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Crusader Kings II - The Reaper's Due available
Posted: Aug 25, 2016, 08:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The expansion The Reaper's Due is now available for Crusader Kings II:

Few things are more contagious than the stories people tell about Crusader Kings II. Tales of intrigue, piety, conquest and murderous sibling rivalry have circled the internet for over four years. Today, Paradox Development Studio adds the world's greatest pandemic to the mix in The Reaper's Due, the latest expansion to its best-selling medieval grand strategy-roleplaying game.

The Reaper's Due adds a host of new mechanics centered on the Black Death and other world shaping epidemics. Lock your gates to keep the plague from infecting your court, even if it means cutting yourself off from your suffering citizens. Peace and good management will see your provinces reward you with greater wealth and manpower, but rampant disease may depopulate your countryside.

The Reaper's Due introduces many new systems and features to what is already the richest medieval tapestry in gaming:
  • The Black Death: New additions to epidemic system include this super destructive disease and a new map mode that track the expansion of deadly illnesses.
  • Court Physicians: This new position for learned courtiers opens up a series of events tied to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases with medieval tech.
  • Hospitals: Slow down the spread of epidemics by investing in these outposts that care for the sick and infirm.
  • Prosperity and Depopulation: Watch your provinces thrive under your careful attention and degrade under the pressures of diseases run amok.
  • Seclusion: Take a page from the Masque of the Red Death and hide yourself away with your court as plagues ravage the countryside.
And even more:
New physical traits, new events chain and a host of smaller changes.

Are you a clever enough ruler to make it through one of humanity's darkest moments? Invest wisely and avoid the plague, or shut yourself off and take advantage of the destruction later. The choice, as always, is yours.​

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Ghost of a Tale - Big Patch
Posted: Aug 25, 2016, 08:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Ghost of a Tale got a big patch:

More bug fixes and requested features!
Hello all, here's a new build update (1.93) for Ghost of a Tale. It should take care of the majority of remaining bugs and issues (although we'll keep publishing updates to fix all the reported bugs of course).

Among other things it's now possible to ask NPCs for more information about where to find some items (i.e. spider venom) and the camera doesn't show the inside of Tilo's head anymore! Yay! :)

Have fun and as always please keep reporting the issues you meet in the Bugs & Issues forum (and support at!

  • Camera doesn't show the inside of Tilo's head anymore.
  • Reloading a game while the chase music is playing causes that music to play forever until you escape successfully from an enemy again.
  • Perform song volume can be much too loud sometimes.
  • Stairs near Silas (and leading to empty tower) block Tilo when walking with the armor on.
  • Main menu's black background appears slightly transparent.
  • Idle stance of rats corresponds to sword & shield instead of halberd.
  • Missing sleeping particles ("Zzz") in some cases.
  • Fade planes in final corridor and off the main gallery appear transparent instead of dark.
  • Current resolution doesn't show as selected in visual menu.
  • Screen resolutions in the Visuals menu are not properly revealed when scrolling down with gamepad.
  • Tilo can push sleeping guards off their chair while wearing the armor.
  • Game sometimes crashes when showing the Save/Load UI (fixed in Unity 5.3.6p2).
  • Oil lamp intensity weakens too much when depleting below half point.
  • Rats can get stuck in front of an opened sliding door after reloading a game.
  • It is possible to keep refilling the lantern while running away from an oil jar and maintaining the interact button pressed.
  • Parented mouse camera mode can cause the camera to freak out in small spaces.
  • Obstacle camera correction setting sometimes reverts to active even though it's been turned off.
  • Mouse-clicking on an empty space in a container UI is interpreted as picking up the last remaining item (or "I didn't MEAN to take that hornets' nest!").
  • Grain bag near the broken cart in the courtyard cannot be looted.
  • Wrong costume message displayed when swapping costumes.
  • Corrupted animation when Tilo throws an item while wearing the armor (salute animation gets triggered).
  • Some items (i.e. plague doctor hat) can get their scale values out of whack when repeatedly equipping/unequipping them via mouse-click.
  • Tilo can climb short walls while carrying a heavy item.
  • In some older saves Gusto sleeps in the air.
  • The flatulent rat is still floating off his bed in old saves.
  • Grease slicks from grease jars remain visible after reloading a save.
  • Grease vials thrown directly on rats do not make them slip and fall down.
  • V-sync now has more refined settings (off, every 1 v-blank, every other v-blank).
  • Alert icons of enemies now have a different frame color when they see Tilo (full white) and when they can only hear him (thin black).
  • Items belonging to the same costume now appear next to each other in the inventory, always from head to toes (no more looking for items spread all over).
  • NPCs now give out more precise information about the location of the quest items you're supposed to find.
  • The last quest now completes successfully when entering the final corridor.
  • Key from rat in barrel room can now be pickpocketed more easily from behind.
  • Removed deaths counter in statistics menu since it doesn't really make sense within the scope of a session.
  • Replaced some of the trees with new models and better textures.
  • Spider venom location can now be revealed on your map (for a price).
  • Added master volume slider in the audio options.
  • Added texture resolution setting in visual options.
  • Added ambient occlusion setting in visual options.
  • Added antialiasing setting in visual options.
  • Smoke from torches now automatically adapts to the proper ceiling height (curling along low ceilings, rising under high ceilings).

