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1st Icewind Dale Chat Log

This is the first chat log from our IRC EFnet channel #IcewindDale (for more info on how to join the discussion check out the Community/IRC section). There have been almost no changes from the original text log made here (corrected only typos and such) since I wanted to preserve the feeling of a genuine chat, so it's possible some of it might not make sense the readers who aren't channel regulars. I suggest you just skip those parts ;)

|nterrupt - Scott Warner, Icewind Dale designer (Black Isle)

Session Start: Thu Apr 13 2000

[13:08] *** |nterrupt ( has joined #icewinddale

[13:09] <Saviour_> hmm

[13:09] *** fLiNk has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

[13:09] <Saviour_> hello |nterrupt

[13:09] <|nterrupt> Good afternoon.

[13:09] <Saviour_> you work at Interplay ?

[13:09] <|nterrupt> Yup. :)

[13:10] <Saviour_> noticed your host :)

[13:10] <|nterrupt> Ahhh always forget about that. haha

[13:10] <Saviour_> :)

[13:10] <|nterrupt> how goes it?

[13:10] <Saviour_> pretty well

[13:10] <Saviour_> waiting for IWD and BG2 of course

[13:11] <|nterrupt> :) <- working on IWD as we speak.

[13:11] <Saviour_> get it ready soon :)

[13:11] <Saviour_> i'm dying over here

[13:11] <|nterrupt> soon sooooon

[13:11] <CatsMeow> hehe

[13:12] <CatsMeow> what do you do there?

[13:12] <|nterrupt> I'm a designer. :)

[13:12] <CatsMeow> neat

[13:12] <Saviour_> sounds cool

[13:12] <CatsMeow> when do you think it's gonna be released?

[13:13] <Saviour_> early summer :)

[13:13] <|nterrupt> as soon as we get off our butts and... errr

[13:13] <CatsMeow> cool

[13:13] <|nterrupt> SOON!

[13:13] <|nterrupt> hahaha

[13:13] <CatsMeow> I'm writing articles for the game on a website now

[13:13] <Saviour_> iwd is probably finished guys just want to play it yourselves

[13:13] <|nterrupt> I'd say 99.9% second quarter.

[13:13] <CatsMeow> cool

[13:14] <CatsMeow> looks like second quarter :)

[13:14] <Saviour_> :)

[13:14] <Saviour_> hmm more music....

[13:14] <|nterrupt> My portion of the game is IN for the most part and being fixed/balanced/tested.

[13:14] *** Saviour_ is now known as Grimnir

[13:14] <CatsMeow> what portion did you design?

[13:15] <CatsMeow> or is it just random areas?

[13:15] <fLiNk-> hehe, if only it was ture, it would be cool to have an interview to start up the website :)

[13:15] <Grimnir> ture ?

[13:15] <Grimnir> :)

[13:15] <CatsMeow> yea

[13:15] <fLiNk-> true :P

[13:15] <Grimnir> how is it going with the domain ?

[13:15] <Grimnir> hmm i think this is gonna be my new nick

[13:15] <fLiNk-> we have the domain, you can go look at

[13:16] <|nterrupt> I designed a portion of the game... it's hard to tell you exactly what that is as it's not divided into chapters like BG.

[13:16] <Grimnir> I'm pain... I'm hope ...I'm suffer...yea yea yea...

[13:16] <CatsMeow> I see...

[13:16] <Grimnir> this new metallica song is kinda cool...but doesn't sound like metallica at all

[13:16] <CatsMeow> yea I'm excited about the game I read alot about it

[13:16] <fLiNk-> so, how did you get to where you are now in the gaming world? :P

[13:17] <|nterrupt> but I wrote the dialog, came up with the area, put the critters in there, scripted it. etc.

[13:17] <CatsMeow> I think that based on the type of game it is, it is a great choice before bg2

[13:17] <|nterrupt> I wasn't originally supposed to be working on Icewind as I'm from Team Torment and we're working on something new at current time. They kidnapped me for IWD a few months back.

