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2nd Icewind Dale Chat Log

This is the second chat log from our IRC EFnet channel #IcewindDale (for more info on how to join the discussion check out the Community/IRC section). There have been almost no changes from the original text log made here (corrected only typos and such) since I wanted to preserve the feeling of a genuine chat, so it's possible some of it might not make sense the readers who aren't channel regulars. I suggest you just skip those parts ;)

|nterrupt - Scott Warner, Icewind Dale designer (Black Isle)

Session Start: Sat Apr 15 18:22:18 (CET) 2000

*** |nterrupt ( has joined #icewinddale

<Sorcerer-> heya |nterrupt

<Myrnez> hello |nterrupt

<|nterrupt> Good morning. :)

<Sorcerer-> what'd I tell ya? ;)

<Spyrer> hiya interrupt

<|nterrupt> Hi!

<moetown> its still mornging still UGH

<Spyrer> how's it hanging?

<zner> good morning indeed

<Spyrer> evening here

<|nterrupt> REALLY tired but still working. What's a "weekend"? haha

<Sorcerer-> so, how's iwd coming along?

<Sorcerer-> hehe

<Spyrer> interrupt, a weekend is something you eat with gravy

<moetown> |nterrupt: you tell me, my "monday" is a saturday

<|nterrupt> (one sec real quick... phone)

<Sorcerer-> sure

*** Sorcerer- sets mode: +v |nterrupt

* moetown drops a pin

<Sorcerer-> :)

* Myrnez eats the pin

<Myrnez> didn't you say pineapple?

* Spyrer hear's the pin go *CLING!!!!*


<|nterrupt> Back again. :)

<Sorcerer-> now now kids, behave

<Sorcerer-> we have a celebrity in here today

<moetown> yes father

<Myrnez> Sorcerer- : SIR, YES, SIR

* Spyrer does as daddy sorcerer- says and beheads Myrnez

<Sorcerer-> so |nterrupt, how is Icewind Dale coming along? Will it be on schedule?

<|nterrupt> I don't see why not. Right now we're in balance/test mode... tweaking/fixing.

<Sorcerer-> we've heard it'll be out by june

<Sorcerer-> is that right?

<Sirduck> hmm

<Spyrer> any bad bugs at the moment?

<Sirduck> cool :)

<zner> not bad, not bad at all

<|nterrupt> I'd say that's a pretty fair estimation, although you can never be certain. However, this time around, there's about 1/10th the dialog of Torment, so there's a lot less of that to go through.

<Sorcerer-> yea, Torment did have a ton of text

<zner> a bit talkative

<Sorcerer-> but it made it a very good game

<Sorcerer-> everybody now refers to Torment when they talk about a good story

<|nterrupt> Very pleased/proud of the work on Torment in general. I was extremely happy to be involved with that.

<moetown> i liked how you could do a few 'actions' in the dialog in torment as well, just seemed a bit different...

<Sorcerer-> yep...just about the only flaw I could find in Torment was it's manual

<Sorcerer-> I hope iwd's will be better

<Spyrer> there was 1 thing in torment i didn't like

<Spyrer> or actually is

<moetown> lol

<|nterrupt> It's not often that companies can put a game like that out. We're very fortunate at BIS to have a good deal of creative freedom to be able to do something like that.

<Sorcerer-> it did make a lot of room for us fansite webmasters to fill but still...there could be more info in it

<moetown> the one flaw i had with torment was that wizard guy who would cast "lock up computer" spell (it must have been a level 9 spell, cuz it was pretty dang powerful)

<Sorcerer-> lol

<|nterrupt> The Manual is written by Chris Avellone this time around, and it's safe to say he is doing it himself to ensure that you get the proper manual this time around. haha

<Sirduck> hehe

<Sorcerer-> I remember the wizards on the roof in Carceri

<Spyrer> i didn't like that you couldn't cover up the nameless ones ugly hide

<Sorcerer-> the ever respawning bastards

<Sorcerer-> that was annoying

<|nterrupt> hahaha Carceri is all my doing. Sorry.

<Sorcerer-> well it was very cool

<zner> hehe

<Sorcerer-> it's just that I didn't get it at first that they all respawn you know

<Sorcerer-> thought it was a bug

<Spyrer> i haven't gotten that far yet

<Sorcerer-> since monsters didn't respawn in previous areas of the game

<Sorcerer-> and I was killed that mage two mins

<Sorcerer-> he's up AGAIN?!

