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CD Projekt RED - Worry Not
Posted: Nov 20, 2017, 12:23 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]CD Projekt RED tweeted that they will not be taking the path of EA for Cyberpunk 2077.

.@PrettyBadTweets Worry not. When thinking CP2077, think nothing less than TW3 - huge single player, open world, story-driven RPG. No hidden catch, you get what you pay for - no bullshit, just honest gaming like with Wild Hunt. We leave greed to others.

- CD PROJEKT RED (@CDPROJEKTRED) November 19, 2017

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Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous - Kickstarter Update
Posted: Nov 19, 2017, 12:03 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The November Kickstarter news for the C64-RPG Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous (Chris Huelsbeck has agreed to do the full soundtrack for Unknown Realm!):


Unknown Realm November Update

Greetings from the Stirring Dragon Lair!

It's been awhile since our last update and we know at least some of you have been craving an update about Unknown Realm! We had hoped to post this sooner, but there were a number of details that we needed to finalize before sharing some of the news items in this update. It's been an interesting few months with a lot of ups and downs. We're pretty much in full crunch mode around here, so if you don't see us, it's only because we're focusing our efforts where they're most productive to making this game a reality.

State of the Realm
Production on the game has been going strong. Here are some highlights about our progress and some of the challenges we've been facing as we work to bring you Unknown Realm.

Music news
Music development for Unknown Realm has its own set of unique challenges, partly because nothing quite like this hybrid in-game soundtrack has been done before. For every track in the game, we have to have multiple arrangements of each song to accommodate the PC and C64 versions of the game as well as the final soundtrack version. Working with outside contractors adds a new layer of complications including tool support, documentation and communication that takes a lot of extra time. The development on the music has been slower than we planned, but we're making good progress. One member of the Unknown Realm backer community has stepped up in a big way by writing a tool to streamline the music conversion process. This was a huge help! It's so cool to have the support of backers who are passionate about the project and want to be part of the effort to bring this game to life.

And here's some really great news: Despite the fact that we did not quite make our soundtrack stretch goal during our campaign, we're excited to tell you that Chris Huelsbeck has agreed to do the full soundtrack for Unknown Realm! We're working with Chris to make a one-of-a-kind soundtrack that will be a treat for both Chris Huelsbeck and RPG fans alike. This sound track will feature 8-bit chiptune versions of songs found in the game, as well as their modern arrangements.

Backer Content
Over the last few months, we've been chasing down all of our in-game content from backers. After many reminder emails, we're still waiting on some backers...If you pledged for a reward that includes in-game content like a mercenary NPC or Tombstone and have not replied to your survey yet, pretty please, check your email and look for the survey from Stirring Dragon Games. Even though it's a little extra work on our end, it's been a lot of fun to have backers participate in creating in-game content, especially for NPCs in the game. We love hearing the ideas our backers come up with and we're taking a lot of care to fit these ideas into the game world in a way that is respectful of the story and hopefully exciting for players to discover.

Bestiary Art
Our pen & ink artist had a lot going on this summer but he's back to work now creating the last few illustrations for the 64 (yes, 64!) monsters that will be in the game. It's been two and a half years since we started creating this bestiary with him and we're excited to see this part of the project near completion.

Speaking of bestiary illustrations, here is one of our backer-designed monsters, called a Tigoth, which was designed as part of the "Create-a-Monster" reward on Megafounder. The Tigoth is a large, nocturnal, saber-toothed cat with a long, whip-like tail ending in a sharp blade of hardened bone.

Each monster illustration and their description can also be viewed in the in-game bestiary, which brings us to the Frontend (main menu) of Unknown Realm...

Frontend Sneak Peek
No respectable RPG should be without a nice frontend presentation and an authentically 8-bit RPG like Unknown Realm is no exception. Every element of this game, from our feelies to our user-interfaces has been carefully designed to keep your imagination immersed in the game from the moment you start it up. From the beginning we put a significant effort into designing a fun, interactive, and most importantly, immersive frontend filled with various things for you to explore. It's chalk full of so much content and music that you may get lost in it for hours. ;)

Here is a sneak peek of one of the features you will find in our frontend, the "Pixel-Ink" in-game bestiary that mirrors the beautifully illustrated pen & ink art of our physical bestiary book...