[13:18] <Grimnir> :)

[13:18] <CatsMeow> hehe

[13:18] <Grimnir> busted in with weapons and shit

[13:18] <Grimnir> and kidnapped you :)

[13:18] <troutlet> lol

[13:18] <|nterrupt> flink - i worked my ass off. hahaha

[13:19] <fLiNk-> why where there no swords in Torment? that would have been cool

[13:19] <Grimnir> that's what most people do :)

[13:19] <CatsMeow> Interrupt you know the Black Isle Webmaster I talked to him a few times?

[13:19] <|nterrupt> Josh?

[13:20] <CatsMeow> I don't think he ever mentioned his name

[13:20] <CatsMeow> but thats his job

[13:20] <|nterrupt> Josh Sawyer? or Debaser?

[13:20] <|nterrupt> errr

[13:20] <|nterrupt> Well, Josh used to be the webmaster and now he's a designer (a rather good one as well). I'm not sure who's in charge at this point (of the web).

[13:20] <CatsMeow> ah....

[13:21] <CatsMeow> well the last time I talked to him was a few months back

[13:21] <|nterrupt> Could have been then. Was he eccentric?

[13:21] <|nterrupt> haha

[13:21] <CatsMeow> yea I think that was it

[13:21] <fLiNk-> you know Sawyer, cats? could you get us an interview? :P

[13:21] <Grimnir> :)

[13:21] <CatsMeow> not well, I just talked to him a few times in the channel

[13:21] <Grimnir> maybe you can interview |nterrupt :)

[13:22] <fLiNk-> hehe, nah dont think so :P

[13:22] <|nterrupt> You don't want to interview me? I uNDERSTAND!

[13:22] <CatsMeow> hehe, well I'll definately interview anyone who worked on IWD

[13:23] <CatsMeow> if you want to that is

[13:23] <fLiNk-> prove to us that you are the real thing, then I will interview you

[13:23] <|nterrupt> Send me an email. :)

[13:23] <|nterrupt>

[13:23] <CatsMeow> aright I will

[13:23] <fLiNk-> :P why dont you send me an email

[13:23] <|nterrupt> okay. what's your email address?

[13:23] <fLiNk->

[13:24] <|nterrupt> Sent.

[13:24] <Grimnir> fLiNk- has a suspicious mind

[13:24] <Grimnir> hmm

[13:25] <Grimnir> damn my english knowledge is slowly heading down south

[13:25] <CatsMeow> hehe

[13:25] <|nterrupt> hahaha

[13:25] <Grimnir> talking irc-english

[13:26] <CatsMeow> did I mention there is a legion of people from norway who play bg

[13:26] <Grimnir> hehe that's true

[13:26] <Grimnir> norwegians are probably the people who play the most BG

[13:26] <fLiNk-> hmm..

[13:26] <Grimnir> i cant remember how many times i have played it

[13:26] <CatsMeow> hehe

[13:27] <|nterrupt> Definitely a fun game. It's been mostly Europeans that have played Torment as well.

[13:27] <fLiNk-> I'm not sure anymore, he might actually be the real thing :P

[13:27] <Grimnir> hehe

[13:27] <|nterrupt> hahaha

[13:27] <^L-TrAiN^> ahh.. nothing like a refreshing shower

[13:27] <|nterrupt> You could ask me something about Torment, as that's my game.

[13:28] <Grimnir> hmm damn

[13:28] <Grimnir> Xfree 4.0 takes ours to compile

[13:28] <^L-TrAiN^> Torment didnt do too much for me

[13:28] <|nterrupt> AHhh sorry. Hopefully the next one then Train. :)

[13:28] <fLiNk-> the email actually worked :) and it came from

[13:28] <^L-TrAiN^> i guess cause im a basic "high fantasy" type

[13:29] <Grimnir> hmm

[13:29] <|nterrupt> flink:

[13:29] <^L-TrAiN^> it was a cool enough game.. just not my cup of tea.. heh

[13:29] <Grimnir> bg, bg2 , iwd and nwn for Linux would kick ass

[13:29] <|nterrupt> I'll send you an email from other account too. There.