<Sorcerer-> two minutes ago even

<|nterrupt> Well, they respawn according to how you're reacting to the situation in Carceri.

<Myrnez> gotta go now... nice to see a celeberty...

<|nterrupt> If you're resolving, they spawn less... if you're going around moping everything up without regard, they spawn rapidly.

<Myrnez> nice work you guys are doing... Torment was great!!

<Sirduck> hmm

*** Myrnez has quit IRC (jaaa... du)

<Sirduck> Sorcerer- i did the same thing

<|nterrupt> I thang ya kindly.

<moetown> well, off to get ready for work i go

<Sorcerer-> oh btw I was it possible to kill those two monsters that are fighting in the square?

<moetown> oh wait! i took today off.....i still need to get ready.

<Sorcerer-> I couldn't :p

*** cKB ( has joined #icewinddale

*** tanyuh ( has joined #icewinddale

<Scrabble> ack

<Sorcerer-> hm

<Sorcerer-> lag here

<Scrabble> no one tells me that he is in here!!

<moetown> lol

* Scrabble kicks Sorcerer-

<moetown> poor poor srabble

<Sorcerer-> I did

<Scrabble> ...again

<Sirduck> hehe

<|nterrupt> Yeah, you can kill those, and if I remember the scripts correctly, they don't effect the spawning rate. Basically those are two mortal enemies who, if you don't dispose of them earlier in Curst, fight as soon as they see each other in Carceri.

<Sorcerer-> were you sleeping or something

<Scrabble> you said he is gonna come in

<Sorcerer-> I posted it twice in #bg

<Scrabble> now that he was here

<Scrabble> 01:54.53¯ <Sorcerer-> interrupt's on his way

<Scrabble> 01:55.08¯ <moetown> how do you know?

<Scrabble> 01:55.25¯ [mode(#BaldursGate)] "+o moetown" by Imoen

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, I spent like an hour in Carceri

<Scrabble> 01:55.28¯ <Sorcerer-> because I asked him

<Sorcerer-> they didn't kill each other once :p

<|nterrupt> It is possible.

<|nterrupt> hahaha

<Sorcerer-> why are you posting this crap here Scrabble?

<Scrabble> so what's up?

<Scrabble> forget it dude

<|nterrupt> They don't actually start fighting until you see them the first time. Then, once they see each other, they start hacking away. They're both relatively powerful creatures, so it can take a while.

<Sorcerer-> yea I know

<Sorcerer-> but they didn't seem to be doing any damage to each other

<Sorcerer-> (no numbers floating around the heads)

<tanyuh> sorc - does scar disappear after a while?

<Sorcerer-> tanyuh, I don't really remember

<Spyrer> i'm still bloody stuck in the bloody ward

<Sorcerer-> he shouldn't

<tanyuh> dammit, i can't find him

<|nterrupt> Which ward? :)

<Spyrer> clerks/lower

<Sirduck> my fighter is still stuck in Clerks ward

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, who did the Brothel?

<Spyrer> that was a real nice one

<Sirduck> that was |nterrupt

<Sorcerer-> that was my all times favorite

<Sirduck> if i remember correct

<Sorcerer-> best part of the game I think

<|nterrupt> Dave wrote the dialog for the Brothel, I came up with the area design and interaction, Adam did the scripting.

<Sorcerer-> cool

<Scrabble> the brothel was cool as anything

<|nterrupt> That was our toughest area to script because we had to have everything completely reacting to everything.

<Sorcerer-> yep

<Scrabble> I think that was my fav part playing the game too

<Spyrer> then you can tell me how to get kesai-seris to admit she is ravel's daughter

<Sorcerer-> talk to another prostitute there

<Sorcerer-> the black one

<Sorcerer-> if I remember right

<Sorcerer-> black haired

<|nterrupt> wow, there's quite a bit to that. but let's not spoil it for people. haha

<Sorcerer-> forgot the name

*** gum ( has joined #icewinddale

<Sorcerer-> it's a long process

<|nterrupt> ahhh one sec... phone.

<Sorcerer-> you run around a bit to finish that one :)

<tanyuh> ok, well, thanks again, but if i can't find him, i'm going to kill someone. see ya.