Game Production Status
At this point, we still have some outstanding assets that need to be created and integrated into the game including music and some portraits. If all goes well, we'll be on track for the game to hit an Alpha state in December. We are looking into finding one additional pixel artist to help out. If you are a pixel artist and interested in working with us, please contact us via email.

There are a lot of other details we want to share with you about this journey, but in the interest of saving time, we're reserving a lot of those for the Making-Of book. Rest assured, the book will have a healthy dose of behind the scenes drama - everything from technical challenges, dealing with troublemakers, lessons learned the hard way, unexpected life issues and of course, the hazards of going into business with your spouse. ;-)

The Road Ahead
By this point, you have probably figured out that our release plans need to change somewhat from our initial estimated delivery dates and schedule. What we originally hoped to do was release the physical and digital editions concurrently. However, because of the nature of the project and the exhaustive testing required to ensure a bug-free game on cartridge, we're shifting our focus slightly in favor of a conventional digital-first release. This will not be an early access/beta release. Testing of the cartridge version will be going on concurrently with the digital release. Since we cannot patch or re-flash the cartridge once it's shipped, the digital release will give us one last opportunity to weed out any missed bugs or potential balance issues before we finalize the cartridge ROM. It's an extra precaution we feel we need to take to get this project right.

Our current plan is to release the game digitally in Spring 2018 and we anticipate shipping out physical rewards a few months after that. We considered trying to ship PC physical rewards separately to align with the digital release, but due to the high number of rewards shipping internationally, the freight costs for shipping C64 and PC separately would not be feasible for our budget. This was a really hard choice for us to make because it's not in line with what we originally wanted for this game, but sometimes compromises are necessary to make the product better.

As frustrating as it is to miss our original estimates, it would be so much worse to release a game that wasn't ready to live up to the experience we've promised you. The important thing is that we will continue to put everything we have into developing this game and making it the game we all want to play.

That said, adjusting our schedule isn't all bad, we are taking advantage of the extra time to make your rewards even better than we originally planned. Which brings us to...
Old School RPGs Need Epic Traditional Art

We searched high and low to find an artist who could bring the Unknown Realm cover art to life in a manner worthy of its old school roots and now we're thrilled to announce we are working with one of the best traditional fantasy art painters around to make this happen! Ted Nasmith is a world-renowned illustrator and traditional artist who has created illustrations for projects associated with The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones.

We are so excited to have him paint the Unknown Realm cover art for you guys because his unique style and dedication to the craft of traditional art are perfectly suited to bringing back all of those old school RPG feelings. This cover art will be used across all our digital formats and appear on the physical editions of Unknown Realm. Every backer ($19+) will be receiving a digital wallpaper version of the cover art and we'll have posters available in the future as well.

Final Thoughts
Bringing back the authentic 8-bit RPG experience takes time, persistence and a lot of optimism in the face of tough odds. It wouldn't be possible without you and we're eternally grateful to each of our backers for your support, encouragement, understanding, and patience too!

Special thanks to those of you who've taken the time to comment with your support and understanding: you guys brighten our day and help us push through challenges (and fatigue). :-) We see how much you care about this game being done the right way and it means a lot to us! We've backed close to 50 Kickstarter projects ourselves over the years, so we've been in your shoes and we appreciate your understanding. We're excited to be making this game for you, and we'll keep fighting with all we have to make it worth the wait!

If you ever have questions or want to get in touch, the best way to reach us is directly via email at

Until next time!
-Laura & Bruce

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Walking Heavy - Review @ IGR
Posted: Nov 19, 2017, 12:03 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Indie Game Reviewer has reviewed Walking Heavy - an isometric stealth/shooter with strong RPG elements:


Review - Walking Heavy

Walking Heavy is, on the face of it, a basic isometric stealth game, elevated by its presentation. Its graphics are simple, but elegantly so, conveying a wealth of information while also creating a real sense of place with little more than square buildings and a few ambling stick figures.

The story, such as it is: after a long holiday, you're back on the job, eliminating rival drug suppliers whose trade in a new product, "Hype." They've been interfering in your boss's good old fashioned cocaine trade. Each procedurally generated level, then, opens with your train arriving in another indistinguishable British suburb. Find your man, sort him out, and make it back to the train station before the coppers find you, and Bob's your uncle.