[13:29] <^L-TrAiN^> its funny.. my girlfriend isnt a much into games, but she loves torment

[13:29] <^L-TrAiN^> -a

[13:29] <Grimnir> torment has a real cool story

[13:29] <CatsMeow> yea

[13:30] <Grimnir> love-death kinda thing

[13:30] <|nterrupt> I'm really a big fan of just about every RPG. I have no love for anything in particular.

[13:30] <^L-TrAiN^> did anyone read the BG novel? i was unhappy to say the least

[13:30] <^L-TrAiN^> though i loved how montaron was portrayed.. he was cool

[13:30] <Grimnir> all RPGs have their own qualities

[13:31] <fLiNk-> cool,

[13:31] <CatsMeow> Interrupt I'm going to send you an interview some time this week, that alright?

[13:31] <|nterrupt> ultima iv/fallout my favorites. :)

[13:31] <|nterrupt> cats certainly.

[13:31] <fLiNk-> Fallout is one great game

[13:32] <Grimnir> i didn't like fallout ...i hate turn-based

[13:32] <fLiNk-> I'm right in the middle of replaying it again for the 4th time :)

[13:32] <|nterrupt> grimnir WELL...

[13:32] <^L-TrAiN^> my fav was DragonWars ©1992 i believe

[13:32] <^L-TrAiN^> heh

[13:32] <|nterrupt> Most of what we do it real-time nowadays.

[13:32] <^L-TrAiN^> early interplay great

[13:32] <|nterrupt> err is

[13:32] <|nterrupt> Yeah, Dragonwars really was Bard's Tale IV. We just didn't have the name anymore.

[13:33] <Grimnir> yea

[13:33] <Grimnir> Ultima series and BG is my favorite rpgs

[13:33] <|nterrupt> Ultima's got me interested in game design. :)

[13:33] <|nterrupt> Well, up until 8. I even like 8 quite a bit. More so than most people I think.

[13:33] <^L-TrAiN^> BG is my new fav... love it... my only problem is how Drizzt is portrayed... im a big Drizzt fan and he just isnt as damn cocky as he is in BG

[13:33] <^L-TrAiN^> heh

[13:33] <Grimnir> allthough Ultima IX wasn't that good

[13:34] <Grimnir> buggy and slow as hell

[13:34] <Grimnir> u9 was a couple of years ahead of its time ....from a technological perspective

[13:34] <Grimnir> or something :)

[13:34] <|nterrupt> I have no issues with the Ultima IX performance... I think everyone anticipated some of that (although perhaps not quite as much as what they eventually received). I just didn't like the story very much.

[13:34] <^L-TrAiN^> I hate where final fantasy went.. to a more modern fantasy.. im a swords and sorcery guy

[13:34] <^L-TrAiN^> heh

[13:34] <|nterrupt> It felt like product, not a game.

[13:35] <Grimnir> Ultima 7 part 1 and part 2 is my favourites

[13:35] <fLiNk-> What part of torment did you design?

[13:35] <|nterrupt> Yeah Grimnir... those are fantastic.

[13:35] <|nterrupt> The Brothel, Carceri, Buried Village, Trash Warrens, Dead Nations... those are some of the ones I did a lot of work on.

[13:36] <^L-TrAiN^> |nterrupt, how do you like working there?

[13:36] <fLiNk-> cool, I really liked the brothel :)

[13:37] <|nterrupt> I love working here. We probably get more creative freedom than any other design house in the industry. That's the selling point. Nobody's looking over my shoulder.

[13:37] <^L-TrAiN^> ack! Bill Gates is on tv.. that thieving bastard

[13:37] <fLiNk-> hehe

[13:37] <Grimnir> the way it should be

[13:37] <^L-TrAiN^> thats cool... the man aint gettin you down there... hehe

[13:38] <Grimnir> dream..dream

[13:38] <CatsMeow> interrupt to you get paid more than usual people who work for gaming companies?

