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Sacred 2

Discussion in 'Creativity Surge' started by Merlanni, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Merlanni

    Merlanni Veteran New Server Contributor [2012] (for helping Sorcerer's Place lease a new, more powerful server!)

    Nov 12, 2005
    Likes Received:
    It all started in a shanty inn located at the edge of of an even more derelict town at the edge of a desert. A few plants and an occasional tree stayed alive due to the effort of the locals that fought over every drip of water. Two men sat at a table. One of them young, inexperienced, the other older, a veteran. “I told you that it was no use to ask for help all the way out here. I am sure that...” The young man interrupted him.
    “I know that you have tried to keep me from getting help.” Silence followed and after that a small blade. “I knew for some time and did one thing behind your back.” A smile from the old veteran came. “it will do you no good, you know, just return and go with the flow. No need to resist just become part of the system and try to do it from within. No need to die by a ruffian all the way out here little noble runt. Just look at this place.” He gestured to the inn and walked toi the door. An old harbour, mud sand and heat.”
    “Did you know that this was a trading port with the continent of Ancaria?”
    “Who cares.” Both men looked at a small ship that docked at the port.
    “They still use it now and then.”
    “Like I said who cares.”
    “I hope someone cares, I hired a few people to place posters in Ancaria. Lets go back into the inn, I have two days left before we must return. Will you let me live that long?” The small ship sailed off while the sun went under and the heat of the day was replaced with the desert cold in no time. The night-people woke up. Thieves, murderers, cutthroats, brigands...

    Inside both men were surprised with the food. “What do you mean no meat!”
    “I hired a cook five days ago and she does not cook meat. Nor does she fry, marinade, grill smother or even wok it. I have a few fish, that is all, and fourteen dishes as she calls it without any meat.” The innkeeper was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. A tall barmaid gave him something to drink that made him relax. “I hired her a day later, but I have to say that the food tastes excellent.” The place was filling up nicely for such a dive. Soon people were eating and not murdering, backstabbing, blackmailing or raping each other, what used to be business as usual. The innkeeper actually made money now. “All right, the fish it is, and lots of it, we are hungry.” The fish came and both men caught a look at the cook who was certainly not a native. Brown skin, greenish hair, leafs and some kind of skirt. “Well this place is getting even better every day we are here. A shame I have to leave alone.” The young man looked at the veteran. “Do not give me that look, I am only following orders. Relax the funeral will be nice.” A scene at the bar made both men think of something different. One of the locals was set on fire an ran trough the doors. He never made it. The veteran did not even bother to get up and started to play with the big knife.

    “Do you think it will be that easy?”
    “No.” The tall barmaid sat herself down on the third seat. “However it is true that the first is the most difficult, and some draw the line at children women or both.” With her apron and kerchief gone, she was transformed into a martial like elf. She wore a very light suit of elven armor indicating that magic was more her style and not melee. “Give me the blade.” it was not meant as a request, but the veteran was arrogant. “Try to take it from me.”
    “Haversian go outside there will be someone waiting for you to guard you.” The young man got up and walked to the door but was held halfway by an accomplice. Suddenly the goon started to froth at his mouth and in his dying seconds got the needle out of his neck. The dryad cook silently took the fourth seat at the table. “The other five are dead.” Now the veteran got worried. “I have more men outside.” He got up and called his men. But no person came in, only a fast bright light shone trough the door for a moment followed by a lot of screams, dying and clashing of swords. A third female walked trough the door. This one the least human. She had pale skin, weird white non-existing eyes, carried two swords, and wore a bizarre suit of armor. Some part definitely martial, some more suited for a wild erotic night, but the most impressive thing was the metallic winglike contraption she wore at her back. “Sore I am late, some idiot pirates never heard of the seraphim.”
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