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Black Geyser - New Video
Posted: May 19, 2019, 02:32 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A new update on Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. The video focuses on dialog and story aspects.


New gameplay video is live!

For this update, we want to address more specific dates relating to our delays, while at the same time giving our backers a much better idea of what to expect. For this gameplay video, we will be focusing on the dialogue and story aspects of Black Geyser, and the systems throughout the game by which players will be able to influence their surroundings while interacting with NPCs. All of the footage you will see in this video is part of the Black Geyser Backer Beta; backers who have pledged for a tier that includes this reward will be able to play through the same sequence of events that we choose in the video, as well as a lot of content before and after what you will see here. The options that go unselected are things our beta backers can choose in the Beta, as they are possible routes in the conversation and may lead to very different results than those you see in this quest.

The Cult of Zoria quest presented here ties in directly to the main story quest of the game. Your character has been hired by a mysterious figure in Isilbright (the capital city of the kingdom of Isilmerald) to flush out the cult dedicated to the worship of Zoria, Demigoddess of Night. Strange things have been happening in the countryside west of Isilbright, along with the disappearances of important political and religious figures. It's up to you to root out the truth and discover what the demigoddess' recent resurgence of followers might mean. But in the course of your investigation you find other adventurers, sent before you to investigate the same happenings. Will you help them, or claim the glory for yourself alone? Can you discover what the cultists are up to before it's too late?

Just as a reminder, for a short while longer our late backing is still available. If you are interested in what you see in this update and want to be a first-time backer, visit our Backer portal here. If you are an existing backer who has not yet pledged for a tier including the rewards which grant you access to our Backer Beta, you still have a chance to upgrade your pledge on BackerKit; follow the link in your email that we sent you after you first pledged to access our pledge manager, and update it to a higher tier if you want to join the beta!

Current status

As discussed in our previous Kickstarter update, delays were expected due to the combination of external and internal causes. To be brief, we faced more unpredictable bugs than we assumed we would in our initial project plan. After fixing them, we decided to rewrite a part of our Unity-based game engine to make it more robust in order to reduce the risk of similar bugs in the future. This refactor is now complete. Other bugs were completely out of our control (for example, the Unity core engine and editor have their own issues as well, and we have very little influence on those).

Additionally, for several months it looked like our negotiations with the investor who proposed a change in funding milestones might have finished at any moment, but talks only ended a few days ago - with success. The good news is that the game will have all the features that we originally planned for (as well as those promised due to successfully-reached Kickstarter stretch goals), but there will be a delay of 8-9 months in the release of the Backer Beta as well as in the launch of the finished game from the dates we originally planned. Therefore, the Backer Beta is expected to be accessible in November 2019, while the release of the game is expected to be ready by April 2020.

Our next Kickstarter update is planned at the end of June. Stay tuned!

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Druidstone - IndieGameWebsite Review
Posted: May 19, 2019, 08:23 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest was reviewed by IndieGameWebsite.


Characters each have their own progression of levels, gear, and abilities. Equipment and abilities can be customized and upgraded in-between missions. Gold buys you shiny new gear, whilst abilities are acquired as you level up. Upgrades may feel minor at first, but they make a big difference. There's a satisfying power curve throughout the story, making you genuinely feel stronger and more capable the more you play.

Gems are the most important part of your customization, however. Gems earned during missions allow you to enhance abilities and equipment. They're a finite resource, and each one is a valuable prize, so where you choose to slot them is critical. They're also shared across your party, so you'll want to be sure to spread them out evenly.


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Shane Plays - Matt Barton Interview
Posted: May 19, 2019, 08:23 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Shane Plays interviewed Matt Barton about RPGs and talked about their new book release Dungeons & Desktops: The History of Computer Role-Playing Games 2nd Edition.


Shane and Matt Barton of Matt Chat celebrate the release of their book Dungeons & Desktops: The History of Computer Role-Playing Games 2nd Edition by, what else, talking CRPGs as they break down their favorite CRPGs, their biggest disappointments in the genre and their most anticipated upcoming game! Plus: when did Bioware first disappoint Shane, trolleys vs. buggies, how do you say renaissance, and Survivor: Westeros update. (Podcast version has extra content not included in radio broadcast)

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Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls - Releasing May 29th
Posted: May 19, 2019, 08:23 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls will release on Steam May 29th.


An old-school challenge in a crisp and colorful package, Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls revitalizes the time-honored formula of the original dungeon crawler series with modernized visuals and sound.

Choose each of your six team members' class, race, gender, and moral alignment, then delve into one of several dungeons near the central town hub. Advance with caution - monsters are vicious, deadly, and attack in packs. Plan each expedition carefully, stay focused on your objectives, and know when to retreat to the surface.

