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4th Icewind Dale Chat Log

This is the fourth chat log from our IRC EFnet channel #IcewindDale (for more info on how to join the discussion check out the Community/IRC section). There have been almost no changes from the original text log made here (corrected only typos and such) since I wanted to preserve the feeling of a genuine chat, so it's possible some of it might not make sense the readers who aren't channel regulars. I suggest you just skip those parts ;)

|nterrupt - Scott Warner, Icewind Dale designer (Black Isle)

Session Start: Wed Apr 19 20:13:23 (CET) 2000

[20:13] *** Joins: |nterrupt (

[20:13] <|nterrupt> Good <insert time>

[20:13] <Sirduck> hehe

[20:13] <Sirduck> well met brave warrior

[20:14] *** Quits: |nterrupt (Leaving)

[20:14] <Sirduck> eh

[20:14] <Sirduck> that lasted long

[20:15] *** Joins: |nterrupt (

[20:15] <|nterrupt> oops

[20:16] <|nterrupt> lo lo

[20:16] <Sirduck> you pressed the X or something ?

[20:16] <Sirduck> :)

[20:16] <Sirduck> hmm

[20:16] <Sirduck> damn

[20:16] <Sirduck> something is wrong in my model

[20:17] <|nterrupt> I ejected! BOOM!

[20:17] *** Quits: Azardu (BBL)

[20:17] <Sirduck> hehe yea

[20:18] <Sirduck> ejecting is acutally something that fits really

well to the thing i'm creating in LW

[20:18] <Sirduck> :)

[20:19] <Sirduck> so what's happening ?

[20:19] <|nterrupt> Well...

[20:19] <|nterrupt> I'm sitting here waiting for a build of the

game to finish copying to my system. :)

[20:19] <Sirduck> it's not the final build ? :) (yea rite)

[20:19] *** Joins: BenRedik (~sugmammut@

[20:20] <Sirduck> is there alot of bugs ?

[20:21] <|nterrupt> Well, it's safe to say we're in fix/balance/test/fix mode.

[20:21] *** Joins: Sorcerer- (here@

*** Now talking in #BaldursGate

<|nterrupt> Hello Sorcerer

<|nterrupt> :)

<Sirduck> i know

<Sorcerer-> heya |nterrupt

<Sorcerer-> how goes it?

<Sirduck> you've said it some times now

<|nterrupt> Pretty good. Waiting for the build to copy over to my system at the moment.

<Sorcerer-> nice

<Sorcerer-> oh btw, what was that meeting you had yesterday all about?

*** Elminster sets mode: +o Sorcerer-

*** Sorcerer- sets mode: +v |nterrupt

<|nterrupt> We have a weekly meeting with the entire team to assess how things are going with everyone, keep people informed, etc.

<Sorcerer-> thought so

<Sorcerer-> anything interesting enough to tell us?

<Sorcerer-> ;)

<|nterrupt> Hmmm.

<|nterrupt> Let's seeee

<|nterrupt> Well, last night I mostly worked with a scriptor to solve some issues on just one area. Just a lot of little problems that cropped from incorporate some stuff from Torment.

<Sorcerer-> like what?

<|nterrupt> Well, to spawn creatures in, we have to incorporate an INI file that tells the area what to place in the area.

<|nterrupt> We do this anytime we want a random setup of creatures for an area.

<Sorcerer-> what's the problem?

<Sorcerer-> isn't it the same with iwd?

<|nterrupt> Well no. We really screwed around with the Infinity engine with Torment, and Icewind isn't really using the stuff that we did with Torment.

<Sorcerer-> yea, Torment's was a very modified version

<|nterrupt> So, sometimes the little inclusions are stranger than they should be. It'll all be smoooth by the time it reaches you. ;)

<Sorcerer-> it showed

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, oh goodie

<Sorcerer-> hehe

<Sorcerer-> btw I was wondering if you know any other black isle folks who hang around the chat channels? It'd be nice if some of them would come from time to time

<|nterrupt> :)

<Sorcerer-> we could schedule a chat session or something

<Sorcerer-> so's that they wouldn't come for nothing

<|nterrupt> Adam Heine does from time to time.

<|nterrupt> Well, chat sessions, if planned, are something our marketing/PR department handles.

*** moetown_ is now known as moetown

<Sorcerer-> well it's not that it would have to be so informal as bioware's bg2 chats are

<Sorcerer-> which suck imho

<Sorcerer-> moderated chat isn't chat

<Sorcerer-> it's like an interview (badly done usually)

<|nterrupt> I think the bottom line is that most people are really, really busy and only do those things when they actually have it planned out for them. I'm busy too, but I like to take time out to say HEYYYyy. But that's just me.

<moetown> censorship at its finest

<Sorcerer-> yea

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, it's nice you take some time for us

<Sorcerer-> hehe

<|nterrupt> :)

<Sorcerer-> oh, since you're here... could you tell us what are some of the new spells in iwd?

