameless one   31/Jul/2000:21:31:41
ehh....i forgot....Doomsmurf is the biggest penispopper i know....Lame ass motha!
The nameless man   31/Jul/2000:21:26:54
This site is........superstrak........and thats the truth...
Ryamond   31/Jul/2000:18:45:04
DoomSmurf, that site is utter crap and no doubt you only posted what you posted to get some hits because no one probably even bothers with it. Your content is horrid and by far little or nothing to compare with to www.sorcerers.net which has more content than the shit you spew out your ass.

DoomSmurf ahem... 31/Jul/2000:14:57:36
I think sorc is writing messages o himself. Coz this site isn't any
good, IMHO. I can't find anything useful!
H'rothgar Firehammer DBTavern 30/Jul/2000:23:05:00
Great site sorcerer, keep up the good work man.

Fare thee well as they say.

H'rothgar Firehammer
Don   30/Jul/2000:01:36:36
This is the best rpg files site i have ever seen.
keep up the great work man!!!
silentbear 7   29/Jul/2000:15:44:53
wonderful site people
rebecca wolfer   28/Jul/2000:00:44:35
the quest from balduron is to find his apprentice and the vial of
razorvine extract. It was given to me when I asked about the history of Dorns deep. He wanted me to find it in exchange for info, I found it on a dead body in hte ettin liar rwolfer you just get
experience by the way
Cathode   27/Jul/2000:00:56:00
nice design sorc...

wink wink nudge nudge
say no more ;)
Mollusken   25/Jul/2000:19:36:04
Is this where I'm supposed to write something bad?
Adahn   25/Jul/2000:16:41:09
I owe my existence to you.
rw   25/Jul/2000:14:28:37
greast site
Vermillion   25/Jul/2000:06:48:36
what a cool site
Karr   25/Jul/2000:04:54:06
This site is really kick.. well you know
Jazzy j A zz y :: web 25/Jul/2000:02:36:09
'Allo Sorcieman! It's a lovely site you have put together!
Well organized and stunningly good looking! Yessirree!
I won't compare this to all the other ones, because they are not worthy enough! Make way lousy websites! Sorcerer- is here, armed to the teeth and packing a KICKASS WEBSITE! I wish you good luck with this site.. heading for a place in the spotlight as the net's best BG site, eh? Great work man... really great. It's Awesome.. Fancy.. It's Nifty..
It's Cool.. It's Magnificent.. It's Amazing.. It's Incredible.. It's
Lovely.. It's Sorcerer-.
Jayson Karlo V. Ram   24/Jul/2000:12:52:52
Bradford   24/Jul/2000:11:46:46
Cool page , didnt have the help I needed but well laid out and
informative :)
Gorion   24/Jul/2000:01:34:07
Great Site, anyone know where to find Drizzt in the game? I would
appreciate it
Tom Bombadil   23/Jul/2000:08:40:35
This is a very cool page. One of the best Í have ever seem.
The Fantasy Books section it´s an incredible idea.
Gregory Estrin aka T   23/Jul/2000:00:25:08
Very awesome website! It seems that this sight is one of the best sites on the web you deserve to be on the BG TOP TEN!!!!!
rwolfer   21/Jul/2000:18:46:16
excellent site and good game
Raistlin   21/Jul/2000:04:59:11
Excellent site, very informative and easy to read. Keep up the good
M. J. Valente   19/Jul/2000:14:52:25
Trying out for the first time a good RPG (Planescape). It's amazing the world out there... including your Kingdom! Keep going.
davo   17/Jul/2000:21:19:07
Very Good Site......
keep up the good work
Walt   17/Jul/2000:02:30:42
nice site
adam c   17/Jul/2000:00:47:57
Very nice-looking functional site, thanx for the IceWind dale
walkthrough and strategy guide....when will the rest of the walkthrough be available???????????
Craig Gonterman   16/Jul/2000:09:47:54
Appreciate the walkthrough for Icewind Dale. I was stuck in the middle of Kresselack's tomb.
Jessica Vormwald   16/Jul/2000:05:25:02
The sight was great, it was the only sight I could find that could get me through a problem point in Icewind Dale! Thank you a million!
Lion El Johnson of D Planetarion 14/Jul/2000:20:09:35
Great Site worthy of many awards
Fred Wilkens   13/Jul/2000:19:20:04
Absolutely brilliant !!!
Mark Lewis   11/Jul/2000:14:19:28