In between expeditions, chat with the locals, pick up new quests, pray for guidance at the temple, go bargain-hunting for new/rare equipment, and more. With patience, skill, and careful planning, your party will rise from a gang of paupers to a mighty force.

The magic torches are lit, the monsters are ravenous, and the kingdom is waiting for a new hero. Enter the world of Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls and experience a classic adventure reborn.

Your Party, Your Way
Choose from eight classes and five races to build a six-person team with diverse but complimentary skill sets. Change their classes in mid-adventure to fit your needs, or focus on leveling up their primary class to earn bonus skills for the party's benefit.

So Beautiful and So Dangerous
Tangle with a menagerie of over 100 distinctive monsters, from the traditional to the bizarre, all drawn by famed series illustrator Jun Suemi. The game also features character illustrations by renowned commercial artist Yuki Hayabusa.

Conquer the Dungeons
Every step through the underworld is fraught with danger, and one wrong move can end your adventure. But if you have the grit to withstand what the dungeons throw at you, both you and your party will gain enough experience to stroll through them like you own them.

Wizardry's Rebirth on PC
The PC remaster of this classic originally released for PlayStation 3 features English and Japanese text with the original Japanese voiceovers, high-resolution graphics, and a brand new Turbo Mode to make exploring the game's massive dungeons a breeze. All story DLC is included, and players can download the Growth Fruit DLC for free to give themselves a boost when creating characters.

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Phantom Brigade - New Combat System
Posted: May 19, 2019, 08:23 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]PC Gamer reports that Phantom Brigade has a new combat system that lets you peer into the future.


The timeline is a neat system and extremely helpful for someone like me, who isn't great at strategy games because I lack the ability to really think ahead. It's also worth noting that being able to see into the future in Phantom Brigade is a prediction and not necessarily what will actually happen once bullets start flying. There's friendly fire and even collision turned on for your mechs, so it's possible they may damage each other or get in each others' way if you try to move them through the same space at the same time. Your mech isn't going to be able reach the end of its move action if he bonks directly into your other mech halfway through it.


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System Shock 3 - Self Publishing an Option
Posted: May 19, 2019, 08:23 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]PC Gamer reports that Otherside Entertainment will self publish System Shock 3 if it has to.


OtherSide could, and will, publish the new System Shock itself if it has to, but Spector said doing so would be "a huge distraction," and require hiring new staff with expertise in the field.

"The reality is, OtherSide is a company of developers who want to develop games," he said. "We don't particularly want to be a publisher. [OtherSide founder] Paul Neurath and I have worked with publishers before, Origin self-published when I was there, and we don't want to get into the market of distributing stuff."


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Death end re;Quest - Released
Posted: May 19, 2019, 02:12 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The adventure J-RPG Death end re;Quest has been released:


Death end re;Quest

Arata Mizunashi, a video game programmer, receives a notification from an email sent to him by Shina Ninomiya, a colleague of his who went missing nearly one year ago. Together, they worked to create World's Odyssey (W.O.D.), an immersive virtual landscape powered by breathtaking, state-of-the-art technology. That is, until Shina's sudden disappearance put a swift halt to production. Arata discovers the startling revelation that Shina Ninomiya was stuck inside of "W.O.D." the whole time. When Arata delves hurriedly back into the lines of code haunting his forsaken project, he realizes that his game is now ravaged by an infestation of bugs, and that Shina is its only active player.

Arata soon learns that a nefarious force prevents him from extracting Shina out of the game. Her only way out? She must complete the game to unlock the perfect ending-an outcome with a success rate of 1%. On their journey, they encounter a slew of NPC characters that blur perceptions of humanity and A.I.-technology, setting into a motion a thrilling narrative that calls into question the differences between the virtual world and ours.

Little do they know what horrors await them on both sides of the screen...

Key Features
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? - Jump between reality and in-game modes, as players will need to investigate in the real world view to solve the mysterious inner-workings of the World Odyssey, and switch to an in-game view mode to battle against glitched-out monsters. Choose options wisely, as your decision can change the game's ending!

Turn-Based RPGs Flipped Upside Down - In this turn-based command battle system, you can roam freely and duke it out with fearsome monsters. During battle, players can change the game's genre from a first-person shooter to even a fighting game!

You're Buggin' Out - While exploring, players will need to activate character-specific dungeon skills to access hard-to-reach areas and hidden treasures!

Follow the White Rabbit and Discover a Bug Infested World - In this hyper-realistic game world, players must help out Shina escape a game universe filled with infected bosses and mesmerizing environments!

