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World of Darkness - My First Character

Discussion in 'Dungeons & Dragons + Other RPGs' started by Ofelix, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. Ofelix

    Ofelix The world changes, we do not, what irony!

    Dec 19, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Yes I know WOD (World of Darkness) Isn't exactly Dungeons and Dragons, but still it's a table-top roleplaying game. So I figure this forum was the correct one.

    So I'm begening a game soon, and since I have never played this before, I thought maybe some of you might know some things or two, so I kindly ask your opinion on my first Character.

    Setting; Montréal January 2006
    Concept; Writer
    Virtue; Faith
    Vice; Pride
    Chronicle; Not known yet
    Faction; none
    Goup Name; none yet

    Intelligence; **
    Wits; **
    Resolve; **
    Strength; ***
    Dexterity; **
    Stamina; **
    Presence; **
    Manipulation; ***
    Composure; ***


    Academic (Aramaic Language); **
    Occult (Christianism); *
    Politics; *


    Athletics; (Running) *
    Brawl; *
    Drive; **
    Firearms; **
    Weaponry; *


    Expression; **
    Intimidation; *
    Persuasion; **
    Streetwise; ****
    Subterfuge; **


    Contact (Black Market); ****
    Fame; *
    Striking Look; **



    Size; 5
    Speed; 10
    Initiative Mod; 5
    Defense; 2
    Armour; 0

    Health; 7
    Willpower; 5
    Morality; 7

    Experience; 0

    So basicly he's a poor writer who has a relative succes who pass all his money on driking. But since he's highly skills in Black Market he's a high demand illegal wares dealer, 80% of his income came from there. Aslo due to his severe mental illness he's persuaded he's got the Third testament written directly from Jesus's hand. He found the so call Third testament in Isreal while on a trip. So he begun intensive studies of Christianism and Aramaic language (Supposely Jesus's language) to truly understand the document. You can't deny the fact this document exist, however it's jut a piece of archealogy he somehow stole misplacing it for a holy document. So since he's persuased of that he ''see'' (in his head, litteraly) people in restaurents to talk about this document and how it may used to blackmail the Vatican.

    In his youth he claimed to have seen ghost and other supernatural being( This is World of Darkness after all). That may have caused his Schizophrenia. Since that incident he's been weird and a sort of outcast in society. He begun selling stolen wares to have the bare minimum of money to survive. Later in an attemps to escape his low life reality he begun writing novel, and surprizingly he had a moderate succes. He's always been a weird fellow, but his mental illness is unknown to all.

    That's about it for now.

    [ December 03, 2005, 05:41: Message edited by: Ofelix ]
  2. Oaz Gems: 29/31
    Latest gem: Glittering Beljuril

    Aug 21, 2001
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    1. Language is bought with merit. I would take Academcs (religion) and then take the Merit of Language (Aramaic). The dot in Occult is still nice, since there are lots of things related to Christianity that could be considered occult (faith healing, Marian apparitions, etc.)

    2. A big thing is that your character has schizophrenia. Personally, I think this is going too far. Schizophrenia is something that will mess up your life and, if you keept in touch with family or friends, you will probably wind up in a mental institution. Even if a schizophrenic is isolated, s/he will probably end up doing something that gets him/her arrested or sent in for treatment. (If your character got schizophrenia as a youth and no one noticed it, then your character either lives very far away from many people and has had terrible parents.)

    In short, think carefully about whether you should roleplay (and could roleplay) someone with schizophrenia. This mental illness is severe; it's not the same as having a strange, relatively harmless quirk. I would recommend that you at most give yourself a mild derangement.
  3. The Shaman Gems: 28/31
    Latest gem: Star Sapphire

    Oct 18, 2004
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    True, I'd say schizophrenia is a rather hard thing to play for a first time.
    Other than that, your character is (still) human, right?
  4. Ofelix

    Ofelix The world changes, we do not, what irony!

    Dec 19, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Yeah yeah, he's human, though I have plan to become either Vampires or Mages. I'd never really liked Werewolves.
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