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Writing Offer

Discussion in 'Creativity Surge' started by Mereinid, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Mereinid Gems: 1/31
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    Nov 9, 2009
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    Good afternoon all. I am unsure if this is the correct forum to place this particular post but here it goes none-the-less. I am an aspiring writer and would very much like to write for any of the ongoing projects here, if in fact, there are any. *smile* I am sure there are. Black Isle games are the standard, in my opinion, for which all other RPG's should be created from. One does not need to re-invent the wheel.

    Never the less, I have posted a small excerpt from a current story I am penning. The main character, who happens to be my Forum ID was a character I played in the actual table top game AD&D for nearly a decade. Anywho, if any of you need some help putting a story together or looking for a mod to make or ever an entire new IE game, I am offering to help all I can. I work overseas and I am lucky enough to work for 3 months then off for 3 months. Even while I work I tend to find alot of time to just...write and or go to the gym. =)

    EXCERPT - The Rescue -

    “Ww-harrrbliing-Plinkt”. Dremmit stopped in mid movement from his playing. He stood, somewhat leery of the sound he heard coming from down the corridor in front of him. He took a step out from around the table and eased forward his hand sliding toward his short sword. Talking! Voices coming from down the way. It sounded like arguing, who would be arguing. With a quick sprint, Dremmit stopped short of the corner and peered around the edge. There were two figures there. One an aging human dressed in flowing blue and red robes with small symbols scattered about over the shoulders and cuffs of his sleeves. He seemed to be arguing with another human, one dressed in heavy armor and a winged helm that was almost comical looking. The face was opened and Dremmit could see the armored ones face clearly. Smooth skin and crystal green eyes., his hand resting comfortably on a very large sword on his hip. With a heavy sigh the armored figure looked at the aging one in robes. “Kain....I swear to the Great Coast-way that your aim is about as accurate as a blind mind throwing money at a dancer!” Obviously the robed figure was named Kain. The aging caster huffed out his bony chest and with a flurry put his hands on his hips, making his starch white un-kept hair flail around like a drunken sailor. With a huff of air and long finger, he pointed at the book he pulled from somewhere. “I read the spell right you overgrown walking armor vendor. It says specifically to sprinkle the lotus dust at the exact time I say the Sojourning Words.” With a tap of his finger and matter-of-fact smile he looked up from the book to the frowning armored warrior. “Now what do you have to say to the Mr. Valanthas Breckenridge!” Dremmit's hand started pulling out his short sword and easing his stance to confront the two. “Valanthas Breckenridge”..that name.. it sounded familiar to Dremmit. Dremmit shook the thoughts away for now, there would be plenty of time to figure out these later, as the Master of Pain was about to get new play things, and Dremmit was about to get a new sword and from the looks of it a spell book to give to the guild mages. That was sure to garner him a few favors to use for later. Dremmit smiled and stepped out from the corner. The fools where still arguing.

    “HALT! You can go no further, fools!” Looking from one to the other smiling confidently, “It would seem your inept mage friend here dropped you into the wrong place.” Dremmit took a small step forward, “With extreme ease please pull your weapon out there armored one and drop it to the floor,” Gesturing to Valanthas with the tip of his sword. The arguing pair stopped abruptly. Both fools looked at Dremmit with a slight touch of bewilderment. Dremmit smiled once more. “I said now, you lost fools!” The one known as Kain recovered first. “Now see here young man, we are not lost. We are right where I wanted us to be, thank you very much.” Valanthas sighed deeply and squared his shoulders a very small smile rested on his lips. Dremmit shifted his foot for a charge by the big warrior. He knew the warrior was at a disadvantage in here with that giant sword. “You two fools are no where near where you need to be. Do you have any idea where your bumbled castings have put you and just how far down the path of no return you have landed?” Kain an Valanthas shared a quick look to one another. The robed one put his book away with a flurry and rested his fists on his hips once more. Leaning slightly forward Kain spoke softly to Dremmit, “Whelp it is not just us who landed down this path of no return.” With a nod towards Dremmit, the aging caster’s smile widened a touch more. “The other travelers are just down the hall behind you and wondering why you have a weapon brandished at their only means of magical travel in this god-forsaken city.”
    Dremmit smiled outwardly not even going to give the two fools the acknowledgment that someone would fall for that oldest of old tricks. He took a step forward easing farther into his best fighting form; the mage would have to be dealt with first. He could be the tide turner in a conflict with a well placed spell. The two bewildered humans were so awestruck at their predicament that all they could do was stand there with little smirks on their faces. Initiates! purely no clue as to the real play when it comes to a fight. This would be over quick. Something flashed in front his face, so fast it was almost not there. Something was against his throat. A BLADE! “Gurrk, w-what..” He rolled his eyes back as far as he could. A small voice answered back with obvious hatred. “I have yet another blade sitting at the base of your back, and with a twitch I can sever your ability to walk long before you feel my blade cut you from ear to ear.” Dremmit's bladder released. His eyes flicked forward both Kain and Valanthas were watching with a bemused expression as a puddle formed below the guard. “P-please you d-don't have to do this. I can..can get you what ever you want, please! With a growl from behind, Dremmit felt himself get spun around. The blade just a hairs breath from his neck as he spun. Before him stood another dark elf....or at least part dark elf. The hair was an unmistakable mix of white and golden blond. With one blue and one green eye. From the temple to the jawline, he had a series of small tattoos down the left side of his cheek. Each tattoo glowed one after the other from top to bottom. A brilliant white smile showed on the smaller half-dark elf. He looked Dremmit up and down a scowl of disapproval appearing on his face. “ You disgust me, you worthless guildie. You are no better than troll offal!”

    Just a small bit there, while there is a bit more to this small portion of the tale. I have to leave a little bit to peak ones curiosity.
    Thanks for your time everyone, and all of you modders out there.. your IE mods are fantastic. I have enjoyed playing thru them over and over over the past 10 years or so. Keep the up the good work, should anyone you need my help or not.

    Out here,
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