<Spyrer> i have done the juliette thing, the adlora(or whatever thing) the echo thing...

<Scrabble> yeah...that whole quest took a lot of running

*** tanyuh has quit IRC (Death is an opportunity <k!14>)

<Scrabble> so how you been |nterrupt?

<|nterrupt> (one sec... phone :) )

<Scrabble> oh yeah...thoguht that was someone else a second ago

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, how exactly does your "alliance" with BioWare work. If I understood correctly you people came up with the char bumping and now I see Bio's going to use it in BG II too?

<Spyrer> char bumping?

<Sorcerer-> Spyrer, they don't get stuck in narrow passages anymore like they did in BG

<Sorcerer-> they bump each other out of their way

<Spyrer> ahh

<|nterrupt> (sorry stil on the phone... rr)

<Sorcerer-> he's on the phone

<Sorcerer-> :p

<Scrabble> hehe

<Scrabble> I hate that

<Scrabble> it's like "Stop talking to me...I'm chatting on my PC and I do not wish to actually hear anyone's voice right now!!"

<Scrabble> ...or something along those lines

<|nterrupt> I'm back. :)

<|nterrupt> Sorry.

<Spyrer> ... and there was great rejoicing

<Scrabble> yay (Monty Python style)

<|nterrupt> Somebody asked about the Bioware alliance.

<|nterrupt> haha

<Sorcerer-> I did

<|nterrupt> Here's how that works.

<Scrabble> I feel a novel coming on here ;)

<|nterrupt> Interplay is a publisher and developer, but mostly a publisher. And we have a few studios, internally, under the Interplay name that also publish. Black Isle is one of those.

<|nterrupt> hahaha scrabble

<|nterrupt> For instance, Tantrum publishes games for Outrage/Volition, who do Descent and Freespace.

*** zner has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<|nterrupt> We entered into distribution with Bioware a few years back, and published their first game, Shattered Steel (not under the black isle name)

<|nterrupt> Then they started work on Baldur's Gate, and well, Baldur's Gate became what it was. So, now Bioware is successful, makes a number of games under their roof, and Interplay/Black Isle handles the distribution on them.

<|nterrupt> Sort of like EA with Origin, only we don't actually own Bioware.

<Sorcerer-> yea

<Sirduck> hmm

<Sirduck> haven't we done this before ?

<|nterrupt> Probably! hahaha

<Scrabble> ah...the fog lifts on the issue now

<Sorcerer-> If I understood correctly you people came up with the char bumping and now I see Bio's going to use it in BG II too?

<Scrabble> has been covered before in the other channel

<Sorcerer-> this was the actual question

<|nterrupt> There's a number of things we came up with for Torment that Bioware is using.

<Sorcerer-> handed to them free of charge?

<|nterrupt> I don't know to what extent, but I do know that Bioware is using our Floating Messages and Automap notes.

<|nterrupt> Well, we are pretty chummy so yeah. :)

<Spyrer> i hope there will be some mega backstabbing weapon in iwd... type sword of backstabbing

<Scrabble> hehe

<Sirduck> :)

<|nterrupt> Because internal Black Isle loves dem floating messages.

<|nterrupt> haha

<Sorcerer-> lol

<Scrabble> hahaha

<Spyrer> that's just the type of guy i am

<Sorcerer-> I do too

*** cKB has quit IRC (Leaving)

<|nterrupt> Well, I should say that I do.

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, how did BioWare actually came to be doing BG

<Sorcerer-> since you're the RPG dept and all

<|nterrupt> The Brothel stuff is an example of all that.

<Sorcerer-> at Interplay

<Scrabble> as far as I'm concerned, they are *the* RPG department right now

<Scrabble> not just at Interplay

<|nterrupt> Well, the actual beginning of development on Baldur's was before my time, but i know we got the rights to the Forgotten Realms and Planescape licenses at the same time, and I think Bioware was itching to do an RPG and had an engine in prototype.

<Sorcerer-> I've seen a pic of the alpha version of the engine

<Sorcerer-> :p

<|nterrupt> Yeah, it's come a ways. haha

*** tanyuh ( has joined #icewinddale

<Sorcerer-> yep

<Scrabble> heh

<Scrabble> you know anything about Voxel game engines?

