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Icewind Dale XP Cap Disabler by TeamBG 17kb Download
An alternative to an experience cap remover, this program sets the experience cap to -1 and therefor disables it. Simply run the program and point it to your IWD "Override" folder.
Dale Keeper by Aaron O'Neil 208kb Download
An excellent Icewind Dale savegame editor. Use this to edit your stats, items and more.
Icewind Dale Character Control v1.0.2a by TeamBG 500kb Download
An Icewind Dale Character Editor, based upon the successful Baldur's Gate Character Control editor and has all of its features (VB 6 package required!).
Icewind Dale Trainer +14 by Logician 12kb Download
An excellent Icewind Dale trainer. It allows you to give yourself as much gold as you want, infinite missile ammo, set ability scores sky high and more.
Script Compiler by BIS 408kb Download
The script compiler that was supposed to come along with the game, but was left out due to it not being ready at the time of the release. It is a tool for creating your own scripts for the party characters.



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