Really great site, with plenty of usefull hints and tips. I cant beleive how badly Half-Orcs were doing in your last poll, they will make trully superior Fighters and such.
austin mackenzie   09/Jul/2000:07:22:44
you rock i was stuck in icewind dale and by your great maps and
descriptions of what to do i got through thanks and keep it up i just
found my most favorite website
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Jerome gamibill   08/Jul/2000:04:48:15
Thank you!! Thank you!! I was stuck in the Vale and fow I know what to do. This web site is great!!
Valnac   08/Jul/2000:04:38:17
Day 1 in Icewind Dale.
Gameplay much more enjoyable with your service. Keep up the good work !
Magistrate   07/Jul/2000:23:17:33
Great info on the first series. Your site is most helpful.
David g.   07/Jul/2000:19:03:16
Hey,Cool Site When Are You Gonna Get More IceWind Dale Stragies Guide i need the 7th chapter??
David   06/Jul/2000:21:24:13
Very complete site. I really enjoyed your presentation of the history
of the Forgotten Realms.
aegron   06/Jul/2000:17:27:44
i agree
Munch ?????? 04/Jul/2000:16:48:50
Ben   02/Jul/2000:16:28:22
Excellent site. Does anyone have any info on Rassalanter's Keep? Just north of Waterdeep, I am running a campaign from that area. Have a good one!
Billy Prokop   30/Jun/2000:23:21:12
A great site.
Harley Smith   30/Jun/2000:02:56:34
Your site had it all.I needed Torment hacks you were the only place i looked that had them! Thanks for such a great site. Your site cant get any better!!
Tel Janin Grymm   30/Jun/2000:00:16:16
Incredible site. Especially like the Bulletin Board. Very complete
and very sharp-looking. I'll be back often.
Daniel Gee   29/Jun/2000:22:10:48
I think the site is great! Thanks for all the effort.
Ammar Zaidi   29/Jun/2000:19:03:11
Hmmm....I really good site. I can't really say that I'm a fan of any of
these games except Planescape Torment but I found your site very
itneresting and informative. One complaint though, when you post a file to download please include the size of the file. It can be very
annopying sometimes especially if the user is outside the U.S like am to download large files. Anyway keep up the good work! :)
Imrik   28/Jun/2000:17:00:27
Good site, keep going.
ShadowHunter   25/Jun/2000:11:33:59
its a cool f#!"-&-% site keep it goinag for ever
Ben Edwards   24/Jun/2000:09:18:09
Very well set out site and very enjoyable.
LethLander   21/Jun/2000:17:00:17
This page is really nice and anyone looking to help me with my own
webpage dealing with all gaming platforms and games please contact me as soon as possible.
burntime   21/Jun/2000:02:42:37
AHA! found you at last! very slick, and everything i was looking for is
here. i'll be back...
Gotenks   20/Jun/2000:05:32:03
Wow! This is a realy cool site.
Jazzy| Nothing compared to this one 19/Jun/2000:22:30:28
Oh sorcerer, i must bow and lick the dust off the floor for you.
Ethan Plaguemason ^ 19/Jun/2000:22:08:37
PlagueMason has been here...
Jerish Dra'terial   19/Jun/2000:15:53:07
Your site r0x! I'm going to make a web page too and it'll look exactly like yours! Click on my homepage link to see! Great job Sorcerer! Keep up the good work buddy 'ol pal 'ol buddy 'ol buddy 'ol pal 'ol
buddy 'ol pal!
Sylvus Moonbow   19/Jun/2000:15:45:44
You need to re-design this site with the large amounts of hits you're getting. A new look and feel would be great just as BG2 hits the shelves and also gives you plenty of time to work out a new design and RPG feel to your site. (more than what it is now)