[13:38] <Grimnir> i'm gonna fade away...

[13:38] <|nterrupt> Well, granted, we HAVE had to fit within TSRvision the last couple of titles...

[13:38] <|nterrupt> Cats... To be honest, I don't know how we compare with other companies. I imagine we keep in the ballpark with others or I'd see a lot more people splittin. :)

[13:39] <Grimnir> :)

[13:39] <^L-TrAiN^> Dealing with Hasbro now.. need to get those BG action figures going.. hehe

[13:39] <Grimnir> money isn't everything

[13:39] *** kosmic3 ( has joined #baldursgate

[13:39] *** kosmic3 ( has left #BaldursGate

[13:39] <|nterrupt> Grimnir... no it certainly isn't. BUT, it has to be at least somewhat relative. I mean, it's easy for me at 25 to say AHHH I don't care man as long as I'm happy, but the 35 year old with a family has an entirely different opinion.

[13:40] <CatsMeow> yea, I have talked with a few people from different companies, Sierra, Blizzard, Interplay/blackisle it seems that mostly they like there jobs so the salary didn't matter as much

[13:40] <Grimnir> |nterrupt very true

[13:40] <|nterrupt> I'm of the opinion that if you are a committed, dedicated person with creative knack and you stick to your guns, the rewards will come without you having to look for them.

[13:40] <CatsMeow> I agree

[13:41] <CatsMeow> if you like your job, especially being young I think thats pretty rewarding anyway

[13:41] <fLiNk-> have you guys seen that J.E. Sawyer writes for GA-rpg?

[13:41] <Grimnir> no i haven't

[13:41] <|nterrupt> Yeah he just walked by my office.

[13:41] <|nterrupt> haha

[13:41] <^L-TrAiN^> see... if i were running a company, i would offer bonuses determined by how much the game sells.. then you get some dedicated workers... heh

[13:41] <fLiNk-> cool :)

[13:41] <|nterrupt> Our bonuses are pretty much that way.

[13:42] <Grimnir> hmm

[13:42] <|nterrupt> Especially now.

[13:42] <Grimnir> now i know why the games take longer to complete...because everyone is chatting on IRC :)

[13:42] <|nterrupt> hahahahaa

[13:42] <fLiNk-> You dont feel like doing the same thing for us do you? :P

[13:42] <^L-TrAiN^> oh.. ic

[13:42] <^L-TrAiN^> heh

[13:43] <Grimnir> time is of the essence

[13:43] <|nterrupt> flink... i don't know if i could commit to something weekly... well, right now anyhow. you should ask me again after icewind ships. :)

[13:43] <|nterrupt> I do sort of a weekly update thing for our new project website right now.

[13:43] <|nterrupt> sawyer's just got the gift of the gap.

[13:43] <|nterrupt> can't shut the boy up.

[13:43] <|nterrupt> hahahahaha

[13:44] <fLiNk-> hehe

[13:44] <^L-TrAiN^> |nterrupt are you into D&D, forgotten realms, etc. at all?

[13:44] <fLiNk-> well, great

[13:44] <fLiNk-> I still have your email

[13:44] <|nterrupt> Train... Yes. I'm not that much of PnP player though. Most of my love/design influence comes from CRPGs, which I've played a ton of.

[13:44] *** Sacrifice ( has joined #baldursgate

[13:44] <Sacrifice> yo

[13:44] <^L-TrAiN^> ahh..

[13:44] <^L-TrAiN^> cool

[13:44] <Grimnir> another weary travelee

[13:44] <Grimnir> er

[13:44] <Grimnir> ere

[13:45] <|nterrupt> Every designer comes from a different perspective here, and I think that's another good thing for design. My office partner, Colin, worked for TSR for the better part of the 90s.

[13:45] <^L-TrAiN^> Does it piss you off at all that everyone seems to be saying "I guess I'll buy Icewind Dale to tide me over until BG2 comes out." ?

