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Official Strategy Guide

The Temple of Elemetal Evil Official Strategy Guide

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The Temple of Elemental Evil Introduction N/A Read
An introduction to the game. It tells you what exactly the game is all about, presents a short story synopsis, lists the system requirements you need to meet to be able to play the game, the game's features, and projected release date.
The Temple of Elemental Evil Online Walkthrough N/A Read
An excellent walkthrough with detailed info on all the quests in the game, NPC and item lists, party creation guide, item creation, online maps and more. Also covers the Circle of Eight mod pack.
The Temple of Elemental Evil Walkthrough by JaggedJim 52kb Download
A walkthrough written from a Neutral Good party’s viewpoint. If you have a different party alignment then some events may play out differently than described.
The Temple of Elemental Evil ÜberFAQ N/A Read (Ext.)
This FAQ was created to help Troika fans keep up with the latest additions to the development of Greyhawk: The Temple of Elemental Evil by Troika Games. It is an enormously huge, but extremely informative resource for anyone who wants to know more or less everything about this game.



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