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The Storm Guard - Released
Posted: Aug 25, 2016, 08:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]You like A Song of Ice and Fire? You like the Night's Watch? Then The Storm Guard: Darkness is Coming could be a game for you:

The Storm Guard is a challenging turn-based roguelike role-playing game inspired by the Night's Watch in the Game of Thrones.

You assume the role of the Lord Commander of the Storm Guard leading the order during difficult times. An ancient dragon and its minions have returned, threatening the realm of men. While in your base, you must recruit, train and develop a team of heroes in their quest to restore peace. Make smart decisions during the random events you will run into and battle countless different creatures ranging from mere goblins to huge abominable creatures like wyverns, golems, ogres and worse. On the tactical combat map, put the skills you have learned to the test to defeat powerful opponents.

Your chances in battle not only depend on your tactical decisions but also on your preparation. Assemble well-rounded teams and pick from dozens of different skills to creature unique synergies between your team members that work for you and your preferred playstyle.
  • Rich turn-based combat with a wide range of interesting mechanics, including numerous conditions (bleeding, burning, weakened, blind, crippled, ...), knockdowns, shouts, buffs, enchantments, and hexes.
  • Interesting combat mechanics that allow flanking, tying up, disengaging, and smart combinations of skills.
  • Numerous playable hero classes to pick from to add to your team with dozens of unique abilities to specialize in.
  • Challenging encounters against close to 40 different creature types each with their own abilities. Ever since the Ancient Dragon returned, Orks, Giants, Undead and Mystic Creatures roam the realm of men causing death and destruction.
  • Defeat intelligent monsters that collaborate, heal and buff their allies and have their own strategy on how to put your heroes to the grave.
  • Use your gold wisely on the strategy layer to invest into skill development, equipment, consumables or additional heroes.
  • Rest in town to recover from injuries that reduce your constitution or gain morale boosts by exceptional performance in battle.
  • Classic RPG/roguelike features like permadeath, procedural dungeons, and random events result in high replayability.

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Dark Souls III - Ashes of Ariandel Trailer
Posted: Aug 25, 2016, 02:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The official announcement trailer for Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel.

Ashen Ones... Enter this new world covered by snow and defeat the evil that has defiled this land. Grab ahold of the new armor sets, weapons, and magic that are available in Dark SoulsTM III: Ashes of AriandelTM to aid you in discovering the new location. For the veterans of Dark Souls PVP, explore the new features and test your meddle with your fellow players.