Simple but tense stealth action, grimy British neighborhoods, and gritty ambient music? Can't go wrong, and the developer is already at work adding new game modes to increase its lifespan. Give Walking Heavy a butcher's, and you'll be proper chuffed.

Score: 4/5

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Call of Saregnar - Website live
Posted: Nov 19, 2017, 12:03 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The website for the open world RPG Call of Saregnar is now live. Developer Rhuantavan is now working full-time on the game (Here's the developer forum thread on RPGWatch).


Call of Saregnar

90's Old-School Looks
Call of Saregnar features a 90's inspired low-poly 3D look with detailed handcrafted textures, while the characters you'll encounter are made of thousands of frames of real photographed actors!

A Believable World
Saregnar lets you role-play through a deep and engaging story filled with murder, mystery, intrigue and suspense. The world is low in fantasy and magic is uncommon. You'll be pleased to find that giant rats and slimes have been evicted from this universe.

Grey Matter(s)
Call of Saregnar challenges you to think and pay close attention to everything you read, because often that's the only way to complete sidequests or even main objectives. There are no quest markers or objectives, only a quest log with your past conversations for reference.

Prepare for The Journey
Be sure to prepare for the journey ahead; Food and water, a good pair of boots, also blankets for those cold nights are essential. Also take care of your weapons by oiling the bowstrings, sharpen the swords and fix those dents in your armour. Preparation is the key for survival.

Freedom to Explore
Despite being a story-driven RPG, the world is always open for exploration, so there is nothing stopping you from exploring the whole map in the very first chapter!

Character Development
While your characters' attributes rarely change, their skills advance on a per-use basis. Skills can also be learned from a trainer or by reading a book.

Hand-Placed Encounters
In a land as rich as Merrentar, you will run into enemy ambushes, discover unique places, meet traveling merchants or bandits, perhaps wild creatures, a set of game tracks... all of these events are carefully hand-placed. We believe no RNG should ever replace the designer.

Tactical Combat
Battle through groups of intelligent enemies, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Take your time and evaluate each enemy for the best tactical winning strategy.

Magic From The Gods
There are 12 gods to please and gain their favour, each god being a source of unique magic spells. To gain divine favour, pray and give offerings in the form of money, food or other valuables, but mind you, not every deity can be easily pleased.

Although the game has fewer weapons and armours than the average RPG, each item is that much more detailed and fleshed out. Finding new equipment brings significant benefits as the difference between the old and new is now actually noticeable.

A Nostalgic Lo-Fi Soundtrack
Saregnar features a fantastic trip into nostalgia with music composed specifically for a Roland Sound Canvas SC-55.

Inspired by The Classics
Call of Saregnar is greatly inspired by the classic RPG Betrayal at Krondor, while also taking hints from Daggerfall, Might & Magic VI, RoA: Star Trail and other titles of the 90's.

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Nioh - Mod Enables Custom Resolutions
Posted: Nov 19, 2017, 12:03 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]DSOGaming reports on a mod for Nioh that enables custom resolutions. Useful if you have an ultra wide monitor.


All you have to do in order to enable custom resolutions is download the mod and place the NiohResolution.exe to the root of the Nioh: Complete Edition game-directory. By default this would be C:bad:Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Nioh. You should then launch NiohResolution and follow the on-screen instructions.

Those interested can download the NiohResolution mod from here.


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THQ Nordic - Acquires Experiment 101
Posted: Nov 19, 2017, 12:03 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]@Gamasutra THQ Nordic has acquired Experiment 101 who are currently working on Biomutant.



The deal includes the development studio and all intellectual property rights to Biomutant, a post-apocalyptic action RPG scheduled to release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2018.

THQ Nordic was already working with Experiment 101 as Biomutant's publisher, but the company said it couldn't ignore the "significant potential" shown by both the game and its development team.

"After the strong reception Biomutant received at its announcement at Gamescom 2017, we are excited to have been able to acquire Experiment 101 and Biomutant," explained THQ Nordic CEO, Lars Wingefors.

"Our aim is to build Biomutant into one of our major franchises. The recruitment of Stefan Ljungqvist and his talented team brings important new power to THQ Nordic.