<Sorcerer-> high levels preferrably

<Sorcerer-> I'm running the most uslesess spells poll on my site right now and it just occured to me it'd be nice to know

<|nterrupt> Oooh, special high spells... well don't want to ruin that for you.

<Sorcerer-> ;)

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, you won't

<Sorcerer-> the more I know the better

<|nterrupt> Actually in PR terms, generally it's the less people know the better. ha-ha!

<Sorcerer-> most useless spells in bg that is

<Sorcerer-> Infravision is winning

<Sorcerer-> :p

* |nterrupt consults spells doc

* Sorcerer- wonders if |nterrupt would consider sending that over <grin>

<|nterrupt> actually i'd better hold off on this as i don't know what has been said or not.

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, ok...but ask around if you can reveal anything ok?

<|nterrupt> I'll tell you next time.

<Sorcerer-> I'm dying to know

<Sorcerer-> sure

<Sorcerer-> how bout this one...I'm sure you can answer this

<|nterrupt> Fire away.

<Sorcerer-> is there going to be a paper map shipped with the game like with bg?

<Sorcerer-> (us version anyway)

*** Azardu ( has joined #baldursgate

<|nterrupt> I hope so!

<Sorcerer-> us europeans had to beg iplay to send it to us

<Sorcerer-> and then I got it again in tales

<|nterrupt> I know there's going to a manual that's more like Baldur's than Torment.

<Sorcerer-> so I have two now

<Sorcerer-> hehe

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, thank God for that!

<|nterrupt> Yeah, we were not very happy with the manual or the box for Torment.

<|nterrupt> But that's water under the bridge.

<Sorcerer-> the whole blue head theme did start to become repetative yea

<Sorcerer-> hehe

<Sorcerer-> seems like every torment thing had the same pic on it

<Sorcerer-> :p

<Sorcerer-> hey Azardu

<|nterrupt> If it were up to me we would have a shot of Sigil in some fashion.

<Sorcerer-> the poster was cool tho

<Sorcerer-> that should be the pic on the box

<Sorcerer-> it was much nicer

<|nterrupt> with the characters?

<Sorcerer-> yep

<|nterrupt> Everyone's very fond of that, yeah.

<Sorcerer-> I love that art

<Sorcerer-> who made that?

<|nterrupt> Eric Campanella

<Sorcerer-> ah yeah

<Sorcerer-> the same guy who made the leprechaun annah

<Sorcerer-> lol

<Sirduck> Time is 8:42pm, computer has been up for 4d 1h 36m 50s

<|nterrupt> He did all the animations in Torment.

<Sirduck> WEEEEEE

<Sorcerer-> yea, I remember now

<Sirduck> in win98

<Sirduck> :)

<|nterrupt> wicked good, that boy

<Sorcerer-> hehe

<|nterrupt> he's currently working on <untitled black isle project>

<Sorcerer-> sigh

<Sorcerer-> I guess you won't tell me what it is eh???

<Sorcerer-> eh?

<|nterrupt> We won't tell anyone what it is for a long time.

<Sorcerer-> damn

<Sorcerer-> why not?

<Sorcerer-> you can tell me, I won't tell (hehe)

<Azardu> Fallout 3?

<Sorcerer-> no

<|nterrupt> WELL, if you WON'T tell I suppose I can tell you.

<Sorcerer-> that was the first thing I asked

<Azardu> oh

<Azardu> Fallout 4 then? :P

<Sorcerer-> hahaha

<Azardu> or bg 3 :P

<Sorcerer-> bioware makes bg

<Sorcerer-> not black isle

<|nterrupt> The title is <super cool RPG world title>

<Sorcerer-> hm

<Sorcerer-> ad&d?

<|nterrupt> Can't say.

<Azardu> Necaria?

<Sorcerer-> darn

<Sorcerer-> lol

<Azardu> Forgotten Realms

<Sorcerer-> you wish

<Azardu> oh, can it be... Dragonlance?!?

<Azardu> That would indeed be cool

<Sorcerer-> mhm

<Sorcerer-> it would

<Sorcerer-> no dragonlance games in a while

<|nterrupt> I'd like to do a Star Frontiers game.

<|nterrupt> :)

<Azardu> |nterrupt: you could do a game on my rpg-group's setting :P

<Sorcerer-> Azardu, uh sure

<Sorcerer-> that'd sell in ummm...dozens I'm sure

<|nterrupt> :)

<Sorcerer-> <g>

<Azardu> Sorcerer-: hey, gotta at least try

<|nterrupt> now now

<Sorcerer-> it's all in good fun

<Sirduck> < --- keep in mind that it's lacking textures and guns etc

<|nterrupt> RPG systems are not my core focus. I'm not the guy to sell those on. I'm of the belief that I can take any system and make it our own. My primary focus is story and world environment.

*** |nterrupt has quit IRC (Leaving)
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