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So, the new themed party.

Discussion in 'Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition' started by Yulaw9460, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. Yulaw9460 Gems: 9/31
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    Dec 2, 2004
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    I fiddled around a bit, and I added a new party to the list of now 8 differently themed parties I've got laying around on my computer. :p

    Allthough, this time I took some time doing some actual custom bios as well. I suppose you can guess the theme. There are probably some errors and omissions as well. It's just for the hell of it and not meant to be terribly accurate. I think I'll have a go at it with this party next, though:

    Sir Shepard
    Lawful Good Human Paladin


    Long Sword++

    "Sir Shepard is born to a noble family in Waterdeep, and has risen in the military ranks of the city. He has recently been promoted to perform special tasks for the city Council.

    His first assignment was to procure an artifact called The Beacon excavated in a ruin north of the city. When he arrived in a nearby village, most of the inhabitants had been slain by a Waterdhavian Magister named Saren Arterius, who had learned the ancient lore stored in The Beacon and escaped unnoticed, except for a peasant, who spotted him as he slipped away. A surviving guard named Ashley Williams joined Sir Shepard on his way back to the Council.

    The Council would not accuse Saren without any other evidence than the statement of a single villager, so Sir Shepard and Ashley acted on a tip, that a woman fleeing a local crime boss named Fist had solid evidence against Saren. With the aid of the investigator Garrus and the bounty hunter Wrex, they eventually confronted Fist, who pointed them to the fugitive Gnome Tali'Zorah. Tali'Zorahs information convinced the Council, and the group began the hunt for Saren. With the aid of the scholar Liara, they learned that The Beacon contained the location of a gate called The Conduit, which led to ancient catacombs beneath the city, where a portal to the Lower Planes stood.

    The group went through The Conduit and confronted Saren, who turned out to be corrupted by the demon Nazara, whom his minions called "Sovereign". Saren was killed before opening the portal to the Planes, while a force of his minions led by Nazara gathered in the ruin, where The Beacon was unearthed. Forces were dispatched to deal with the threat, and with the aid of soldiers from other cities, who had received scryings from Sir Shepard, Nazara and its slaves were defeated. To avoid a panic, most facts of the events were kept hidden from the public, but Sir Shepard and his band were still hailed as heroes by the government.

    Now, as the battle is over, Sir Shepard is preparing to travel further north. Sages have seen omens from Icewind Dale, which they claim could be possible signs of further demonic trouble. With his trusty sword, steely resolve and loyal companions, he is setting off to investigate..."

    True Neutral Dwarf Dwarven Defender


    Two Weapon Style++

    "Wrex was born as the heir to the mantle of leadership in the dwarven clan Urdnot. However, it became clear to everyone early on, that he had vastly different ideas than his father Jarrod. Wrex sought more friendly relations with rival clans, while his father opposed it. Finally, Jarrod summoned Wrex to a meeting under a flag of truce trying to make him reconsider. When it became clear that Wrex would not be swayed, Jarrods men jumped from hiding and attacked. Still, Wrex managed to fight off the traitorous ambush and sink a blade into his father.

    Disillusioned by the betrayal of Jarrod and his men, Wrex abandoned the clan and struck out on his own. His fighting skills brought him many contracts as a bounty hunter, bodyguard and occationally hired killer. Eventually he gained the notice of the Shadow Brokers Guild, a secret information network with contacts everywhere. He was hired to kill a Waterdhavian crime lord nicknamed Fist, a former associate of the Shadow Brokers Guild, who had betrayed the Guild. Fist had been contacted by a woman in need of protection, who had acquired information about the traitorous Magister Saren. However, instead of protecting her in exchange for the information, Fist had betrayed her location to Sarens assassins.

    In a race against time, Wrex crossed paths with Sir Shepard, Ashley and Garrus, who was searching for damning evidence of Sarens plans. Together they rescued the woman, a Gnome named Tali'Zorah, which allowed Wrex to cash in the bounty on Fists head. Tali'Zorahs evidence of Sarens allegiance with the demon Nazara was presented to the Council of Waterdeep, and the hunt for Saren began.

    Now, as Saren and Nazara have been defeated, Wrex has pledged his services to Sir Shepard and has joined him in his journey north to investigate the troubles in the Dales..."
    Lawful Good Half-Elf Cleric/Mage



    "Liara T'Soni has been schooled in the best academies of Waterdeep. She has gained many insights into ancient lore, artifacts and tales from times forgotten. Her quest for knowledge has brought her to many archaeological sites over the years, and she has published many dissertations. Her theories about seemingly linked genocides of many ancient nations are seen as outrageous by most other scholars, since most concrete evidence is lost in time.

    On a dig some of Sarens people tried to capture her, but she managed to evade them. Sir Shepard, who had been recommended by the Council to procure her services in the hunt for Saren due to her vast knowledge of ancient artifacts, arrived just in time to provide a bold, heroic rescue instead of a job offer. She took the last spot in his group to offer her expertise as a token of gratitude for his aid.