[13:45] <Sacrifice> I'm going to raise my constitution from 19 to 20 in BG, with the tome... when i've done it i dont get more HP

[13:45] <Sacrifice> Why?

[13:46] <Grimnir> hmm

[13:46] <^L-TrAiN^> you will the next time you level up it hink

[13:46] <^L-TrAiN^> i think

[13:46] <Grimnir> maybe because your con bonus doesn't change?

[13:46] <Sacrifice> No

[13:46] <Sacrifice> It changes

[13:46] <|nterrupt> Not at all. Granted, I wasn't on this project from the inception, so somebody else might have a different opinion. I'm having fun on it because it's entirely different way of looking at design than I'm used to.

[13:46] <|nterrupt> I'm very much from the Planescape, screw with your head school of things than more hackin' around. :)

[13:47] * ^L-TrAiN^ consults the manual

[13:47] <^L-TrAiN^> the bonus is the same

[13:47] <Grimnir> i'll have time to finish iwd a couple of times before BG2 comes out...i can garantee that :)

[13:47] <[[Arc]]> I think working for TSR would be a dream job for me. Being surrounded by brave warriors all the time ;)

[13:47] <CatsMeow> what's the different perspective this time around?

[13:47] <|nterrupt> Icewind Dale is very much a dungeon crawl. It's far more combat oriented than Planescape.

[13:48] <^L-TrAiN^> hmm.. TSR is supposed to be not a very fun place to be.. or at least in the old days it wasnt..

[13:48] <CatsMeow>'s more like classic dungeon play

[13:48] <|nterrupt> Colins got some interesting stories...

[13:48] <|nterrupt> My area has Tomb of Horrors on the brain. Don't worry, nothing ridiculously hard though.

[13:48] <|nterrupt> No "You see a gaping mouth. Step through?" "Yes." "You DIE!!!!"

[13:49] <Grimnir> hehe

[13:49] <|nterrupt> No Demilich either.

[13:49] <|nterrupt> :)

[13:49] <^L-TrAiN^> heh

[13:49] <^L-TrAiN^> well.. how are you doing today |nterrupt?

[13:50] <^L-TrAiN^> heh

[13:50] <|nterrupt> I'm ummm, just relaxing... waiting for a new build of our game to compile.

[13:50] <Grimnir> hmm

[13:50] <|nterrupt> Nobody's in the office... slackers.

[13:50] <|nterrupt> hahaha

[13:50] <Grimnir> leak the build :)

[13:50] <Grimnir> just kidding

[13:50] <^L-TrAiN^> ahh... i know i speak for everyone in here when i say thank you for working on these games that we like so much

[13:50] <^L-TrAiN^> :-)

[13:51] <Grimnir> hmm

[13:51] <|nterrupt> Thank you. :) I hope we continue to make things you like.

[13:51] <Grimnir> i think you speak for more people then the people who here right now

[13:51] <^L-TrAiN^> no.. pleasantries aside.. give us some inside stuff! hehe jk

[13:51] <|nterrupt> I'm working on a new project right now that I HOPE HOPE HOPE everyone will love. It's very special to us.

[13:52] <Grimnir> hmm

[13:52] <Grimnir> i'm sure of it

[13:52] <^L-TrAiN^> yet you can tell us nothing... why! why do you tease us so!

[13:52] <^L-TrAiN^> hehe

[13:52] <|nterrupt> The next two 1/2 three years are going to be a lot of fun in general, I think.

[13:53] <|nterrupt> Well, I can tell you a few things about the new project.

[13:53] <Grimnir> please do tell

[13:53] <|nterrupt> It's using the Lithtech 2 engine. Don't worry, it's not an FPS or anything like that.

[13:53] <^L-TrAiN^> well.. in about 2 years i'll be done with school and will be teaching.. so make me some cool games to play on my laptop while the kiddies are taking a test.. hehe

[13:53] <fLiNk-> hehe, do you know if BIS is planning on making Fallout3? because it would make me sooo happy :)

[13:53] * ^L-TrAiN^ is sooooo tired of FPS

[13:53] <|nterrupt> We're in prototype phase right now, trying to figure out what we want to do with the camera angles at the moment.

