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Solitude, Swords and Silmire the Solo Shapeshifter

Discussion in 'Creativity Surge' started by Avooch Dar, Jun 6, 2001.

  1. Avooch Dar Guest

    I, Avooch Dar (phonetically spelt Avook Dar after the little pooch reference) seem to have started something of a craze.
    Nobleman and Earl Grey have already undertaken their quests for ultimate satisfaction with their Wizard Slayer solo games.
    How ironic it is then, that i should start my journey after them. No matter, for this is not a race. I have taken heed of the words of others and have decided to alter my choice of kit to the humble shapeshifter.
    So then i hear you cry, what are the terms and conditions and what abilities does this half man half beast have??

    Name: Silmire
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: Cernd portrait
    Race: Half Elf
    Class: Shapeshifter
    Sword & Sheild:+
    Two weapon:+
    Major colour:Green
    Minor colour:Brown
    Voice: Male 3

    This is not going to be easy that is all i can say! This post will be updated with further news. Somebody please spam so i don't have to double post! (Tal that was a joke!!)
    EDIT HERE: i have found out that yu can only get a min of 15 charisma. I decided that considering i would only get the ring of human influence anyway i would keep the other stats as they were. I hope you don't mind. Oh actually i took int down 1.

    [This message has been edited by Avooch Dar (edited June 06, 2001).]

    [This message has been edited by Avooch Dar (edited June 06, 2001).]
  2. Mathetais Gems: 28/31
    Latest gem: Star Sapphire

    Apr 5, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Spam, spam, spam, eggs, spam!

    (Seriously - good luck! Starting off is going to be rough, but I think if you live, you can end up fairly powerful! And if you don't make it, well that just gives you motivation to come back to the Paladin fold!)
  3. Extremist Gems: 31/31
    Latest gem: Rogue Stone

    Apr 3, 2001
    Likes Received:
    This is a spam! :p

    No, wait, I'm just going to say that I'll dig up info on shapeshifters and post it here tonite if I find anything interesting, OK?
  4. Nobleman Gems: 27/31
    Latest gem: Emerald

    May 8, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Whooooa. Its good to see You get Going
    Mr. Dar :) If it was a race Speedy GloinZales would have won already. That man is a lean mean killing machine :) Anyway. Don't make the same mistake as I did. I think You require 9 in intelligence to use scrolls. You have 8. I hope You reconsider as You are entering the suicide run as Retsnimle.

    And To Extremist: Don't guide him in the Abyss ;) And I truly miss My detect illusion. *cry, cry*

    EDITED HERE: Are You playing at Normal or Core Rules? I play normal.

    [This message has been edited by Nobleman (edited June 06, 2001).]
  5. Graz73 Gems: 4/31
    Latest gem: Sunstone

    Apr 23, 2001
    Likes Received:
    When you guys do these challeges, do you ever try to use the "one roll" rule? roll you character once and what you get is what you keep?
    i think that's how it was supposed to be when D&D started...
  6. Avooch Dar Guest

    [​IMG] Chapter one.

    Darkness. This is all he sees. His vision slowly returns and the image of a young woman appears in front of his eyes. She is dressed in red and black and her hair is a reddish brown. Her eyes look worried and confused. Half of her face has been badly beaten and bruised.
    "Silmire.......Silmire!.......wake up please!......Please?"
    The young Druid recognises the woman as Imoen. His partner in his travels around the Sword Coast and his half sister.
    "Imoen?" he can't recognise his voice which seems to be distorted with pain.
    "Oh Silmire you are alive! Oh i am so relieved, please get up we must leave quickly"

    At that moment the Druid's mind clears and he remembers the situation he has found himself in. Ambushed just outside Balder's Gate after slaying his half brother Sarevock he seems to have been taken to a vast dungeon. He was tortured by a strange man whose forehead seemed to constantly throb with magical energy. Where the dungeon is situated or who the srange mage is he does not know.
    Silmire works out that Imoen must have suffered the same fate and he makes a quick choice which could affect his future greatly.
    "No Imoen you must find your own way out of this place. I do not expect you to understand why i am saying this but i assure you that it is for the best".

    The young woman's facial expression changes suddenly
    "your not.....your not leaving me down here alone are you! I cannot.....i cannot stay hear i must escape!"
    With this she leaps into the shadows and dissapears from view. Silmire knows that she will make it if she hides well.

