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Shadows over Soubar has been updated to version 2.0 with new component

Discussion in 'Infinity Engine Modding News' started by Ancalagon, Dec 7, 2023.

  1. Ancalagon

    Ancalagon The First Staff Member ★ SPS Account Holder Veteran

    Sep 3, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Shadows over Soubar has been updated to version 2.0. This major update brings many fixes, improvements and new component: Alternative Soubar area from the "World of Baldur's Gate" modification - designed and modeled by Cuttooth, with effects enrichment and ideas by Dradiel, and integrated into the mod by Roberciiik. Many thanks to Roberciiik and Wegio for their work!

    By Roberciiik:

    • Alternative Soubar area from the "World of Baldur's Gate" modification - designed and modeled by Cuttooth, with effects enrichment and ideas by Dradiel, and integrated into the mod by Roberciiik.
    • Biffing is now an optional installation component.
    • Fixed militia training quest when only 9 new guards are trained.
    • Fixed CTDs in AR4261, AR4260, and AR4258 areas.
    • Restored TIS and MOS files of Soubar for oBG2 and Lyrar's Castle TIS for BG2:EE.
    • Fixed a visual bug in Sir William's house (AR1004) in oBG2.
    • Updated the worldmap position of areas for Chionthar, Soubar, and Lyrar's Hold.
    • Corrected automap notes in Soubar and Soubar prison.
    • Traified missing lines (setup, kit name, debug prints).
    • Added missing identified descriptions to some letters.
    • Moved movies to the language directory so the local language version can replace them.
    • Moved some NPC sound files to the language directory - the local language version can now replace them.

    By AL|EN:

    • Introduce immutability and encapsulation.
    • Fix mod uninstallation: now all mod files should be removed from override during uninstallation.
    • Fixed copying of the MVE folder.
    • Uses the %MOD_FOLDER% automatic variable.
    • Uses labels for component requirements statements.
    • Simplified the mod ID where possible.
    • Renamed the mod folder from "SOS" to "SoS" to match the mod name.
    • Renamed "setup-SOS.tp2" to "SoS.tp2".
    • Updated iconv and replaced it with a static build.
    • Updated the readme file to use the latest templates.
    • Updated the metadata file to use the latest template.
    • Change HANDLE_CHARSETS to use from_UTF8 and adjust tra files.
    • Fixed HANDLE_CHARSETS execution on EET.
    • Fixed encoding problems by replacing ű with û.
    • Updated add_worldmap_tbl.
    • Fixed adding areas to the cheat table.
    • Remove the custom kit.ids fixer and use the latest from BG2Fixpack.
    • Remove additional backup of *.tlk files.
    • Standardize folder names and file extensions.
    • Made cosmetic changes to the readme files.
    • Added 'outdated' to outdated readme files.
    • Replace tabs with spaces.
    • Removed redundant files.

    By Weigo:

    • Added sounds from ogg2 (only if they are missing).
    • Changed AR4230(N).mos files for EE and non-EE version (EE has larger images).
    • Changed tiz format to tbc format.
    • Added a7_tools.tpa by Argent77 for HANDLE_TILECONV function.
    • Added in %MOD_FOLDER%/Tools/Tileconv all tileconv versions.

    Read the Readme

    SHS official GitHub alternate download center
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