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This game is great so far

Discussion in 'Dungeons & Dragons Online' started by Sir Fink, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Sir Fink Gems: 13/31
    Latest gem: Ziose

    Aug 28, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I downloaded the free trial of DDO and I have to say I'm really enjoying it so far.

    I'm an old-school D&Der so I was turned off by the things I'd read (Eberron, Warforged, mana system) but it's really quite good.

    My PC just meets the recommended stats and it is absolutely gorgeous and smooth to play and look at.

    I haven't had any trouble at all finding like-minded RPers and we're having a blast just taking our time through dungeons and role playing our characters.

    The only downsides are it's quite small. Level 10 level limit; no prestige classes; no gnomes or half-orcs; no druids. The game is set in just a single city (as far as I've seen so far at least). There's about 100 quests I think and leveling is very slow so you end up repeating many of the quests.

    The fact that there's no PvP and that XP mainly comes from questing keeps a certain amount of the power gamer riff-raff away, I think.

    Like I said though, it is small. In six months or a year it could become a fantastic game once they've added more stuff. Definitely worth downloading the free 7-day trial if you've got a fast enough Internet connection.
  2. Morthond Gems: 3/31
    Latest gem: Lynx Eye

    Jun 27, 2006
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    Indeed, the one thing it lacks is content...but we've seen a LOT of work in the last few months so I'm sure in the future it will be a much better game than it currently is (already quite good). Prestige classes are confirmed as going to be implemented. The next class to make it in will probably be the Monk or Druid; I'm hoping it's the latter personally :)
    The lack of certain races I can't disagree with. I want a half-elf! Not sure why it wasn't included in the first place.
    The game is based in the city of Stormreach (hence the name...) but there are other places you can go outside the city, though admittedly this is 95% only by going on a quest. Apart from maybe a small area on the Twilight Isles. It'd be nice for the game atmosphere to be more vibrant and active, and allowing the player to go to places outside the city and explore. However, I'm skeptical about whether anything like this will be implemented.
    PvP IS going to make it in DDO sometime, say Turbine, though I wonder if this is wise since the Drow are the most powerful race and it'd end up being a bit of a darkfest.
    But yeah, the most disappointing aspect of DDO is the quest repeating...you can't avoid it. Adventures like the Waterworks and Shan-To-Kor I have completed *at least* 30 times and it's not much fun, but it takes long to level and there arent many XP opportunities.
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