    Silmire stands. He barely reaches 6 foot in height and his facial features well reflect those of a Half Elf. His clothes though battered and torn still keep their brown and green pigment. His hair is short and jet black and his skin is slightly tanned.
    He stumbles from his cage and spies his friends in seperate cages at the other side of the room. He lets them go leaving them to also find their own way and leaving them the same message.
    From now on he deals with his problems himself and no longer does he get anyone else hurt. For now however he just wants to get out.
    Running through the doorway of a small side room he spots a small sword and a buckler.
    this is not my stuff but it is better than nothing i suppose. He thinks.
    Sidesteping the ominous pile of bodies that are strewn across the hallway he turns a corner and the prison room fades from view.
    He looks forward.
    A giant glowing crystal stands erect before him in a small square room. He wonders what it is and more importantly wonders wether or not it is dangerous.
    Maybe it is just an ornament he thinks to himself as he tries to creep around it. It seems to buzz in rather a threatening manner. He sees a switch of sorts in the far wall. He heads towards it just as a large bolt of lightning hurtles in the oppisite direction and conjures itself int a mephit.

    "Damn its a portal. He sceams as he lunges for the switch. he pulls it and the buzzing stops. The mephit however does not vanish and to his dismay begins to attack. he takes stance but suddenly the small creature spurts a small bolt of lightning which catches his arm and sends an immense feeling of pain through his body.
    AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH he cries as he becomes enraged. He begins to see red and he trembles with anger. His smooth half elven skin breaks into thick masses of hair and his delicate frame bulks out to five times the size. He transforms in to a giant slobbering demon with huge talons. The mephit with it's low intelligence continues to attack. It is quickly ripped apart by the giant razor sharp claws.
    Silmire gains control of himself. He keeps his werewolf form and strides in the next chamber.........

    (i only had a few minutes so this is all i managed!)
  7. Earl Grey

    Earl Grey Mmm... hot tea! Veteran

    Oct 26, 2000
    Likes Received:
    [​IMG] Ok, judging by the first post there will be lots of typing going on at Avooch Dar's computer. ;)

    Do you know when/if you get Greater Werewolf shapeshift ability? Could you post a summary of the abilities you have and how often you can use them. Things like that for reference while reading your story.

    I'm looking forward to your next update. :)
  8. Tyresian Gems: 8/31
    Latest gem: Skydrop

    Apr 19, 2001
    Likes Received:
    He can shapeshift into a greater werewolf form at level 13(or was it 14). He can only shapeshift once a day.
  9. Extremist Gems: 31/31
    Latest gem: Rogue Stone

    Apr 3, 2001
    Likes Received:
    [​IMG] Sorry Avooch, no interesting info on the class shapeshifter... :(

    All is said in character creation window.

    Notes to Tyr:
    werewolf - once a day for every 2 levels
    greater werewolf - once a day when level 13
  10. Tyresian Gems: 8/31
    Latest gem: Skydrop

    Apr 19, 2001
    Likes Received:
    My bad, i meant he can only shapeshift into greater werewolf form once a day.

    (They better increase that number in ToB!!!)

    [This message has been edited by Tyresian (edited June 07, 2001).]
  11. Nobleman Gems: 27/31
    Latest gem: Emerald

    May 8, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Good to see You survived the first attack. This could be an awesome novel Avooch. Remember to save it in some kind of office program too. :)
  12. Avooch Dar Guest

    (Oh dear what hav i let my self in for!
    Just a few notes about the Shapeshifter though:
    I have noticed this on Cernd aswell but it seems that the shapeshifter Bonus Spells:
    First level:2
    Second Level:2
    Third levl:1
    Fourth level:1
    And indeed they have appeared. The Druid
    class is not supposed to have more than six spells at any level yet. I have seven in the first level!
    I am also interested to see if the greater werewolf transformation also gives me the excelent regeneration powers.
    I must warn you that the 'novel' will be coming out much slower than i am playing. I have a time limit to type as i have to revise.
    Anyway on with the tale:

    Chapter 1

    Sitting before him is a glimmering cavern of red crystal. He stares in wonder as his monturous frame bows through the opening.
    A huge collection of crystals stands in the middle of the cave.
    He creeps around the edge. He has an overwelming sense that danger is lurking on the other side. He is so intent on trying to remain silent that he neglects to look up and clumsily stumbles when a strange voice
    appears in his ears.
    "Ahhhhhhh Silmire! It is good to see you have made it!"
    Silmire jumps back with surprise, but quickly regains his balance and begins to pounce.
    "Halt! I am here only to help you."
    He stops. He is not sure if he should attack or wait to see what this Djinn has to offer. He waits but keeps his attack stance.
    "I have a question Silmire"
    The Djinn asks a weird question of mages and prisons and buttons and sons. The Shapeshifter is not sure what to make of it all. He answers randomly.
    "I will press the button."
    "Ahhhhh a noble choice" says the Djinn "Here, deal with this noble one!"
    At this the Strange genie dissapears but he is replaced by a greater threat. An Ogre mage appears and begins to attack without hesitation.
    Silmire howls. He is angry for being cheated and stampeads towards the mage beast. He bites into the shoulder and his claws rip at the flimsy armor. The Ogre's blade catches Silmire on the left arm and opens up an impressive wound. This only helps to enrage him further. He slashes the armor to pieces and flings it to the floor. The beast panics and flees from the snarling animal.
    Silmire runs with considerably more speed. He leaps and disembowles the ogre with one fell swoop.
    The genie reapears.
    "Well done, you have the ability to face the consequences of your actions!"
    With this the Djinn dissapears once more.

    Silmire stands alone with the body of the ogre seeping blood at his feet. His head swims with confusion and rage. He does not know what had just happened to him but he knows he should move on.
    He runs through into the nearby hallway screaming manically.
    A group of goblins foolishly try to step in his way. they are all destroyed by a few strikes from his gleaming sword like claws.

    Silmire hardly notices the pathetic attack that had befallen him and he takes a quick right turn into a small rectangular room with a single large glass jar at one side and two tables in the centre.
    Something stirs in the jar.
    "hellllpp meeee please"
    Silmire is still too confused to take any notice. He does however notice a tiny rod of crystals stuck to the side of the container.
    "Ooh i could probably get a few gold pieces for that!"
    He pulls the crystals away from the jar and the figure grows motionless. He does however, hear a small thankyou.
    Looking round to the tables he sees nothing but a large heart shaped object. It is green and it smells of sewage. He grabs it thinking it could be useful and heads out of the room.

    He finds himself in a forgotten libary. It reminds him of his early life at Candlekeep where he used to learn from the monks and practice his healing spells on the sick. His daydream is interuppted as another wave of goblins crash down upon him. Again they fall. This time however he has suffered a wound. Added to that he recieved from the ogre mage a few moments ago he is quite badly hurt. He transforms back to human state and begins to heal himself.
    His aura is only able to supply a certain amount of magical energy each day so he uses his spells of healing with caution. But he feels stronger some how and he thinks he may even be able to manage to cast more spells than usual from now on.
  13. Septic Yogurt Gems: 9/31
    Latest gem: Iol

    Nov 11, 2000
    Likes Received:
    very good, very very good, I hope to read more, I am sick of BG2 but I might try something like that some time (how much faster do your levels go up when you get all the XP yourself?)
  14. Avooch Dar Guest

    Oh very fast indeed my friend!
    But anyway as promised on with the story.
    BTW it would be nice to hear more encouragement and advice all the way through as i am not one to give up easily. This is going to be a very long post!
    Chapter 1:

    He searches the shelves. He finds a useful belt of potions. He ties it around is waist an heads gingerly for the opening before him.
    He is pleasently surprised to find the hall empty. Although suspicion quickly rises once more as he listens to a distant hum of Dwarven voices.
    "Maybe they are just trapped like me" He is thinking as he enters the room to find his thoughts to be wrong.
    "How have you escaped! Get 'im boys!"
    Silmire remembers reading about this in Candlekeep. They are Duregar. A warped and evil group of Dwarves that only live to kill.
    The Druid thinks that there could be no better time than now to use up his spell abilities for the day.
    He quickly summons a great sword of flame to his aid and with it i hand he slices through the flesh of a slinger nearby and then plants his blade firmly into the hard neck of the second one.
    The head Duregar stands guarding a mage who hurridely conjures protection spells for himself and his group.
    Silmre quickly counter attacks by casting cause serious wounds on the leader ho now stands bemused at what is happening to him.
    He stays confused for a few seconds before is armor begins to warp and he starts to scream in agony. Suddenly an enormous gash appears across the Dwarf's thorax practically splitting in two. Silmire watches with bloodthirsty satisfaction as the Duregar's heart gradually stops pounding and he collapses int a pool of his own blood.

