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3rd Icewind Dale Chat Log

This is the third chat log from our IRC EFnet channel #IcewindDale (for more info on how to join the discussion check out the Community/IRC section). There have been almost no changes from the original text log made here (corrected only typos and such) since I wanted to preserve the feeling of a genuine chat, so it's possible some of it might not make sense the readers who aren't channel regulars. I suggest you just skip those parts ;)

|nterrupt - Scott Warner, Icewind Dale designer (Black Isle)

Session Start: Tue Apr 18 19:20:02 (CET) 2000

*** |nterrupt ( has joined #icewinddale

<|nterrupt> Good <insert time>

<Sorcerer-> hello |nterrupt

<Sorcerer-> ;)

<|nterrupt> How goes it?

<Sorcerer-> fine, thanks

<Sorcerer-> and you?

<|nterrupt> coming in for a few minutes here before a meeting.

<|nterrupt> I'm pretty tired but extremely inspired so, good. I've had a total of two hours of sleep. haha

<Sorcerer-> well it's a bit early...people start comin in a few hrs later :p

<Sorcerer-> that sucks

<|nterrupt> Hmm, maybe I'll check in later on today if I get a chance.

<Sorcerer-> but since I'm in the european time zone I'm often around at this time

<Sorcerer-> ;)

<|nterrupt> Right right

<Sorcerer-> it's 7pm here

<Sorcerer-> hm

<Sorcerer-> any new developments regarding iwd?

<|nterrupt> Well, lots of funky scripting going on for my area, so we're testing/tweaking at the moment.

<Sorcerer-> nice...that means that you're done with it more or less?

<|nterrupt> I'm working with Tom French, who not only is a very talented programmer, also is a music obsessive like myself.

<Sorcerer-> only testing now?

<|nterrupt> Tweaking/Testing/Balancing mode for me, for the most part.

<Sorcerer-> what do you mean music obsessive?

<|nterrupt> We're obsessed by music. All kinds. We'd be rock critics in alternate lives.

<Sorcerer-> hahaha

<Sorcerer-> talking about music...I loved the music in Torment

<Sorcerer-> you guys should be making more soundtracks

<|nterrupt> I actually work part time for a band, so I actually try to keep one foot in that arena.

<Sorcerer-> :)

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, what do you play?

<Sorcerer-> or do you sing

<Sorcerer-> ?

<|nterrupt> Yeah, we were suprised by the reaction to the music of Torment. We certainly thought it was good, but it's always very cool when something garners a bigger response than you expect.

<|nterrupt> I don't actually play/sing, I handle a band's internet presence.

<Sorcerer-> ah

<Sorcerer-> got any urls to share?

<|nterrupt> Although I have made my own music in the past... I can't right now because, well, I'm in game development. haha

<|nterrupt> Of course!

<Sorcerer-> pretty busy I suppose

<Sorcerer-> ;)

<|nterrupt> i also use part of the dirtystuff for a BIS page.

<Sorcerer-> yea, I know

<Sorcerer-> you know I have the BIS part bookmarked

<|nterrupt> Ahh, very cool. :)

<Sorcerer-> but I never actually looked just at the

<Sorcerer-> always used /BIS

<Sorcerer-> :)

<Sorcerer-> I've read your last report

<|nterrupt> Well check it out, see whatcha think. It's a pretty well established UK band that I work with, have a lot of respect for.

<Sorcerer-> kinda similar to what you told us in here

*** troutlet ( has joined #icewinddale

<|nterrupt> Yeah, I'm just regurgitating huh?

<|nterrupt> ;)

<Sorcerer-> indeed hehe

<|nterrupt> Well, unfortunately I have to split for a meeting but I'll attempt to get back in here a little bit later.

<Sorcerer-> well I got the logs from our chat up the next day

<Sorcerer-> sure

<Sorcerer-> cya then

<|nterrupt> :) Maybe umm, three hours or so.

<|nterrupt> Take care!

<Sorcerer-> ok

*** |nterrupt has quit IRC (Leaving)
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