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Tactics4IWD2 V3.0 Released

Discussion in 'Icewind Dale 2' started by Tal Rasha, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Tal Rasha

    Tal Rasha Eye of Vecna

    Aug 9, 2005
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    [​IMG] ----------------
    Release Notes
    * Divided the mod into six components.
    (1)Tactics4IWD2 Core.
    (2)Moderate HP for Summons In HoF: However, Summons' HPs will grow with chapters.
    (3)Party Start at LEVEL11 In HoF: New created party will start at about lvl11.
    (4)Party Start with Money and Scrolls In HoF: The party will gain 300,000GP and some random lvl1-lvl9 wizard scrolls.
    (5)Extra Enhancement of Player Characters In HoF: All six stats +2; AC+10; No interval between spell casting.
    (6)Auto Buffing AI Script(Hotkeys: N -> Normal, B -> Battle, X -> Clear): You can customize the AI script from your character sheet.
    * Fixed the bug of unlimited cumulative bard song effects.
    * Improved monk unarmed attack bonus as monk fist becomes stronger.
    * Cancelled the alignment change in the Ritual Quest in Severed Hand.
    * Adjusted some creatures' stats and scripts.
    * Adjusted some items.
    * Increased Player Characters' AC in HoF mode gradually to a total of +10AC, which is cumulative with component(5).

    * Improved the compatibility with other mods.
    * Fixed some bugs.
    * Balanced some battles. The overall difficulty is slightly reduced comparing to V1.1
    * Slightly weakened the summoned demons.
    * Some changes to HOF mode:
    (1)Common summons only have 20% of original HP, while summoned demons and elmentals only have 10%.
    (2)New created party will start at about lvl11. The party will also gain 30,000GP and some random lvl1-lvl9 wizard scrolls.
    (3)Your PCs will gain +5AC, +20MaxHP permanent bonus at lvl6,lvl11,lvl16,lvl21,lvl26.
    (If you don't gain the bonus at these levels, just save and load to trigger the script.)
    (4)Your PCs will gain immunity to spell Disintegrate at lvl21, and gain +2 damage at lvl26.
    (5)Some bosses will drop addition potions of permanent bonus.

    * Fixed some bugs.
    * Balanced some battles.

    * The initial version.
    * Some detailed modifications:
    1> Added enough XP value to make a solo PC reach lvl30 at the end of the game.(I soloed the game with an invincible character. I didn't test the feasibility, for I have neither valor nor confidence. You can have a try if you have any interest.)
    2> Added a lot of scrolls, so don't be too stingy please.
    3> Added several HoF items (Basically in the last chapter).
    4> Balanced the summon spells.
    5> Balanced Druid Shapeshift abilities (e.g. Fire elemental form is immune to fire, while water elemental form is immune to ice).
    6> Increased the DCs of touch spells (e.g. Harm is DC22, Destruction is DC23), and the DCs of Call Lightning and Static Charge.
    7> Human monk NPCs will use kick attack, like in BG2.
    8> Increased the DCs of Dispelling Arrows.
    9> Increased the DC of Dispel Magic with caster level increasing (DC = 10 + modifier + X, X is: 3 within lvl5, +1DC/5levels, to a maximum of 8 at lvl30).
    10> There were no battle musics in some boss fights(e.g. The Lost Followers), now there are.
    11> There was no background music in Kuldahar, now there are three. The first one is the music in Targos Dock. When you saved Kuldahar but not killed the black dragon, you will hear the music outside the Black Raven Monastery. When you saved Kuldahar and also killed the black dragon, you will hear the music in Targos Town.
    12> The Archdruid Iselore is no longer invincible (in battle), he is Druid16/Cleric4 now. If he is killed, then game is over. However, I think his competence and AI will not disappoint you.
    13> The Heartstone Gem can restore your energy drain, and cast mass cure centering on itself every 5 rounds (you must be within its power range), so make good use of it.
    14> There are some changes about the Ritual in the Cleric Tower in Severed Hand. If you ally with Iyachtu Xvim, all your non-evil PCs will become evil alignment, and protagonist(player1) +1 str permanently, and gain Greater Sword of Soulless+5. If you defeated Iyachtu Xvim and completed the ritual, all your evil PCs will become neutral alignment, and protagonist +1 wis permanently, and gain Greater Sword of Virtue+5, and upgrade your Holy Avenger.

    I. About
    There are many mods for BG Series, but there are rarely mods for IWD Series. So, I made this tactical mod for IWD2. The purpose of this mod is to make the boring fights in the vanilla game more challenging and more exciting, not to spite players. So all the bosses can be defeated directly without any cheese. By the way, I didn't add any new dialogue, so translation is unnecessary.
    This mod will improve the battles from beginning to end. About 90% of the creatures have been enhanced, the enhanced respects are: Stats, Spell Selections, AIs, etc. And this mod has also fixed a few bugs and imbalances of the original game, the details of which are omitted here.


    II. Installation
    (If you have an old version of this mod installed, please uninstall and delete it first.)
    1> Install official patch 2.01.
    2> Copy the folder "Tactics4IWD2", the setup files "Setup-Tactics4IWD2.exe" and "Setup-Tactics4IWD2.tp2" into your IWD2 game directory.
    3> Run "Setup-Tactics4IWD2.exe".

    III. Reinstallation & Uninstallation
    Run "Setup-Tactics4IWD2.exe".

    IV. Thanks
    Thank the Black Isle Studios.
    Thank the authors of Near Infinity & WeiDU.
    Thank people who give me advices and feedbacks.
    Thank you for choosing my mod.

    V. Contact
    If you have any advice, email me at wumin0706 -at- hotmail.com

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 8, 2011
  2. coineineagh

    coineineagh I wish for a horde to overrun my enemies Resourceful Adored Veteran

    Jun 6, 2008
    Likes Received:
    [​IMG] Nice. I always had trouble getting the enhancements to activate for my imported characters in HoF. Next time I play, I'll install version 3.0 and see if it helps...:D
  3. Marceror

    Marceror Chaos Shall Be Sown In Their Footsteps Adored Veteran Pillars of Eternity SP Immortalizer (for helping immortalize Sorcerer's Place in the game!) Torment: Tides of Numenera SP Immortalizer (for helping immortalize Sorcerer's Place in the game!) BoM XenForo Migration Contributor [2015] (for helping support the migration to new forum software!)

    May 3, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Good stuff Tal Rasha. On my list for the next time I play this game!
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