Dark SoulsTM III: Ashes of AriandelTM will be available on October 25th, 2016 on the PlayStation 4. Click the link for more info:

Rated Mature: Violence, Blood

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Battle Brothers - Beta Update
Posted: Aug 25, 2016, 02:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Battle Brothers continues to be updated. The latest update to the perk system prompted this update to go to the beta branch first to prevent extensive issues.

Update released to Beta Branch!

Here we go - the new update is now live for the beta branch of Battle Brothers!

What's new?
This update started out with two major goals: reworking the perk system and introducing more complex injury mechanics. Both are included in this update, and while were at it, we've also included lots of other changes and additions. Here's the shortlist of features.
  • A new contract
  • 25 new illustrated events
  • 18 new and detailed mercenary banners to pick from for your company
  • 3 new character traits
  • 2 new character backgrounds
  • An ironman mode
  • A reworked perk system, less constricted and with more perks to choose from
  • New injury mechanics with different types of injuries and usable temple buildings
  • A talent system whereby more talented characters regardless of their background can reliably reach high skill
  • More powerful but also more rare named weapons, armor, helmets and shields of every type hidden across the world
  • More tools to use in combat, like bandages and poison
  • Changed shield mechanics in combat
  • Changes to weapon progression and balance
  • New sounds for humans; every character uses one of six different voices now to shout and scream. More sounds for all voices incoming.
  • Various bugfixes and smaller improvements, such as to AI
Note that this update is not compatible with older savegames. You will have to start a new campaign!​

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RPGWatch @ Gamescom - Vampyr
Posted: Aug 25, 2016, 02:52 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The current game in development by Dontnod is Vampyr and features, as the name indicates, vampires. It takes place at the end of World War I in London and here is what RPGWatch was shown at Gamescom.

Each of the districts in London will have a health condition, based on the average health condition of its citizens. Each time they get sick or are killed by you, the health rate of the district will decrease. If a critical status is reached, which means you have been too greedy and killed off to many citizens in that district, you will lose an entire district. The effect of this is that all the people in the district will get sick or be turned into vampires. You can prevent this from happening by not feeding too much in the district or, given that you are a doctor, heal the sick to maintain a certain health balance. If the district is lost, you will lose all the secondary quests, the merchant and anything else that could have been interesting to you. You will however still be able to finish the main storyline, but the ending of the game is likely to be different.​

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Divinity: Original Sin II - Preview Roundup
Posted: Aug 25, 2016, 02:43 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Here is a list of previews for Divinity Original Sin 2.

RPGCodex has a preview and an interview.

Instead, let's talk about the new additions and changes to the formula. D:OS 2 seems to have been fine-tuned and expanded in every aspect of its design; it's been massively improved in comparison to the prototype I played last year. Even some of Larian's most outrageous ambitions seem to have been successfully implemented. The tags and origins systems, for example, have transformed character creation into an even more complex experience and brought a staggering amount of reactivity to the game. When you make your character (only one this time), you can choose from a range of races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Lizard in the Early Access version; Undead will be unlocked later) and pre-written origins (currently four, from exiled prince to vengeful former slave). Each of these selections will add a "tag" to your character, and this tag is then frequently (!) checked during character interactions.​

Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

As I was sitting next to another journalist playing the game, I was treated to the rather horrifying image of his party killing my elf when they encountered her half an hour into the session. We were playing singleplayer rather than working together, and almost every time I glanced across at his screen, I saw a different approach to a problem I'd already encountered or an area that I hadn't discovered. Whether intentional or not, having the two screens side by side was a perfect way to illustrate the ways in which a relatively small area can contain such a diversity of options and experiences.​


"More stuff" isn't the only change. The turn-based combat system has been rebalanced, with the distribution of action points to expenditure being dramatically altered. The practical result of this is being able to do more per turn. It's a lot more dynamic than the first game's stop and start combat, and the system now takes terrain into account, meaning that gaining a height advantage over your enemies is possible. The elemental, er, element is preserved, with cold, heat, electrical and poison spells being able to interact, often with spectacular results.​


And whether you engage with any of the multiplayer nonsense? That's up to you. Personally I like having more control over my stories-doing every quest, seeing every story-than multiplayer allows. But it's a hell of a lot of fun to run on the side, like getting together for tabletop Dungeons & Dragons (or Pathfinder or whatever runs to your specific tastes) and seeing how it all goes wrong. A trainwreck in slow motion.

