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Ok, some personal notes first. The guide you will be reading is not, and never has been, meant as a complete reference to everything of interest in Baldur's Gate and its expansion, Tales of the Sword Coast.
Nevertheless, it is an excellent index with locations of items, NPCs, persons, weapons, equipment and a lot more. In short, everything a player is usually looking for. It has been compiled by a few enthusiasts back in '98 and '99 and was continuously used in our ex Baldur's Gate IRC channel on EFnet*.
I have prepared a revised version of what we had available back then. Hopefully you will find it useful as well. If you have any corrections or additions you would like to make to it, drop me a note and I will fix/add it.

* (A few entries that do not seem to make sense were left in for nostalgia's sake since I wanted to preserve as much of the original infobot information as possible.)



AC - armour class. The lower the better. Armour Class depends on your DEX, and other equipment you put on.

Adventurer's Robe - AC: +1 bonus vs. crushing weapons, Saving throws: +1 bonus vs. petrification/polymorph. Can be found on Arkashule on the coast (west of the lighthouse), and on Hareishan and Natasha in the Cloakwood mines. Another one is on that guy with the pet basilisks.

AFAIK - As Far As I Know

Ajantis - Lawful Good, male, human paladin, found on the south central portion of the map area just north of Friendly Arm Inn. If you talk to Ajantis in an insulting way, he will attack.

Albert - A boy who wants his dog Ruffie back. Go straight east from him and you should find the dog. After you return it, he turns into something that is very strange looking indeed. Don't ask me what that is. He can be found in the middle of the map, just south of Nashkel.

Aldeth - There is a hunting lodge on Cloakwood map one, map 2200. Aldeth Sashenstar will appear and ask for help defending himself against Seniyad and his druids. If you side with Aldeth you receive 3500 experience points, a potion of super heroism and you will be allowed to participate in another subplot in chapter 5.
If you side with Seniyad, you receive safe passage through Cloakwood and 2000 experience points. I recommend that you side with Aldeth.

Algernon - Grumpy fat man with his magical cloak that raises charisma by 2. Resides in Feldepost Inn, second floor, in Beregost.

Algernon's Cloak - Can be found on Algernon in Beregost (Feldepost Inn, second floor).

Alora - Female, thief, found in Baldur's Gate within the Hall of Wonders found in the west central area, map 0130. She will join the group if they agree to help her rob the Hall.

Amulet of Metaspell Influence - Is worn by Ramazith of Baldur's Gate. He can be found in his tower on the Duchal palace map. It enables a mage to memorize one extra second level spell.

Amulet of Protection +1 - 'The Protector'. Armor Class Bonus: +1, saving throw bonus: +1. Can be found on a mage on the top floor of the Iron Throne building, on Ragefast (NE of the Hall of Wonders), and is also for sale in Feldepost Inn and in Nashkel Carnival.

Angelo - The guy who works for Sarevok, who took over Scar's position as commander of FF after Scar was murdered. If you have Shar-Teel in your party, dealing with him will be much easier.
Sher-Teel is Angelo's daughter (now you wonder why she hates men?). His main weakness is his wisdom. Hint: He's easily charmed.

Animate Dead - This is a 3rd lvl cleric spell that really comes in handy when you're fighting anything, especially basilisks.

Ankheg - You can find a lot of these in the farms just north of the FAI. Good place to get exp, really, and the shells are worth 500 gold to the blacksmith, Thunderhammer, in Beregost. He will also offer to make you a set of ankheg plate armour if you refuse to sell the shells to him. Beware though, that after you ask to make the armour, he will no longer accept the plates from you.

Ankheg Plate - AC: 1, Weight: 25. One can be made for you (look up Ankheg), another can be found on the Nashkel map, in the field. Coords are x = 186, y = 2744, AR4800.

Arc - [[Arc]] is one of the fine channel operators in #baldursgate and can always be found striking up great conversations with the local folk. He is usually online after 3pm EST and hangs out for sometime before calling it a night. Lately he has been MIA though! If anyone has any information about him, call 1-800-STARWARS! He is WANTED! Dead or alive!
The reward for catching him is 10.000 wooden nickels. ;)

Areana - Is being blackmailed by Cyrdemac. I believe that the noblewoman is found in or around the Three Old Kegs inn. If you kill Cyrdemac, who is found in the Elfsong Tavern, she will pay you 500 to 4000 gold. You can decline to kill Cyrdemac and blackmail her yourself for 500 gold every 2 days. If you do not demand money within 10 days she will attack you with Tor Lobo.

Arrow of Slaying - Slays any Ogre Mage upon touch. For sale in Sorcerous Sundries in Baldur's Gate.

Arrows of Biting - Available in Feldepost Inn in Beregost.

Arrows of Fire - In some stores and on all kobold commanders that you will meet in Firewine Bridge dungeons and the Ulcaster ruins.

Augurer - The illustrious part-time chief of #baldursgate. Disappeared after a while and never came back. As if anyone gave a damn. :p



Backstab - Click on the mask icon with your thief (stealth), get behind the victim's back and click on him...DON'T click on the weapon icon, just move the mouse over the victim.

Bala's Axe - Can be found in the green section of Durlag's Dungeon #3, in the room full of ghouls and those inviso-lame-o creatures. It's hidden in that TRAPPED statue. The weapon miscasts magic with each successful hit.

Balduran - The guy who founded the city of Baldur's Gate. Missing presumed, his body was never found.

Balduran's Cloak - See "Cloak of Balduran".

Balduran's Helm - See "Helm of Balduran".

Baldur's Gate - It's the main city in the game and the one the game is called after... duh...
You can only get in after you have finished chapter 4, that is at the start of chapter 5, access it via the big bridge.

Bandit Camp - This area will not show up on the map unless you talk to Tranzig and either kill him or make him reveal where the camp is. The only other way to get there is to join them. See "Raiken" for more info.

Bandit Scalp - See "Vai".

Bard - A bard is a jack of all trades and master of none. So they can do a little bit of each class. They can fight, but not very well. They can pickpocket, but can't open locks nor disarm traps. They can use mage scrolls and they have spell books to cast spells. If you want a spell caster that's easier to protect than a mage, a bard is a pretty good choice.

Basilisk - The best way to beat these annoying things is with the cleric spell animate dead, since skeletons have no flesh to be turned to stone, or with the mage spell protection from petrification cast on your characters.

Bassilus - This wonderful human being turned his whole family into zombies. You're next if you're not careful. Once he's dead, report to the temple east of Beregost for a reward. You can find this gem of humanity one screen south of High Hedge.

Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters - Found on Aldeth in Cloakwood map 1. (He asks you to protect him against druids).