<Scrabble> or Voxel in general?

<|nterrupt> I'm a big fan of rpgs like Torment & Ultima IV, where you have a lot of character development that isn't necessarily based on hacking things up. This being said, I'm working on Icewind! haha

<Scrabble> I've heard the name tossed around, but know so little about it other than that it is prety new and could be extremely cool

<Spyrer> i've come to think the reason DiabloII hasn't been released is Baldur's gate and torment.. they new they couldn't compete :)

<Scrabble> |nterrupt: my kinda game too...nice balance of hacking and slashing and character development

<|nterrupt> Hmm, not too familar with Voxel. I'm part of the core design team for a new game here where we're using Lithtech.

<|nterrupt> WELL, I think Diablo will do just fine, commercially, regardless of its released. haha

<Scrabble> think you were talkign about that one of the previous times you were in here

<Sorcerer-> of course

<Scrabble> yeah...D1 will do really well

<Sorcerer-> but I saw a movie at incite of iwd and diablo2

<Scrabble> but then it was at E3 like 3 years ago

<Sorcerer-> and I must say iwd looked better!

<Scrabble> so they have been getting people all psyched about it for years now

<Scrabble> D1 that is

<Spyrer> D1?

<Scrabble> D2

<Scrabble> dammit

<Scrabble> don't mind me

<Spyrer> we never do

<|nterrupt> I think the emphasis on Diablo is pure gameplay. I've definitely read some negative comments about the look... but you know, Sid Meier's games aren't known for their visuals either (but they're great!)

* Scrabble kicks Spyrer

* Spyrer buttrapps Scrabble

<Scrabble> mmm....Civilization...

<Scrabble> hehe

<Spyrer> mm... alpha centauri

<|nterrupt> Icewind features Aaron Brown art and he's amazing. Some of the Torment team have been working on Icewind art as well, so...

<Sorcerer-> yep, that concept are does look great

<Sorcerer-> art even

<Scrabble> word is that they hardly changed the interface for gameplay should be pretty much the same but they did a helluva lot of work on character development, and the RPG element in general

<|nterrupt> Aaron Brown and Tim Donely are some of the most fascinating creative people I've ever worked with. Tim is amazing.

<Spyrer> i didn't relly like the Torment art.. it looked too futuristic for my taste

<Scrabble> the art for IWD looks incredible last I checked

<Scrabble> which was yesterday so...

<Sorcerer-> Planescape is a completley different universe

<|nterrupt> It definitely has a different look to it that's lible to turn some people off.

<Sorcerer-> and I liked the look

<Spyrer> the characters were great but the hive and the ward have been a bit too futuristic for me

<Sorcerer-> universe...multiverse

<Scrabble> Sorcerer-: whatever :)

<|nterrupt> I'd LOVE to do another Planescape game where we backed away from a very tight story and allowed the player to explore a lot more of the multiverse.

<Sirduck> yea that would be cool :)

<Scrabble> |nterrupt: yeah...I was kinda hoping for that too

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, what's the deal with radioactive barrels in Torment? :p

<Sorcerer-> fallout nostalgia?

<|nterrupt> <new project pimp> </new project pimp>

<Scrabble> LOL

<Sorcerer-> what IS the damn new project??

<Sorcerer-> aargh

<|nterrupt> Hahaha I think that was an artist being kooky and including an "easter egg". To be honest, we tried to be as easter egg and pop culture free as possible with Torment coz we were "serious" mode. hahaha

<Scrabble> it went dead for a sec as everyone waits for IE to open =D

<Spyrer> i do NOT use internet exploder!

<|nterrupt> For instance, in the Curst Tavern, there are some little inside joke art things included that an artist thought he was being sneaky about. Colin and I caught them, and included our own info text comments about the art to jab him back. haha

<Spyrer> will there be a Linux version of IWD?

<Scrabble> Spyrer: my apologies

<Scrabble> :)

<|nterrupt> There will be no alternate versions of IWD. Well, I can say that with probably 98% accuracy. Unless it's done out of house. The IWD team have something important to move on to after this project. ;)

<Scrabble> excellent

<Spyrer> bugger

<Sirduck> would be cool if more game companies could create linux versions

<Scrabble> yeah...I would actually throw Linux on my system then :)

<Sorcerer-> that part seemed a bit "off" to me

<|nterrupt> It WOULD be cool... but there's that ever-present fiscal bottom line. These games cost a lot of money to make, and you have to be able to turn a profit to justify doing that.