DHTML, ASP, JS, FLASH and other great additions could put you over the top. Do it Sorcerer. You know you want to because you're the best that there ever was and the best there ever will be! Go Sorcerer Go! Go Sorcerer Go! Go Sorcerer Go!
LYNDON EVANS   18/Jun/2000:19:14:00
eric   17/Jun/2000:05:10:25
Well put together site. direct and easy to navigate.
Adam Lin   17/Jun/2000:03:50:45
I love your site. Because i found all the stuff i need to finish this
great game (BG) but i can't download the script compiler final (which i really need) so i hope you can fix that download. THAT WOULD BE GREAT!
Adam Lin   17/Jun/2000:03:45:14
Your site is the best in the world! I would recommend this site to all
the players who needs help in all the forgotten realms games.
Kristijan Kowalsky   17/Jun/2000:03:09:35
Your page is great continue your work,good as before.
Mollusken   16/Jun/2000:13:15:30
Hmm... It's hard to find decent sites nowadays.
T.S.   16/Jun/2000:07:15:40
Great site!
jacobodie   16/Jun/2000:06:48:43
your website is great! keep up the good work
Joe   16/Jun/2000:05:49:53
Awesome site for everthing in Baldur's Gate and Planescape. do peple really follow the history of places someone just made up? I know it's just a fantasy game site but you should have something on Fallout. Which are the best games ever.
Blake   15/Jun/2000:22:37:29
Man this site rules i love the patches and the hacks and the skins are
Weekly Viewer   13/Jun/2000:03:11:09
I love your page and your poles. You should have a pole on favorite
Baldur's Gate weapon.
Ben Edwards   11/Jun/2000:20:49:47
Nice page. I will come again.
Marek Ciesluk   11/Jun/2000:08:27:12
A very nice page.
Marek, Poland
Piston   09/Jun/2000:09:36:34
Great Site.
Sarevok   08/Jun/2000:13:44:57
That Elminster Guy is right Good Site Bad download
Elminster Vincent   08/Jun/2000:13:37:38
Nice site.
Damn shame that the download link doesn't work SMOOTH
Bruenor Battlehammer   08/Jun/2000:05:18:49
this site is incredible, LOADS OF INFO
Andy Rupprecht   07/Jun/2000:19:26:27
Like the site. Do you know where I can get more voice files for BG?
DrizztDoUrden   05/Jun/2000:19:40:06
It's a fantastic site but it must be more games some old AD-&-D RPG GAMES and reviews to real AD-&-D games.Keep he good work!Drizzt is with you! My SCIMITARS SHOW YOUR WAY!!!
Nameless One none 04/Jun/2000:07:07:41
Great web site. Nice info on Torment. Need to get stuff like keypad
shortcut list-stuff like that.
Arathylas Nightstar   03/Jun/2000:04:45:00
This is by far the most informative site on BG realted material.
HC Lotz Formel 1 02/Jun/2000:12:52:10
This is a really great site!!!!!!!
Tomer Greenberger   02/Jun/2000:00:34:28
put some cheats on your site
Max Graywolf   30/May/2000:13:51:51
I haveing played both planetscape and baldures gate have foun my self surrounded by giant chickens !!!!!!

How will I escape tese el-puarto-diablo (I might have got that wrong so don't include any spelling corections in your solutions) E-MAIL me I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED your help
Blad   27/May/2000:16:39:46
Useful site? I should coco. I must say tho that I did finish BG with no
hints or cheats. Took me 6 months! Every time I got stuck I

Likewise Planescape.

Now where th'hell is BG II and Icewind Dale in this country!

I'll be back
Zgodemag   27/May/2000:09:20:20
This site kicks ass !!! You have done a damn fine and very professional job with it. Thanks for all the great info, etc.
you have provided here. I will be back to check it out often.
Blaze   26/May/2000:22:05:13
I'm a Player/DM of the old pen and paper game... and a player of all
the D-&-D computer games...I'm on the web alot looking for new and old stuff about the greatest RPG ever... I must say that this is one of the best sites i have seen in a long time. keep up the great work on this site and please don't close it down ever EVER!! ok please.. j/k
P.S.:can't wait for the new 3rd edition ad-&-d game +++++ al the new pc games coming out.... Neverwitner Nights sounds great....thanks for reading my msg!!!! Later
Jason   26/May/2000:15:19:13
The site very nice, and I'll be making frequent visits for more info
when I get my copy of Icewind Dale
hasan   26/May/2000:15:04:53
helo maj naim is hasan (za prijatelje haso) ai wud like ju to kome and vork for me, ai admajr jor vork veri muè, so kontakt ti mene prek e-majla....... èao
safed   26/May/2000:15:00:30
jesi bolan napravil enu dobru stranicu, mgla bi bit bolja sa malo cura, a kar je paè je. e bolan svaka ti èast... a što se tièe stranice mogu samo reèi (ja bih napravio bolje):"a što ne bi moglo" a pa nemoj da primaš kritiku, jer èe si te samo "gripa" pogoršati.... pozdrav fatu....
scott   25/May/2000:18:10:17
Your page is great. It made my bookmark list which is hard to do. Kepp up the great work
Gerald Sivad   25/May/2000:08:19:41
Great Site,
I just wish I could play Planescape: Torment Online so others could
get in on this.
chiller   23/May/2000:17:48:36
easilly the best RPG/black isle sit i've been on contains everything
Pulse42   22/May/2000:22:55:53
You made my bookmark list! Excellent job on the site, Keep up the good work!
Enrico   22/May/2000:22:05:20
Great, great. great site. A lot of infos and stuff well ordered and
detailed, way to go man......way to go!
Andrew   22/May/2000:15:51:33
this is really quite a well done site. 'tis been a while since ive
visited a site this good. in the kits page, u really should explain a
little better about how the kits work ( r they an extension?) and how
they r implemented into the game. can u please do a weapons page for BG2 as soon as u're able. also, there really isnt that much info on
icewind, this is originally what i visited for - cant wait for the release!!!!
so over all, good work, keep it up!!