Just make sure you either play it with your best friends or complete strangers, because you're bound to get angry when in the midst of mopping up some low-tier enemies your "friend" shoots a massive fireball into a crowd, setting your newly-found AI party member on fire. Then you'll hear, "Uh...I think you guys are out of resurrection scrolls," meaning your would've-been-pretty-useful party member is left to rot on the dungeon floor.​


The embedded video edits my hours-long escape from the prison camp area into a more digestible 33 minutes. What you won't see in the video are the new Curse and Bless abilities that transform surfaces, like fire, into either holy fire that heals you or cursed fire that really roasts you. You also won't see the new super-powered Source abilities that consume Source Points. I played around with these in arena PvP, facing off against Rock, Paper, Shotgun's charming Adam Smith. Who I battered. Just saying. (It was very close really.) Lovely Larian boss Swen Vincke, who waltzed around in socks when I was there, demonstrated Divinity: Original Sin 2 PvP in a recent video (also embedded) if you want to see more.​


I've heard of these tags before. They're to do with dialogue, right?

Yeah, they dictate how you interact with the world. 'Nature' tags, based on your gender and race, dictate how NPCs react to you (for example, lizards don't much enjoy the company of elves), while 'aspiration' tags take this to a more personal level. When creating your character you can pick two aspiration tags, such as 'scholar' and 'villain', and these unlock relevant options during conversation. If you take the 'jester' tag, for instance, you'll be able to select unique dialogue that's based around practical jokes or being a bit daft. There are ten tags, and they really help you build a character that's unique to the personality you want to role-play.​

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RPGWatch @ Gamescom - Torment: Tides of Numenera
Posted: Aug 25, 2016, 02:43 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]InXile's Chris Keenan and Colin McComb gave a presentation and found some time at the end to answer some questions as well. Here is the article.

We were taken to the Valley of the Dead Heroes, a millions of years old burial ground, used by countless civilizations. It is filled for hundreds of kilometers with sarcophagi and tombs. Memorialists have come there to study the place and a murderous cult have come up here to follow those memorialists, to open their guts and to use those for their own needs. These guys demand from us that we find their prey for them. They control the area, so we need to deal with this situation. You get different options to choose from in a dialogue. You can accept it, but you can also try to intimidate them. The different members of your party, will have more or less chance for the intimidation to succeed, so you can select the one with the highest chance. Upon succeeding, they will report back to their boss about who you are and what you have done, which will have a big impact at a later stage of the game. Each of the options, will have a different result on how events will play out, both in the short term and in the long term.​

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Weekly Wizards of the Coast News Round-up
Posted: Aug 24, 2016, 05:02 pm by Taluntain

[​IMG]» D&D at Gamehole Con (November 4-6, 2016 - 09/03/2016)
» Extra Life: Year 4 (Play D&D for Charity - 08/19/2016)
» RPG Academy on D&D Podcasts (08/18/2016)
» Neverwinter: Storm King's Thunder (Available Now - 08/16/2016)

Note: You can purchase most of the books, manuals, accessories etc. mentioned in the news here via Amazon's online stores (US, CA, UK or DE).

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RPGWatch @ Gamescom - The Surge
Posted: Aug 24, 2016, 02:12 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]If you are into action RPGs using exoskeletons, The Surge might be something for you. Here is an RPGWatch writeup on this year's presentation at Gamescom.

