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Zombasite - Patch 0.902

Discussion in 'Game/SP News & Comments' started by RPGWatch, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. RPGWatch

    RPGWatch Watching... ★ SPS Account Holder

    Jul 28, 2010
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    [​IMG]Steven Peeler let us know that patch 0.902 for Zombasite is available now, with a long list of changes:

    • now clan armory item goes back to your inventory if no one wants it
    • added Show Friends and Show Enemies options on NPC Locations screen
    • decreased MaxModifierLevelSpread from 40 to 25 (keeps magic modifiers closer to item level)
    • decreased LevelSpreadMult for higher rarity items a little
    • increased move speeds for everything by 25%
    • fixed clan armory hot key not working on NPC equipment screen (ScrObot)
    • greatly increased summoned monsters' health, armor, and defense (Raserei)
    • monsters can now spawn in empty town areas
    • Fire Strike will now continue to cast if the attack button is held down (The_Wuggly_Ump)
    • now Demon Hunter NPCs spawn (Thasero)
    • changed protocol verstion to 31
    • monsters & NPCs will now stop attacking a clan healthstone once it is down to 1 health (corfe83)
    • halved rumor and sabotage costs (corfe83)
    • increased bag drop rate by 50%
    • fixed Incredible Poison Resistance giving fire resistance instead of poison (Tuidjy)
    • doors & relics now mention that they can't be repaired (jureidinim/ScrObot)
    • now color code NPC relation numbers so it is easier to see friends and enemies
    • now show enemies when highlighting NPC to add to hunt, forage, or raid
    • fixed some NPC clan skills not working correctly
    • now pets don't count against your party size (narnach/Raserei)
    • decreased respec costs by 33%
    • fixed craft/salvage cursor on Linux (dragonfyre13/ridcully)
    • actors moving around don't mark last player time on level any more which should fix some respawning too fast issues
    • improved zombie knowledge icons
    • added description to zombie knowledge screen
    • removed special room dialog from NPCs
    • greatly decreased chance of thanks for item NPC dialog (unless unique item)
    • fixed message of what to do with relics, doors, and guards (corfe83/Zengrath)
    • player's ice storms no longer leave ice on ground (Nesmo)
    • switched skill screen and minimap places on configure input screen (ScrObot)
    • fixed "Could not find widget Power4" error (ScrObot)
    • fixed healing party member message still referring to food (ScrObot)
    • now show a ? icon for crafting materials you don't have (ScrObot)
    • changed dark elf zombie names (Oblivion)
    • now house roof fades out when player is underneath (Crisses)
    • now Town Defenses screen doesn't pop up when clicking on pet (Caal)
    • NPCs can no longer get Prayer skill (Thasero)
    • NPCs with volcano skill use the skill half as often now
    • fixed getting a rumored location on an Arch-Nemesis that is not in the area (Zengrath)
    • doubled dead body chance
    • added "can't be completely destroyed" note to clan healthstones (Caal)
    • now clear enemies when going to stage 2 infection
    • decreased size of large shield by 50%
    • can now use search for target button on grave and friend body quests
    • can no longer invite an NPC to party when they are hunting or foraging (Crisses)
    • unidentified items no longer show up in trade lists (dragonfyre13)
    • can no longer distribute items to clan when out of town
    • rotate buttons now only make 1 click sound when you hold down the mouse button on them (ScrObot)
    • fixed some small issues on journal screen
    • fixed NPC Locations title alignment
    • now show food usage per meal in food highlight text
    • fixed a couple personality typos (Roswitha)
    • fixed keep a lookout typo (Roswitha)
    • fixed missing localization NeedsDeadBody
    • improved haunted area description (Roswitha)
    • fixed some problems with character export in log (ScrObot)
    • fixed a bunch of issues with vbulleting/html character exports
    • fixed hardcore and cursed options still mentioning level requirement that is no longer true (ScrObot)
    • fixed missing translation EnhancementDefender3Name (ScrObot)
    • fixed missing translation DamagesItems (ScrObot)
    • fixed NPC Locations capitalization issue (ScrObot)
    • fixed typo in Hero, Guardian, and Savior achievements (Caal)
    • fixed instigator name in trap announcement (Roswitha)
    • fixed pick up spelling (ScrObot)
    • fixed successful typo (corfe83)
    • fixed Thaumaturgy typo (ScrObot)
    • fixed Plaguebringers typo (Tuidjy)
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
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