[13:54] <^L-TrAiN^> LithTech 2.. is that the one in NWN?

[13:54] <Grimnir> lithtech 2 engine it the same engine that was used in Shogo ?

[13:54] <|nterrupt> Well, I'd say it's a pretty good bet we'll be working on Fallout 3, yes. But we're not right now.

[13:54] <fLiNk-> fantastic! :P

[13:54] <|nterrupt> Shogo uses an early version of Lithtech 1. And they use it in entirely different fashion than we are.

[13:55] <Grimnir> ok

[13:55] <Grimnir> but it's basicly the same :)

[13:55] <|nterrupt> It's safe to say the way we use the engine is entirely, completely, and totally different than what is used in a game like Soego.

[13:55] <|nterrupt> errr

[13:55] <|nterrupt> Shogo.

[13:55] <|nterrupt> hahaha

[13:55] <Grimnir> hehe

[13:55] <^L-TrAiN^> haha

[13:56] <|nterrupt> It will be isometric in some fashion...

[13:56] <Grimnir> nice

[13:56] <|nterrupt> It will be real time. It will have multiplayer.

[13:56] <CatsMeow> interrupt what do you know about NWN?

[13:56] * ^L-TrAiN^ eagerly awaits VirtualBG for his holodeck...

[13:56] <|nterrupt> About 95% of the Torment team is working on it.

[13:56] <^L-TrAiN^> heh

[13:57] <Grimnir> hehe

[13:57] <Grimnir> virtualbg :)

[13:57] <Grimnir> BG3k :)

[13:57] <^L-TrAiN^> heh

[13:57] <|nterrupt> Well, NWN is being developed in the Great White North, so I just see test builds that they send Ken Rosman's way (Black Isle producer). Certainly looks very nice. Uses the Omen engine (modified from MDK2).

[13:57] <CatsMeow> right...

[13:58] <CatsMeow> that sounds really cool

[13:58] <|nterrupt> If it manages to do everything they'd like it to do, should be something pretty amazing in general.

[13:58] <^L-TrAiN^> Do you forsee an expansionpack/addon for IWD?

[13:58] <|nterrupt> The whole 64 person server connected to other 64 person servers has the potential to be something massive.

[13:58] <|nterrupt> l-train hmmm, probably not.

[13:58] <Grimnir> hmm

[13:58] <^L-TrAiN^> good... less for me to buy! hehehe

[13:58] <Grimnir> as long as the multiplayer doesn't cost money like in UO

[13:59] <Grimnir> because that sucks

[13:59] <|nterrupt> the icewind team have another project they're hopping on to after icewind that I think people are anticipating. :)

[13:59] <|nterrupt> Grimnir... no way. It's not Massive MP.

[13:59] <^L-TrAiN^> Grimnir it shouldnt.. defeats the purpose really

[13:59] <Grimnir> hmm

[13:59] <Grimnir> BG3 ? :)

[14:00] <^L-TrAiN^> i'd like to see somewhere eles in FR.. or possibly DragonLance

[14:00] <|nterrupt> Well, BG is an all Bioware product, so internal Black Isle wouldn't be involved in the design on that.

[14:00] <Grimnir> hmm

[14:01] <Grimnir> i'm still confused about Black isle, Bioware etc

[14:01] <|nterrupt> In fact, Interplay QA has more input on design on BG than we do, probably. haha

[14:01] <|nterrupt> What would you like to know about Black Isle / Bioware? :)

[14:01] <^L-TrAiN^> Bioware is a subdivision of Black Isle right?

[14:01] <^L-TrAiN^> or is that backwards/

[14:01] <troutlet> what do subdivisions do?

[14:02] <Grimnir> Bioware creates BG ....

[14:02] <|nterrupt> Nope. Bioware is a seperate developer that Black Isle publishes for. They make games, we pay them, we market/test/distribute their games.

[14:02] <Grimnir> Black Isle creates Torment and IWD ?