Batmantis - Has a strange fixation on goodberries. If ya see him, hide yer fruit. ;)

Battle Axe +2 - 'Battleaxe of Mauletar'. Damage: 1D8 +2, weight: 5, speed factor: 5. It's in the Helm & Cloak Inn in Baldur's Gate.

Battle Horror - These are set off by traps. So, if you don't have a thief, you'll be fighting them a lot. The easiest way to kill them is with a lightning bolt.

Bentha - See "Zorda".

BG2 - Fifteen new NPC characters are available to join players in their quest, along with hundreds of completely new creatures and access to over 130 new spells. Hundreds of new items also add flavor to the game including the legendary Holy Avenger and the venerated Staff of the Magi.
Higher-level character development and the exceptionally diverse combat proficiency system will allow for an expanded skill set including dual wielding or single weapon mastery. Over 20 new kits and classes have have been added to the already extensive class list from Baldur's Gate to make BGII the most all-inclusive Advanced Dungeons & Dragons® 2nd edition CRPG ever created.

Bjornin - The paladin in Beregost, in the Jovial Juggler inn who wants you to go hunt halfogres. He'll give you a medium shield if you do.

Boo - Minsc's miniature giant space hamster. Watch out, his wrath is great! Meep meep meep meep! RUN!

Boots of Avoidance - They give the wearer AC bonus +5 vs. missile weapons. Nimbul the Assassin near the Nashkel Inn in chapter 3 has them.

Boots of Grounding - They give you +50% electricity resistance. Mulahey has them.

Boots of Speed - This is on an assassin waiting for you on the island where the Cloakwood mines are located. Names: Drassus, Genthore, Kysus, and Rezdan.

Boots of Stealth - There is a pair of boots of stealth on a hobgoblin named Zurlong just south of Beregost. Another pair can be found on another hobgoblin on the Ulcaster map.

Boots of the North - These can be found on Jared who sends you to kill a mountain bear. He is on the map just north of the gnoll stronghold, near the lower bridge.

Bracers of Archery - These can be found on a robber named Zal just south of Nashkel.

Bracers of Defence AC6 - Found in the Helm & Cloak inn and on Davaeorn in Cloakwood Mines.

Brage - Captain Brage is located 2 screens south, 1 west of High Hedge. The answer to his riddle is Death. (1S of the lighthouse / 2N of the Gnoll Stronghold).

Branwen - Cleric, female, human, found as a statue in the middle of the Nashkel Fair area just to the south of the entrance to the large rectangular striped red and white tent in the middle of the level. You must cast stone to flesh on her, which can be purchased in a variety of places to get her to come to life and join your group.

Brun's Dead Son - See "Nathan".

Butter Knife of Balduran - This fierce weapon used to belong to Balduran. It has some unique abilities, such as save vs. stale bread +2, save vs. sharpening +4 and butter softness modifier. Caution should be used when equipping this item, since doing so will cause the wielder to go into a buttering frenzy, trying to put butter on anything, or ANYONE. Beware.


Capkill - If you don't know what it is, ya probably shouldn't get it!
Capkill (or experience cap remover) is a program that will remove the experience cap on your character and allow you to gain more levels than the game developers intended.

Carsa - This mad jar woman at the Firewine bridge will summon the ogre mage imprisoned in the jar if you threaten to take the jar away from her. Do get her to do it. Ogre mages are worth a lot of xp. He also has quite a bit of gems and money on him. On herself is a Knave's robe and a protection from fire scroll.

Cathode - One of the major contributors to the huge resource you are currently looking at.

Chainmail +1 - Found in the easternmost crypt at the Nashkel mines exit (1 map south of Firewine) and in the Ankheg cave (just north of FAI).

Chainmail +2 - AC: 3, Weight: 10. Found on Molkar near Gullykin.

Chainmail +3 - Can be found on a Loup Garou in Mendas' house. (After you kill him of course).

Chansite - --> Has all the maps, hacks, cap removers, solutions etc. you'll ever need for Baldur's Gate... and more. That website has moved and evolved into Sorcerer's Place () where you are currently reading this text.
If you see it anywhere else, please report it to us so we can unleash our pet mind flayers on the copycats.

Chapter 1 - Enter Nashkel.

Chapter 2 - Defeat Mulahey in the last level of the Nashkel Mines and take the letters from his chest.

Chapter 3 - Enter Tazok's tent in the Bandit Camp, defeat the leaders and take the letters from the chest.

Chapter 4 - Flood the mines in Cloakwood and kill the mage on the lowest level of the mines.

Chapter 5 - Go to Baldur's Gate, talk to Scar and Duke Eltan and perform their quests till the Duke gives you the book that will get you into Candlekeep.

Chapter 6 - Go to the coronation at the palace and save Belt from Sarevok's henchmen.

Chapter 7 - Kill Sarevok in the Baldur's Gate Undercity.

Cheat - If you cheat in a multiplayer game, you won't be the only one affected... Sure it makes you a lame cheater and all but do you realize that this CRASHES everyone else in your game? DON'T CHEAT in multiplayer or get killed.

Claw of Kazgaroth - It's the claw of a mighty beast by the name yadadada... Can be bought at High Hedge and is too expensive for the limited usefulness it has. That is, stick it on Imoen if she's an archer. No other good use, really...

Cleric - Clerics are healers, and as a rule they can't use any bladed weapons. They are decently competent in battle, and can be placed in the front lines. Remember, sharp weapons are not very effective against such things as jellies and slime!

Cloak of Balduran - You know how men are leaving their clothing articles with a certain type of ladies... Try the Undercellar.
To Quenash: {I need a moment of your time} {we have a mutual friend, Vail} {I cannot recall his features, but he offered the cloak as a reward for his rescue} {thank you} and you'll get the cloak. If not, pickpocket her. :)

Cloak of Displacement - Grants +4 versus missile weapons. It also distorts your image. It can be bought from the tavern in Ulgoth's Beard.

Cloak of Non-detection - Old Gurk's cloak can be found in Cloakwood #1, map area 2200, on a group of taslois.

Cloak of Protection +1 - Found in farmer's house on the zombie map, also in a chest in the Candlekeep library.

Cloak of Protection +2 - Found in the catacombs below Candlekeep.

Cloak of the Shield - Can be found in the small room just before the Deamonknight, in a chest.

Cloak of the Wolf - Found in the cave that Safana talking about. It allows you to change into a wolf at will. Change back with time. See "Safana" for more info.