The Surge is an action RPG, heavily focused on melee combat, set in a dystopian near future version of earth. At that time the world has a lot of environmental and ecological problems. Finding a job isn't too easy either, but our hero did find one at a company that tries to solve some of the environmental problems. At his first day at work he gets an exoskeleton. And as it is fitted to his body, something goes wrong, he blacks out and when he wakes up he finds himself at a no longer used, broken part of the company and he has to find out what has happened.


In the operations center there are several things you can do. There is a med bay, which is used to level up your core power and change the type of implants that you use. The implants is their version of having something similar to attributes and a skill tree. There are implants for your health, your stamina or your energy, but there are also other implants, like an implant that allows you to see the health bar of your enemies. Beside that there are also injectables, which are a way to increase your health in the field.​

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OutWard - PAX West Trailer
Posted: Aug 24, 2016, 02:12 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]OutWard has a new trailer ready for PAX West.

Outward is an open world RPG in development for PC and console.
No announcement on a release date yet.

Community group:

Music composed by Jean-François Racine
Video by Maestro Filmworks
Voice by Doug Cannon​

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Dark Souls III - DLC October 26th
Posted: Aug 24, 2016, 02:02 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]PCGamesN that reports word has leaked ahead of an official announcement that Dark Souls III DLC will be released October 26th as well as some details on what to expect. There will be more details tomorrow with the official announcement.

Update 23 August, 2016: With an official announcement due tomorrow, various Japanese magazines have apparently already revealed some details about the much-anticipated upcoming Dark Souls III DLC.

It looks like Japanese magazine Famitsu had the world exclusive on Dark Souls 3 DLC, and is now being reported on various sites and translated by NeoGAF. As you'd expect, there's new weapons, magic, areas and some PvP goodies.

If you are here for Gamescom PC news, our homepage has you covered.

Via GAF, here's what's apparently included:
  • New weapons and armours
  • New magic spells
  • A new area that features snow, apparently
  • A PvP "map" - whether that means a small area dedicated to PvP, Dark Souls 2's arenas or its special zones remains to be seen.
It also confirms the existence of a second DLC to be released afterwards, which will come in a pack with the first for 2,000 yen (about £15/$20) or individually for 1,200 yen (about £9/$12).

Inevitably we'll get the full details, and probably a trailer, tomorrow. Hopefully it's as good as DS3's initial surge.​

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Elder Scrolls Online - Interview @Wccftech
Posted: Aug 24, 2016, 02:02 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]Zenimax Online's President and Elder Scrolls Online Game Director Matt Firor talked about the game with Wccftech.

During Gamescom 2016, we had the chance to meet up with Zenimax Online's President and Elder Scrolls Online Game Director Matt Firor to talk about the game.

The game has been doing very well lately. Update 11 was recently released on all platforms, adding two new dungeons and several improvements such as text chat on consoles and a PvP town capture system in Cyrodiil.

However, much bigger things are coming with One Tamriel (set to allow players to group anywhere in PvE regardless of level and alliance) and player housing coming after that. We've talked about these features and a lot more in our overview of the game's future.

First of all, in the game's community folks got used to big QuakeCon presentations where you would showcase the game's upcoming features, but this time there was no presentation. I'm wondering whether you have something special in store for later this year to make up for this?

No, this year we did E3 which we hadn't done the year before. We didn't have anything new to talk about, so we decided to just wait until Gamescom and PAX. We're going to have a community event on Friday here at Gamescom, and then at PAX we're going to have another series of community events, so we just decided to spread it out a little more.

Now for the big elephant in the room, is there anything at all you can tell us about player housing?

Really the point of Elder Scrolls Online at Gamescom 2016 is to talk about One Tamriel, which is the next big thing. Housing is the thing after that, so we're concentrating more on One Tamriel right now than player housing, but it is going to happen and it is going to be the update after One Tamriel.

Some questions from the community. For PvP players, the gap closers issue is pretty important and they'd like to know when you plan to fix it.