    The mage begins to chant a summoning spell of some description and Silmire leaps screaming into him.
    It is too late. The mage plants a flaming arrow in the Shapeshifters chest. Smiling with confidence in the knowledge that he has killed him. But the Druid is not quite dead. To the mage's dismay he casts a minor healing spell which stems the bleeding before once more transforming into a demonic wolf. He rips the dwarf's head off with one swipe before turning on the last two crossbowmen who he slays with ease.
    He sets off down the hall.

    Arriving at the entrance to yet another strange room he is confronted with a giant armor clad creature trapped in some sort of stasis sphere. Cautiously he steps around a giant structure in the middle of the room. Tryng desperatly not to disturb the field he spots a small set of buttons on the structure.
    "ooh these look fun!"
    He presses one and the force field collapses. the shining brute awakens and makes an immediate beeline for the Werewolf.
    Silmire hastily rummages around in his newly acquired potion belt. He finds a nice white one. Hoping it will ai him in some way he quickly gulps the mixture down.
    He does not realise the difference and decides to run for it. After two steps he seems to notice somethng different. He was alread halfway up the hall. It must have been a speed oil!
    Filled with fresh confidence the Druid jumps back into the room and leaps upon the giant.
    Shredding the armor to pieces he attacks again and again until the beast has only tatters to protect him.
    Silmire runs around the room once to gain speed and leaps for the beast's head only to find his sword in the way. The sword splits his abdomen but he still takes the beasts head with him.
    He lies on the ground bleeding. With just enough energy to change back to his true form he quickly drinks some of the potions he had found earlier. Hr recognised them as healing aids so he takes them without hesistation. He sits with a still excrutiatingly painful gash in his stomach even though the potions had done some good.
    He lies down using the spurting giants head as an uncomfortable pillow and begins to deam of Candlekeep as he drifts slowly off into a deep sleep.......

    [This message has been edited by Avooch Dar (edited June 07, 2001).]
  15. Earl Grey

    Earl Grey Mmm... hot tea! Veteran

    Oct 26, 2000
    Likes Received:
    [​IMG] Hey Avooch!
    It's good to see your posts here. I guess I'm just waiting for you to get out of that darn starter dungeon and see what Silmire gets into once he has his "free will" back so to speak.

    The bonus spells are probably the ones you get for high wisdom - 18 in Silmire's case.

    Don't let us down! :D
  16. Avooch Dar Guest

    Silmire wakes.
    He tries to stand but winces from his agonising gash in his stomach. He quickly casts a healing spell on himself using his new found energy.
    He rights himself and heads out through the doorway and back to the library. Considering the last way he went was a dead end he decides to take the tunnel to the south of the library. To his dismay and anger he finds a locked door barring his path. Looking in his pockets for something to break open the dorr with he finds the stinking stone and ponders for a while.

    Finding that any attempt on the door is useless he begins to wander back from whence he came. As he does so he stumbles upon a room he had missed on his way up. In his fit of rage he had ignored the room completely.

    He walks in. He is greeted by a rather angry and very annoying mephit who begins to rush at him immediatly. After a surprisingly short fight and not even a scratch on Silmire anywhere the bat like ceature falls to the floor after being knocked unconcious.
    He quickly seizes a scimitar off a nearby table and plunges it into the soft warm torso of the mephit.
    Rather worried at the fact that he took suchh delight in kiling the poor thing he looks up. He leaps back in surprise as in front of him stands a huge moving rock type creature. It has the shape of a human but is at least a good 12 feet tall. Despite its threatening appearence however, it does not seem to want a fight.
    Rather stupidly (even for him) Silmire starts to talk to it.
    He is not quite sure how to answer that but finally decides that it may not hurt to lie a bit.
    "erm........erm......yes. i-i am he. Have you..er..... been performing any tasks for me lately?"
    "yes master"
    "oh...w-well get on with them then!"
    The huge creature opens a hand as if expecting a gift. Silmire is totally bemused by this and quickly places the nearest thing at hand into the palm of creature.
    "h-here you go. yes?"
    The golem closes its hand around the stinking stone and quickly rushes out of the room.