<Sirduck> the only thing that would actually be different is the binaries

<Sorcerer-> or was it thief

<Sorcerer-> or whatever

<Sirduck> you guys use C++ or something in IWD ?

* tanyuh is not here: autoaway/ten minutes [l(on) p(on)]

<|nterrupt> the Infinity engine is a combo of C and C++. It was a long time in development.

<Sirduck> hmm

<Sirduck> ok

<Sirduck> wouldn't be a huge problem to create linux versions

<Sirduck> that would rock

<Scrabble> so why don't ya do it Duck? ;P

<Sirduck> hehe

<Sirduck> don

<|nterrupt> Well, it's not really the development time... it's the product creation, marketing, advertising, etc.

<Sirduck> don't know shit about programing

<Sorcerer-> oh yeah, and linux market is really big

<|nterrupt> It all costs $$$$$.

<Sorcerer-> heh

<Sirduck> yea :)

<Scrabble> oh yeah

<Sirduck> Sorcerer- linux is taking over ....

<Sirduck> :)

<Sorcerer-> u huh

<Scrabble> hehehe

<Scrabble> sure it is

<Sorcerer-> in the next 100 yrs eh?

<|nterrupt> And unfortunately, with our business, it's not really about being money hungry. It's more the fact that we are HIT-driven. We have to have them or we don't survive.

<Sirduck> nah i'm not kidding

<Spyrer> yeah.. the big problem is everyone uses winblowz instead of Linux, if everyone used Linux then it would o course be made Linux

*** zner ( has joined #icewinddale

<|nterrupt> Fortunately, Iplay has enough hits that we can justify making games like Torment where we're not necessarily sure if they're going to do mega numbers, but we know they'll be COOOL.

<zner> ah stupid isp

<Scrabble> |nterrupt : always helps to have a big brother

<|nterrupt> to answer an old question there... the new project is this fascinating new game called <untitled black isle project>.

<|nterrupt> :)

<Scrabble> LOL

<Scrabble> that's just cruel man

<|nterrupt> I can tell you that about 95% of the Torment Team is entact for it. It uses lithtech 2. it will be multiplayer. it will a crpg.

<|nterrupt> err it'll be single and multiplayer, sorry.

<zner> cool

<Scrabble> very cool

<Sorcerer-> Fallout 3?

<|nterrupt> it is not fallout 3.

<Sorcerer-> damn

<Spyrer> bugger

<Sorcerer-> what is it then?!?!

<Sorcerer-> aaargh

<zner> hmmm, wonder when that's coming out

<|nterrupt> although not saying that fallout 3 isn't down the road very shortly.

<|nterrupt> well, production on f3 anyhow.

<Spyrer> yay!

<Scrabble> hehe

<zner> like, 1 year +?

<|nterrupt> :)

<Scrabble> that would be cool

<Scrabble> I'm looking more forward to more swords and dragons type stuff though

<|nterrupt> I can't tell you when because we're "not sure" if we're doing it, but I think everyone knows/expects that we will. And everyone here loves Fallout so.

<Scrabble> more BG games, IWD

<Scrabble> even the FF series is going back to Swords/Shields

<|nterrupt> Well, with IWD/BG2/NWN, I'd say we have plenty of those for you. :)

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, I hate that all CRPG seem to be going for 3d

<Scrabble> FF9 is gonna be more merieval

<Sorcerer-> what's your opinion on that?

<Sorcerer-> I like the isometric 2d

<|nterrupt> Sorcerer... well, it's isometric 3d. We're not going FPS or anything.

<Sirduck> yea me too

<Sorcerer-> ah

<Sorcerer-> cool

<Sirduck> isometric 3d may work

<Sorcerer-> that's better

<Scrabble> very cool

<Scrabble> I like that idea

<Scrabble> I'm not fond of those FP-view games either

<|nterrupt> Of course, people forget that the first CRPG was in psuedo-FPS mode! hahaha

<Spyrer> i like the no graphics Text adventures! if they have a good story behind them

<Sorcerer-> hehe

<Sorcerer-> zork

<|nterrupt> Wizardry One :)

<Scrabble> Wizardry

<Scrabble> hehe...oh yeah

<Spyrer> these are the games closest to my heart

<|nterrupt> I'm much more a fan of Ultima top down perspective than Wizardry though.

