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Solitude, Swords and Silmire the Solo Shapeshifter

Discussion in 'Creativity Surge' started by Avooch Dar, Jun 6, 2001.

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    May 8, 2001
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  2. Avooch Dar Guest

    I don't simple as that.
    I cast find traps occaisionally.
    But apart from that they don't really matter. i have completed the game now with him and killed Irenicus with him yet i have never had much problem with traps.
  3. Earl Grey

    Earl Grey Mmm... hot tea! Veteran

    Oct 26, 2000
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    [​IMG] You finished the game? That really came out of nowhere!
    How did you feel about the Greater Werewolf ability toward the end of the game? Was it still good enough or did you depend on the "normal" skills - your spells and items - instead?

    Anyway, Congratulations are in order! :)
  4. Avooch Dar Guest

    yes i have but just could not think up enough interesting things to say about each chapter.
    Anyway i am writing my story at the moment an d will probably post it up here soon.
    Should be better than the pathetic attempt by that other guy!
    You can find his name on the books section.
    he did not even include imoen in the story!!!!!!!

    [This message has been edited by Avooch Dar (edited June 20, 2001).]

    [This message has been edited by Avooch Dar (edited June 23, 2001).]
  5. Avooch Dar Guest

    Silmire's Journey:


    So then here we are. I said on a day that seems in the distant past now that i would attempt this game with a solo shapeshifter. Did i acheive my goal??? yes. Was it easy??? hell no!

    It started pretty well. In the first dungeon i spent most of the time in the werewolf state and found the entire level a bit of a doddle. The mephits were a bit of a problem on the second floor but just had to se my sling and get them one at a time.
    The great thing in the early stages was the freedom of going up in levels so rapidly.
    One great thing in the early stages was that i was able to choose my spells according to what my own character needed. This meant that i was able to use less slots up with healing spells and more with the ummoning and offensive spells.

    I went on into chapter two with a great deal of confidence and left with a great deal more. Not having to spend al of that money on essential magic items for the rest of the party meant that i was able to pay the galen bayle price after just doing the druid grove quest.
    The fight with Faldorn turned out to be easy and after quickly summoning a sirine to stun her i turned myself into a werewolf. She died without causing me any damage. However by the time i got back outside i realised that my potion of invisibility store had run out and i had to face the evil group.
    This was the moment when i stumbled upon the single greatest druid spell in the game. Conjure animals happened to be in my spell slot by curiosity and in my desperation to stay alive i cast it. To my dismay they turned out to be bears. To my delight they turned out to be cave bears and quickly disposed of all three of the evil people without me even having to lift my sword arm.
    These bears were to become my new best friends.


    Oh dear i thought to myself as i entered the shadow theif guild. Even with two cave bears i could not defeat the vampires on my own.
    I accepted the challenge and had to make a couple of visits to the temple after facing the first two quests.
    It was then i realised something. I had been carrying around the amulet of power without realising what it did. You see when i had played bg2 before i always played as a fighter and because i could not use the amulet i flogged it. But i had never known what it could do. Realising that it gave me immunity to level drain i jumped for joy and with the anti poisen amulet i cleared out the top level of bodhi's layer in minutes. (wit the exception of one vamp....see other posts). The clay golem was my biggest worry but after noticing that the cave bear's paws counted as bluntweapons i did not have a problem. Bodhi as always was easy.

    After reporting back to Aran i recieved enough exp to get to level 13. This was important as it meant i could now become a greater werewolf. Eager to try it out i decided that i would see how many seconds i could last against the dockland vampires. Expecting to have to reload i was pleasently surprised to see my greater werewolf incarnation of my character pull himself out of the fray without a scratch.
    So on i went into the asylum ith my trusty druid smashing everything in my path. The asylum on the whole was no real problem apart from Irenicus. But that is what you would expect really isn't it. I cast swarm on him and by some off chance it actually hit him! After tha it was a piece of cake. Everyone just pounded him once his protections had worn off. Everyone?? i hear you cry. Yes. My temeporary party of two cave bears, a fire elemental, Klithixx and to Sirenes. With them by my side for the big battles i was easily unbeatable!
    The water city place was pretty easy. If you knew where to go and which things to miss then you can just about get through with a druid.


    This was the point in the game where i began to question myself as to why i ever took up the challenge.
    The whole level was hell for me. It was however still fun and i got a bit of a break when facing the mindflayers and co because i could simply cast chaotic commands. Very good if there is just the one of you.
    I found the greater werewolf ability to be of great use even though i could not use it much. After i changed back to heal myself i would have to wait a day before using it again.
    Ust Natha?? The drow started to get on my tits at this point. My summoned creatures were useless and it took up all of my skill to get through each battle.

    Nice asy chapter to cool me down so i felt better for this. I was thinking of giving up. Bodhi killed me a couple of times but still a bit of a let down really.

    Well then. Lets skip straight to hell shall we. The bonuses helped but in the end it was a simple level 14 druid against Irenicus and his minions. This battle is known for being easy but that is not entirely true when you have just the one druid.
    My beloved bears held their ground valiantly but in the end after taking two of the buggers down they evetually fell themselves.
    My fireelemental was quick to follow after doing great damage to the other two and my two sirenes finished them off.
    All the while i had been casting numorous things on irenicus with little effect.
    I used tue sight to catch the bastard after he started fling around the room and my many spell protections kept me from falling foul to his horrible incarnations.
    Eventually there was nothing for it. I turned into a geater werewolf and decided for a suicide run. Again i surprised my self as even though his slayer form was tough and hard hitting my luck was significant and after all of his spells wore off he finally died. I could not believe my luck. I really did not think theat the greater werewolf was that tough!


    So that is it. I did it. But it wasn't easy. And if you are wondering wether you should try it yourself then i say yes. It may be hard and you may sometimes just want to gnaw on your own flesh with frustration but the feeling of acheivment is all worth it in the end.

    sorry about the double post but i needed it up front and if the others can do it i hope you don't mind this once.....

    [This message has been edited by Avooch Dar (edited June 23, 2001).]
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