    Unfortunately, while hunting for Saren, they discovered who had betrayed her to Saren: Matriarch Benezia, Liaras own mother and a powerful Elven elder, had been corrupted by Nazara and gave Liaras location to Saren, since Liaras expertise could be a possible asset to him. Benezia confronted the heroes and was killed in the ensuing battle. With her life fading from her, she was finally freed from the demonic corruption and told the grieving Liara and Sir Shepard all she knew about Sarens plans. This information was essential in tracking down Saren and stopping him.

    Now that Saren is dead and her mother avenged, Liara has joined with Sir Shepard on his travels to the north, both to help him and perhaps to study a few old northern ruins as well..."

    Neutral Good Gnome Illusionist/Thief


    Short Sword+

    "Tali'Zorah is an inventive Gnome known for having produced many ingenious devices, a trait she has inherited from her clever father. Recently she has set out from her home on a customary Pilgrimage to see the world, learn new things and bring useful gadgets home.

    In her travels she accidentally found evidence of Sarens dealings with the demon Nazara, which she brought to the attention of the Waterdeep authorities. They paid little heed to the accusations of a vagabond against a revered Magister and chased her off. Injured in the hunt by Sarens assassins, she hid at a doctors house, who referred her to a local crime boss and Shadow Brokers Guild agent named Fist. She tried to buy protection from the Guild in exchange for the information on Saren, but Fist, who unbeknownst to the Guild had secretly joined Saren, sold her location to Sarens assassins instead.

    With assassins hot on her heels again, she was finally cornered in an alley, but Sir Shepard, Ashley, Garrus and Wrex arrived just in time to save her, right after having learned of her whereabouts from a "friendly chat" with Fist. Tali'Zorahs information on Sarens demonic allegiance was brought to the attention of the Council by Sir Shepard, and the hunt for Saren began.

    Now that Saren and Nazara have been eliminated, Tali'Zorah has joined Sir Shepard in his quest north, both to experience new lands and perhaps to find the odd knick-knack to bring home from her Pilgrimage..."

    Chaotic Good Elf Archer


    Bastard Sword+
    Two Weapon Style+++

    "Garrus Vakarian is an investigator in the city of Waterdeep. Originally from a guard family, his own father served in the city watch for many years, just as Garrus. Garrus has risen in ranks over the years and is currently investigating corruption in the government of the city, which is more widespread than people might suspect.

    During his investigations in the city, he got wind of some of Sarens more suspicious activities. Nothing substantial ever turned up, and all of his efforts to make more damning accusations against Saren was stonewalled by the council. That changed when an informant gave Garrus a lead. A doctor had seemingly treated a woman with damning evidence against Saren, and Garrus went to investigate. Sir Shepard received the same tip, and he and Ashley arrived at the doctors house at the same time as Garrus. Luckily, they all managed to save the doctor, who was being threatened to silence by some of Fists thugs. The doctor guided them to Fist, who had promised to help her patient, but obviously had gone back on his word.

    Garrus told Sir Shepard that a rather gruff Dwarf named Wrex had been brought in by the city guards for making threats against Fist, and the group made a detour to the barracks. They realised that Wrex would make quite an asset to the team and brought him along to confront Fist. Fist spilled everything after a quick, heated brawl and ended his life at the business end of Wrex' axe. The group then hasted to save the fugitive, a Gnome named Tali'Zorah, whose evidence was afterwards presented to the Council. The hunt for Saren could then begin.

    Loyal to a fault, Garrus has decided to accompany Sir Shepard in his travels north. He has decided to lend his bow to Sir Shepards mission in gratitude for exposing a corrupt Magister of the city..."

    Human Lawful Good Fighter


    Two-handed Sword

    "Ashley Williams comes from a family with a long military tradition and also a mark of shame. Ashleys grandfather, a general, suffered a massive defeat and surrendered to an enemy force in the past. That particular misdeed brought stigma to the family name, a stain Ashley hopes to remove. So far, Ashley had only been granted the most lowly of assignments by her superiors, far below her real skills in combat.

    One such assignment was a rather tedious post in a village north of Waterdeep, where scholars unearthed The Beacon in nearby ruins. Shortly after, the village was overrun by Saren and his minions, bent on getting the information hidden within the old artifact. They killed all of Ashleys company and many villagers in the process except for her. Sir Shepard, en route with his company to secure The Beacon, arrived shortly after and made quick work of Sarens remaining forces together with Ashley. The culprit himself managed to escape with the information stored in The Beacon.

    Sir Shepard recognised her skill as a warrior and offered her the first place in his personal squad. Ashley, eager to avenge her slain comrades and perhaps bring some glory to her family name, accepted without hesitation. And so the quest to expose Saren began.

    Now that Saren and his demon overlord has been removed, Ashley has joined up with Sir Shepard in his travels north. A career soldier never flinches from duty, and Ashley is a career soldier to the bone..."
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