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Baldur's Gate Maps by Pascal (Submitted) 3.4MB Download
A big selection of annotated area maps (all of the areas above ground are covered). The important spots are marked, as well as NPCs in the area and monsters and their loot.
Baldur Gate Sewers Map by Reginald Stanton (Submitted) 393kb Download
A heavily annotated, composite map of the Baldur's Gate sewers. All of the regions are on one map and the interconnections are indicated.
Baldur's Gate Maps and Command Card by Dirk Daring (Submitted) 2.4MB Download
The European versions of Baldur's Gate did not include paper maps of the Sword Coast and the city of Baldur's Gate, or a command card. This archive contains high quality .jpgs of these missing items.
Baldur's Gate City Annotated Map by Aragorn 280kb View
An excellent 1024×765 map of Baldur's Gate.
Sword Coast Map by SP 165kb View
A map of the Sword Coast with all the areas you can visit in the game (including ones added by Tales of the Sword Coast).
Sword Coast Collage Map by Unknown 4.5MB Download
An impressive map of the Sword Coast made by pasting together actual in-game maps into one giant map, covering the areas from the original game & the expansion.



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