[14:02] <^L-TrAiN^> ahhh

[14:02] <|nterrupt> It's kind of like EA with Origin, except we don't actually own Bioware.

[14:03] <|nterrupt> Black Isle, on the other hand, is owned and operated by Interplay. We're entirely internal out of the main offices in Irvine.

[14:03] <Grimnir> Black Isle is a subdivison of Interplay ?

[14:03] <Grimnir> ok

[14:03] <^L-TrAiN^> well... bbl all... have fun of at IP..

[14:03] *** ^L-TrAiN^ has quit IRC (I think not.)

[14:03] <Grimnir> who's behind NWN ? Black Isle ?

[14:03] <|nterrupt> Bioware is creating NWN. :)

[14:04] <Grimnir> ok :)

[14:04] <|nterrupt> Here's what's up right now:

[14:04] *** Sacrifice has quit IRC (Leaving)

[14:04] <|nterrupt> Black Isle internal: Icewind, Unannounced Project, Stonekeep 2... Bioware: MDK2 (just finished), BG2, NWN

[14:04] <|nterrupt> Black Isle also did: Fallout, Fallout 2, and Planescape:Torment, or, those are all internal here at Irvine.

[14:05] <Grimnir> okeeeeey

[14:05] <Grimnir> nice to get som clarification on that :)

[14:05] <Grimnir> i have to boot windows now.....

[14:05] <Grimnir> brb

[14:05] *** Grimnir has quit IRC (BitchX-1.0c16 -- just do it.)

[14:05] <fLiNk-> Did you have anything to do with fallout? or was that before your time?

[14:06] <|nterrupt> Fallout was before my time. Fallout 2 I helped test a bit, but I was working on PS:T most of the time around then. Fallout 3, if it happens, will be something I'd probably be involved with. Hopefully.

[14:07] <fLiNk-> cool

[14:07] <troutlet> is fallout any good?

[14:08] <|nterrupt> The original Fallout is one of my favorites, definitely.

[14:08] <fLiNk-> the best rpg ever :)

[14:08] <|nterrupt> Fallout 2 I like quite a bit.

[14:08] <troutlet> where can I read about it?

[14:08] <|nterrupt>

[14:08] <|nterrupt>

[14:08] <troutlet> thanks

[14:08] <CatsMeow> I like the intro's

[14:09] <CatsMeow> pretty funny

[14:09] <|nterrupt> The intro to Fallout 2 was changed in a rush before the game went out. :)

[14:09] <troutlet> the bg intro is cool too

[14:09] *** Sirduck ( has joined #baldursgate

[14:09] *** Imoen sets mode: +v Sirduck

[14:09] <|nterrupt> The original intro had a different ending that nobody liked.

[14:09] <Sirduck> ah there

[14:09] <Sirduck> finally

[14:09] <troutlet> how os the ending in totsc?

[14:09] <|nterrupt> WELL, I liked it. It was subtle, but there were some issues with how it looked.

[14:10] <fLiNk-> hehe, yeah.. but I like all the fallout art, It has a special feel to it. The super mutants are my favorite game monsters ever :)

[14:10] <CatsMeow> looked graphic wise?

[14:10] <Sirduck> the ending in totsc ?

[14:10] <|nterrupt> ps:t's intro is my favorite.

[14:10] <Sirduck> it's the same ending as in BG :)

[14:10] <troutlet> damn

[14:10] <CatsMeow> no...

[14:11] <|nterrupt> Fallout's art was something very special, stylized. It'll be interesting to see how it's approached in the future.

[14:12] <Sirduck> hmm i really should be working on my webpage.....

[14:12] <fLiNk-> I wish I could one day work in the industry as a 3d animator. I really like working with 3d studio max. But I have to become better at it :)

[14:12] <Sirduck> fLiNk- same herre

[14:12] <Sirduck> i have tried lw 6.0

[14:12] <Sirduck> it's great

[14:13] <Sirduck> costs way to much .....

