Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone

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Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Character Biographies

Rannek, the Fighter

Unlike most travelers, Rannek journeyed to the Bloodstone land of Damara in search of anonymity. He hadn’t come to fight in Vaasa, but rather to escape a tortured past. Several months after settling down, Rannek made a costly error. While employed as a scout on the outskirts of Nesme, he failed to recognize an impending troll attack. He misjudged the enemy, whom he thought were simply scavenging for trace metals at the base of the Galena Mountains. The advancing group turned out to be a troll invasion force accompanied by a unit of battle-thirsty orcs. Nesme’s unsuspecting citizens, hearing no alarm call, were left defenseless as the onslaught ensued. Although a dwarven countercharge eventually returned Nesme back to its folk, Rannek left the region in disgrace. After some time, the beleaguered fighter headed east toward Damara, pulled in that direction by a force he could not explain. With little to lose, he followed. Rannek specializes in the use of melee weapons, the sword and the fist.

Illius, the Sorcerer

Descended from an ancient line of knights known as the Silver Guard of Silverymoon, Illius was disowned by his family for one simple reason: he chose spell craft over the martial arts. Yearning to learn more of the world beyond Silverymoon, the sorcerer set out on a path far from home. He sought out adventure and, like Rannek, felt a strong, unexplainable pull toward Damara. Illius specializes in the use of magic. He has no limitation on his projectile combat ability.

Zhai, the Rogue

Zhai is one of the rarest race combinations found anywhere in the Realms. Her mother was drow, a dark elf from the subterranean city of Menzoberranzan, while her father was a wood elf from Cedarleaf. Zhai never felt comfortable being raised on the surface world. She was not generally welcomed, as people didn’t trust one who so resembled a drow. Thus, at the first opportunity, she set out to make a name for herself in the Coldlands, hoping to alleviate that prejudice, as well as the rage that brewed within her. Zhai is the most athletic of the group. With her gymnastic abilities, she can tackle most obstacles. She can also avoid detection by hiding in natural shadows within the environment.
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