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Icewind Dale II Monk Kick-Attacks

How to get kick-attacks with a monk in IWD2

- Tested very shortly with IWD2 v2.01
- Works only with humans (and subraces probably)
- The author (Tri) hasn't tested what would happen if you gave your monk armor or weapons

1. Download both Near Infinity and Dale Keeper 2.

2. Use Dale Keeper 2 to change your monk's appearence from 'Fighter Male Human' to 'Monk Male Human' (from 'Fighter Female Human' to 'Monk Female Human').

3. With Near Infinity extract the BAM-files 'CHMM1A2.BAM' and 'CHMM1A4.BAM' for males and the BAM-files 'CHFM1A2.BAM' and 'CHFM1A4.BAM' for females.

4. Rename 'CHMM1A2.BAM' to 'CHMM1A1.BAM' and 'CHMM1A4.BAM' to 'CHMM1A3.BAM' for males; 'CHFM1A2.BAM' to 'CHFM1A1.BAM' and 'CHFM1A4.BAM' to 'CHFM1A3.BAM' for females. This will probably cause those two fist attacks not to be performed but who cares.

5. Put the renamed files into your override folder.

- There is no method for non-human races as there are no animations available (which was appearently the reason the monk from BG2 wasn't enabled).
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