Cloakwood - There are actually four map areas to the Cloakwood forest and the mines area making five areas in all. The forest is infested with monsters and it's difficult to find any places where you can rest. The Cloakwood is divided into Cloakwood one, map 2200, Cloakwood two, map, 2100, Cloakwood three, map 1600, Cloakwood four on map 1700 and the Cloakwood mines on map 1800.
BTW, you will NOT find Cloakwood if you haven't successfully made it to Chapter 4!

Cloudkill - One Cloudkill scroll is on the mage you meet in the Firewine bridge dungeon. He also has a fireball, lightning bolt and ghoul touch scroll. Another one is 1 map east of Nashkel. Coordinates: x = 1793, y = 414.

Coran - Chaotic Good, male, elven fighter/thief, found in the first part of Cloakwood just west of the Friendly Arm Inn. Interesting character, but you cannot get him until chapter 4. Side Note: He's a PIMP!


Daer Ragh - This mage will jump out from the graveyard he's hiding in in Nashkel if you click on his grave. He summons a bunch of phoenix guards - see "Phoenix Guards" - and he is not killable. Well he is, but he comes back again if you click on the grave again. Killing him gives you no exp.

Dagger +2 - Found on Marek in the Blushing Mermaid Inn in Baldur's Gate.

Dagger of Venom - For sale at the Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost.

Davaeorn - The evil mage who works for the Iron Throne. Located in lvl4 of the dwarven mines.

Dead Cat - You'll find this cat on the bottom of a waterfall just east of the gnoll stronghold. Work your way up on the cliff where Drienne is standing to the right of the waterfall, and she'll reward you with a protection from undead scroll and one reputation point.

Deamonknight - A creature not originally intended to be in Durlag's Dungeons. Killing it is the last thing you do in Durlag's Dungeons so it's logical it'll be at bottom of them. It has the Soultaker dagger.

Diablo - Wrong game, buddy. ;)

Doomsayer - On the same map as Brage, you meet him by agreeing to protect the archeologists then taking the statue from the coffin to the outside of the cave. You fight him outside of the cave.

Drizzt - You will find Drizzt 2 screens south of High Hedge, or NW of Nashkel fighting a bunch of gnolls. He is wearing a mithril chain mail +4, wielding a +2 +3 defender scimitar and a +3 frostbrand scimitar. You can only pickpocket him for his swords if your game is NOT patched.
He can be killed although killing him will cost you 10 reputation points.

Druid - A fun class to play, I suggest you try it, if not for anything else, for the goodberry spell. Just kidding.

Druid Brothers - In the northeast there is a Stonehenge-like construction site, with two druid brothers. One of the brothers accosts your group and you have to kill him. The other brother seems to understand. You may be able to save the brother by casting hold on him.
If you question the second brother enough, he will admit to being a dark druid or some such and admit that he poisoned the others and is glad that you helped kill the last brother. He actually wants to take over the site and says that you need to die now that you know his treachery.

Durlag's Goblet - Can be found in Durlag's Dungeon #2, near the torture room (I think). It's a pretty useless item, if you drink from it, you get 5hp restored, but get cursed with fear.

Durlag's Tower - It's a tower of a powerful mage by the name Durlag. What the hell did you expect? It's one of the areas added by the expansion, TOSC.

Dynaheir - Lawful good, female, human wizard, found in a pit within the Gnoll Fortress, friend to Minsc and Boo.


E - Elminster.

Eagle Bow - Short bow, 'Protector of the Dryads'. THAC0: +2, Damage: +2, Weight: 2, Speed Factor: 4. Marek in the Blushing Mermaid Inn in Baldur's Gate has it.

Edwin - Evil, male, human, mage - Red Wizard of Thay - found in Nashkel on the southern bridge. Edwin asks the party's assistance in killing Dynaheir, lawful good wizard. Edwin calls Dynaheir a Rashemon witch. Edwin will join the party to seek out Dynaheir, who when found in the Gnoll fortress will either attack the group or will join if the group joins against Edwin. Edwin will leave the party if you do not find Dynaheir in 14 days.

Eldoth Kron - Evil, human male bard slimeball found in the third area of Cloakwood wants you to kidnap Skie, the daughter of the Duke of Baldur's Gate, and hold her for ransom so that Skie can live independently. Devoted to Skie.

Elminster - He's GOD walking. Don't try killing him, he'll just walk away. When first you meet Elminster, after talking to him, there is a ring of protection hidden in a small hole in a round rock to the northeast of where you enter this area.

Ender Sai - He is the thief inside Tazok's tent. The one you saw captured in the cutscene. He knows everything so question him for the location of Cloakwood.

Experience Cap - Bioware implemented an exp cap in the game, so none of your characters could have over 89.000 exp points. This caps most classes at lvl 7 and some at lvl 8. The exp cap is there so that the game is kept balanced and would not be too easy for you.

Expansion - New monsters & items, a few complex new maps, some area specific music, an island... And it's out now!



FAI - Friendly Arm Inn

Faldorn - Human, female, druid, found in Cloakwood 3 Stonehenge will agree to accompany you to avenge the evil of the Iron Throne mine in the east.

Farmer Brun - See "Nathan".

Firebead Elvenhair - The book he wants when he is in Beregost is in the Feldepost Inn. Right across from his house.

Firewine Bridge - Located south of Gullykin. There is a secret tunnel from one of the huts of Gullykin that leads straight to the dungeons of Firewine bridge.

Flame Tongue - See "Long Sword +1, Flame Tongue".

Frostbrand - This is one of the scimitars that Drizzt wields. See "Drizzt" for more info.

Full Plate +1 - See "Full Plate Mail +1".

Full Plate Mail - Can be purchased in Thunderhammer smithy in Beregost. Another one is in one of the huts in Gullykin and on Taugosz Tenhammer Khosann at the Bandit Camp. It is probably the best armour you can get in the game. It is very heavy, but it provides great protection. It is not a magical item so you can use a protection ring +2 with it.

Full Plate Mail +1 - This is found on Tamako just before the final battle.
Tamako is in the Undercity in front of the Bhaal Temple.



Gambling - The games of chance in the larger tents seem to be rigged. I could not win a thing.

Gamespy - The lil proggy that will make finding of games on the net easier...

Garrick - A Chaotic Neutral, male, human, bard found in front of the Burning Wizard inn in chapter one. Wants to employ you to bodyguard Silke, an evil mage masquerading as a bard. After the mage is killed you can recruit Garrick.

Gatekeeper - Probably the best cheating program, found at

Gauntlets of Dexterity - The wearer's dexterity score is set to 18. Can be found on one of the bridge keepers of gnoll stronghold.

Gauntlets of Ogre Power - These powerful gauntlets raise the wearer's strength to 18/00. They can be found in the ship docked at the port, The Low Lantern. A female assassin is carrying them.

Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise - Meilum, of Firewine bridge, holds this. You can find him near the NE corner of the Firewine map, just south of Gullykin.

Gauntlets of Weapon Skill - Can be found in a box outside the Bitch Queen's house (part of a quest). Another pair is worn by the ogre that attacks you in the Blushing Mermaid.

Gerde - Found in Farms area north of FAI, the ankheg ranger will tell you of the ten ankheg limit in this neck of the woods. Gerde will offer to buy Ankheg exoskeletons. I exceeded my limit with no ill effects.

Gervisse - Within an estate in the northwest on map 0162, you will find Gervisse, a bogeyman, who will tell you that the druid Voltine has evil designs on the twin sisters Laerta and Louise. Laerta and Louise tell the party that they are afraid because someone has been watching them. Voltine will appear and tell the party that Gervisse is evil and must be killed.
If the players kill Gervisse, Voltine gives them a wand of polymorphing and Laerta gives them a scroll of prot. from evil.

Girdle of Bluntness - 'Destroyer of the Hills'. Armor Class Bonus: +4 vs. blunt weapons. Can be found on Krumm in the Dryad Woods.

Girdle of Piercing - There is one that Urshey sends you in search of from the FAI. The belt if on the ogre on the map just south of the FAI. Armor Class Bonus: +3 vs. piercing weapons.

Gnoll Fortress - It's a joke really, unless you are very low level I guess. It is a fortress-like thing in the SW corner of the world map, full of gnolls of all kinds... In one of the holes there is Dynaheir.

Golden Girdle - Armor Class Bonus: +3 vs. slashing weapons. Can be found on Peter in the Basilisk map.

Goodberry - An EXTREMELY cool druid spell which creates 5 PERMANENT (read: Permanent) berries which, when eaten, heal 1 hp each, and are stackable into groups of 10, put them on your quick item slot to use (they look like poop when you drop em).

Gorion - Your foster father. You forgot already?

Greywolf - You'll meet him if you offered to protect Prism.

Gullykin - It's a little halfling village north of Firewine bridge. You can enter the Firewine bridge at one of the houses or through the biggest building (an inn of sorts I think), in the basement.

Gurk - Resides in the Jovial Juggler Inn in Beregost. He wants his cloak back and it is a cloak of non-detection. See "Cloak of Non-detection".



Halberd +2 - This can be found on one of the nutcases (!) on the 5th floor of the Iron Throne building.

Half-ogres - You will find these on the same map as Drizzt, and they are on the north side of the map. After you finish with them, you can go back to Beregost's Jovial Juggler to find Bjornin, who will give you a medium shield +1 for your troubles.

Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy - Dmg: Bolt +2 THAC0: +5. Dabron Sashenstar in the central section of Baldur's Gate has it. (Only if you kill his brother).

Helm of Alignment Change - This helm reverses the alignment of any character. It can be found when killing the Demon Knight in Durlag's tower when he first appears in the tower's entry room.
The Plate of Dark Mail can also be found on him at this point. It is as good as the plate mail +3 found later in the tower and has the full plate mail extra saving throw bonuses.
The player who submitted this hint managed to kill him by casting Otiluke's Resilient Sphere on him, knocking him out with punches and then hacking him to pieces.

Helm of Balduran - There's an inn called Cloak and Helm. Hint hint?
You can find the helm behind a picture on the second floor of the inn.

Helm of Defense - Is on an ogre mage. He won't appear until Nellie, the Nereid, resurrects your friend. She can be found near the coast if your leader is male.

Helm of Glory - This is on Jardak, a man on the second floor of the building to the right of the temple of Helm in Baldur's Gate. It is the same map as the duchal palace. It's REALLY worth getting it, being one of the best helms in the game.

Helm of Infravision - It's on Neira, the bounty hunter in the Nashkel Inn in Chapter 2.

HH - High Hedge

High Hedge - It's a huge house southeast of Candlekeep. When you walk in, the flesh golems will attack you. If you're strong enough, kill them. If you're not, go talk to the mage right away, he'll call the goons off.

Hitting Greater Werewolves - In this particular case, it's not only the enchantment level (+1 or better) but also the fact that you need a golden/silver weapon or one that hits shapeshifters to hit him. (Sword of Balduran, Flame Tongue, Sword vs. Shapeshifters should work).

Husam - A Harper thief can be found at the Thieves' Guild building, map 0100. Speak with him here and you can meet with him in the central east area of the city in chapter 7 to start the Harpers subplot.



Imoen - Thief, female, human, found within the prologue in Candlekeep first, does not join your party until after you talk with Gorion and he is killed. She will meet up with you shortly after Gorion was killed, if you treated her nicely in the inner courtyard of Candlekeep. Imoen is a very loyal companion and a competent thief who can be dual classed later for more skills.

Iolo - He's in a tavern at Nashkel.

IWD - Icewind Dale



Jaheira - Neutral Good, female, half-elf, fighter/druid, found at the Friendly Arm Inn on the first floor, loyal and good companion, also a member of the Harpers. The Harpers are a clandestine organization for good in the realms. Members include Elminster (founder) and others including the late Gorion.

Joining Bandits - See "Raiken".

Joseph's Greenstone Ring - There's a house in the south central part of Nashkel. A woman and her mother live here. The door will be locked so you'll have to pick it. The woman is looking for her husband, Joseph, lost to the mines. Return his ring to her and gain some experience.



Kagain - Lawful Evil, dwarf, male, fighter, found at the shop north of the Feldepost Inn. Kagain is looking for a lost noble's son, who was a passenger on his caravan line to Baldur's Gate. Kagain will join your group to pursue the lost son of the noble. His quest is solved by going one area north of Beregost and finding the destroyed caravan. If you do not find the caravan within 10 days, Kagain leaves the group.

Khalid - Neutral Good, male, half-elf, fighter, found at the Friendly Arm Inn with Jaheira, they both travel together, she complains but is loyal. Khalid is also a Harper agent. Khalid and Jaheira are needed for the Harper subplot in Baldur's Gate.

Khark - Found on the Firewine bridge ruins map, the crazy lady who has the jar (with Khark inside) is screaming, keep telling her to get it no matter what and then Khark bursts out of the jar. He is pretty tough with that globe of inv. Use dispel magic or an arrow of slaying to kill him.

Kiel's Buckler - It's in the same place as Kiel's morningstar. The buckler adds +1 to DEX.

Kiel's Helmet - Can be found in the throne room of Durlag's Dungeon #2. It protects against all forms of panic and boosts morale.

Kiel's Morningstar - Can be found in his grave near the exit of the Durlag's Dungeon #2. It's cursed with berserk.