"In addition to continue leading the Biomutant franchise, Stefan will advise on our strategy, future acquisitions and further game development projects."

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Star Traders: Frontiers - EA Version released
Posted: Nov 18, 2017, 11:53 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The Early Access version of Star Traders: Frontiers (formerly known as Star Traders 2) has been released:


Star Traders: Frontiers

Command your ship and crew as a space pirate, merchant, bounty hunter, and more in Star Traders: Frontiers - an epic space RPG from Trese Brothers Games. Venture forth into a massive open universe, rich with adventure and the lore of the Star Traders. Choose your path by assembling and commanding your custom crew and spaceship in a constantly evolving galaxy torn by internal strife, political intrigue, and alien threats. Will you fly as a pirate terrorizing shipping lanes, join the solar wars as a military captain, or track targets across the stars as a fearsome bounty hunter?

Key Features
  • Explore a rich, open universe: Discover endless procedurally-generated galactic maps, meet unique characters, and take on enemies to conquer the galaxy!
  • Become an intergalactic captain: Take on the role of a spy, smuggler, explorer, pirate, merchant, bounty hunter, and more (21 jobs total)!
  • Customize your own spaceship: Choose from more than 300 upgrades and build your very own vessel to venture across the vast reaches of space.
  • Assemble and tailor a loyal crew: Assign talents and equip specialized gear for every spaceship crew member.
  • Experience an ever-changing narrative: Decide to make friends or foes with other factions and influence political, economic, and personal vendettas.
First there was the Exodus - when survivors of a great war left the ruins of the Galactic Core behind in search of a new home in the stars. Scattered worlds were claimed on the fringe of the galaxy. Each pocket of survivors held on to an isolated set of worlds while trying to rebuild under the great law of Shalun. Three centuries later, technology has brought them back together again. Discovery of the hyperwarp has bridged what was once an unimaginable distance between far-flung colonies, long-lost families, and political factions.

With that reunification has come great economic prosperity. The hyperwarp reestablished the transportation of cargo, goods, and technologies between the quadrants - but it has also brought great strife. Political rivalries have been rekindled, blood has been shed in age-old feuds, and the fires of war have been stoked. Amidst the political infighting, a ruthless revolution is rising - and the fervent explorers of the hyperwarp have awoken something that was better left asleep.

Trese Bros
Our very first game, Star Traders RPG, took hundreds of thousands of gamers on an interstellar adventure. Star Traders' success and overwhelmingly positive reception helped to launch Trese Brothers Games. It was the adventures of our community's star-crossed captains that put us on a trajectory to share more of our worlds, ideas, and dreams.

We set out to capture the loneliness, bravery, and camaraderie of people living together in a spaceship sailing across the stars. It is with great pride that after releasing four other games in the Star Traders universe, we've created a sequel to the original Star Traders RPG.

Step onto the bridge of your starship, take to the stars, and create your own story in Star Traders: Frontiers.

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The Surge - A Walk in the Park Teaser
Posted: Nov 18, 2017, 11:53 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A teaser trailer for the DLC A Walk in the Park:


The Surge: A Walk in the Park - Teaser Trailer

The Surge: A Walk in the Park expansion showcased in a brand new Teaser Trailer

Survive raging mascots, insane exoskeleton workers and broken attractions across a corrupted theme park on December 5.

Hardcore action RPG The Surge is about to receive brand new content with a major new expansion! A Walk in the Park is coming December 5 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Watch today's Teaser Trailer to get a first glimpse of the amusement park-gone-wrong, CREO World!

The Surge brought players deep into the high-tech CREO industrial complex, overrun by deadly machines, rogue AI and deranged exoskeleton workers. A Walk in the Park gives players a breath of fresh air by taking them to an environment that's more open and colorful, though no less deadly. CREO World is an amusement park built by CREO for its employees and their families. Forget your cravings for cotton candy - CREO World was not spared from the Surge. The entire park is a deadly trap, where roaming rescue teams have gone insane and robotic mascots patrol freely, patiently waiting for new visitors to offer a deadly welcome.