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Cyberpunk 2077 - Development More Humane
Posted: May 19, 2019, 02:12 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]CD Project Red promises in an interview with Kotaku to be more humane to the devs in crunch-time:


As Cyberpunk 2077 Development Intensifies, CD Projekt Red Pledges To Be 'More Humane' To Its Workers

Footage of the upcoming role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 has blown away fans so far, but coupled with that hype is a burning question: Are workers at CD Projekt Red, the Polish studio behind the game, ruining their lives to make it? The developer best known for The Witcher series has cultivated a reputation for crunch-asking its employees to work nights and weekends for weeks or months at a time-but studio management now tells Kotaku they want to improve their work-life balance, even if they continue to feel that crunch is a necessity.

"We're known-let me be humble for a moment here-we are known for treating gamers with respect," said Marcin Iwiński, the company's co-founder, in an interview with Kotaku this week. "This is what we've been working hard toward. And I actually would [like] for us to also be known for treating developers with respect."

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Talisman: Origins - Released
Posted: May 19, 2019, 02:12 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The strategy RPG Talisman: Origins is out now:


Talisman: Origins

This new adaptation of the Talisman board game focuses on solo play as you adventure through many epic quests using the full rule-set of the Revised 4th Edition.

Experience the origins of historic events in the world of Talisman, such as the creation of the Crown of Command, the return of the dragons, the Ifrit war and the rise of the guilds.

Take control of 12 Talisman characters, including the new Great Wizard exclusive to this game, as they battle to save the land from dragon invasions, double-crossing devils, mysterious guilds and more. OR, play as the bad guy! Bring on the dragon invasion! Destroy sacred chapels! Protect the dungeon from heroic invaders!
  • Exciting stories set in the Talisman world
  • 20 quests spread across 4 campaigns covering many dramatic events
  • 100 Challenges to be completed
  • Detailed interactive tutorial
  • Achievements track your progress through the stories

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Conglomerate 451 - In Early Access on May 23
Posted: May 18, 2019, 07:52 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The cyberpunk dungeon crawler, Congolomerate 451, will be available in Steam Early Access on the 23rd of May.


Conglomerate 451 Hacks Into Steam Early Access on May 23

Hack yourself, hack your enemies, hack the world. Get ready for first-person dungeon-crawling meets cyberpunk grime
Prague, Czech Republic, May 16th, 2019 -- Get ready to jack into a neon-bathed cyberpunk take on the classic, first-person dungeon crawler - Conglomerate 451 hacks into Steam Early Access on May 23, 2019! Available for PC, C451 embraces its grid-based RPG roots, offering a truly unique and striking take on one of gaming's most iconic genres.

Set in a city overrun with corrupt corporations, assemble a squad of cloned agents in a bid to restore order to sector 451. From altering your agents' DNA and installing ability-granting neural implants, to equipping them with powerful cyberlimbs and literally hacking the world around you mid-conflict, you'll need to take every advantage you can get. Not only will agents lost in battle lose all their previous progress, starting again as a fresh clone, but even basic wounds can have a lasting impact on your agents, evolving into permanent disadvantages.

Key Features:
  • Classic dungeon crawling - Face your enemies in a cyberpunk take on classic, turn-based dungeon crawling gameplay by choosing the best strategy, taking advantage of their weak points and making the most out of your agents' skills
  • Manage your resources - Make use of your own personal R&D department to research advanced technology, unlocking new features, powers and options for progression
  • More than just body mods - In addition to upgrading weapon and armor proficiencies, augment your body with interchangeable cyber implants that completely change your agent's skills and utility
  • Pain and Trauma system - Even the smallest wounds can have a lasting impact. By taking damage in combat, agents risk generating permanent Traumas that will follow them between missions
  • Procedural cyber dungeons - Experience the dungeon crawling you love, mixed with future technology as you take on procedurally-generated dungeons and missions
  • If you die in the game... - Each mission could be your last thanks to agent permadeath. Consider every move, because if an agent dies in battle, they will be lost forever
  • Hack the world - Enter cyberspace mid-mission and hack your way ahead of the competition to get crucial intel and give yourself the advantage
Conglomerate 451 arrives on Steam Early Access on May 23, 2019, with a full launch planned for later this year.

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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Content Patch 2 Preview
Posted: May 18, 2019, 01:43 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A preview into what content patch #2 for Wolcen delivers, is now available and states the following to be part of it:


Today we want to share with you some preview on Content Patch 2. As a reminder, CP2's deadline is internally planned for July and will include:

[*]The new "Wrath of Sarisel" Cooperative Game mode: specific enemies designed to push cooperation between players.