Kivan - The elf ranger (Chaotic Good) can be found in the High Hedge map just north of the building. He is specialized in Bow and Spear. Giving him a composite bow makes combat that much easier since he's a prime candidate for the bracers of archery gotten from the world's best darter.

Knave's Robe - Armor Class: +1 bonus vs. missile weapons. Save vs. Death: +1. Found on Carsa at the Firewine ruins, and Bentha and Zordral in the Nashkel Carnival each have one. Also on Narcillus at the Nashkel mines exit.

Korax - A very special ghoul who will join the party in the Basilisk area, map 3500. Korax will turn on the party ten minutes after joining them. The ghoul can join the group even if you already have six players. The ghoul acts something like a summoned monster. Ghouls are immune to basilisk gazes so Korax can be very useful for 10 minutes.

Koveras - Don't try to kill this guy when you see him. Take the ring +1 anyway because you will be arrested anyhow.

Kylee's Dagger - A miner named Dink on the first level will give you Kylee's Dagger to give to him on level two. Kylee is in the large round area on the second level of the mines. Give Kylee his dagger for some experience points.



Laerta - See "Gervisse".

Landrin - He wants his house back. Bring spider body, wine, boots from the house beside the Jovial Juggler to get your reward. Quite a bit of a reward too. :)

Laradar - At the Cloakwood mines, he will approach you with a group of black talon elites. Laradar will go away if you mention wyverns, but will fight if you mention your real purpose.

Large Shield +1, +4 vs. Missiles - You can get it from Varci Roaringhorn in the western area Baldur's Gate.

Large Shield +2 - Can be found in the ritual burial section of Durlag's Dungeon #4. It's in a trapped chest.

Larswood - A great place to gain experience and equipment if you know what you're doing. Green Talon Elites, direwolves, and a little druid quest is on this map. See "Druid Brothers" and "Teven".

Laurel - This paladin is in the map just north of the Gnoll Stronghold. She would ask you to fight a few gibberlings. She seems to disappear later.

Leather Armor +2 - Maneira at the Nashkel mines exit has it. Also on Sendai in the Cloudpeak Mountains.

Leather Armor +3 - Can be found in the ritual burial section of Durlag's Dungeon #4. It's in a trapped chest.

Legit Max AC - See "Max Legit AC".

Light Crossbow of Speed - Damage: +1 (missile), THAC0: +1 bonus, Special: 1 extra attack per round. It's for sale at the Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost.

Long Bow of Marksmanship - THAC0: +3, Damage +2, Weight 2, Speed Factor 5. Can be found on Hakt in Tazok's tent at the Bandit Camp or on a ghost in the Firewine Ruins. (Pickpocket it).

Long Sword +1, Flame Tongue - Can be found in a chest in eastern part of Durlag's Dungeon #4 in a lone grave.

Long Sword +2 - This is on Greywolf, see "Greywolf".

Lord of Murder - Bhaal, your true father.

Lore - Lore is the ability to identify magical items without the need of the ID spell or scroll. The higher the lore rating, the better your chances. Bards are best at this.

Louise - See "Gervisse".



Mace +2 - Can be found in the ritual burial section of Durlag's Dungeon #4. It's in a trapped chest.

Manual of Bodily Health - This magical tome will raise your constitution by one permanently. It is found along the Sword Coast in a cave guarded by sirines. Within the cave you'll have to contend with the flesh golem guardians. Good Luck.
For the non-explorer types, it's the same map with the lighthouse. The cave is north of the lighthouse, along the beach.

Marl - Of Feldepost's Inn picks a fight with you the moment you walk in. If you talk him out of it, 900 exp. Charm him and let the spell wear off. He will attack you, and you gain another 900 exp. Of course, if you DON'T fight him, you get a quest to find his son. For those of the good alignments.

Max Legit AC - 18 dex (6 AC), Full Plate Mail (-3 AC), Helm of Balduran (-4 AC), Shield +1 (-6 AC), Twinkle (-8 AC), Ring of Protection +2 (-10 AC), Claw of Kazgaroth (-11 AC), Cloak of Balduran (-12 AC), make the shield +2 (from TOTSC) and it becomes -13 AC total

Minsc - A Neutral Good, human, male ranger, found with his small friend Boo in the south central part of Nashkel, friend to Dynaheir and inseparable from her once rescued. He wants you to go west to the Gnoll Fortress and rescue Dynaheir. Do NOT talk with him until you are ready to rescue Dynaheir with him. If you procrastinate in your quest, he may turn on you and try to kill you.

Mithril Chain Mail +4 - The best of the best, it allows you to use all thieving skills while wearing it. Drizzt has it.

Montaron - Evil, halfling character, found on the southeast part of the map just to east of Candlekeep, travels with Xzar.

Mulahey - Evil cleric of Nashkel mines. See "Xan" and "Ring of Holiness".

Murky Potion - A few salesman you meet on the road or in the carnival may want to sell weird looking potions to you. If it doesn't look normal, don't drink it. Normal healing potions looks like the ones you can buy at temples. If it doesn't look like that, it'll either get you drunk or poisoned. If you have them, sell them.



Nathan - Farmer Brun in the center of the farmlands map has lost his son Nathan. Find Nathan and return him to Farmer Brun. Go west of the farm and you will see a big hole in the ground. It's a big Ankheg lair. The boy is in a treasure pile in the north northwest part of the cave.

Necklace of Missiles - 'The One Gift Lost'. Range: 50 ft, area of effect: 30 ft radius, damage: 6D6 (save vs. spell for half). Can be found on one of the 3 daughters guarding the airship components in BG (part of a quest). Another one is for sale at the Nashkel Carnival.

Nester - A ranger, will appear and talk to the party on the Baldur's Gate bridge map. If the party has a very low reputation, Nester will attack. Quinn in Chapter 5 will ask you to return here to look for Nester's dagger. Quinn is convinced that Nester was killed by Ankhegs.

Noober - This guy will try to annoy you to death in Nashkel. He looks like a commoner, and he tries to get you to stone him. Well, if you endure his presence long enough and not kill him, you'll get some 400 exp.

NPC - Non-Player Character.

NPC List - Here's a list of the NPCs that can join your party: Ajantis, Alora, Branwen, Coran, Dynaheir, Faldorn, Edwin, Eldoth Kron, Garrick, Imoen, Jaheira, Kagain, Khalid, Kivan, (Korax), Minsc, Montaron, Quayle, Safana, Shar Teel, Skie, Tiax, Viconia, Yeslick, Xan, Xzar. Look the names up separately to learn more about them.

NT - Thank God... From all the info we've heard so far, Baldur's Gate runs fine and smooth on NT.