CREO World presents a wealth of fresh challenges for players. Originally created to celebrate CREO and its mission, the park is a radically different setting from the rest of the complex, full of branching paths and secrets to discover. Survive the raging mascots and explore the park's attractions, before taking on a fearsome boss in the devastated park. Through technical and spectacular fights, you will face this new threat, cutting and equipping 16 all-new weapons, sets of armor, and new implants to upgrade and further customize the way you want to play.

New players will also be able to embark on the ultimate The Surge experience with the Complete Edition, which will include the full game and all its DLCs, including A Walk in the Park. The Surge: Complete Edition and A Walk in the Park will be available December 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Preorders for the DLC and the Complete Edition are available on Steam right now, and on PS4 on November 21. The A Walk in the Park DLC will also be available for preorders on Xbox starting November 21.

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Seven - Trailer
Posted: Nov 18, 2017, 11:53 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]A new trailer for Seven: The Days Long Gone - the game will be released on December 1st:


Seven: The Days Long Gone - Traversal & Movement

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Stellar Tactics - Progress Update
Posted: Nov 18, 2017, 11:53 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The latest update for Stellar Tactics.


This week's progress update. Directional shields, chaff, planetary material updates and targeting micro-menu. Please excuse the framerate - video was captured in the debugger. See the full article here -

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Spellforce 3 - Free Beta
Posted: Nov 17, 2017, 11:42 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The free Spellforce 3 beta version is now available:


Play SpellForce 3 Beta

Welcome to the Free Preview version of SpellForce 3. This Beta will give you a first look and option to play on upcoming SpellForce 3.

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Endless Space 2 - Diplomacy Revamp
Posted: Nov 17, 2017, 11:42 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]PCGamesN reports that Endless Space 2 got a diplomacy revamp and a free weekend:


Endless Space 2 gets a free weekend alongside a diplomacy revamp

Whether you're an old hand at the strategic galactic opera of Endless Space 2 or you want to jump in for the for the first time, this week is full of good news for you. The game will be getting a free weekend alongside and a new free update.

The free weekend starts now, and will run through November 20 on Steam. If you like what you play, you can pick up your progress with half off of the game for the duration of the event.

But if you're already in on Endless Space 2, the more relevant news is a free update called Galactic Statecraft. New diplomacy options will allow you to more easily resolve situations without bloodshed, and build stronger alliances with allies for more formidable bonuses.


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Outcast: Second Contact - First Impressions and Review
Posted: Nov 17, 2017, 11:42 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]PC Invasion has reviewed the game:



The original game impressed me so much in 1999. I loved it to bits. But I can't help but feel a little disappointed with the outcome of Outcast - Second Contact. A complete rework of the original game would be worth the asking price ($30), but it's just not been given the full makeover it truly deserves. That said, I would love for Appeal to be given the opportunity to create a sequel and revisit this fantastic world.

Score: 6/10

DSOG checked out Outcast: Second Contact:



In conclusion, we feel like Outcast - Second Contact is a game that only its die-hard fans will appreciate. And since those fans have already finished it, there is no point at all returning to it. The only reason would be to admire some breath-taking visuals. However, the game lacks such an 'wow' factor. Newcomers will find it hard sticking with it and that's a shame because under the underwhelming visuals and its rough/stiff mechanics, Outcast - Second Contact is as great as the 1999 version!

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Star Control: Origins - Fleet Battles Beta Begins
Posted: Nov 17, 2017, 11:42 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Star Control: Origins fleet battles beta is available now with a pre-order.


Star Control: Origins Fleet Battles Beta Begins Today

On the 25th anniversary of the release of Star Control II, the beta of a new Star Control game arrives
November 16, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Haven't pre-ordered yet? No problem!

Pre-order now and join us in the beta


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Obsidian Artist - Recreating first level of Dark Forces
Posted: Nov 17, 2017, 11:42 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]DSOGaming reports that an artist for Obsidian is recreating the first level of Dark Forces in Unreal Engine 4.


Jason Lewis, Senior Environment Artist at Obsidian Entertainment, has been experimenting with Unreal Engine 4. Lewis is currently recreating the first level from the 1999 Star Wars game, Dark Forces, in Epic's Engine and shared some comparison screenshots between the original and his WIP project. And the results are amazing.

What's also cool is that Lewis has added a new starting area that wasn't in the original game.


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