michael   21/May/2000:12:32:27
Absolutly FANTASTIC RPG/forgotten realms web site. The most complete and easy to navigate BG/BG2/PST/ID website i have been to. Keep up the good work I sure know I appreciate it :)

Roper   21/May/2000:04:54:50
You have to be the best. Keep it going
Bojan   20/May/2000:19:21:23
Hey. Slovencino ena RPG-vska. Krasen WWW imes. Takoj!
Q   20/May/2000:09:37:04
It's the best site i've ever seen about role-playing!!!
Keep up the good work!
Railey_99   19/May/2000:22:54:21
this is one of the most kick ass site ive ever seen about BG!
thanks yo!
Blind'em   19/May/2000:20:01:29
Great site. Well organized. I just kind of stumbled across it looking
for information on Planescape:Torment, and I was very glad I did. I
would just like to see some file sizes listed with your downloads (I
like to know how long it will take to download something before I
start). Thanks.
nathan   19/May/2000:05:13:12
WHere OH Where can i find the editing program called axe
PsychoFreak None 17/May/2000:15:09:21
Well, just letting you know, nice site and Walkthroughs, I had to use
some of them, since the first time I beat the game it took me about 30 hours since I had no clue what I was doing... Also, I didn't know about the second assasin in CandleKeep so. I had help from you with the Lighthouse endevoure. I previously hadn't been there and quite frankley had hard time with the Sirens until I figured out how to stop them. I used Oil's of Speed and Potion of Magic Blocking. I basically then stomped them into the ground. Also, the boots of Avoidence helped and they give 2k xp!!! I maxxed on then and Bascalisks. The GBs basically worth 7k, just through fireballs with the Wand of Fire from just out of their sight and got a hefty xp value off of them. I am currently trying to beat the game with 1 character that is Fighter...I had to use the party and get some items but I think I'll be able to do it... I am level 7, have a ring of Invis, boots of speed, and Drizzt's nice Chainmail +4
MadKing   15/May/2000:11:37:58
This site rules, why can't them other fools create something as great as this!
Azrul My homepage 15/May/2000:04:44:22
By the way... what will turn me into a lawful character?
Hrvoje   14/May/2000:23:04:26
great sight, shure wish there was more ones like this one :)
PH5YCO erm... 14/May/2000:17:34:45
yo sorcerer- great sight.

hope ya get the bots better like ya know

yer m8 PH5YCO
mithrandir   14/May/2000:13:15:22
Ilmarin n/a 14/May/2000:01:03:24
Great site, one of the best i've seen, second only to the Chronicles,
which is only a bit more advanced. One thing I was hoping to find was Previously Saved Games to download... It's ok though. Again grat site and keep up the good work. Hope you add those Saved Games...
Mark   14/May/2000:00:02:53
Hello i have played UO, Baldur's Gate and NeverWinter Knights i like
them all right now i'm playing baldur's Gate and haveing fun i can't
wait tell Neverwinter Knights come back out...
Todd A. Coco   12/May/2000:14:55:04
Coolest Balder's Gate site on the net.
MarChinn/WitchKing   12/May/2000:09:00:35
very nice site indeed, exellent download for P-&-P players
now i can begin a forgotten realm campaign. Ceeyaa!
Racso Ratm   12/May/2000:05:57:28
Greatest RPG site ive visited hope u guys keep up the good work in
further expansions!!!!
Brian Ware   11/May/2000:19:22:52
Excellent site! Now I'm all fired up for BG2!
Deilige Marc Aka Fin   11/May/2000:13:02:32
i am the deiligste person that ever walked the face of the earth.
Lord Bane   11/May/2000:12:25:09
This site really rocks. Congratulations, and good luck with the further expansion (?) of the site. (Although that doesn't seem necessary).
Do come and visit us some time, at the BGChronicles-forum.
Dagger-x   10/May/2000:20:36:28
Very, Very good site, I love the Realms World and this page is a great tribute to it. Keep up the good work!
Drizzt   08/May/2000:22:25:09
Very cool site!!!!!!!!!!

Reads and downloads for PLANESCAPE and Baldur's Gate are ''beautifull''
Just keep going like this and you will be no.1 , ''berk''!!!!!
bungle501   06/May/2000:17:52:48
great site best i've seen so far on baldurs gate keep up the great work
Olle Andreasson   01/May/2000:15:28:48
The best site I have ever seen about BALDURS GATE!
Jens Appelquist   28/Apr/2000:22:18:45
Cool site, but it needs some more downloads
Tiax Kick a*s site 28/Apr/2000:01:40:39
You have a lot of cool BG stuff.
Marcus Johansson   27/Apr/2000:20:28:16
A real cool site
Adventurer   23/Apr/2000:17:47:46
Nice site man. I like the kits guide (even though it's not finished
yet). I'll be back soon

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