NWN - Neverwinter Nights

Nymph Cloak - Bring the mage in Sorcerous Sundries in Baldur's Gate a lock of nymph hair and he'll make you one.



Ogre Mage - There are quite a few of these around. Best way to kill them is with an arrow of slaying that you can buy in BG city.

Old Gurk - Resides in the Jovial Juggler inn in Beregost. He wants his cloak back and it is a cloak of non-detection. See "Cloak of Non-detection".

Oopah - Gazib and Oopah are found at the fair. After you talk to Gazib, he summons Oopah who explodes. After three times of repeating this Oopah gets angry.

Oublek - Nashkel: Just southwest of the temple of Torm you will find a fat man named Oublek. Oublek mistakes you for Greywolf, a bounty hunter, and wants to give you Greywolf's reward money. Admit that you are not Greywolf and Oublek will be impressed with your honesty. You will be rewarded with experience and your reputation will go up by a point.



Perdue's Short Sword - The gnolls around High Hedge have Perdue's short sword, 1 area west of Beregost.

PHB - Acronym for Players HandBook for D&D.

Phoenix Guard - This thing means hell. They fight with the ferociousness of a battle horror, but they respawn themselves on the spot several times before finally exploding into one big fireball, killing anything nearby. Do no try killing them with a sword. RANGED ATTACK!

Plate Mail +1 - On Genthore at the entrance to the Cloakwood mines.

Plate Mail +3 - This can be found in Durlag's Dungeon #1, west side of the map in a richly furnished room (noble-like), it's NOT very useful though, since it's magical and will interfere with other magical items.

Poisoned Arrows - These are Eldoth's personal poisoned arrows. He learned how to use poison at a young age, and can create enough venom for about 5 arrows. He is the only person who can safely handle these arrows. See "Eldoth Kron".

Potion Trick #1 - Place one of your characters next to an Innkeeper or a person to whom you can sell potions. Make sure your character has two of one sort of potion (for example two healing potions), now, right-click on potion 1 and choose Drink Potion. Quickly right-click again on potion 2 and choose Drink Potion. Now, you immediately pick up the potion (left-click).
Wait until the number one figure disappears. Put it down and quickly drink it. Pick up the portion and wait until the numbers 535 show up. Then you can put it down. Now you will have 65535 of them. Sell them and you'll never have to worry about cash again :). Note that if you fail this, it's probably because you aren't quick enough. This bug works with Tales of the Sword Coast as well.

Potion Trick #2 - (UNVERIFIED) Put potions in all of your characters' quick item slots. In the inventory screen, replace the rightmost potion with a gem. Return to the adventure screen, and notice the picture of the potion that you replaced the gem with still looks like a potion! Click it multiple times.
Return to the inventory screen. The number of gems should change from 1 to no number at all. Switch back to adventure screen and start clicking again. You should now have 65 000 gems!

Prat - When you meet Prat and you're not strong enough to kill him, you can talk your way out by telling him that you are Sarevok.

Prism - He's on the map labeled NASHKEL MINES. He's southwest on the map.

Prologue - Talk to Gorion.



Quarterstaff +3 - Dmg: 1D6+3, THAC0: +3. You can buy it at the Ulgoth's Beard inn.

Quayle - Gnome, chaotic neutral, male cleric (6), illusionist (5), found on the Baldur's Gate map, northwest part of the bridge area but not inside the Gate.

Quenash - See "Cloak of Balduran".

Quinn - Is looking for his brother Nester, who he believes was killed by Ankhegs. If you find his brother's dagger and return it to him, Quinn will give you a Shandon gem. Nester appeared on the Ankheg Farm map north of Friendly Arm Inn.



Raiken - This bandit is found in Peldvale. Tell him you want to join his group and that his group is the only one showing a Sword Coast. You'll be teleported to the bandit camp after this, so be ready to fight. If you have been there and killed the leaders of the bandits, your game will lock up.

Ramazith - He is in his own high mage tower in BG city.

Rest - Resting will help spellcasters memorize their spells. If you rest in an inn your chance of ambush is reduced to zero, and if you sleep in a royal room you'll even get full hp back. Fatigue is not good for you.

Ring of Animal Friendship - Special: Charm Animal unless save vs. wands. It uses charges, same as wands. Can be found in Cloakwood #1 (AR2200) on Seniyad.

Ring of Energy - Found just east of Larswood on a red wizard of Thay. He also has a BUNCH of a other spells that you wouldn't want to miss.

Ring of Fire Resistance - It gives you +40% fire resistance. Found in a cleft in the cliff at the extreme SE map (AR5500). Another one is in the catacombs under Candlekeep (Chap. 6).

Ring of Free Action - Found on the 5th floor of the Iron Throne, the ring of free action makes spells such as web and entangle useless against you. However, you also do not benefit from the boots of speed and other spells that enhance movement.
Another ring is the property of that meditating gnome/dwarf/whatever in the middle of Ulgoth's Beard. If it will stay like that, is up to you.

Ring of Holiness - There is one on Mulahey, the evil cleric in the Nashkel mines. It grants you an extra spell for levels 1-4. Only usable by clerics and druids.

Ring of Infravision - There are plenty of these around. One is on a shelf of a store one screen north of Sorcerous Sundries. Another can be bought at the Nashkel Carnival. Another one is on Nimbul the Assassin (Nashkel, Chap. 4).

Ring of Invisibility - Stop looking! This ring was taken out of Baldur's Gate by Bioware before the release of the game. If you have it in BG, you're one big cheater.
It is, however, in the expansion. You can buy it in the tavern at Ulgoth's Beard.

Ring of Protection +1 - There is one in the map 2 screens east of Candlekeep, hidden in a small hole in a round rock near the central west side of the map.
The second one is on Mirianne of Beregost. Complete her quest and she'll give you one. The third on is on Koveras. He'll offer you a ring, take it. You'll be arrested anyhow. :)

Ring of Protection +2 - This ring is on the mage Ramazith.

Ring of Wizardry - There were originally two rings, one near FAI, the other on a mage Sunin in SW BG city. The official patch removes the one in FAI, so the only ring of wizardry left in the game is the one on Sunin.
Before patch: On FAI map, look for a pine tree with a few rocks at its base along the southern border of the map (lower right edge of map). Look carefully around the tree's base. The ring is quite small. Coordinates of ring location are x=2554, y=3758. Pressing the L key will give you the coordinates and the map area number to where your mouse is pointing.

Robe of Archmagi - Davaeorn in the Cloakwood mines has the evil one, and the good & neutral ones can be bought in HH.

RTFM - Read the Fu**ing Manual.

Ruffie - Dog-thing you help Albert find south of Nashkel. Hell hound. Ruffie is top o' map, middle right of map.