[14:13] <|nterrupt> Well, that's certainly a very creative, and very employable side of game development to get into. :)

[14:13] <|nterrupt> We use LW a little more here than anything else. Torment was ALL Lightwave.

[14:13] <Sirduck> LW has a much greater ....

[14:13] <Sirduck> eh

[14:13] <Sirduck> damn i forgot the word

[14:13] <fLiNk-> Bah, MAX forever :P

[14:13] <Sirduck> much better possibilites with LW then MAX

[14:14] <Sirduck> LW is also used in Braveheart game

[14:14] <Sirduck> and the Blade movie

[14:14] <Sirduck> etc etc etc

[14:14] <fLiNk-> Fallouts intro etc. was done in MAX right? :)

[14:14] <|nterrupt> Artists here prefer Lightwave because there's more subtle things they can do with it. They feel kind of locked down with Max.

[14:14] <troutlet> I use max

[14:14] <Sirduck> lw is more flexible

[14:14] <Sirduck> it's more far out

[14:14] <fLiNk-> Lost in space was done in MAX... I think..

[14:15] <troutlet> is something in bg made with max?

[14:15] <|nterrupt> away from keyboard for a sec...

[14:15] <CatsMeow> interrupt is that what you use?

[14:15] <Sirduck> MAX r3 is much better than R2.5

[14:16] <troutlet> yea

[14:16] <Sirduck> whish i had alot of money i could just spend my days working in LW 6

[14:16] <fLiNk-> hehe, I dont think so. When I model i use meshsmooth and edit mesh alot. and it doenst work as well in R3. atleast thats what i think

[14:17] <CatsMeow> anyway guys I have to be going

[14:17] <fLiNk-> zya cats!

[14:17] <troutlet> bye

[14:17] *** CatsMeow has quit IRC (What?!?!? Who am I?!?! Who are you ?!?!)

[14:18] <fLiNk-> Well... that killed the conversation... :P

[14:18] <Sirduck> i should probably be going also...

[14:18] <Sirduck> but i don't wanna

[14:18] <Sirduck> fLiNk- hehe yea :)

[14:19] <Sirduck> the last thing i created in MAX R3

[14:20] <fLiNk-> pretty good

[14:20] <Sirduck> i am not here....i think i'we never been here at all

[14:20] <Sirduck> or ever will be

[14:21] <fLiNk-> I have just orderd two huge MAX books 1500 pages :)

[14:21] <Sirduck> did spend much time on it

[14:21] <Sirduck> hehe

[14:21] <fLiNk-> i think you have seen this already

[14:21] <Sirduck> yea

[14:22] <Sirduck> the starcraft battlecruiser ?

[14:22] <|nterrupt> back.

[14:22] <fLiNk-> ahh, welcome :)

[14:22] <|nterrupt> off to lunch here shortly.

[14:22] <Sirduck> wb

[14:22] <Sirduck> hmm

[14:22] <Sirduck> shit it's 23:20 here in Norway

[14:23] <|nterrupt> Woah.

[14:23] <fLiNk-> cool, tell the other guys to hurry up with the other games so that they can start on fallout3 :P

[14:23] <|nterrupt> it's 2:20pm here in Irvine, America's most sterile city.

[14:23] <|nterrupt> haha

[14:23] <troutlet> sterile?

[14:24] *** tome ( has joined #baldursgate

[14:24] <|nterrupt> i'm not a big fan of irvine.

[14:25] <fLiNk-> hehe

[14:26] <|nterrupt> well, one more character to finish here, and then off to lunch. :)

[14:26] <|nterrupt> everyone take care. nice meeting you and all that.

[14:26] <Sirduck> likewise

[14:26] <Sirduck> welcome back some other time

[14:26] <[[Arc]]> Travel safe brave warrior!

[14:26] <|nterrupt> i'll be back definitely. :)

[14:27] <fLiNk-> dont be a stranger now, we enjoy talking with ye ;)

[14:27] <Sirduck> good

[14:27] * |nterrupt waves

[14:27] *** |nterrupt has quit IRC (Leaving)
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