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, you don't mind if I use any of this on my site do you? like post a chat log or something?

<|nterrupt> Sorcerer not at all.

<Sirduck> ultima top-down perspective rules

<Scrabble> Wizardry games bored the heck out of me after a while

<Sorcerer-> take a look at

<Sirduck> maybe not rules, but it's cool

<Sorcerer-> that's the site

<Sorcerer-> thanks

<Scrabble> Sorcerer-: I think the site looks damn cool

<|nterrupt> Well, when Wizardry was first out, there really wasn't anything else! So, it was like, 1979-1983, "hey what CRPG do you play? Wizardry ONe! Beat it 50 times!"

<Sorcerer-> thanks Scrabble

<Spyrer> they should make a good old ascii adventure at some point

<Sorcerer-> hehe

<Scrabble> |nterrupt: LOL yeah

<|nterrupt> I'm not really that old, by the way.

<|nterrupt> hahaha

<Scrabble> |nterrupt: me neither

<Spyrer> i was born in 83

<|nterrupt> I just had a computer shoved in front of me at a very early age.

<Scrabble> 78 for me

<Scrabble> WASSABI!!!

<Sorcerer-> how old are you exactly?

<Scrabble> I love this commercial

<|nterrupt> 25 :)

<Sorcerer-> that's not much :p

<Spyrer> prove it :9

<tanyuh> that's OLD

<|nterrupt> HAHAHAHA

<Scrabble> hehe...I'm 21

<Spyrer> tanyuh: that's not OLD, that's ANCIENT!

<Sorcerer-> lol

<|nterrupt> Well, it's actually early in game development. Four years in college, two years in a project = 23-25. haha

<Scrabble> yeah...I'm OLD

<tanyuh> man, he's gonna die soon

<Spyrer> yeah.. one foot in the grave already

<|nterrupt> ohh nooooo

<Scrabble> that's what I'm hoping for when I get out of be working on games

<zner> |nterrupt: how did you start in the game industry?

<Scrabble> I'm doing interns through my school so I can get as much experience as I can with programming in general

<tanyuh> ok, well, goodbye friends

*** tanyuh has quit IRC (Death is an opportunity <k!14>)

<Scrabble> taking graphics classes in the Fall and Spring :)

<|nterrupt> I actually started in the Iplay QA department a few years back after college, worked my butt off, and make the jump to development the same year. :)

<Spyrer> i'm not really his friend, i just say it to make him feel better

<|nterrupt> eerr made

<zner> ah, ok. :)

<Spyrer> :)

<|nterrupt> One of the best ways to get involved in game development really.

<Scrabble> hey do you know if Interplay wants a Co-op student (intern) from Stevens? =P

<Sorcerer-> hehe

<Spyrer> i don't wanna start develop games, for me making the game drains my enthusiasm from playing it

<|nterrupt> We're always looking for fresh meat! :)

<Spyrer> fresh meat for the grinder!

<Sirduck> hehe

<Sorcerer-> the Interplay/Black Isle Meat Grinder

<Scrabble> hehe

<Sorcerer-> hehe

<Sorcerer-> lol

<Sirduck> hehe

<Sirduck> lol

<Spyrer> made of mutants for mutants

<Scrabble> I don't mind being long as I get to work on games =D

<Sorcerer-> by mutants for mutants

<Scrabble> LOL

<|nterrupt> Well, I've got to get back to work so I can actually get a game for you guys out here. :)

<Sirduck> good

<Sorcerer-> |nterrupt, thanks for stopping by!

<Scrabble> hehe

<|nterrupt> I'll stop back soon though. :)

<Spyrer> good.. work your fingers to the bone!!!

<Scrabble> excellent...we're all looking forward to this one a lot

<Sorcerer-> as often as you like

<Scrabble> nice

<Sorcerer-> yep

<Spyrer> yuh

<Scrabble> I'll pay more attention next time ;)

<Sirduck> yupp

<|nterrupt> Take care! >>

<zner> nice to get updated :)

<Scrabble> you too

<Sirduck> take care

*** |nterrupt has quit IRC (Leaving)
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