Safana - Human, female thief, found just northwest of Nashkel. She joins your group if you agree to help her with a quest. She wants you to travel to Treasure Cove with her and retrieve a item from the talons of some creature.

Sarevok - The armoured figure who killed Gorion. Remember?
He's immune to all magic, VERY strong, and the only disadvantage he really has is that he can't cast any spells, and he's only a fighter.
Hint: monster summoning spells, thief backstab after strength was cast on him + haste, ranged attacks to beat him.
He apparently has platemail +4 with gauntlets that can hold up to 12 levels of spells, like a ring of spell storing. Furthermore, the armour provides 90% resistance to fire, cold, lightning and acid (no wonder they don't let you search the body).

Scimitar +2 - Can be found somewhere around the basilisks on top of the Durlag's Tower.

Seniyad - See "Aldeth".

Seven Suns - Is found in the southwestern portion of Baldur's Gate.

Sewers - In chapter 7, you're a criminal in Baldur's Gate and if you linger around above ground outside of buildings for more than 5 minutes, you will be arrested/you'll have to fight FF. Travel by the sewers at this time. The entrances to the sewers are grates that you see on the ground.

Shadow Armor - It's for sale at the Thunderhammer Smithy in Beregost. After Mithril Chain, the best armour a thief can have.

Shar Teel - Chaotic Evil, female, fighter found on the map containing basilisks, to the east of Beregost Temple district. Shar-Teel is helpful if you are arrested in chapter seven in Baldur's Gate. She will talk to Angelo within the jail and secure the party's release from jail.

Shield Amulet - Range: 0, area of effect: Self, armor class: Base set to 4, special: Bonus +2 AC vs. missile attacks. Duration is 5 turns. Can be bought at Nashkel Carnival.

Short Sword +2 - Found on Zargal (hobgoblin) on the Bassilus map. Reliable sources say due-west of the Bassilus Circle.

Short Sword of Backstabbing - It can be found in Undercellar, after you kill the husband/wife assassin team. Although that doesn't come up for a long time since they only appear there after you find a note telling you that they were hired to kill you. The sword is on Slythe.

Silke - Outside the Red Sheaf Inn in the center of Beregost, is a really evil mage who intends to kill the messenger for his wares. Fight her and get her stuff. Garrick, in front of the Burning Wizard inn, will lead you to her.

Skie - Female, human, thief, found in Baldur's Gate, daughter to Duke Entar Silvershield, inseparable from Eldorth Kron. She is found on the second floor of the Entar Silvershield estate. If Eldorth Kron is with the group she will join. If Eldorth Kron is not with the group she will scream and the characters may have to leave.

Sling +3 - Can be found in the ritual burial section of Durlag's Dungeon #4. It's in a trapped chest.

Slythe - The woman who has the short sword of backstabbing. Look that sword up for info.

Sorcerer - Sorcerer will answer all your questions every 2nd week of the 3rd month of every 4th leap year... Nah, just ask me anything whenever I'm online.

Soultaker Dagger - See "Deamonknight".

Splurging Sturgeon - This place is a pain in the butt to get to. It's in the NE part of town in the map section divided by a wall. The Sturgeon's on the north side of the wall. If you enter the map from any location other than the duchal palace map, you end up on the south side. So be sure to enter from the direction of the duchal palace map.

Staff Mace - A one-handed staff found in Dradeel's house on Werewolf Island. It is 2D4+2 with +2 to THAC0. It has a speed factor of 2 and is usable by all.

Staff of Striking - Can be found in a chest in eastern part of Durlag's Dungeon #4 (lone grave). It's in a chest.

Staff Spear - Dmg: 1D8+3 THAC0: +2, you can find it on top floor of Durlag's Unholy Tower, on a sirine of sorts...

Studded Leather Armour +1 - Found on Telka at the Nashkel Mines Exit and in a room in the Cloakwood mines.

Studded Leather Armour +2 - Sendai in the woods where Albert is has it.

Sword of Balduran - Dmg: 2D4 (+4 vs Lyctrp), THAC0: +4 vs Lyctrp, THAC0: +4 vs Lyctrp. It's not a very useful sword by itself, but it's the only one that can TRULY damage the Loup Garou (that is, do more than 1 damage at the hit). Can be found at the top level of Balduran's Ship, on a desk.



Tales of the Sword Coast - See "Expansion".

Tamako - She nails you with a flame arrow at the end of the prologue. You will meet her again later in the game. She is Sarevok's lover.

Tazok - This is the guy Kivan's looking for. He's in the bandit camp, the only way to actually MEET him is to join the bandits. Make sure you kill Tranzig when you get the chance, and join the bandits at Larswood.

Tenya - Farms north of FAI: In the southwest, three fishermen, Jebadoh, Sonner and Telmen are talking about Tenya the priest of Umberlee. The fishermen ask you to go kill the evil Tenya who they claim is ruining their fishing with evil spells. You can agree to kill her, do so and return for a reward in gold and 1000 experience points.
If you agree to go talk to her, she will reveal the true nature of the fishermen as evil and allow you to return and demand that they give up the bowl of water elemental control that they have and receive 2500 experience points. Tenya is found north of the Baldur's Gate bridge on map 0900.
If you help her instead of killing her, later in BG city when asking for the body from the bitch of Umberlee, you can ask to speak to Tenya, and she'll give it to you for free.

Teven - In the southeast part of Larswood is a bandit named Teven who robs you. If you ask to to join the bandits and if you are clever he may let you join the group. Say that they are the only profitable venture on the Sword Coast.

THAC0 - To Hit Armor Class 0.
The roll needed on the to-hit roll (d20) to hit a creature with an armor class of 0. The armor class of the creature really being attacked is subtracted from this. Ex: If your THAC0 is 15 and you are trying to hit someone with an Armor Class of 10 then you need a 5 or above on your to-hit roll.

The Surgeon - Dave's brother. Meet him on the coast and he'll tell you about his brother and heal your party.

Thieves' Guild - You can sell your stolen stuff there, it's on the first screen when you enter BG via the front door, that is, north of Sorcerous Sundries... The pass is fafhrd.

Throwing Axe +2 - Damage: 1D6 + 3, THAC0: +2, damage type (melee): slashing, damage type (thrown): missile (piercing). Special: Returns to users hand once thrown. Found on Prat in the Candlekeep Catacombs.

Tiax - Male, Chaotic Evil, cleric/thief found just in front of the Flaming Fist Gaol in southwest Baldur's Gate. Tiax has had dreams of Cyric, who he claims has promised him the rulership of the world. Tiax is mad and not that good of a companion or fighter.

Tome of Charisma - See "Tome of Leadership and Influence".