Yeah, we've been looking at that for a long time. It sounds easy to fix but it's not, because of the way the mechanics work behind the scenes and we don't want to make them not work at all. So we've been slowly looking at how it can be done but yes, it will be fixed.
Mark Hamill Makes a Sneaky Appearance in Star Citizen Squadron 42 Trailer

Roleplayers would like to know whether you have something special coming out for them, like sitting at tables and the likes?

Yeah, we're looking at that. We're doing personalities, so we're doing some fun things that roleplayers can do. We're also doing a Witches' Festival event, we're going to do a Midwinter "Christmas" event, so we're going to do more stuff like this. Every few updates we try to slip in some fun things for roleplaying.


Are you looking to add more world events, like Dark Anchors but different ones?

We're doing that more through events, like the Witches Festival. I know what you're saying though, we don't really have plans except in One Tamriel where we're going to change zones a little bit so that they're more like Orsinium and they have world bosses. You're walking through Glenumbra and there'll be a world boss somewhere now.

Do you have any changes coming to crafting?

No, our crafting system is really good, so we're happy with it.

Bethesda as a whole has been kind of championing mods on consoles with Skyrim Definitive Edition and Fallout 4. I'm wondering if this is something you may consider for Elder Scrolls Online?

We can't, because...maybe UI (user interface) mods, but you can't really do UI mods on consoles, because then your controller wouldn't work. Bethesda can do that for its other games because they're single player.
DC Universe Online Coming to Xbox One Really Soon, But It Won't Have Cross-Play

Lately there's been a trend of bringing online communities together through cross-play. Is that something you're evaluating for Elder Scrolls Online?

That is not a technical issue, it's a business issue. We're on different platforms and each partner has its own ideas on which groups they want their players to be with. It's easier for everyone if they're just in separate communities, that's just the way it is for now.​

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Total War: Warhammer - Grim & Grave
Posted: Aug 24, 2016, 02:02 am by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The first Lord Pack for Total War: Warhammer has a trailer and a Steam page to peruse.

The Grim & The Grave brings unholy rivalry to Total War: Warhammer
  • Two new Legendary Lords...
  • ...with new quest chains, magic items and skill trees
  • Two new additional Lord types
  • Five all-new battlefield units plus variants
  • 18 elite Regiments of Renown
  • Free Legendary Lord and five new battle maps for all players
Following the best-selling Call of the Beastmen, the first Lord Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER introduces two new Legendary Lords from Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Volkmar the Grim for the Empire, and Helman Ghorst for the Vampire Counts. Alongside this, The Grim & The Grave also adds two new lord types to the game with the Vampire Counts receiving the fearsome Strigoi Ghoul King, and the Arch Lector, mightiest of all warrior priests, joining the Empire.​

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Duelyst - Available on Steam now
Posted: Aug 23, 2016, 08:02 pm by RPGWatch

[​IMG]The free-to-play strategy card game Duelyst is available on Steam now:

DUELYST is the ultimate collectible tactics game.

Head-to-head matches last between five and ten minutes, and focus on thoughtful decision-making and strategic positioning. Players are rewarded with new battle units every monthly season.

Assemble your battle deck from over 400 cards across 6 unique Factions and test your mettle against other players online in ranked season ladder and draft mode tournaments.

Key Features
  • Infinite Depth: With a tactical battlefield, positioning of your units truly matters. And with over 400 battle units, no battle will ever be the same!
  • Lightning-Fast Matches: Online matches last from five to ten minutes. Get your competitive fix anytime during the day!
  • Competitive: Play against players of equal skill on the monthly Season Ranked Ladder. Or compete in the Gauntlet Draft Mode, where the longer you last, the better the rewards!
  • Immersive Lore: Expansive codex and history spanning 30,000 years to uncover the mysteries of the denizens of Mythron. Jump down the rabbit hole!
Competitive head-to-head turn-based battles at its best!​

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