    Silmire panics. He begins t think he has released something quite terrible and so follows the lumbering beast down the hall.
    He follows it into a third tunnel in the wall of the crystal cavern. Silmire gets slightly confused as to why he had not realised it was there before.
    The golem stops at a door. It opens it but it's massive frame prevents Silmire from being able to see how it did it.
    The Shapeshifter follows into a large round room. He climbs down the stairs into the chamber before realising the presence of another and rather larger creature.
    A gigantic beast of squelching flesh and unimagianably large tendrils begins to launch an atack on Silmire.
    There is nothing else for it. Once again Silmire transforms into the gigantic hairy red eyed beast and launches an attack on the moving mound of flesh.
    His first assault quite easily rips off one of the tendrils. The second however, ends with Silmire being flown face first into a wall. The beast has now begun to flail its self around aimlessly in the pain of having one of it's limbs quickly amputated.
    Silmire waits. He choses his moment carefuly and after finding what he thinks could be the face he leaps fr it. Slashing its flesh and ripping out it's rather oversized tongue is enough to put it to rest. Standing over his kill, Silmire begins to howl like a triumhant but rabid dog.

    He settles. Finding the next tunnel in the wall he makes for it and passes through the doorway which has been recently opened by the golem. After hurridely disposing of a few goblins he enters a small square room.
    There is carpet and shelfs adn a bed and tables with chairs. Silmire can't help but feel that he has at last found a hint civilisation in this stinking dungeon.

    He observes the room for anything interesting. He finds something. An item which had been stolen from him when he was ambushed. The helm of Bauderon. He rushes over to pick it up off the bookshelf completely neglecting to check for traps. He picks the helmet up and immediatly feels a thump at the back of his head. he fals into unconciousness.
  17. Graz73 Gems: 4/31
    Latest gem: Sunstone

    Apr 23, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Avooch Dar... Not to be critical, but your story is pretty long winded so far. I enjoy all of the unique parts that only your character or a shapeshifter would experience, but describing each fight with a mephit or potion bottle you find bores me. If you can skip right to the interesting druid/roleplaying parts, i'd enjoy it more.

    Sorry to sound negative. Keep at it!
  18. Avooch Dar Guest

    Thankyou Graz i have been waiting for someone to say that. Otherwise this could have taken years! Lets take that part of the story as a sort of introduction to the character shall we?
    Right then on with the story.

    Silmire wakes. He realised that he had obviously been caught by atrap. He heals himself but despite the pain fels triumphant at the prospect of having his old helmet back.
    Walking on he stumbles across a group of Dryads.
    "please sir help us"
    Silmire really could not be bothered to concentrate on the convosaton so he he thought he would give tham a present to stop their whining. They refuse the acorns which he had found on the leader Duregar but they sem happier somehow and mention something about the Windspear hills.Silmire gets bored, shrugs his shoulders and moves on.
    After checking for traps in the next room he picks up a strange key and heads back the way he came.

    He finds a portal. Thinking it is the only way out he walks straight into it.

    A strange oriental man approches when Silmire wakes.
    "Maybe you would like a companion on your travels good Druid?"
    "Sod of!"
    Taking the hint, the Bounty hunter dissapears into the shadows.
    After dealing with a rather large amount of mephits and goblins Silmire finds himself in a great hall. In front of him he sees a fight. Some sort of Assasin type human and Duregar trying to kill each other while being constantly injured by he traps.
    Silmire chuckles at their stupidity and takes a side route from the hall.
    He finds the exit from the dungeon and a great feeling of relief overwelms him.

    (I hope this is short enough. Because the Druid grove section should be spectacular!)
  19. Graz73 Gems: 4/31
    Latest gem: Sunstone

    Apr 23, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Yeah, that's better!

    Also, give us the behind the scenes stuff, for instance, what parts were really tough, etc...
  20. Avooch Dar Guest

    Graz you are probably wondering what happened to me but don't worry i shall explain:
    I am writing an in depth story (following the advice you gave me :D :D :D) on my computer and will paste a bit up now and again when i am happy about it. i am in the middle o gcse's at the moment so i have found little time to play.
    Anyway here is the overview of chapters:


    The start was pretty easy. The werewolf ability turned out to be much more powerful than i first thought so the mephits and goblins were no problem.
    The shapeshifter obviously has the problem of not being able to wear armor. This meant i had to spend most of my spell slots on the healing type spells to get me through untl i could get some decent equipment.
    The hardest challenge in the opening minutes was the duregar.
    Casting cause serious wounds was a good spell to get rid of that illyich fellow. However i had a little bit of luck in hitting him. I do not use cause wound spells later in the game simply because if you miss the hit the spell is wasted. Because of my ridicuolsy high thaco even at level 14 (13) i really don't bother with these spells at all.
    The rest of the level seemed pretty easy after that........obviously there will be more in depth reports in the next chapters!
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