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Party of four or five

Discussion in 'Icewind Dale 2' started by Mati, Sep 15, 2021 at 1:25 PM.

  1. Mati Gems: 1/31
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    I thought about a bit smaller party of goody two shoes, knight-errants. I don't think about doing HOF with said party later. I don't plan to minmax like crazy, if possible (so no fighter with 3 INT). I know that I need 2 tanks, cleric and mage. Here's a list:
    1. Pal 1 Sorc x, human or Aasimar, bomber and diplomat; max CHA and CON, raise INT and DEX a bit
    2. Pal 8 Fighter x, Shield Dwarf, tank; max CON and STR, raise (and concentrate later on) CHA
    3. Pal 1 Cleric of Ilmater x, Aasimar OR Pal 4 Fighter 4 Cleric x, FDrow, battlecleric; max WIS, CON, raise STR and CHA
    4. Pal 1 Wiz x, human or moon elf OR Pal 1 Rog 2 Wiz x, MDrow (in that case I wouldn't need 5th character), summoner; max INT, raise DEX and CON
    5. (Optional) Pal 1 Rog 2 Fighter x, Shield Dwarf, thief (locks, traps) and tank support; max CON, raise INT, CHA and DEX

    I have some questions:
    1. Should I invest in ECL races or choose plain humans (battlecleric drow may be bad cleric, after all)?
    2. Should I include thief or rather rely on wizard?

    EDIT: Another option:
    - Don't bother with Ilmater battlecleric, make him (or her) full cleric
    - Create Tempus battlecleric as summoner and tank
    - And there's optional Rog 2 Wiz x, if I really need him (well, battlecleric can set off most of traps and open locks by force)
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2021 at 4:03 PM
  2. SlickRCBD Gems: 25/31
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    May 7, 2005
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    If you are going with 8 levels of paladin, you'll want at least 12 wisdom (preferably 13) and a positive CHA bonus.

    As for the cleric, you're probably better off going pure until you get at least 7th level spells. You can do the mix-in at level 20 if you go for HoF. Maybe mix in one level of paladin if you need the saving throw bonuses, but in general you want those cleric spells and a decent CHA bonus for turning. In fact, if you go asimar, you might want to only do 18 WIS and use the extra 3 points to raise CHA, then raise WIS to 19 at level 16.
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