[*]"World Modifiers": add different mods in random dungeons, including monsters and reward spawns, increasing its challenge, but also increasing its rewards. (example: All enemies of the dungeon are Specialists and Elites...)

[*]Player customization for male characters, including alternative skin colors, heads, beards, hairs and eyes.

[*]New active skills and new passive skills sections.

We have set the list for the new skills, and here is a preview of their concept:


Requires Rage. Your character spins in the cursor's direction and deals damage to everything in its path.

Bull's eye

Requires Rage. This skill will allow you to mark creatures or spots around your character. Upon release, the marker targets the enemy's last placement, if the mark is on the ground the projectile will target its direction.


Requires Rage. Creates a turret that shoots projectiles. A quick tap creates an automatic turret that will shoot in the direction of the cursor at the moment of its creation. Maintaining the skill allows you to control the turret and use it as a channeled skill.


Requires Rage. Your character performs a charge in the cursor's direction, bumping creatures on his way and dealing a bit of damage. When the target is reached, it deals AOE damage based on the distance traveled with it.


Requires Rage. This skill is a 3 steps attack. Your character performs a cleave that will grow and deal more and more damage at each blow. Upon reaching 3 attacks, the loop starts over.

We will develop more about these skills as we approach Content Patch 2. We want this patch to offer more options to warriors and ranged shooting archetypes since they have less variety than mages archetypes at the moment.

Next to that there is also more info on the current content patch 1, like the skill tree and a character wipe.

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Dungeons and Dragons - Steam Sale
Posted: May 18, 2019, 01:43 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Steam has a Dungeons & Dragons sale until May 24th.

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Spellforce 3: Soul Harvest - Faction Trailer - Dark Elves
Posted: May 18, 2019, 01:43 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A new faction trailer for Spellforce 3: Soul Harvest. This one shows the Dark Elves.


SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest will be available May 28th!

Do I think we're superior?
What a crude question. What we are is different.

You, you're an empire of moths, each flapping off on its own, searching for the light - we're hornets, part of a hive. Yes, on our own, you might match us; three of yours against three of ours, and we'll see how the dice fall.

A swarm, General, that's what we are: our Sleepers will bleed you for our Twisted feed off your blood... all the while our harvesters reap the souls of your fallen and our emissaries reanimate their hulls as our servants.

But above all: You serve yourself. We serve something greater.

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Kingslayer Tactics - Announced
Posted: May 18, 2019, 01:43 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Kingslayer Tactics has been announced.


Kingslayer Tactics is a unique low fantasy game set in the chambers of European castles at the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth century. You play as the Kingslayer called "The Raven".

In this interesting and mysterious renaissance world you will learn the tactics, strategy and adventure of a person dedicated to his goal. Sneaking through castle corridors and fighting with hordes of royal guards is not the only thing you need to do. Planning your next step and upgrading your weapons is equally as important.

Interesting and mysterious world

The game world is inspired by the European kingdoms and principalities, but the realities of the game are far from historical facts. The game takes the player on a journey through mysterious lands, set in an alternative version of the Renaissance Europe

The story

Enter a dark and mysterious story about "The Raven" and discover his secrets. Since the story about the Kingslayer was told for the first time in tavern, it is still floating around among European sorcerers.

Tactics, strategy and adventure

Kingslayer is a unique combination of tactics, strategy and adventure in one game. Top-down shooter mechanics mixed up with stealth gameplay elements and RPG features creates an interesting and addictive gameplay.

Unique gameplay features

1. Upgrade your weapon by replacing steel parts with unique elements made of precious metals.

2. Turn into a raven in order to avoid a deadly threat and get into hidden and protected chambers.

3. Explore the refined locations, wander around the world of the 12 Kingdoms in the form of a "Raven".

4. Collect important information about your goals, learn about the game universe and obtain rare artefacts by completing artfully designed quests.

5. Learn the story about complicated character that combines the characteristics of a villain and a noble knight, but gives no pretext for clearly define his moral choice.

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Larian Studios - Love Players Breaking the Game
Posted: May 18, 2019, 01:43 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]In an interview with PCGamesN, Larian talk about how they love players to break their Divinity: Original Sin games.


"We factor in some amount of exploitation on the player's part into the core balancing formulas," Pechenin says. It's almost as if they expect us to try and break the game. Many people manage to, of course, one infamous instance of which is the Divinity: Original Sin speedrunning technique which involves filling a chest with items and then lobbing it at the final boss for an insta-kill. This discovery shocked the team at Larian as much as it did the game's community.


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