Tome of Constitution - See "Manual of Bodily Health".

Tome of Dexterity - Found in the barrel in the same room as Black Lily in the Thieves' Guild.

Tome of Intelligence - This can be found on one of the shelves on top of Ramazith's tower, Baldur's Gate, Duchal Palace map.

Tome of Leadership and Influence - This can be found in a cave on the gnoll stronghold map. Take the south trail after the bridge crossing.

Tome of Strength - This can be found in the crypts of Candlekeep, in chapter six after you're framed for the murder.

Tome of Wisdom - There are two in the original BG. One is held by the high priest of Tymora at the Lady's Hall. The other is in one of the crypts in the Candlekeep catacombs.
There is a third one hidden in the alter on the second to top level of Durlag's tower. Be sure to check out the altar first as it's trapped.

Tomes - These are books of knowledge that raise your stats such as DEX and INT. They are quite rare, and there aren't many of them around.

TOSC - It's out!! New items, new maps, new spells... Two words for ya: Get it. It's the official addon, Tales of the Sword Coast.

Tranzig - He will be on the second floor of Feldepost inn in Beregost after you finish clearing out the Nashkel mines. Kill him so he will not notify the camp that you are coming. You can extract the location of the camp from him if you don't know it yet, but you must be careful not to kill him until he reveals it.

Trap - There are only three ways (that I can think of) to get around a trap. One is to use a thief to detect and disarm -use thieving button- them. The other is to walk through it with a high AC fighter and a cleric to constantly heal him. Your choice.
You can also walk through it with your mage when he has Mirror Image on him... It won't even touch you.

Traveller's Robe - AC: +1 bonus vs. missile weapons, Saving throws: +1 bonus vs. breath. Found on Kysus at the entrance to the Cloakwood mines and on Davaeorn in the Cloakwood Mines.

Twinkle - One of the scimitars on Drizzt... See "Drizzt" for more info.

Two Handed Sword +2, Spider's Bane - Can be found on the second map of Cloakwood. Agree to find Chelak for Tiber. The spider nest is in the northwest corner of the level. Kill the spiders and the spider queen in the nest and find Chelak's body in the treasure trove there. Return the body to his brother Tiber. The weapons grants the free action effect.

Two Handed Sword +3 - Is/was a property of the now deceased chess king (you can pick it off his body when you're done). Chess game comes after you do all the stuff in Durlag's Dungeon #3.

Two Handed Sword +3, Cursed Berserking - Brage has it. See "Brage".



Undercellar - It's a underground whore house you can enter via the Blushing Mermaid tavern (back room) or any other sewer in BG city.



Vai - In Chapter 3, Officer Vai of the Flaming Fist in the Jolly Jester will pay 50 gold for each bandit scalp you bring in. Bandits are a good source of experience and gold. You can stack 10 scalps in one inventory slot. Bandits are found in the many areas including Larswood and Peldvale areas.
If you want to sell them before hitting Chapter 3, Feldepost Inn will buy them at 25gp each.

Vax - The man who holds the bracers of archery. He's located south of Nashkel.

Viconia - Neutral Evil, female, dark elf cleric found in the northwest of Peldvale. To get Viconia, you must agree to protect her from the Flaming Fist mercenaries. Next you must kill the one chasing her. And then when you talk to her, accept her into your party. You will loose 2 reputation points for this.

Voltine - See "Gervisse".



Wand of Fear - Causes enemies to run in fear unless they save vs. spells. Can be found in the Wyvern Cave, in a chest near Tazok's tent in BC and in Davaeorn's chest in the Cloakwood mines.

Wand of Fire - Can be found in the Ankheg Cave, bought in Sorcerous Sundries or found in Ulcaster Dungeon.

Wand of Frost - It creates a column of ice. Can be found in Spider Queen's Lair or in a knothole in a tree near the Nashkel mines entrance (NW corner).

Wand of Lightning - One can be found in the Travenhurst home in Beregost (the big mansion, second floor, desk drawer).

Wand of Missiles - Imoen has one when you join her, another one is on Tranzig, and another one in a dwelling in Gullykin.

Wand of Monster Summoning - One can be found in one of the three catacombs 2 screens east of Nashkel (easternmost crypt at the Nashkel mines exit).

Wand of Paralyzation - Found in the Sirine Cave (AR3600).

Wand of Polymorphing - See "Gervisse".

Wand of Sleep - Can be bought in Sorcerous Sundries in BG.

Wand of the Heavens - Found in Iron throne building, 5th floor. Or buy at Sorcerous Sundries.

Warhammer +1, +4 vs. Giant Humanoids - This can be found in Ulgoth's Beard on a dwarf in the tavern that gives you the quest to retrieve his dagger. But you can just steal it off him before doing the quest, after which you should get the hammer. ;)

Warhammer +2 - 'Ashideena'. Damage: 1D4 +3 (+1 electrical), THAC0: +2 bonus, damage type: crushing, weight: 5, speed factor: 2. Bassilus has it. Look up "Bassilus" for the location.

Winter Wolf - These are worth about 1000 exp each and the pelts are worth 500 gold in the Nashkel store.

Wolfsbane Charm - Dradeel will give you one after you talk to him, and you can get another one if you pickpocket him.

Write Spell - Right click on a scroll and if a write magic button is present, click to write spell. If not present, you either already have it, or you're not a mage.

Wyverns - Wyverns can be found at Cloakwood also. Coran will want to hunt some. If you don't find one within a ten-day he will leave your party. You only need ONE wyvern head. Take this to the temple east of Beregost.
There is a wyvern cave in map Cloakwood four, map 1700.



Xan - Lawful Neutral, elf, male, enchanter who can use the Moonblade (dagger?), found at bottom of Nashkel Mines in the chamber with Mulahey, the priest of Cyric who is behind the kobold infestation. No one else can use the Moonblade, so don't bother trying.

Xvart Village - The Xvart camp is west of Nashkel. There's a cave there, and you will find a flail +1, bracers of AC 8, and a potion of fire resistence.

Xzar - Evil, human mage character found on the southeast part of the map just to east of Candlekeep. Partially mad employer of Montaron who is seeking to find a solution to the Iron mine crisis. These men are Zhentarim agents, and not too bright either. They are needed to complete the Zhentarim subplot in Baldur's Gate.


Yeslick - Fighter (4), cleric (5), male dwarf, found in the Cloakwood Mines.



Zhurlong - A thief found in The Burning Wizard Inn of Beregost, wants his boots of stealth back.

Zorda - The only way to save Bentha from Zorda in one of the carnival tents is to call him a moron from the beginning, and pick a fight with him. It's worth the killing. :)
Talk to her afterwards to get your reward.
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