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VF's Icewind Dale I mod Work in Progress

Discussion in 'Icewind Dale (Classic)' started by Verdadero_Foe, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. Verdadero_Foe Gems: 1/31
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    Apr 9, 2020
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    VF's Icewind Dale I: The Age of Monsters (can change name)

    I started this modification many years ago. At first, it was only up to Valley of Shadows, but some day I decided to go all the way up to the final boss of the original campaign (HoW and ToTL not included, I have not played those enough). Oh, and my initial release was in weidu format, but adding everything to that is very time consuming and not fun, so it will be like the old override files + dialog, but it will be worth your time! It's for classic Icewind Dale I.

    Not for the faint of heart, or someone trying the game for the first time. I really think it will increases the replayability a little, and a veteran player that knows the game very well will get some nice surprises and will try new things like combinations of spells, abilities and equipment. The changes are:

    • Stronger enemies!
    • More enemies!
    • More enemy variety!
    • More magical enemies!
    • Better encounters design!
    • Better summons!
    • Friendly fire won't make your common summons go hostile!
    • More traps!!
    • Traps are more deadly!!!
    • More awesome loot!!!!! (balanced, includes weapons, armors, amulets, rings, cloacks...)
    • More balanced random treasures! (rebalanced weak armors/weapons/trinkets)
    • You can go powergaming, metagaming, min-max, anything you like!
    • More experience from enemies! (You will level up faster in chapters 1-4)
    • Awesome and powerful new spells! (balanced) (*1)
    • Stronger weak spells! (*1)
    • The vast majority of enemies will call their friends for help!
    • Playing normally, you will use your gold (or at least, a fraction)!
    • Crafting! (work in progress, feedback welcome)
    • Some new quests! (work in progress)
    • There will be a big surprise for the single classes!!!... (work in progress, lot of testing done)
    • Not for newbies!!!

    I could add some joinable NPCs but I think there is already one or more mods for that.

    If you have a nice idea or something, please, post it. I'm awaiting for some screenshots I uploaded to this site to be aproved so I can add the link here.

    Ok, here are some screenshots:


    Those are only showing a little, I want the good stuff to be a surprise :)

    *1 - I read on a steam forum topic about a player that wanted higher level single target damage spells (there are none or very little). You will have those here, mate! And area of effect damage spells as well! And... I will tell no more, but you will like the other new additions.

    *2 - Some spells will still be weak or not very useful, so don't learn them (mage) or not memorize them (priests).

    April 26th updates:

    Some of the new spells are:

    - Summon Greater Fire Elemental (and water and earth)
    - Cacofiend
    - Improved Fireball
    - Improved Flame arrow
    - Improved Snillocs
    - Melf's Corrosive Arrow
    - Improved Stoneskin
    - Stone armor
    - Spider Spawn

    And some others.


    - Ironskins
    - Create Undead
    - Create Magical Undead
    - Mass Cure

    And few others.

    They are all useful if you can cast them. The spiders are a little weak, not that weak for the standard game but for the stronger monster in this mod.

    May 4th updates:

    I remade the Frost Giant area a little, changed the memorized spells of Kontik with some new ones and write the script to add some randomization to the spells she will cast (700 lines :eek:). She has now these spells:

    Level 7
    - Seven Eyes
    - Summon Greater Water Elemental

    Level 6
    - Otiluke's Freezing Sphere
    - Larloch's Disease Drain
    - Flesh to Stone

    Level 5
    - Improved Snilloc's Snowball Swarm
    - Summon Shadows
    - Summon Earth Elemental
    - Chaos
    - Cone of Cold
    - Melf's Corrosive Arrow

    Level 4
    - Stoneskin x2
    - Greater Malison
    - Emotion Hopelessness
    - Ice Storm
    - Mordenkainen's Force Missiles

    Level 3
    - Haste
    - Slow
    - Hold Person
    - Skull Trap
    - Icelance x2

    Level 2
    - Mirror Image x2
    - Horror x2
    - Vocalize
    - Blindness x2
    - Detect Invisibility
    - Snillocs Snowball Swarm x3

    Level 1
    - Charm Person x2
    - Magic Missile x3
    - Larloch's Minor Drain x2
    - Chromatic Orb x2
    - Shocking Grasp x 2

    She will do some damage if you don't kill her fast. But easier said than done, remember she is not alone, there are her loyal Black Ice Knights, some mercenaries and some little surprises...

    Tomorrow I will start with the Lower Dorn area, it will take some thime because there are a lot of sub areas and the difficulty must be higher than before. the hardest battles will be Malavon and Lady Ilmadia, but the trash mobs needs to be reduced to a minimum (several lost sheep to kill with impunity).

    And I have nearly done the crafting system (the easy part), now come the hard part (item creation and dialogs for crafting).
    Last edited: May 4, 2020
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